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  1. Hi there, Many sikh's believe that Guru Gobind Singh Ji only had one or two wife's but in matter of fact he had 3! I would like to question the fact how could he have 3 wives when in Guru Granth Sahib Ji it states that we should only have one beloved partner, this was established before Guru Gobind Singh Ji even got married, as he did not write in Guru Granth Sahib Ji, it was completed by our 9th Guru. Guru Gobind Singh Ji's first wife was Mata Jito, his second wife was Mata sundri and his third wife was Mata sahib kaur. At one time Guru ji was living with both Mata sundri and Matta Sahib Kaur in the same house. How is it that the Guru had so many wives? does that not give the wrong impression? Guru gobind Singh Ji had his first son with Mata jito and his other three sons with Mata Sundri and no children with Mata Sahib Kaur. Some people object saying he was a man of God therefore he had powers therefore you cannot question him, but there is a reason behind ever action. Yes he may have been our 10th Guru but there has to be an explanation to why he had 3 wives?. This is not even the first Guru who had more than one wife. Guru Har Rai had 8 WIVES! and they were all sisters! For me that is extremely wrong because that is inbred going on because the children were then half brother and sisters or were they cousins? Yes these were our Guru's but we can still question their actions because not all the Guru's did this, Guru Nanak Dev Ji had only 1 wife. This totally contradicts equality within Sikhi because men and women are said to be equal but yet our Guru's don't show this by having more than 1 wife. Yes, this may be how things worked in the old times but that is not a valid reason as the Guru's new the future such as smoking and drinking alcohol would occur therefore it is forbidden and written in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji therefore they would also know in the future having more than 1 wife at one given time would not be acceptable therefore meaning questions would arise. I would like to hear other people's perspectives on this and how you would interpret what our Guru's did and whether or not you know why they did this , if you agree, disagree, if you think we shouldn't question them because they had Waheguru inside them, please let me know.