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  1. Are there any Amrit Sanchars anywhere in England this year? I need to go Pesh and I hoping it will be a Taksali Jathedbandi (preferance due tomy Maryada). I know there one in May at Birmingham but I cant get time off work. Anyone also know when Baba Gurbachan Singh's barsi this year?
  2. Wjkk wjkf , i know that there is an amritsanchar in surrey on Sunday but someone said there's also one on July 21. Is this correct wjkk wjkf
  3. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh Jee, Could someone find the meaning of Sanchar? As in Amrit Sanchar. Dhanwaad Jee
  4. We have all heard of stories of a sparrow drinking a few drops of amrit from the baata on Anandpur sahib , circa. 1699 vaisakhi, and then it fought and wounded a mighty eagle ! This led to saying "Chiddiya te main baaj ladaava, tabe Gobind Singh naam kahava" And the general consensus among sikhs is that it was amrit who transformed coward donkeys to brave soldiers ! So , if amrit is so powerful , and if I take it, it should work on me as well, no ?, considering I am so coward, an emaciated stray dog could put me to a run .
  5. Vaheguroo Jee Kaa Khalsaa Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!! Sadh sangat ji, I am looking for some direction/advice. I took Amrit at a young age but ended up doing kuraits such as drinking alcohol, smoking and cocaine at one stage. It was a tough time I was going through but no excuse as I still had love for Sikhi. Whilst doing this I never slaughtered my Kes in any way. I always had a deep feeling of guilt whilst doing the above and hid it from everyone (the activities and guilt). Later I met someone also Amritdaari and she had done a kurait as well. I did not disclose my kuraits although she as aware that I was 'Amritdaari' and had taken my Sri Sahib off but kept all other four kakkars. We become a couple and one thing led to another. Anyway, we are no longer together as she passed away in a fatal accident when she was in India. I have upped my Gurbani and Simran so much with Maharaaj's kirpa since. I went to do pesh 2 years ago and took Amrit again. I wasn't able to fully explain all the kuraits I had done as one of the Panj Piyaaray just began shouting at me for the first thing I explained which is fair enough but I still feel my pesh was not complete becuase I didn't get a chance to have a word again due to the amount of praani's taking Amrit that day. Since then I have been in touch with someone and we are really close. Problem is she is married and not happy. Kaam has always been a BIG weakness of mine although I have only been with one person. I have failed again Sangat ji. Having so much knowledge of Gurbani and doing so much Simran and Seva I have still fallen. I want to sort myself out again but need to wait until I can really keep on track and get my avasta to that level. Amrit is priceless and I still remember the Panj Piyaara saying "amrit baar baar nee mildha". I would like to know if anyone has been or is in the same situation or how many times people have been to pesh and taken Amrit? Sorry for the long story but I thought I would explain the situation(s). Thank you very any answers, feedback and guidance in advance.
  6. Does Baba Mohan Singh jee (old taksali mahapurash) arrange Amrit Sinchaars in India?
  7. Wjkk wjkf, i am 12 yrs old and I want to take Amrit but my parents won't let me. 1. They say u r too young. 2. You might cut your hair when u grow up. 3. People don't hire amritdharis. 4. When will u get if u take Amrit. 5. You don't need to take Amrit to be a true Sikh. (I know this but I said u r not a complete Sikh) 6. God doesn't give anything to amritdharis These r some of the issues I am facing please help very depressed
  8. Need to know about amrit sanchar in newyorkk
  9. Vahiguroo jee kaa khalsa Vahiguroo jee kee fateh Amrit Sanchaar & Akhand Keertan Smagam In Memory of Baba Buddha jee Janam Divas Date - 1st October 2016, Time - Akhand Keertan 7PM -12AM Location - Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Coventry, CV6 5GR Amrith Sanchaar starts at 7pm Baba Buddha jee is recognized as one of the great Sikhs of the Guru period. He had the privilege of being blessed by the first six Gurus. He led an ideal Sikh life for more than a hundred years. He was one of closest companions of the Sri Guru Nanak Dev jee and is one of the most revered and sacred saints in Sikhi. He holds one of the most important and pivotal positions in Sikh history. *The first head Granthi of Sri Harmandir Sahib. *Helped Build Sri Akal Takht Sahib *Baba Budda applied Tilak/Tikka to five Sikh Gurus Sahibaans, from Sri Guru Angad Dev jee to Sri Guru Hargobind jee. *Did the Seva of digging of the Baoli (well) at Govinval Sahib under the instructions of Sri Guru Amar Daas jee *Did Seva Excavation of the Sarovar at Sri Darbar Sahib under Guru Raam Daas Sahib jee and Guru Arjan Dev Sahib jee *Baba Buddha jee put the two swords of Miri and Piri on Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib jee. Vahiguroo jee kaa khalsa Vahiguroo jee kee fateh For more information, please contact 07969 655015 WWW - AKJ.ORG INSTAGRAM - AKJ_UK FACEBOOK - akjuk
  10. Gurfateh jee I have been asked to find out when the next amrit sanchaar in Surrey/Vancouver Canada is? Individuals have requested to follow dal panth or taksal maryada. Dhan Vaad
  11. I wanted to know why many manmukhs just started the hatred towards Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's bani? (What is it with these people?) Many Mahapurukhs from a variety of Jathas followed Guru Sahib to the end, and know many Pakhands are getting popular for denouncing Guru Sahib, when was that the direction people were going?
  12. Importance Of Amrit Sanchar:
  13. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! This is the first main time Gursikhs are going to the Gurmukh Akal Takht, while the other thing, (not a Takht) goes around pretending like they have authority.
  14. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh, can anyone explain to me why the idea of Kirpan Di Amrit started? It seems like manmat since Guru Sahib has only ever made 1 Amrit which was previously Charan Amrit and now Khandi Di Pahul?
  15. VJKK VJKF, I have herd dat if you committ bujjer kureit, they black ur face (how and what?) then they tie ur hands up infront of sangat? Does this happen in UK or just India? thanks....
  16. VJKK VJKF! I am new to Sikhi and do not have a 'jatha'. I understand there are various jathas that bless their sangat with Amrit, each with their interpretation of the rehat that the baptised should follow. For example, common difference include: Keski v Kes Some allow Amrit to be blessed on those without Amritdhari spouses Only consumption of food prepared by Amritdharis v not eating the 'leftovers' of non-amritdharis - the latter being not concerned with who prepared the food Consumption of tea / coffee v it being forbidden etc etc I have no jatha as mentioned below. In my opinion, giving your head to the Guru and adopting the prescribed rehat are the only things that matter. However, given the large variance in interpretation, I am concerned as to what is actually according to Guru Rehat and what has been modified etc. over time. All I wish to get the blessing of is Amrit and uphold it with the blessing of the Guru. I do not want any hankaar in 'picking' the jatha and amrit requirements that best suit my desired lifestyle. Hope this helps. Regards,
  17. WJKK WJKF sangat ji, i'm in desperate need of an amrit sanchar this weekend (may 28/9) but can't find one anywhere in the uk. i would even call up sevadars and beg them to try to arrange one if i had the contacts. please can anyone help?
  18. VJKK VJKF Online sangat Ji, this daas has one beantee. By way of background, I am a Sikh who met a non-sikh partner. We started dating and sometime into the relationship, Guru Sahib did kirpa and gave me the thirst for amrit. I understand and now agree that dating the non-sikh person was not proper. However, it may have been Maharaj Ji who set this khel for me. This person is lovely and has been very supportive in my aspirations. Now, she would like for us to get married and have a family etc. All of which I supported. However, now that I wish to be blessed with amrit, I ask: - will the panj payare administer this situation? - if they do, can I have a physical relation and children with her? The other thing is: - If it is a choice between Amrit and this person, I will pick Amrit and the Guru Sahib. However, I do not wish to break their heart as they also have akal roop inside them and I also consider this to be a sin. I am really confused either way. I wish to take hukamnama to resolve this and guidance from panj payare. But any other thoughts from the sangat will be greatly appreciated. VJKK VJKF Please forgive any mistakes from this lowly Sikh.
  20. Wkwf When is next amrit sanchar in toronto area
  21. Can anyone tell me when the next UK amrit sanchar is please. Thanks
  22. I wanted to know how exactly life would change.
  23. VJKK VJKF, Do any of you guys know about amrit sanchar program that's taking place anytime soon around Vancouver?
  24. VJKK VJKF I am almost 20 years old and i feel as though i am ready to take amrit, though i have a few questions i feel i cant ask anywhere else before doing so. Amrit Sanchar is next week, and as confident as i am, I am just as scared. I know it sounds silly, If guruji is with you, you should have nothing to be afraid about, but being a teenage girl in western society it is hard sometimes. I have gone off my path before, but i am on my way back and i feel like taking amrit is the push i need to erase my past, start fresh and to help me be the best i can be. like the first step in reaching akal purakh. 1. I know alot of amritdhari women get laser hair removal becuase once its gone they can keep thier rehat properly. Is it wrong of me to take amrit and then get laser treatments when i have to the money to do so? or should i not touch my hair at all, i know thats preferred but considering where we live it really is hard to have muchan and dhari being a girl living here. will guru ji forgive me for getting rid or reducing hair once on my face and then after completely keeping my rehat? 2. Must a woman cover her head all the time after taking amrit? I want to wear a dastar eventually, but i know i have to ease into that and do it when im ready. Do i have to cover with ramal all the time in the meantime? or is covering hair not mandatory. 3.What about relationships? I am not actually in one, but an amritdhari guy and I both have quite strong feelings and overtime continue to get to know one another, we dont want to break any rules but we also dont want to miss the opportunity, I really feel as though this is the man i will marry, but we are both just too young right now. how do we continue this without having kaami thoughts, but keep this connection strong enough without having a relationship. 4. Are we allowed to wear makeup? I have some skin issues and ive always used makeup as a way to cover them up, am i allowed to continue this? 5. We are not allowed to wear earrings or nail polish, correct? thank you for your help!
  25. Gurfateh Ji How many times have you taken Amrit or do you know of someone that has taken Amrit more than once? Akaal