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  1. Hi. I see a lot of questions on this forum from young people, whereby its become clear that they do not understand the personal component of becoming Amritdhari, For example, periodically seeing posts asking why Amritdharis can't date. I don't think people understand that an inner state is supposed to accompany the outer state. So what does it mean I think it would good to ask- what does it mean to become Amritdhari in terms of personality, attitude, behaviours, etc?
  2. Dal Panth Amrit Sanchar

    I want to take amrit from dal panth in panjab. Does anyone know any locations within panjab where dal panth host amrit sanchaars. Also on what occasions do they hold amrit sanchaars. Do they host them on gurpurabs, sangrand, etc
  3. WJKK WJKF I have a question. Is it only till recent maryada that Peshi has been introduced? (Where you commit one of the 4 kurehits and you have to retake amrit)? Has it been written in any rehatnama or has it been written down historically in any book? WJKK WJKF
  4. based on what i've researched and read i dont think you can be a sikh without amrit or at the very least following rehat word for word but rhat tells you to take amrit as well so what's the sangat's views?
  5. gelatin in medicines

    VJKK VJKF, Just have recently been prescribed a medicine in a form of soft gelatin capsules for a health condition ive had for many years. I've checked and there isnt an alternative form. I wanted to ask would this break someones rehat or should they not be allowed to take Amrit? VJKK VJKF
  6. Amrit and Rehit

    WJKK WJKF. I want to take amrit to try it and see what it's all about but I don't think I can keep rehit and not sure I entirely want to. Would I be allowed to do this? And when is the next amrit sanchar in London Gurdwara.
  7. Amrit sanchaar

    When's the next Amrit sanchaar in the UK? Can't wait any longer please urgent
  8. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Lets suppose that I am a "transgender Sikh" who was originally biologically male but now identify as a female. Lets assume that I receive "Khand Di Phaul", which is the official initiation into the Khalsa Panth. Would I then call myself a Singh or a Kaur? What does Gurbani or Rehat have to say on this?
  9. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. I have taken Amrit 4.5 years back and tried to follow everything from Rehat Maryada. Before starting daily errands, I take a bath and do the Nitnem. I am a software engineer and as a part of my job, I have a hackathon organized in my company, wherein we are required to work for around 24 - 30 hours continuously. I won't be able to take bath on Sunday morning in the company but can do Nitnem in the cabin through my laptop/phone. I went through Rehat Maryada and it is clearly written there that I should take a bath before doing Nitnem. What should I do in such situation? At one side I feel that I should fight with the company to leave me on Saturday night, this could affect my relationship with the company and on another side, it seems washing and cleansing face and hands should also do.
  10. Anand Karaj

    Anand Karajs are turning into a ritual. The best way to counter this is make that people which havent taken amrit must take amrit before they are allowed to do anand karaj. And they must know all of the banis off by heart and they also must know shabad hazare both Guru Arjan Dev Ji, and Guru Gobind Singh ji's one. In this way the panj pyare know they have accualty tried to remember the banis. In this way we will know that they are not doing anand karaj for the sake of it, they must also prove they have not cut hair, they must show they have a jooda and have hair on there legs or arms. Then after anand karaj the people doing kirta will tell everyone what the bani is saying and what a married couple must do.
  11. Changes as an Amritdhari

    VJKK VJKF Sangat Ji, with Maharaj Kirpa, I am looking to be blessed with Amrit in the coming months and I have an idea of some of the things that will change but not 100% sure on what exactly and how large the impact of Amrit will be on my life. My question is, for those who have been blessed with Amrit, what were/are the major changes you noticed in your life in comparison to your "pre-Amrit" life? You can be as open or discrete as you wish Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  12. Dilemma

    I need some help please. I wish to take amrit with my wife. She is insists on taking it for a certain sikh organisation. Her family follow programs and teaching of this organisation. Although they do follow gurmat and are panthic I don't agree with some of their practices and from being to programs feel as if it is almost like you have to follow their way to be invited to all their programs. I on the other am more open to all organisations and pick what things I like best from each (that I think are in line with gurmat). What do I do? Do I compromise and go to where she wants to go having doubt or?
  13. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਿਹ ਜੀ I'd like to receive amrit but I'm not sure if I'm ready. I feel like I've been delaying it long enough out of fear that I may trip up, mess up. Sangatji do things change after amrit? Are the 5 vikar just as hard to subdue or does it become easier after amrit? I have a bit of an issue with krodh but it's not something I can't overcome. Lobh and moh are OK. Hankar isn't too bad either. But kaam... Jesus. That one has a solid grip on me. I won't go into detail but I honestly have no control over this vice... I've let it get out of hand and now I'm It's the only thing holding me back from giving my head. I'm not married. I'm 26 and really can't see myself ever getting married. I realise that marriage would be a good place to practice and control kaam but marriage just isn't for me. Please advise. What do I do? Do I just give my head and then deal with my issues after or sort my issues first and then go to amrit sanchar? I don't want to lose out on amrit. I really do want it. Bhul chuka maaf karni ji.
  14. Please let me know when is the next UK Amrit sanchaar ASAP
  15. I have a few questions which I would like to ask 1. Did you feel anything when the panj pyare gave you the naam 2. I have lots of ego and kaam, I try not to brag about things but sometimes they (i.e, I also do paath) just come out and if im not praised by someone when I do something, (I am really smart and really good in music but when I dont get praised when I feel like I should, I get this feeling which is hard to describe but I sort of feel hurt). 3. I also feel like I should do bani secretly so I don't get praised but sometimes I just feel like telling people, (just so they praise me), I have tried hard not to tell and have succeeded but then people find out other ways, for example my parents sometimes tell people that I am doing paath....... or if people are coming to my house and ask, why didn't you open the door, I have no excuse but to tell that I am doing paath.... (if I say im in the toilet, sometimes they say they need to go there and I say ok, but when they go, they say "you went into the toilet and took a ****, but theirs no smell, and I cant see any fragrance bottle"(or what ever it is called), and I have no excuse but to say I was doing paath 4. I do ardas everything saying, kaam, krodh lobh, moh,anhkar tau bachakai riknaa, but feel like that it only works sometimes 5. Should I wait a few years and see if the ego goes down, then take amrit 6. If I do seva people start praising me for doing seva, so in order to combat this I do naam simran but then THEY START PRAISING ME/TALK BEHIND MY BACK AND SAY "he is doing simran and seva he must be a true gursikh...... EVEN THOUGH I DONT DO MUCH PAATH/AM NOT A TRUE GURSIKH, like only 4 of the 5 paaths you should do in the morning. 7. Should I go to the saints and tell them my problems and tell them that can you free me from the panj chor, if you do free me, make sure I am free forever(i.e not ever effected by them), if so could you guys tell me some mahapursh/saint which is in india,uk, austriala or nz (i prefer nz as its a lot easier for me to go there) or an saint/mahapursh, im saying this because ive heard from someone doing katha, in which there was a person which did lots of seva, (basically set up everything in the gurudwara and did lots of seva), there was also saint there I think. So one day he went to him and handed him everything of the gurudwara that he owned, (i.e the keys to do doors, etc), and he said that "i cannot do more seva" the saint asked why and then the other person said that he is being effected by the panj chor, (i.e he wants money, wants to make a better life for his kids, etc), so the saint said "is there any way in which you would stay and do seva, you have done seva for so long". the person said "if you burn the panj chor in me and make sure they dont come back" the saint say ok and then put his hand on his head, after a while he said "go back to seva you are free from the panj chor, i have burnt them and they will never come back". 8. What oil is good for your hair, (lol Ik random question) 9. What time should I sleep in order to wake up at 2:30 for amrit vela, what time do you guys wake up 10. help pls
  16. Hey guys so I could like to know that can a person which wants to take amrit but has not convinced he/she is ready for it go to the panj pyare at get the name. What I mean is that when the panj pyare give you the name is it possible for someone not taking amrit to get this name. Also what if you have taken amrit, the panj pyare have given the naam, but you want the naam again, and go to them to get the naam again, is this possible?
  17. Did you guys feel anything? Like a continuous jaap of waheguru inside you or something similar? And how was naam given to you, tell me about it
  18. VJKK VJKF Sangat Ji, a thought popped into my head and I wanted to clear this up. Jagraj Phaji said in one of his videos (I've also heard this from many other places) that when you are blessed with Amrit, your book of karma is completely ripped to shreds and you restart with a fresh, new book. I've also read from Bhai Randhir Singh and Baba Harnam Singh that without Amrit you cannot advance spiritually to experience naam and bani. From this I can take that the one who is blessed with Amrit, no longer has any sins to their name and can experience naam and bani better than others. Now the reason that we can't experience Vaheguru Ji is because we have so many lives of sins and maehl (dirt) that need to be washed with naam and bani. However, if you are freshly blessed with Amrit you no longer have any sins and so my questions from this are: 1) If someone has just been blessed with Amrit and then goes home to do simran, will they directly experience Vaheguru Ji and naam as they no longer have any dirt to wash away to experience naam? 2) Is there anyone who is now Amritdhari that has noticed a substantial difference in experiencing naam after being blessed with Amrit, in comparison to before? 3) How do sins work with someone who is Amritdhari? Do they gain maehl which they have to wash at the same level as anyone who is not Amritdhari or does it affect them less because they have Amrit within them? I understand these are fairly deep questions but there is no-one more knowledgeable than Vaheguru Ji's saadhsangat. Vaheguru Ji.
  19. So Meghan Markle (the fiancee of Prince Harry) will be baptized into the Church of England in accordance with UK law and the wish of the Queen. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5126203/Meghan-baptised-Church-England.html My question is: what about Sikhs getting baptized (initiated/taking Amrit) before marriage in accordance with the laws of Sachi Sarkar and the wish of the Sacha Patshah (Guru Gobind Singh ji)? OK, forget that, forget Amrit, how about just acknowledging that you (and your fiancee) are a Sikh and believe in the 10 Gurus and Guru Granth Sahib? No amrit, no rehit, just a basic acknowledgement of the faith? Why is the word of the Sacha Patshah less important than that of a worldly king or queen?
  20. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! There has been a recent trend I have seen among younger Sikhs who state that Khand Di Phaul is only for those who want to join the Khalsa Army, and something that not all Sikhs should strive for. They given examples of Bhai Kaneya Ji and Bhai Nanad Lal to further their argument, but forget that both Sikhs did receive Amrit in the form of charan amrit becuase they lived pre-1699. Of Course there is only ONE Amrit, and it comes from Bani, but shouldn't a Sikh who has already given their head spiritually also have no problem give it temporally through the Khand Di Phaul ceremony as well? I think a part of this fallacy stems from a misunderstanding of what exactly Khand Di Phaul is. In 1699, the Guru didnt ask for those who want to join the army, or wear the 5Ks, it was allways to ask for a HEAD. Thus, any true Sikh who would give up their own head, would have no problem receiving Khand Di Phaul. What do you think? Should Sikhs stive for Khand Di Phaul? or is practicing the saintly aspect of Sikhi enough?
  21. Is there any upcoming Amrit Sanchaar's in the UK? Please let me know if there is any (esp on Weekend)
  22. VJKK VJKF I have some burning questions: What happens if you have kept your amrit and you die? Where do you go after death? Do you have an eternal "afterlife"? VJKK VJKF
  23. VJKK VJKF For those who have taken amrit, what age would you recommend taking amrit and what age did you take amrit? For people who are yearning to take amrit please feel free to share any problems etc. I really want to take amrit and I get emotional whilst listening to kirtan, because my parents aren't allowing me take amrit yet. I feel this ultimate desire inside me to not want to waste my life and take amrit. No-one understands this feeling, I start to get restless because amrit and Vaheguru are all I want in this life. I feel like I am ready to give my head to the Guru. The only thing stopping me is my parents because they say: "You are only 13, you don't know if your mind will change". I say reply back saying: "I will never change my mind, now that I have held onto the charan of Vaheguru I never want to let go." I love Vaheguru so much and I will do anything to join back with Him. It will be a big step for me because I am the eldest child and I will be the first one to take amrit. My 2 younger brothers also want to take amrit but quite late in life. I don't know why I feel this constant urge for amrit. I need amrit in my life and with Maharaaj's Kirpa it will be in a couple of years time. VJKK VJKF
  24. I have been having immense love for my Guru Ji and I just want to think about the Universe and do seva all day today. Love you all you guys. Stay connected with sat sangat.