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  1. Christianity in UK

    The religious census of the UK shows that Christianity has dropped down to 60%. With a further 25% non-religious. Islam is 4% and Sikhism and Hinduism are both close to 1%.
  2. This is a thread created in relation to other threads and posts recently. I am quite interested to know what those who are wiser amongst us, believe is the 'plan' of the 'elite', with regards to the future of the world. E.g. what are the motivations for the unrest in the Middle-east, reasons for recent issues between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the antagonism of the West towards Iran and Russia, why there is uncontrolled immigration in Europe? Is this to benefit Jews and Christians? To benefit the bankers and big businesses How will Sikhs be affected in India and in the West? What collective stand can be take as a community in India, and in the West? Sorry if I am repeating much of what has been said before, but I feel this deserves its own thread
  3. I often wondered why do Christian fundamentalists want to convert Sikhs when our numbers are not even that big compared to other world religions. I used to think it was only the Muslims that wanted to convert our people, yet there is growing evidence there is a serious push by Christian leadership to do the same. We don't have anything against Christians or their faith we do not actively try to convert them they chose to come into sikhi by their own research and initiative. There are no support networks for new converts to Sikhism even thats how crap our current missionary status is. yet for some reason the backward ideologue Christians are hell bent on trying to poison impressionable and naive punjabi Sikhs into their abrahmic faith. What is it about our faith and the geo-political agenda of Christian leadership in controlling the punjabi population and indian punjab? Because we should all know by how the western world operates it funds groups to destabilise regions around the world for their own economic and political reasons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdTBIfMWYDg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfMqKqY7jGw
  4. The Dasam Granth states: 'Humanity is one, although in appearance it differs.' This is in direct contrast to the notion that humanity is one, but some portions of it is more superior than others due to certain beliefs and principles which it holds. Here is an example, the Koran states: 'the only religion acceptable to Allah is Islam...' We see a similar case with other religions as well. The basic crux of such ideologues are based on the notion that it is entirely feasible, and pragmatically possible to achieve an Utopia, which we now know is nothing more than sheer imbecility. What are some counter arguments which can be used against this jaundiced view of selected nation/faith etc?
  5. Can A Sikh Read The Bible?

    I have this desire to read the bible, only for recreational reasons. Would that be OK as a Sikh, or would it be wrong. I have always wanted to know what they believe, but again I'll only be reading the bible for recreational reasons
  6. Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki Fateh, Sangat ji, this video is a response to www.sikhoutreach.org which is a Christian Missionary website aiming to convert Sikhs. This is not in itself what concerned us, but what did sicken us was the way that they twisted and misrepresented Gurbani in order to convince simple minded folk about Christianity. A Path of Truth should always seek to speak its own truth and not denigrate others using false statements. The claims they make are that Guru Nanak is a sinner whilst Jesus is free of sin. Anyone who has even read the Sikh scriptures at all will see the praise of Guru repeated throughout. This video is an excerpt from the Japji Sahib Katha sessions on our channel, specifically Pauri 26 where we addressed this claim. We have emailed www.sikhoutreach.org but not heard back from them. As is made clear from the video, the aim of this video is not to incite hate or violence towards the founders of that website but to educate Sikhs about an appropriate response to someone making such an argument to malign any of our Gurus. Please use your energy to help us spread the message of Sikhi rather than attack that website. Someone with strong roots and knowledge of Gurbani will never fall for such a flawed argument. Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki Fateh
  7. The Christian God.

    What are your opinions on the following. I got it from the godmurders.com. Can God, who is an epitome of perfectness beyond human comprehension be so like us? What conclusion can we reach if we analyze the following in Gurmat terms? The NOTORIOUS Deuteronomy Chapter 28 Verses 20 Through 66 States Deuteronomy 28:20 God will defeat / frustrate every enterprise until you are speedily destroyed / perish. Deuteronomy 28:21 God will make disease attach to you until you are consumed. Deuteronomy 28:22 God shall smite you with consumption, inflammation, fever, extreme burning, with the sword, blasting and with mildew until you die. Dueteronomy 28:24 God will make your land powder and dust until you die. Deuteronomy 28:25 God will cause your enemies to kill you. Deuteronomy 28:26 Your carcass shall be meat for the birds and the beasts. Deuteronomy 28:27 God will give you botch, scab and itch, which can't be cured. Deuteronomy 28:28 God will smite you with madness, blindness, astonishment of heart (panic). Deuteronomy 28:30 God will have another man lie with your wife. Who? God will force your adultery? Isn't it always: The Devil made you do it? Deuteronomy 28:31 You’ll see your ox, sheep and <banned word filter activated> slain and taken from you. Deuteronomy 28:32 Your sons and daughters will be taken and you will be sad. Deuteronomy 28:33-34 You will go insane, driven mad, by what you see. Deuteronomy 28:35 God will hurt your knees, legs and from your head to toe. Deuteronomy 28:38 You will plant much, gather little due to locust. Deuteronomy 28:39 You will plant grapes, get no wine and you'll not gather them due to worms. Deuteronomy 28:41 You'll have children, not enjoy them due to child captivity. Deuteronomy 28:44 Another shall be the head, you the tail. (Torah) Deuteronomy 28:45-46 All these curses will destroy you if you don't listen and obey God, not only you but all your future children's children, forever. Deuteronomy 28:47 You must want to obey (God) with joy and be glad. At least suffer and die with a smile. Deuteronomy 28:48 You shall serve your enemies until they destroy you. Deuteronomy 28:49-50 You will war with a nation swift as the eagle flies whose language you can not understand. A sadistic nation. They have no respect for the old, no mercy for the young. Deuteronomy 28:51 They will eat your animals and crops until you are destroyed. Deuteronomy 28:53-55 You will eat the fruit of your womb, the flesh of your own sons and daughters, while begrudging your relatives any share of your children that you are using for food. Deuteronomy 28:56-57 The most refined and delicate woman will refuse her husband and children her afterbirth and infant, that comes out from between her legs, as she secretly eats them for food. Torah, KJV, Catholic Gary: Ah, let's pass on lunch. Deuteronomy 28:58-62 Do all the laws or fear the glorious and fearful name of the Lord thy God. God will make wonderful long plagues and sickness. He will throw in all the plagues of Egypt all over again. Also, every plague and disease that is not written and you will be left few in number all because you wouldn't obey. Deuteronomy 28:65 In all the nations you travel, you will find no ease, no rest. God will give you a trembling heart, failing eyes and mental sorrow. Deuteronomy 28:66 You will hang in doubt, fear day and night and have no assurance in your life. G: Do you tend to fear a friend or an enemy? Ezekiel 5:10-13 God said: Fathers shall eat sons and sons shall eat fathers. I swear to cut you down. 1/3rd shall die of pestilence and hunger. 1/3rd I will scatter and chase with the sword. Wild beasts will rob you of your children. I will wreak my fury upon them till I am appeased. I, God, have spoken in my jealousy. G: The only natural predator of mankind in The Old Testament appears to be God. Deuteronomy 32:42 God said: I will make my arrows drunk with blood, my sword shall gorge itself with flesh with the blood of the slain and captured, flesh from the heads of the enemy leaders. G: This sounds like a commercial for wrestle-mania. Behold: Here comes Moses' just reward for God's promise and all his murderous work. Deuteronomy 32:48-52 God said to Moses: Go up the mountain and look at the land I give to the children of Israel. Because you trespassed against me, you cannot enter it. KJV Moses died. G: There it is. It can't be any clearer than this. God's promise was broken to Moses, Aaron and Miriam, along with all three million of His chosen people taken out of Egypt, except for Caleb and Jacob. The Biblical God was not a capable administrator of a nation. He was not effective in maintaining harmony among His people. The promises God broke were to the very people He made them to. Mere men have been more integral. How does Moses, in reality, qualify to be a hero with his people or with his God. What did Moses attempt to succeed at but to murder men, women and their babies in order to steal their lands? Sorry for the small text u can see the big version here: http://www.thegodmur...euteronomy.html
  8. Can anyone please provide me with a list of questions which Christians might ask Sikhs and their answers. This is for a website I am making. Please help. I also asked a similar question a few days ago and got an excerpt from Sikh spectrum in which a reverend was answered about the points he raised on Sikhi. I am hoping for something more similar in a question-answer type thing.