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  1. Listen – Sing – Reconnect – Heal ! We will be holding a shorter Dukh Bhanjan meditation in London for people who can't make our main event in the USA in December.Dukh Bhanjan is an opportunity to break the cycle of stress and to reconnect to your true self and inner wisdom, to celebrate the sacred gift of life and to let go of past hurts and fears. During this night of continuous meditation we will turn our focus inward and shift our mindset towards positivity, compassion and love.Rajinder Kaur and senior Raj Academy students will lead through the night, guiding you in a series of meditations, each with a mantra sung in a Raag (a musical mode evoking a specific mood) taken from the sacred scripture Siri Guru Granth Sahib. The sound vibrations will create an open, safe space for you to contemplate, resolve inner conflict and activate healing. We ask each participant to bring one problem to the event, to meditate on during the night in order to release and resolve it.This is a free event and open to everyone from all over the world, from every spiritual and cultural background.We ask each participant to plant one tree within a year of this year’s event as a way to give back to the world and support the environment that we share with future generations. Source - https://allevents.in/ilford/dukh-bhanjan-uk/795936397253184
  2. Fall is here with winter round the corner Team Langar for Hunger is Organizing clean up day at Gurudwara Sahib Ottawa Oct 21 from 2 pm onwards. Please RSVP for this event by emailing ufoundation@outlook.com. VENUE Ottawa Sikh Society Gurdwara Sahib, 25 Gurdwara Road, Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada Source - https://allevents.in/ottawa/clean-up-gurudwara-sahib/1381118378604342
  3. 'Sikhs and Gender' Conference by Oxford Sikh Society £3 TICKETS DATE AND TIME Sat, October 21, 2017 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM BST Location LOCATION St Antony's College 62 Woodstock Road Oxford OX2 6JF United Kingdom Discovering Sikhism is an annual conference held by the University of Oxford Sikh Society and this year we invite you to our conference with the theme 'Sikhs and Gender'as we seek to reflect on how gender relations shape Sikh and surrounding cultures. We hope to provide this event as an opportunity to learn, debate and ask questions in the open and academically stimulating environment of Oxford. Topics discussed will include gender discrimination in Punjab, writing a gender history of the Sikh Empire, and how British Sikh masculinities were constructed with regard to the 2016 Anand Karaj protests in Leamington. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sikhs-and-gender-conference-tickets-38365175272?aff=es2