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  1. Here's a small timeline of their negative activities against Sikhs and Punjab/Indian continent. The evil mass murder funding rothschilds jewish bankers who funded the east india company who then waged illegal wars of invasion and occupation against Indian kingdoms including against the Sikhs and the punjabi Sikh empire The various jewish symbols (star of david, temple of soloman pillars,etc ) and power structures in freemasonry and entrapping most political and royal leaders into their crazy power hungry cult. The Israeli jewish army deliberately murdering 13+ Indian army Sikh UN peace keepers in 1967 war with the arab states. Just before Operation blue star in 1982 israel govt and army training NSG indian "commando" terrorists in attacking our holiest shrine and people. Non-Sikhs (mostly Christians and Jews) posing as Sikhs in the American 3HO cult making money from yoga and products using the Sikhi image and brand for their own financial gains. Western based alt-right racist extremists in Canada like ezra levant and his rebel media recent attacks and hate speeches on Canadian Sikh citizens, Canadian sikh politicians and trying to tarnish the concept of self-determination and Sikh sovereignty in their own homeland of Punjab. Why are the far right jewish extremists deliberately putting their fingers in every pie and even in our religious and political affairs. Is it just me who finds their activities have always been negative against Sikhs hardly ever had any positive influence for us. Have Sikhs ever interfered in their religious or political affairs? I have read some of their scriptures and it teaches them to charge non-jews interest charges on money lending but not for their jewish brothers. It teaches to treat non-jews (goyims) as 2nd class people and servants/slaves for jews as jeews are supposedly Gods chosen people. It reminds me of brahmin hinduism the laws of manu and caste system is this perhaps why right wing hindu brahmin extremists and right wing jewish extremists work hand in glove with each other time to time because they don't want their tyrannical power systems to collapse especially since Sikhi apposes such enslavement of humanity. And off course I wouldn't say all Jews are bad just as not all hindus are bad.....the majority are good jews out there just as their are good hindus. Most Sikhs are of hindu heritage and ancestry our ancestors had to face right wing oppression of brahmin hindu priestly class they could not speak out and break out without fear of punishment from their power structures. Sikhi totally transformed the other castes hindu community and gave them a free choice to either live under slavery and oppression of the brahmins or be free and sovereign. This is why on mass they converted to Sikhi as well as Buddhism, Islam and Christianity when the options became available and why brahmins have sought to fight this flight of their non-brahmin hindu slaves to other faiths. Similarly there is a tiny group of far right wing elements of the jewish community that are seeking to slur and enslave people who do not agree to their vision or agenda for their own benefit which is absolutely wrong and Sikhs shouldn't not stand for it when it concerns our community.