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  1. I heard that listening to entire sri guru granth sahib ji maharaj katha from sant baba gurbachan singh ji khalsa bhindranwale will make one jeevan mukt and he will have prapti of a lot of other things. I am currently on part 14 volume 1. Whole katha is on gurmatveechar website which is a great sewa. I think it is true, as it is an entire path of sri guru granth sahib ji maharaj plus katha from a puuran brahmgyani. What do you guys think? What about other standards/quotas with path like doing 25 japji sahib paths a day or panj granthi nitnem. This is taksali rehat for most sikhs of jatha. I also believe in the great amount of phal in doing this, but does anyone know why specifically 25 japji sahib paths? What about doing path slowly over speed? Both can and should be done out of love, so is it a preference thing? I am just curious and not doubting or doing any shanka. I try to be pro taksali! P.S I dont mean to challenge anyone's opinions, so I am sorry if I offended anyone.
  2. VJKK VJKF Sangat Ji, I've heard that a mahapurakh did a bachan that Sant Jarnail Singh Ji is coming/has come back? Is this true? Vaheguru Ji.
  3. Hypocritical "Sikhs"

    WJKK WJKF, it is sometimes funny how majority of the Sikh kaum loves bhindranwale, claim to believe that are sant/mahapurkh but very few actually follow them? in local area, some uncles continuously ask kavishers to sing about bhindranwale and the same uncles invite anti-gurmat parchariks to the area. Taksal is currently not following the maryada left by either Baba Thakur Singh ji or other mahapurkhs of taksal. Other jathebandis like AKJ don't accept raagmala. While some aren't to believe Charitropkyan to be bani. are we lying to ourselves when we call them "sant baba jarnail singh ji khalsa bhindranwale"? They surely contributed to the panth and have clarified on other points.
  4. Please share the bachans from mahapurkhs that you might have listened, read or heard somewhere, so others can benefit from them.
  5. This thread is started for explanations regarding the bachans in "Anmol Bachans" thread @ http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/71139-anmol-bachans/page-2 Kindly be polite in the posts. We are here only to discuss, not to condemn or force anyone to follow others. Any doubts on the above link can be discussed in this thread. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Topic : "Parmeshar Bhagta vich vasda hai" Many people object this bachan by Sant Baba Harnam Singh ji Rampurkhera that rab sirf bhagta vich nahin sab vich vasda hai, ....no doubt..... and mahapurkhs bachan has not denied this fact. What is the difference between bhagat, sant, mahapurkh, fakir etc and the normal people like us? Bhagats etc remains calm in all situations, whereas we shake at every point Bhagats are immersed in bhagti 24/7 even when they are doing chores, and we know where we stand Bhagats never wish for anyone's bad, and we are always ready to fight and point out at others Bhagats can sacrifice whatever they have for others without any kind of discrimination, and we can't even bear a look of our enemy and full of selfishness and jealous, always trying to prove others wrong and see our joy in others failures In all above situations, God dwells in both parties, but why normal people can't be like bhagats etc who have more qualities than them? The answer is because Bhagats are admired as they have not only known but experienced God within themselves and others, whereas we only have this piece of knowledge that God is in everyone. So when one wonders why Bhagat is different from normal people, they ask them why and how can they experience God and become bhagats themselves. Bhagat is just a word to describe person with high spiritual level who have attained God by doing virtues and meditating on HIS name. Bhagats motivate others to do simran and sewa. And that's what we do here always looking for motivation to move ahead in sikhi path.
  6. babaji and pope

    On 28 february 1993 khalistani movement ended with the shaheedi of baba gurbachan singh manochahal. .baba thakur singh ji said that the movement will shift by 20 years and the bachans have come true on 28 february 2013 pope has resigned and the seat is vacant for the next pope that wil play a major role in world war 3
  7. Can anyone tell the bachans of Baba Thakur Singh Ji and if they have come true or not? And what is the Bachan regarding Attari border?