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  1. How common is it to break of an engagement? To cut a long story short. I am in India currently I rushed into a marriage. at the time I was 100% certain of the marriage. But looking back I did not take enough time when considering the marriage. I also did not even speak to the girl. Anyways I have found out she might have skin problem on her hands. What should I do. I am in the usual situation. Of letting everyone down again. If I break it off. But wont it be a bigger tging If I break it off after the marriage. I am being pressured into it. Help Currently I have gone through with the Shagun. The marriage is tommorow. All preparations are in place for the marriage tommorow. I made it quite clear I do not wanna go through. But was given the usual black mail treatment. Of making the girls side angry. And causing big problems. Ie I just feel it will better if I break it off now. As it will be 100 times worse if I break it off after the wedding. I am not sure how the engagement system worka out in india. I have heard some say that its common to break of the marriage after the engagment(shagun) if you find out that ypu dont like the family or if you find something out you dont like. Obviously being from the uk and marrying someone from I India. I have to be 100% sure. At the moment everyone seems so happy. I think the only way of dealing with this. Is doing a runner and not turning up at the marriage. I dont want to destroy this girls life. I mean its going cause problems for everyone if I break it off at this stage.
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    . Post deleted cuz my brain told me to. . 😍
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  7. Nitnem?

    WJKK WJKF. We all know that nitnem usually starts at 2am. Some people start earlier which is totally fine. Whenever I go to a special event at the gurdwara that lasts all night and upto morning, why done amritdhari's not do their nitnem at that time? If it was to end at like 7am (which is 2-3 hours past the deadline for nitnem) aren't they missing their nitnem? I notice the same at normal gurdwara's. If I come really early and end up leaving really really late the amritdhari's don't do their nitnem?