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  1. The Jagmeet Singh thread

    OK, so I started a thread on this Gupt / Anonymous page: the 'Amritdharis marrying hair-cut spouses' thread. It's received 5000 odd views, people on other websites and online forums have been discussing it and there's like a hundred questions directed directly at me on that thread. But....the admin here had decided to move it to the main page where I can't answer any of the questions you keep throwing at me So, first of all, please stop asking me questions on that thread....I can't answer them on that page. Secondly, someone accused me of using profanities after observing the censored title thread. Let me clear that one up by saying I do not use profanities in my life and that censored bit was actually the letters 'w' and 't' and 'f' which the swear word filter on this forum doesn't like when you put those 3 letters together. Now, let's start with Sukhi Virk who demonstrated just how low her IQ is when she said this: Someone needs to sit Sukhi down and explain to her that the word 'evangelism' is as Christian as the cross. It cannot be used to describe any religion other than Christianity as it is a word that was invented precisely to spread the 'good word' of Christianity. The word would be defined as some who is 100% committed to Christianity. Life is beautiful said : Isn't that the whole point of that thread ? The fact that an 'Amritdhari' role model...who markets and sells his product as an 'Amritdhari' has been found out to be a fraud when it comes to living the life of, and following the rules of, an 'Amritdhari' ? 'He' is not Joe Bloggs, a local builder from Localsville. He is a Politician....who wants to get elected as a lawmaker. But even though that means he shoud be held accountable for hypocricy it doesn't matter who he wants to marry. None of us care what any individual does and wants to do in their own private life. But that discussion is not about him as an individual...It's about an Amritdhari thinking his money and power can buy his way out of the rules of being an 'Amritdhari'. It's about him pretending to be an Amritdhari but not being able to live by the rules of being Amritdhari. I think the real level of immaturity is the fact that your IQ is so low it will not allow you too see the "reason" is his pretence of being an 'Amritdhari' in order to sell his product but lacking the fibre and strength to live by the rules of being an 'Amritdhari'. Koi said: To which wedding though ? He's having 2: the one he's inviting Hello Magazine to in Toronto and then another one on the beach in Mexico. There was a thread here a while ago about a rogue Sikh granthi (Freedom Singh) who is performing anand karajs on innapropriate settings on the beaches of Mexico despite being warned by Akal takht not to. I think we should all be watching Freedom Singh's schedule to see if coincides with Jagmeet's trip there. At the end of the day.....as the mainstream Canadian media was aghast that a politician of Canada's most minor party had such a 'Kardashian' high opinion of himself (ego) that he tipped off media photographers that he was going to propose to his girlfriend at a certain time in a certain restaurant. This elite school privately educated son of a millionaire is a walking / talking PR machine. Just another rich boy, like Trump, that thinks his money, power and prestige can buy him priveledges. He's as fake as they come.