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  1. I can enumerate so many of Hindu Punjabi big brand businesses right off my tongue and I am not even a very savvy person : Mahindra & Mahindra (automobile and finance) , Bajaj (2 wheelers and finance), Airtel (telecom) and then ofcourse half of uber-rich bollywood film industry is run by Kapoors (Punjabi hindus). Now contrast that with Sikhs . We had Ranbaxy (pharma) but sold it off, Apollo (but it looks like half his family is having hindu names). Also if you noticed, Punjabi Hindus tend to live mostly in Urban cities in punjab . Jalandhar ,Chandigarh, etc are mostly Hindu. Sikhs on the other hand are mostly into rural punjab and can't think of anything beyond farming. When Sikhs come to urban spaces , they can't think of anything except petrol pumps, Automobiles , Transportation. Looks like our kaum is attached to vehicles in some way lol. If you look at corporate India , most of top CEOs tend to be madrasi . I guess sambar chaul is giving them brains
  2. Moving To India

    Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh I am a Keshdhari Sikh from the West (born and bred) and wish to move to India to do Simran, Seva, Sangat. Any suggestions as where to stay / move for 6 month? I am currently contemplating the following:- Dal Baba Bidhi Chand SurSingh Purmeshwar Dwar Sri Harmandir Sahib HarianBela Damdami Taksal Mehta Chowk Locations, names etc are much appreciated Jee!
  3. iM applying for a course in information technology applied commputer science, i want to know if this is a good career path for me , i dont personally have interest but that being said i have intersest in no other feild, can u tell if u work in IT about ur experience if it is good , also is it a waste because ill be doing a 3 year course that we are not guaruntaed a job and also ill have to keep studying because the ugrade of techonlogy and will have to learn about it , is it worth it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, other option accounting but future of accounting is not great because of techonolgy whcih will replace accounting thaat means it will be a waste to do it,
  4. Bsc Career Idea's

    hey guys 3rd year bsc student, I'm pretty lost on what carreer to pursue after graduation. Can anyone with Bsc degrees or some knowledge shed light on what you do, how you came about.
  5. career ?

    waheguru g ka khalsa waheguru g ki fateh g m an amritdhaari girl .... just appeard my board exams ... i know dat i didnt do well so i'll b able to score just 75% ... i love to listen to kirtan n read baani ... m confused what to opt after 12th ... which college i dont know ... I like every subject which m given to study ...m good at mathematics ... i thought to do some honours in maths from DU but due to some reasons i hve to stay in chandigarh so college in delhi is just next to impossible ...m totally confused waht t do ...so dat i can get a decent job and i could live smooth life ...jap naam n read a lot baani ...