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  1. This a point that I would like to emphasis to sikhs of all ages (and non sikhs too). who you associate with can have a big impact on your psychological wellbeing. i recommend that you avoid any group or people that engage in immoral behaviour, show cruelty to you or anyone else, or even just show undesirable qualities (laziness, apathy, etc). This is especially important for youth who are studying, but something that needs to be kept in mind by people of all age groups. I have seen from experience how important this is. Another thing, don't assume that just because some one/some people are outwardly religious or a part of some religious group, that they are good company. This couldn't be further from the truth.
  2. Fixing Punjab

    I started this thread because I think we need to invest into Punjab and fix it, Punjab needs Literate youths, more education, more industries, destroyal of the caste system, we need to fix the Drug and Water Crisis, A excellent link to some videos have been sent to me in my messages. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZKK3T484Kg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwWHyVy2eJY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZhFTMeS22g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29XNCfwidMI And the same user made a great post about this problem in the Khalistan thread. What are some ways we can Fix Punjab, name some problems and solutions, some organizations that is fixing punjab, and we need to actually invest money and donate and help the cause instead of just talking about it on the forums, We together as a community can not only fix punjab and help the youth but we can make India and the Future a better place together!
  3. Hello! I just wanted to give some feedback to the Sikh community, This comming from a white Christian (I only mention this so you know the demographic and see not all people from a certain group are the same) I hope the following will be acceptable coming from me, Just some feelings and thoughts that I wanted to get across. Too often people only speak to say bad things. Firstly I'd like to say that from personal experience I've always found Sikhs to be kind, honest ,helpful ,polite and accepting and I was raised by my parents ( both Christian) with a similar sterotype passed down to me. But from my personal experience it's no sterotype , Sikhs are always there for those in need always leading by example showing people how to be good even if they are not of the same religion, race or sex. One of my best friends at school was a Sihk we were always there for each other, usually he was there trying to save me from being beaten up by bully's (i used to get bullyed for no reason ) and I would help him with homework or anything I could really. The only time(s) he ever had a problem with people being abbusive to him were outside of school, By uneducated idiots that thought he was muslim, back then though you could say he's not muslim he's sikh and that would be the end of it. These days however people just think anyone that isn't white is muslim, this is disturbing but more so is the otherside where by muslims are expressing hatred for not just sikhs or christians but everyone. In 2008 my friend was stabbed by a muslim (with the hope of killing him) for being Sikh quoting with police presence that being muslim gave him the right to kill a Sikh on sight. Luckily he survived . This was and still is deeply upsetting to me as he is no longer the same, I've tryed all i can to help so he continues his Nitnem etc But as fas as i know he has stopped praying. I really don't understand, being sikh is not a bad thing, Infact i think if there were more proper sikhs the world would be a better place. what i want to know is why do muslims hate sikhs and everyone thats not a muslim so much? It's like their way or death?? It seems a big challage faced by the sikh community is people mistaking sikhs for muslims if this didn't happen it would make life alot easyer As a side note, i don't feel it appropriate for someone like me to convert to sikh, i feel i would be an insult to your religion it's hard to find the words but I feel unworthy. All i can do is be the best person i can be and live by both principals of the sikh and christian religions, be good to fellow man, make peace and love the world and whats inside of it. I may be doomed at the end of my life but atleast I'm doomed knowing i did what i could to be a good caring person. I am sorry if this has angered or offended anyone here, it was not my intention. Thank you
  4. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji K Fateh I am a young, 19 year old amritdharee female. I am born and raised in a typical punjabi family, however, we all do paath and are well into learning about Sikhi. I am the only daughter in the family, I used to be the girl who was into her, makeup, hair styling(i've never cut my hair) and basically all the usual girly stuff a typical girl is interested in. From a young age I have been attending gurdwara, sikhi classes and doing kirtan on the vaja. In 2013, we had our annual dastar day, where I tied the dastar for the first time and I fell in love with it. When I told my parents that I was considering wearing the dastar full time, they weren't against the idea (both my brothers have worn a keski since birth but aren't amritdharee) but objected by saying it was just a phase I was going through and I would change my mind. I few months later, in January 2014, we had a jatha come for a week and on the last day they were holding an amrit sanchar. During the second last divan, something in what they were saying me touched me so much that, almost 12 hours before the amrit sanchar I decided to take amrit. I am someone who never in my life even considered the idea of taking amrit but I don't know why, but I just felt that I was ready and had to take the leap of faith. I felt sitting in the darbar sahib that night, it was either take it now or never. So next day, I take amrit. I AM THE ONLY AMRITDHAREE IN MY FAMILY AND EXTENDED FAMILY. Now almost year and a half on, I do my paath (timing is an issue - but something that can be worked on), follow my rehat, wear a dastar etc. The first full year, I was convinced fully, and also told others who asked me, that me taking amrit suddenly was the best decision ever and I would never look back, I feel so blessed to be on this path. HOWEVER, for the past few months my confidence has shattered. I can't stop my mind from falling weak to think that maybe I have made a quick decision- one which perhaps I should have thought about more carefully. I do my paath - I love doing paath, kirtan... I wouldn't be able to live without it... sikhi is my identity and one I'm so proud to be a part of BUT! My appearance.... I love my dastar but for the past few months I really miss the old me... the girl who was free spirited, carefree, girly,.. I MISS MY HAIR.. I MISS LETTING IT DOWN .. I WAS IN LOVE WITH MY HAIR!!! (I've never touched alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and I'm a strict vegetarian and have never entered a club apart from wedding functions with my family). I feel so weak when I say that I go to bed crying most nights these days because I feel so guilty that Mahraj knows what I'm wishing for.... to be free. I see other girls who are like the old me, who like to dance, wear makeup, style their hair etc but still keep intact with their sikhi, do their paath, learn about their dharam etc but aren't amrithdaree... I wish I took time to think about it and maybe today I wouldn't be sitting here crying whilst typing this up. My family and friends and my community are so proud of me for the step I took a year and a half ago but what do I do now??? I literally feel that I have no one to pour my heart out to that would understand what I am going through.... I talk to Mahraj about this but I feel like I'm trapped... no matter what I do I'll only bring badness... If i continue the way I am, I'll never be a good gursikh, and if i go back to the old me, I'll dishonour and bring shame to my family- HOW WOULD I FACE THE WORLD... I have never done anything wrong up till date and don't intend to. But when I look at my family, my sisters, my cousins, I see the old me in them- The happy me! I really need someone to advise me, I can no longer sit here with all this bottled inside me... I don't want to be depressed any more... PLEASE someone help me! Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji K Fateh!
  5. Governments are making it more, difficult to be sustained in this country, income is not increasing whilst prices of products are. People are being more strained financially and crime is on the increase, its difficult to raise good children in such a harsh society and kuljug is ever strong, sooner or later the society will collapse. To be stress free, peaceful and just concentrate on yourself, family sangat, Sikhi cleaner food etc. and be happy rather than bills mortgage influence on children and to educate in a safer environment and just away from negative vibes wouldn’t an Sikh Eco-village be ideal. I hear many people are going this way, I have done some research and am amazed on the amount of people interested in this sort of idea and how some villages are already set up in England as well as other parts of the world. I think a Sikh eco-village is set up either in Canada or US. I too am interested in such an idea in England; it would be great just to live off the land, with like minded people grow your own food, have a couple cows horses keertan during day time teach the children. sew your clothes, it can be sustained the proof is our own people in Punjab. All would need to put in some money to start. I definitely would love to do this; anyone else her interested get in touch.
  6. Sikhs in Kabul