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  1. WJKK WJKF (This post is not here to name individuals or organisations, or hurt any person or organisations sentiments, please respect each others views and keep it civil in the replies.) I would like to raise awareness to the issues we are currently facing in the Panth and the way that many Sikhs are deluded and brainwashed by Cults/Jathas and Sikhi Camps, I want to push for some sort of answer to his problem so read the below story as I tried to make it as concise as possible. Recently, my sister who is 14, decided she wanted to attend a Sikhi- camp. I thought great idea, I will volunteer to be a Sevadar as I am a Amritdhari Singh and also can read/write punjabi, and everything will be great as the organisers were requesting a additional punjabi teaching volunteer, sister can have fun and I can get to meet new people and learn about my faith more... Cutting a long story short got the "job" as the punjabi teacher for the duration of the camp, aside from the standard type of hypocritical Amrithdaris, I was greeted with some overly happy looking Singhs who were one of the main organisers for the whole thing and , initially this seemed like a good thing, change of scene, positive environment, close with the guru etc. The day before the last day of camp everything had been going well aside from there being no hot water, during my session, a young singh asked if he can talk to me in private (A lot of the youths trusted me more than other volunteers), I said yeah sure, I was wondering what it was about, I thought the kid may be missing his family or something. Turns out, one of the organising Singhs last night went to this young singhs sleeping area and kissed him on the lips "Goodnight", and casually walked away. The young singh said he felt like he has been violated now because he hasn't even kissed a girl let alone ..., Furious as I was, I had a feeling he was telling the truth, I knew there was something dodgy about the key organising Singhs but just was not too sure of it. I went to the Singh immediately, took him to one side and asked him quietly what happened? He denied the whole thing, but said he did go check on the young Singh at night as he thought he heard someone walking around when doing Pehra. There was no proof he said, the youths word against the Singhs, and I was just a volunteer. As hard as it was I had to leave the camp with my sister, and I also instructed the other young singh to say he is ill or something and leave, he can come stay at ours with my, wife and daughter if he is scared of his parents, (as he is coming back early from camp and I have a spare room due to my son being at University). The young singh stayed over night at ours and he told the story to my wife while I questioned my daughter too see if she was ok. Thankfully, my daughter said she is good and, she was in my sight most of the camp anyway. My wife, said that this should be reported to the police immediately, I told her they won't do anything due to lack of evidence, no witnesses, cctv, forensics etc. We did end up going with the young Singh to his families house and explaining what had gone on. His parents are both from india, 1st language Punjabi, but have been in the UK for over 17 years. They didn't want to go to the police either, instead they just kept it hush and boycotted the organising Singhs projects. Heard from the young singh and he is doing better now going gym and focusing on his studies to recover from what is in my view a terrible incident, he has a few of his close friends supporting him and he knows me and my wife are only a phone call away if he ever needs a place to crash or hangout... contrary to his mates, the response from a lot of trusted sangat/singhs that I told, did not want to hear any of it. Its like half of them were like no the organising Singh is too pious, his kirtan skills are too good, reads bani etc he would never do that and other half was like they already knew these things went on and there isn't nothing we can do about it. But surely there is something we can do to prevent these situations? Wether you believe it or not, it does happen and can happen to anyone... its Kalyug. I did some research and I have read threads on this very site dating back from 2006 with similar allegations, we are in 2018 now... and many more carpet jobs have taken place in the last few years (without naming anyone or implicated any jatha) It is time we stopped trusting our children with cults and groups of strangers and "Singhs", not all singhs are bad but its hard to tell who is a masand and who is not, especially the amount of these groups where there are no women. Many of these Singhs do seem camp, not very warrior like. We need to draft up some sort of organised committee that keeps files of children attending Sikhism camps/and or involved in active jathas and who is responsible for there wellbeing, there should be a balance in males to females volunteer ratios at these camps, perhaps camp volunteers wear go pros? After all, many of them are not qualified to look after children, I certainly wasn't... maybe even some community police involvement? Perhaps a Sikh camp OFSTED (similar in schools where they are rated and inspected at random intervals). How can we prevent these cases happening and furthermore how can we go about actually punishing those involved when they are in a higher power place in society in terms of money, power, vocal skills, respect and following. Oh, and the organising Singh is raking in £$£$£ with his latest camp project acting like nothing has happened, even sent me hello messages on a few occasions which I obviously ignored :S