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  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Lets suppose that I am a "transgender Sikh" who was originally biologically male but now identify as a female. Lets assume that I receive "Khand Di Phaul", which is the official initiation into the Khalsa Panth. Would I then call myself a Singh or a Kaur? What does Gurbani or Rehat have to say on this?
  2. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Why is there such a bad gender ratio of fewer female Amritdharis than that of male Amritdharis? Do the parents teach the daughter about the need for Amrit or what? (Also I seem to notice that some of them seem to be told off that if they want to take Amrit to wait till marriage; which only hurts this ratio more.) Is there a way to get both males and females interested, in the olden days people begged to take Amrit, now pracharks are begging for others to take Amrit. (Also if someone falls in Prem with Guru Sahib; what stalls them from taking Amrit.) Just wanted to know these questions with the answers. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  3. I know to go to God you have to be AmritDhari but honestly I can't see myself in the future being one, I just don't understand Sikhi. And how come there are other ways to reach God, i.e different religions? Please forgive me if I have said something offensive
  4. Wjkk wjkf. I am a 17 year old amritdhari sikh and i had the urge for a couple of months to indulge in kaam. After really hard trying to fight it i gave in *edited*. I feel very guilty as maharaj said that you should look at the opposite sex as mother sister daughters etc. So please tell me if this is a bajjar kurehit and i have to do a peshi in front of the 5 pyare, or should i do ardas and ask maharaj for kirpa and forgiveness.
  5. I was wondering if any Amritdhari Sikhs have ever visited Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles and if they have were they told to remove their Kirpans? And if you were, were you detained and not allowed entry? Lastly were you patted down? Dhanvaad.
  6. Daas really wanted to know this, as in the Sarbat Khalsa of 1986 everyone had accepted a new person as Jathedar of the Akal Takht, but when Jagtar Singh became the Jathedar; the SGPC openly denies it ever happening. (They both became Jathedar because of the Sarbat Khalsa). Can anyone also tell Daas why there would need to be a separate Jathedar of GurSikhs and Gurmukhs; (Sarbat Khalsa Jathedars), and one for Manmukhs and Mahapaapis, (SGPC Jathedars)?
  7. Need Help With Lust

    I was blessed with amrit roughly a month ago but two to three afterwards, I started indulging in lust again. I am about 16 now and started indulging in lust at around 10 to 11.
  8. Amritdhari Wedding

    Wjkk wjkf, So, my family aren't amridhari sikhs however I am myself. I'd like to know more about the wedding ceremony. Are amritdhari's allowed to have a wedding reception hall after the anand karaj ceremony? If they are what would be an acceptable celebration with family and friends? Forgive me for saying anything wrong. I'd appreciate all comments and suggestions from sangat ji. :)
  9. Gurfateh Ji How many times have you taken Amrit or do you know of someone that has taken Amrit more than once? Akaal
  10. Amrit Sanchar

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Je Ki Fateh Could sangat please tell me when the next Amrit Sanchar is in the UK I already know about the AKJ in Coventry any other within the Next few week?? Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Je Ki Fateh
  11. Can an amritdhari girl wed a non amritdhari guy in anand karaj? The guys kesdhari, just hasnt decided to take amrit yet, wants to progress with rehat before committing to amrit. Both the girl and guy and their families are happy with it. Any potential issues?
  12. I found out the weight protein shake I usually drink has egg whites already in the powder. I don't eat meat or eggs, but do you guys think eating eggs but absenting from meat will still affect me spiritually on my path? I am kind of worried.
  13. I used to be a moni. However, having been Amritdhari for just a few years now, it's increasingly difficult to understand how to interact with non-Amritdharis in a way which they which to be interacted with. Often times Amritdharis will be wrongly judged as being unfriendly or judgemental because they do not go out of their way to smile at or speak to non-Amritdharis, for example. There is a lot of pressure here, and a lot of misunderstanding. I can't remember how I perceived things before I was Amritdhari. So I'm calling on non-Amritdharis here; generally, what are your expectations of Gursikhs? Do you want or expect them to come over to you and have a friendly conversation, and about what? Or are you happy that people do their own thing without looking your way? Really just trying to bridge this gap for myself. It's important to be as inviting as possible.
  14. Is Waheguru Ji Testing Me?

    Wjkk Wjkf I've been paath for a few weeks now, and today i prayed waheguru ji that I want to become jivan mukhti and attach to him for the rest of my life, and I felt really connected to waheguru ji whilst listening to the sukhmani sahib paath, but then all of a sudden around 7 pm ish I kept on getting doubts 'about existance of God' Why has waheguru ji put such thoughts in my mind , I want to become closer to him not further Is God testing me? What do I do? How do I dispel doubt? I am not a amritdhari as yet due to the environment I live(no religous familily), but I seek to become one in the near furture. I would like help from all guruSikhs and the Sat sangat - what do I do Thank you all Wjkk Wjkf
  15. Taking Amrit

    Hi I work in mcdonalds and touch meat I was wondering when I take amrit will I still be able to do that or not ?
  16. Amritdhari Sikh attacked, brutally beaten up by miscreants in Amritsar, while police remained mute spectator Amritsar, Punjab (March 15, 2014): As per media reports a Sikh youth was brutally thrashed on Saturday (March 15) by demonstrators in Amritsar for no apparent reason after he asked for a way to reach to his shop near Bhandari Bridge. Activists of various Dalit organizations were protesting at Bhandari Bridge in support of their demands, including construction of a temple at Ram Teerath. Amritdhari Sikh beaten up badly at Amritsar As per media reports [t]he victim, Jasbir Singh, an Amritdhari Sikh youth, said that he had requested the protesters to let him go to his shop, and without any provocation, he was beaten by some of the Dalit youths. He alleged that they removed his turban off his head and fist cuffed him. They also pulled his hair in the presence of some senior police officials. He rued that none of the policemen came forward to rescue him. He said police should book the culprits and also demanded justice. Notably, police officials, who later reached the spot, misbehaved with the media. Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Jatinder Singh Aulakh said the incident was brought to his knowledge, and added that he is also aware of the reports of police officials misbehaving with the media. He said that he has instructed the DCP to look into the matter, and assured strict action against the culprits, who had thrashed Jasbir Singh, and the policemen for their negligence, if any. Credits: Sikhsiyasat.net Pictures of Attackers https://m.facebook.com/PunjabSpectrumCom/albums/835216873161574/?_e_pi_=7%2CPAGE_ID10%2C3264412382
  17. London Amrit Sanchaar

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh! Piyaari Sadh Sangat Ji... Daas was asked today by a fellow Sikh that wants to take Amrit within the coming months. Does anyone have any info on Amrit Sanchaars taking place in the London area? I would appreciate your help so I can pass on the info. Thank you. Vaheguru!
  18. I work in IT Field and lots of my coworkers are indian and they are always bring food from home and insist for me to eat what they have bring ... I have been nicely saying no ..but now some of my coworkers who are pure Vigetarian and they don't eat meat or eggs .. and they are asking me take a little .. Can I eat from them.. I feel bad for keep saying NO to everything they are bringing .. What are your guys thoughts
  19. Today I made a very heavy, easily avoidable and massively stupid error which will probably prove fatal to me. There is this girl at school who I want to be friends with. Shes smart and serious. I like her. Today a few individuals at school found out. By tomorrow probably she will know, but this thought just struck me; I am looking for a girlfriend when it's not allowed. What do I do? What do I say to her tomorrow and above all how do I repent in the Guru's eyes? Basically my peers managed to get this stupid thing out of me, I like her.
  20. A great article written by Dr. Sukhpreet Singh Udoke on Bhai Hakikat Singh. Some hindu organizations are promoting the idea that Bhai Hakikat Singh was not Amritdhari but a sahajdhari and wore a topi. Dr. Sukhpreet Singh answers back for the Sikh view. This was published in Sant Sipahi Magazine Sept. 2002
  21. I have a question. Many Gursikhs say Amritdhari should eat from another amritdhari. I don't mean to be rude or arrogant but then how come sahibzades took milk from Baba Moti Mehra Ji?
  22. Amritdhari problems.

    I have someone close to me whose an amritdhari but he has massive anger problems. If he cannot follow rehat he blows his top, if something goes wrong he goes hulk. Yesterday something in his personal life went wrong and he said very offensive words to the Guru. He broke Rehat 4 times. In anger he ripped off his dastaar, abused Guru etc. Hes now beginning to regret it but slowly. Hes still crying over the personal incident. What should he do? His anger is destroying him and I want to help.Does he have to go to panj Singhs and tell them what hes done? He is scared now. And how does he get rid of his anger?
  23. Want to get married

    Hello Everyone, I am finding Amritdhari Boy for marriage.......... I am facing a lot of problem to find Gud Amritdhari boy........... Can anyone help me out with some ways to find one...... Thanks
  24. Need to Find Amritdhari

    Hi All, I am Amritdhari Girl..... My parent n family members being a sikh opposed me to become baptized... just because its hard to find Amritdhari boy... but still as i luv my religion and my Gurus i became Amritdhari.... I want to know is this true? I have seen the attitude of Sikh boys also... after i became baptized, i came to know.. even normal Sikh boys don't prefer being amritdhari and Amritdhari girls... Want to know y?