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  1. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BEFORE YOU READ MY RESPONSE: MY RESPONSE: Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! The image of Sikhs is being deliberately tarnished by the Indian governments influence. The government is mad that Sikhs are starting to gain power outside India and want to do everything they can to keep us under their control. This idea of "Sikh Extremism" is so overblown, there was a recent study in the UK which showed that Sikh Extremism isnt even a threat. The concept of "Khalistan", a nation run on Sikh values by Sikhs, isnt something thats "extreme", its a very reasonable thing for a community to work towards, and even the Guru himself told Sikhs to be sovereign and remain independent. Even if we go back to the 1800's in Maharaja Ranjit Singhs Sikh Kingdom, we can see a liberal and secular society were minorities are accepted, and there wasn't even any death penalty. This is just a small taste of what Sikhs can contribute to the world. On the topic of Jagmeet Singh, its obvious that the Indian government wants to destroy the reputation of this Amritdhari Sikh who is allways try to push to have the 1984 Sikh Genocide officially recognized. Jagmeet Singh represents the next generation of Sikh politicians, and is seen as a role model in the Sikh youth. The Indian government is throwing false accusations at him, denied his visa, spread a lot of fake news, and they are trying to do everything they can to stop a decent minded Sikh from becoming elected, just look at the drama they caused in India when the Canadian PM visited, or the non stop hit pieces and character assassinations they do. When it comes to Baba Jarnail Singh Bhinranwale, there is proof that the Indian government pre-planned the attack on Darbar Sahib, and were planing it even before Bhindranwale entered Akal Takth. During their genocide, they attacked multiple Gurdwara's. and even destroyed the Sikh Reference Library and stole so many precious Sikh texts, some even written by the Gurus themselves. To this day the government refuses to apologize for its instigation's on genocide, and still refuses to at least give back the stolen Sikh texts. Its so obvious the 1984 genocide was engineered to destroy Sikhi.
  2. What are your thoughts on this recent article? https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/sikh-separatists-in-canada-drawing-ire-in-indian-media-before-trudeau-visit-1.3792889 Here are my thoughts: You know you are on the wrong side of history, when you attack freedom of speech. "Sikh relgious sucessionism"? LoL! Have they ever read Sikh history or Gurbani? Its common sense to those who are educated on Sikhi that the Sikh Panth is meant to be distinct from others and be independent. The Khalsa is literally meant to be a sovereign army and institution all in one, that only answer's to the Guru, that by itself isnt legal in another country, and its a pretty obvious hint that the Guru clearly taught Sikhs to be independent, but of course. But of course all this means nothing becuase most "Sikhs" in India dont support it, which must mean its a radical idea, even if its backed up by history and bani... Of course its going to come up coincidentally when a Prime Minister visits India, what better time to attack Sikhs. One could make the argument that the Indian government lets Hindu right wing national movements flourish, and there's actually proof that India got a German official to spy on Sikhs. Or what about that time that that. If you wanna talk about state sponsored terrorism. there's a lot of accusations India has gotten, but the problem with them is that they dont care. Read article: German official charged with spying on Sikhs for India : https://www.thelocal.de/20160920/german-official-charged-with-spying-on-sikhs-for-india India State Sponsored Terrorism: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State-sponsored_terrorism#India Amarinder Sengh is a meme at this point, he will say anything to tarnish the reputations of Sikhs abroad. He is salty that international Sikhs are making it, and that him and his third world government are losing their power over the Sikh community. At this point, who cares what that ladoo has to say? its obvious hes doing this as part of his personal smear campaign.
  3. http://www.ottawakorner.com Ottawa Korner posts interesting news, articles, activities and events
  4. http://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-tuesday-edition-1.4391247/world-sikh-organization-welcomes-canadian-decision-to-allow-small-kirpans-on-flights-1.4391256 6cm or less, effectively the one worn around the neck
  5. Move to Canada

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Sangat ji, I have been considering moving away from the UK. Mainly just had enough of the place. I am alone. No family at all nor am I married. I am not educated either. Has anyone got any experience on the emmigration process for someone in the UK wanting to move to Canada who may be or has been in a similar situation as myself? I was there this time last year and saw that there is a lot of Sangat there. It's clean, peaceful and generally seems like a great move especially for someone that just wants to get up and leave everything in the UK behind. I had the chance to speak to someone there who has moved from London and is working in banking/finance but he actually married a Canadian Singhni and was under 30 years of age when he applied for his PR (permanent residence) so it was a little easier for him. Any ideas, feedback, information or suggestions would be much appreciated. Akaal!
  6. Halal food

    Guru Granth Sahib forbids eating of halal or any meat killed according to ritual beliefs. Muslims have successfully lobbied to get most of the restuarants even in Sikh populated areas to serve only Halal food. However, it hurts me to see keshdhari Sikhs sitting in Shwarma place and other Pakistani joints happily eating Halal food. When you talk to them, they plead ignorance. These are the same Sikhs who tend to lecture other mona Sikhs about keeping kesh. Why are they not following the tenants and protesting about the creeping Halal everywhere? Our school where 50% of the students are Sikh now serve Halal hot dogs because of only 5% Muslims. None of the Sikhs care about this. Muslims are using Halal certification to build mosques in every street and actively convert people, but use Sikhs are happy eating Biryani! When I bring this up in Gurdwara they say we should only be vegetarian, when all the committee members eat meat and close to 90% Sikhs are non-veg (also Gurbani does not prohibit meat). I am so confused at this hypocrisy. Anyone agree with me?
  7. Halal food

    Guru Granth Sahib forbids eating of halal or any meat killed according to ritual beliefs. Muslims have successfully lobbied to get most of the restuarants even in Sikh populated areas to serve only Halal food. However, it hurts me to see keshdhari Sikhs sitting in Shwarma place and other Pakistani joints happily eating Halal food. When you talk to them, they plead ignorance. These are the same Sikhs who tend to lecture other mona Sikhs about keeping kesh. Why are they not following the tenants and protesting about the creeping Halal everywhere? Our school where 50% of the students are Sikh now serve Halal hot dogs because of only 5% Muslims. None of the Sikhs care about this. Muslims are using Halal certification to build mosques in every street and actively convert people, but use Sikhs are happy eating Biryani! When I bring this up in Gurdwara they say we should only be vegetarian, when all the committee members eat meat and close to 90% Sikhs are non-veg (also Gurbani does not prohibit meat). I am so confused at this hypocrisy. Anyone agree with me?
  8. This was really interesting. I didn't know Osama was considered a positive icon in places with historically bad relationships with America:
  9. Just saw this today and the thought was even the Gorey Canadians want our girls to stop getting involved with the Islamic guys:
  10. As I'm banned, much of what I've said before, say now and will say in the future, gets lost or ignored in the guest Gupt section. But, those of you that have taken the time to read some of my earlier messages here will recall 2 things I've said which tie up nicely to the point of this thread. Firstly, you may recall how a Canadian Sikh made a thread a while ago on the main page in which he asked if the 'Sikhs converting to Muslim probem' really was as bad as the UK Sikhs on this forum make out. As I couldn't reply directly to that thread I wrote a reply on this Gupt section in which I articulated that the answer was 'no'. I stated that the UK muslim conversion problem was only about a tenth of the size of Canada and America's massive Christian conversion problem but the UK's problem was magnified because the UK Sikhs, unlike the Canadian and American Skhs, are notoriously pessimistic and negative, perenially seeing the glass as half empty and habitually seeing their problems as earth shatteringly big. Secondly, you may recall that I once wrote about a few Canadian Universities that actually teach 'How to convert Sikhs to Christianity' as a full-time B.A. Degree course. I had obtained the actual syllabus for each semester of the course and I went into great detail how the course covered such subjects as "gaining the trust of the Sikhs" before going for the kill (mentioning Jesus). I stated how the course gave its students detailed knowledge about first visiting Gurdwaras as a 'friend of the Sikhs'......asking questions about the Gurus and Sikhi in order to give the impression that you are interested in Sikhi....but to NEVER mention the word Jesus until you had built up that level of trust a few weeks / months later. And so this brings me to the point of this thread. There is a video doing the rounds of some black girls in Canada speaking pure Punjabi. The video is doing the rounds among the Sikhs because the Sikhs feel honoured and proud that these girls had learned our language so well. Everyone is posting comments stating what a wonderfull thing it was nd how these girls should be role models for our own Sikh children. Call it the typical Sikh gullibility, un-padhness or whatever but nearly all, in their excitement, have either not heard or chosen to not hear, the bit in the video in which the girls state their actual reason for learning Punjabi. The state they learned it because it was a tool to help "save the Sikhs" and bring them closer to the 'Messiah", i.e convert them to Christianity. This is all very very frightening stuff. Frightening not only at the extent the Christians will go to convert us but also in the way that we as a people are generally very very un-padh and gullible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS0FViVbViw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS0FViVbViw
  11. ਕਹਤੇਪਵਿਤ੍ਰਸੁਣਤੇਸਭਿਧੰਨੁਲਿਖਤੀਂਕੁਲੁਤਾਰਿਆਜੀਉ ॥ Those who chant are sanctified. All those who listen are blessed, and those who write save their ancestors. Ang 81, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee The art of writing Gurbani has vanished from the Sikh households. We are reliant upon the printing firms to publish Gurbani for us. Needless to mention, this has led to desecration of our scriptures in the recent years. The pristine tradition of writing the holy text was started and prescribed by the Gurus themselves. Guru Arjun Dev Ji had Bhai Gurdas Ji write the first Adi Granth, while many Gursikhs present in the attendance of Guru Gobind Singh Ji also penned Gurbani. These Gursikhs included Baba Deep Singh Ji and Bhai Mani Singh Ji. No wonder, they were amazingly enlightened souls! The objective of the workshop is to introduce our youth to the beauty of writing Gurbani with our own hands and instruments. There are only ten spaces availbale for this event. Please register using this link https://goo.gl/forms/xWza2b52GezAfhNy2. Specific guidelines for the prepartion of the workshop will be emailed to the registered candidates. N.B. Please note basic familarity with Punjabi language is required for this activity. Gurbani Calligraphy - A Workshop on Writing Gurbani InterestedGoing Invite Public · Hosted by McGill Sikh Students' Association Place : HSSL - Cyberthèque Pod 1 Redpath Library Building, 3459 Rue McTavish clock 8 November at 18:00–19:30 EST Next Week About McGill Sikh Students' Association McGill Sikh Students' Association Community The McGill Sikh Students' Association is a club under SSMU that aims to increase knowledge about Sikhism. Email us at mcgill.sikhs@gmail.com
  12. A man has been charged with assault after police say he ripped a turban off another man’s head in downtown Toronto. The alleged incident happened at Yonge-Dundas Square at 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday. Police say a 35-year-old man was sitting in the square with his family when a man approached the victim from behind and tore off his turban. The suspect proceeded to make derogatory comments and fled the scene. People in the area who witnessed what happened called police. Robin Kelly Skani, 31, of no fixed address, appeared in court on Thursday. He is being held until his bail hearing on Friday. Video is here - http://www.citynews.ca/2016/10/20/turban-ripped-off-mans-head-yonge-dundas-square/
  13. Elementary teachers Summary Information: Employer: Khalsa School Surrey Position Type: Teaching Categories: Elementary Elementary (Primary) Elementary (Intermediate) School / Org: Khalsa School Location: Surrey, British Columbia FTE: FTE No. of Positions: 6 Salary: $4075/month Posting Date: Saturday, 09 July 2016 Closing Date: Tuesday, 26 July 2016 Details: Khalsa School is a faith-based independent school system composed of over 2700 students with four campuses in Surrey and one in Mission serving students from Kg Grade 12. We offer a holistic approach and our students excel academically, socially and in sports. We are currently seeking an enthusiastic teachers to join our friendly and supportive team starting in Sept. 2016. Qualifications: A valid BC Teaching Certificate Training or experience in English Language Learners is an asset A caring nature and an attitude of continuous self-improvement A strong understanding of the developmental needs of students Superior communication and interpersonal skills Please provide your cover letter, resume, evaluation reports (practicum or employment) and contact information for three professional references by email to Ms. Bajwa at jbajwa@khalsaschool.ca Source - http://jobsearch.educationcanada.com/index.phtml?a=v&j=161979
  14. Certified (OCT) Teachers (Grades 4 - 10) Khalsa Community School Brampton - Brampton, ON Khalsa Community School Brampton a private religious school is seeking certified (OCT) teachers for full time positions - Core French (Grades 4 - 10), Junior Intermediate (Grades 4 - 8), Math Science and Business Technology (Grades 6 - 10). Source - http://ca.indeed.com/cmp/Khalsa-Community-School,-Brampton/jobs/Certified-960c59cdf199b448?q=Khalsa Grade 2 Teacher, Science Teacher, Punjabi Teacher Khalsa School Malton (Elementary, Secondary, IB Candidate School) - Malton, ON 3 Positions Open at Khalsa School Malton Source - http://ca.indeed.com/cmp/Khalsa-School-Malton-(Elementary,-Secondary,-IB-Candidate-School)/jobs/Grade-Teacher-30c4b9f27b8ac09e
  15. Canada apologizes for 1914 rejection of Asian migrant ship Prime Minister Justin Trudeau formally apologizes, Wednesday, May 18, 2016, in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, for a 1914 Canadian government decision that barred most of the passengers of the Komagata Maru from entering the country. Canadian officials refused to allow the Indians in, even though they were British subjects just like every other Canadian of the time. The chartered vessel was carrying 376 Indian passengers, nearly all of them Sikhs, bound for what they thought would be a new life in Canada. (Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press via AP) The Associated Press By ROB GILLIES Posted: May. 18, 2016 8:00 am Updated: May. 18, 2016 9:38 pm TORONTO (AP) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized in Parliament on Wednesday for a government decision in 1914 to turn away a ship carrying hundreds of South Asian immigrants. The Komagata Maru from Hong Kong arrived off Vancouver only to have almost all of its 376 passengers, nearly all of them Sikhs from India, denied entry due to immigration laws at the time. The passengers were hoping to challenge Canadian immigration law, which refused entry to any Indians who had not arrived in Canada via a continuous journey from the Indian mainland nearly impossible at the time. The law was seen as a measure to stymie Indian arrivals. Officials refused to allow the Indians in, even though they were British subjects just like every other Canadian of the time. After 20 passengers who had previously lived in Canada were allowed to disembark, the ship was turned away. The ship was eventually sent to Calcutta, and least 19 people were killed in a skirmish with British soldiers. Others were jailed. "Canada's government was, without question, responsible for the laws that prevented these passengers from immigrating peacefully and securely," Trudeau said. "For that, and for every regrettable consequence that followed, we are sorry." Opposition leaders also apologized. New Democrat leader Thomas Mulcair called it "racism, plain and simple." A spectator in the public gallery hollered out a Punjabi slogan that signals happiness after Trudeau spoke. Former prime minister Stephen Harper apologized at an event in British Columbia in 2008, but members of the Sikh community have long said an apology should be offered formally in Parliament. There are more than a million Canadians of South Asian descent. Trudeau had pledged to make an apology during his election campaign last year. He noted in Parliament on Wednesday that Canada's current defense minister, Harjit Sajjan, once commanded the reserve regiment that turned back the Komagata Maru and thanked him for helping the Komagata Maru incident get national attention. "Before entering political life, the minister was the commanding officer of the British Columbia Regiment Duke of Connaught's Own the same regiment that once forced out the Komagata Maru," Trudeau said to applause. "A century ago, the minister's family might well have been turned away from Canada. Today, the minister sits beside us, here, in this House." Sajjan tweeted that he was humbled and grateful and he thanked Trudeau.
  16. Dukh Rog Nivaran Camp

    Event Date/Time: February 26, 2016 - 2:30pm Location: Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar, Montreal Canada Contact Name: S. Surjit Singh Contact Email: dukhbhanjanteranaammissionc@gmail.com Event Website: www.dukhbhanjanteranaam.com Dukh Rog Nivaran Camp:- Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar 7801 Rue Cordner, LaSalle, QC H8N 2X2 Phone: 514-595-1881 Dates:- 27 Feb. to March 1 Saturday to Tuesday: 12:30pm to 6:30pm For more information please call Surjit Sigh 514-977-8624 or visit www.dukhbhanjanteranaam.com Source - http://www.sikhnet.com/events/dukh-rog-nivaran-camp
  17. Charity Basketball Tournament Venue - Khalsa School Calgary, 245228 Range Road 284, Calgary, Canada TIME - Sat Jan 30 2016 at 08:00 am Source - http://allevents.in/calgary/hoops-for-healing-basketball-tournament/400031106874129
  18. Canadian Sikhs?

    I am just wondering if we have any Sikhs from Canada on this forum? If not, then is there any other Sikh forum that has a lot of Canadian Sikh users that talk about issues that affect Canadian Sikh community? It seems like this forum is run by British Sikhs who talking about issues that mainly affect their community and Islam (I guess Muslims taking over Europe is bit of an issue for them?).
  19. (April 17, 2015)—Moninder Singh, a well-respected Sikh youth activist was arrested earlier today during a protest outside Ross Street Gurdwara in Vancouver. A number of Sikh youth, along with representative of various organizations arrived outside the Gurdwara to protest the arrival of Modi for his role in massacres of Muslims in Gujarat. Modi Government is also responsible for carrying out attacks on various other minorities in India. Jakara Movement, a Sikh Youth organization stated that Moninder Singh was arrested for exercising freedom of speech. Canadian police also threatened to arrest others who were at the Gurdwara. Moninder Singh was asked to leave by the police, however he refused and continued to protest peacefully when he was arrested. Sangat members were denied entry to the Gurdwara by the police. “We are being asked to leave the premises. We are denying, we are rejecting the police telling us to move. They are gearing up to push us out,” said a youth outside the Ross Street Gurdwara. Source http://www.sikh24.com/2015/04/17/breaking-canadian-police-arrests-sikh-youth-leader-during-peaceful-protest-against-narendra-modi/#.VTCkhPnF9K0 Extra videos from the Modi protest at Candian Gurdwara:https://www.youtube.com/user/jakara/videos
  20. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕਾਖਾਲਸਾ॥ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕੀਫਤਿਹ॥ Visa Denial to Red Carpet for Narendra Modi - A downward shift in Canadian policy and ethics The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, played a decisive role to teach a lesson to the greater Muslim community during the anti Muslim riots in Gujrat in 2002. At that time a senior member of the Gujrat Intelligence Bureau Mr. Sanjiv Bhatt filed an affidavit that CM Modi told all authorities to allow the Hindu community to vent out their anger at the Muslim population. This all took place in a high profile security meeting. “A senior police officer's sworn statement to India's Supreme Court alleges that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi deliberately allowed anti-Muslim riots in the state” - BBC. This was one of the reasons that the Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act denied an entry visa to then Chief Minister of Gujrat Narendra Modi. So did the United States of America. Narendra Modi served in senior leadership of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, as he was part of the Sangh Privar (family) before entering politics. When Modi was elected Prime Minister of India, his crimes were wiped off. Ironically, the United States of America jumped first in queue to congratulate him and invite him to USA for a state visit. Niti Central, a liberal perspective of news wrote in August 2013 “Earlier this week, on July 30, news came in about a report by the National Commission for Minorities (NCM) which stated that the Gujarat Government had ‘prima facie’ discriminated against the 500-member Sikh community in Kutch. A Hindustan Times report quoted NCM member Ajaib Singh, a Sikh, as stating in his report that “Modi, who has the habit of terrorising the minorities in Gujarat, was in this case victimising the Sikh farmers.” Despite, his atrocious past, the Canadian Government has invited PM Narendra Modi on a state visit, and facilitated his social invasion of religious place i.e. Gurdwaras and Mandirs to accommodate Modi. This is a question that Canadians don`t ask today, the history will ask our Government in days to come that the intolerant Hindutava Movement was promoted by the Canadian Government. Hindutva is perceived by intellectuals as a threat to the stability of India due to their increasing influence and their religious fanaticism. The Government of Canada shall never trade human values with dollar values. There is no harm to stay the course with your values oppose to deal with oppressor, make money yet be flexible on human rights principles. Politics or Economy does not make Canada the best country in the World, our track record as a Human Rights defender has. How will the state visit of a known Human Rights violator fit in fabric of Canadian values? This is a question that begs an answer.
  21. With the grace of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Bhai Sukha Singh will be doing Katha in English and Panjabi from June 16th till June 22nd from 8.15pm till 9pm daily (Calgary Time). There is a live video and audio stream from the Gurdwara Sahib and you can tune in to it by clicking on http://dashmesh.ca/livebroadcast.html Guru Ang Sang Gurshabad Veechar Team
  22. With the grace of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Bhai Sukha Singh will be beginning his USA and Canada tour of 2014 in Montreal Bhai Sukha Singh's schedule in Montreal is as follows below... 13th June Concordia University 6pm till 9pm 14th June Lasalle Gurdwara Sahib 7.30pm-8.30pm 15th June Park-ex Gurdwara Sahib 11am-12pm Location TBA 2pm-4pm Guru Ang Sang Gurshabad Veechar Team
  23. Once again our North American brothers have shown what organisation and common purpose can achieve. Bramalea-Gore-Malton NDP MPP Jagmeet Singhs Private Member's Bill entitled Sikh Heritage Month passed third reading in the legislature today. Bill 52 proclaims the month of April every year as Sikh Heritage Month. http://www.sikhsiyasat.net/2013/12/11/april-is-sikh-heritage-month-in-ontario-as-ndp-mpp-jagmeet-singhs-bill-passes-final-reading/
  24. URGENT I'm a UK Sikh Brit who will be going on hoilday to Canada, Toronto. I may emmigrate there. - I would appreciate meeting fellow canadian Sikhs or Brits that have emigrated to canada, whilst I am in Canada. Are there Canadian Sikhs that would like to meet whilst I am there ? - Also are there any associations, or facebook groups that I can join, that will help me meet fellow sikhs in canada. Please message me, with advice.
  25. Why are they so violent ? Especially in places like Vancouver and even California. What is the root cause? Do they come from a certain area of Punjab?