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  1. might want to bookmark this link http://tv84.tv
  2. i've been remembering websites that i have visited in the past and now when i search for them they no longer exist was wondering if anyone else came across these websites and knows of others that have disappeared? http://www.khalistan.com http://www.burningpunjab.com http://www.akalidal.org website for british sikh federation has disappeared?
  3. Any Brothers / Sisters Help?

    Gur Fateh! Ok so basically, Im lonely in the sense that I cant get sangat anywhere. I know Maharaaj is always with me and when i go to GuruGhar I dont feel it at all. But the problem is i Live in a town where the Sikhs (the elderly and the youth) are more 'Sunday Sikhs' and turn up to the Gurudwara on a Sunday have lanagar and then go. It doesnt help with the fact that my family (parents and bro) are more 'punjabi' than Sikh and think im a bit crazy when i talk about Sikhi etc; and are more mixed (i can expand but its long) So i guess im asking is therte any Sikhs that I can talk to and build my Sikhi with etc ? It may sound weird but i know sangat mahaan hai ! Please inbox me or reply here Thanks for taking the time to read Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  4. In a jolt to pro-Khalistan groups in the US, the Obama Administration today refused to declare the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in India as genocide, but noted that grave human rights violations had occurred. The White House response in this regard came months after a section of the Sikh community in the US launched an online petition campaign urging the Obama Administration to recognise the 1984 riots as genocide. The petition created on November 15, 2012, had generated more than 30,000 signatures within weeks. Each petition that crosses the threshold of 25,000 signatures is reviewed and receive a response. "During and after the 1984 violence, the United States monitored and publicly reported on the grave human rights violations that occurred and the atrocities committed against members of the Sikh community," the White House response said. It noted that the US State Department's Official Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, for example, covered the violence and its aftermath in detail, with sections on political killings, disappearances, denial of fair public trials, negative effects on freedom of religion, and the government's response to civil society organizations investigating allegations of human rights violations. "We continue to condemn and more importantly, to work against - violence directed at people based on their religious affiliation. US government efforts to protect the rights and freedoms of all people have long been a feature of our foreign policy. Our diplomats regularly report on and speak out against violence against minorities around the world," the White House said in response to the online petition. Expressing disappointment over the response, the proponents of the petition in a statement said that the Obama Administration "fails to take position on Sikh genocide". "The response ignores the recent discoveries of mass graves of Sikhs killed during 1984 and falls short of taking a position on the issue of Genocide," said a statement issued by Gurpatwant S Pannun, who heads the New York-based 'Sikh for Justice' group. http://www.indianexpress.com/news/us-refuses-to-declare-1984-antisikh-riots-in-india-as-genocide/1096573/0
  5. What kind of sikhs are these people. Are they good people what do they believe and is it possible they do bad things like magic? When I was in India I went to one of these people's house and the whole family had dreadlocks and on the walls of the house where drawings of the sun and a guru pointing towards it plus one of the elder member o the family couldn't speak and there was a place to bow down and do a meta terk like how sikhs do in the gudwara. Anyone know there way of living and how they are also sikhs ?
  6. Walk a mile in a Sikh’s turban Thursday at University of Guelph Preetam Singh, 20, describes his religious conviction as a love affair with God. The University of Guelph student is helping to organize the Sikh Students' Association's Sikh Awareness Day on Thursday. Non-Sikhs will get the opportunity to experience what it is like to wear turban. Rob O'Flanagan/Mercury staff GUELPH—A Sikh’s turban, or dastar, is a symbol of religious devotion and a mark of personal courage. It and other elements of customary Sikhi dress distinguish followers of the religion from others in Canadian society, and that distinction is not without challenges. The Sikh Student Association at the University of Guelph will hold a Sikh Awareness Day on Thursday, giving non-Sikhs an opportunity to experience what it is like to wear a turban. The event is patterned after others on Canadian campuses aimed at familiarizing Canadians with Sikh beliefs and inviting them to experience both the highs and lows of wearing the dastar. Preetam Singh, 20, was a striking figure over the weekend on the U of G campus, wearing flowing dark bana—traditional attire—with his high, dark blue dastar covering his uncut hair, and a kirpan—dagger—strapped to this hip. “As soon as I walk in a room I have people’s attention,” Singh said. “It gives me the opportunity to teach people something about my faith.” The Sikhi way of life, he added, has timeless and holistic qualities. While the rules, ethics and customs of society are constantly changing, the teachings of the faith remain stable. His religion, he said, is a love affair, and one he entered into of his own volition at the age of 13. “I think of it as falling in love,” said the U of G history student. “You don’t choose who you fall in love with, or when you are going to fall in love. You have no power over it. I never thought that I was going to be as religious as I am now.” As with other religions, Sikhs strive to be constantly mindful of the presence of God in their day-to-day lives. It’s a devotional ambition to which Singh is committed. “Everyday is a challenge to make yourself better,” he said. “It’s never good enough. You always have to work for something more, to try harder and strive for higher ideals. Ideals are perfection and we are imperfect as human beings.” Being easily identifiable as an adherent to a particular faith, he said, puts an onus of responsibility upon a Sikh. “As a Sikh I know that people know immediately that I am different, that I am religious,” he said. “If someone knows that I am a Sikh then I am representing the Sikh faith. All my actions represent the Sikh faith—what I say, what I do, how I act. It gives you a lot of responsibility, and I have to really strive to put the Sikh faith in a better light.” Sikhs do face overt discrimination because of their appearance, Singh said. Mass media, he said, has associated the wearing of a turban with perpetrators of terrorist acts, and that negative and unfair association has been applied to Sikhs. “I think it is very important for us to propagate the wearing of the turban, and to have people know the difference between the Sikh religion and other religions, and why we wear a turban,” Singh said. “It is a show of peace.” The Sikh religion—the term Sikhism is not proper—began in the late 1400s in the Punjab region of India. It has no clergy. The faith promotes the equality of all human beings, social justice, the removal of superstition and blind ritual from religious life, earning an honest living, and circumventing worldly desires and sin. There are about 20 million Sikhs worldwide, and it is estimated there are more than 300,000 in Canada. To be a part of the Khalsa, or collective body of the faith, one must wear five kakars, or articles of faith, on their person, including uncut hair, a wooden comb, a metal bracelet, special cotton undergarments, and the dagger. Thursday’s Sikh Awareness Day, sponsored by the Sikh Student Association, runs throughout the day in the University Centre and is a chance to “walk in the shoes of a Sikh for one day.” roflanagan@guelphmercury.com [www.guelphmercury.com]
  7. Was posted on MSNBC and a few other local sites and it seems like he will eventually get more press. My analysis is that something like this should be done as I am a gun rights advocate, but he should have changed his lawsuit to the rights of all people, not just Sikhs. If he can handle himself to show that he is suing on the basis of wanting to challenge the courts while wanting to defend everyone's right and not look like a "crazy person" as some will likely paint him as, I think he can do a lot of good for the Sikh image here in USA. Initially what he is proposing is "out there" (to get noticed you need to propose something out there), but if he handles this well and turns it balanced real fast when he gets interviewed and more about everyone's rights and as being patriotic Americans, this can do a lot of good for the cause in my opinion. It seems like Sikhs are quiet and distancing themselves from Gursant Singh and this because most are scared and not confident enough to portray themselves as being Americans who exercise their rights to freedom. We are Americans so we should act like Americans, don't you all think? Coincidentally being a Sikh is also about morality and freedom to practice dharam and defend dharam.... Personally I find it despicable when hippy Sikhs support banning guns, especially considering banning guns and creating gun free zones increases crime because criminals will continue to do what they do without any deterrent. It's sad Sikhs in USA aren't well versed enough in the constitution and what the contents are. I think the actual foundation of USA (not the current evolved non-American system) is very similar to what a Sikh raaj would have been like. I would like to consider myself pretty patriotic and proud to be American even though I don't support the war and how the current system is being run. (Click article to see the video of what he says) Here is the article from one of the websites: http://theurbandaily.com/2130101/sikh-sues-california-gun-ban/ The harder individual states push for stricter gun control laws, the more citizens fight back. A man who is a follower of the Sikh faith is suing the state of California to stop their proposed ban on guns claiming it is against his religion. Gursant Singh Khalsa filed a federal lawsuit against the state of California claiming the gun ban stops him from fully practicing his religion by not permitting him to own or carry assault rifles and high capacity magazines. Khalsa stated, “Decrees from the Tenth Sikh Guru state in the most vigorous and clear words that, ‘a Sikh’s conception of God is the sword of God is the sword of dharma.” Gursant Singh Khalsa has been practicing the Sikh religion for 35 years and says some practicing members already carry the “sword of dharma” as means for protection. Khalsa argued if assault weapons were legalized, mass shootings like those in Colorado and Wisconnsin would drop significantly. “We have an obligation to defend those who can’t defend themselves,” Khalsa said. Some Sikhs don’t agree with Khalsa’s lawsuit. Yuba City Sikh Temple director Tejinder Dosanjah feels that everyone deserves the right ot protect themselves and families no matter what religion the practice. he also condemned Khalsa’s interpretation of religions scriptures for his own personal gain. Dosanjah said, “He should not involve the Sikh faith directly or indirectly into this lawsuit.” Check out the video below. Do you agree with the lawsuit? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ http://now.msn.com/gursant-singh-khalsa-sikh-man-says-assault-weapons-ban-interferes-with-religion#scpshrcsfb Man's lawsuit says he totally needs assault weapons for his religion 9 hrs ago A Sikh man is suing California, claiming that the state's proposed ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines would prevent him from fully practicing his faith. "I am just going by the Sikh religion and what Sikhs are mandated to do," Gursant Singh Khalsa said. "We have an obligation to defend those who can't defend themselves." However, Yuba City Sikh Temple director Tejinder Dosanjah spoke against Khalsa, arguing that while everyone has a right to protect themselves, interpreting scripture for one’s personal benefit is not right. "He should not involve the Sikh faith directly or indirectly into this lawsuit," Dosanjah said. [Source] Click to see more on msnNOW.com, updated 24 hours a day.
  8. im sort of just gonna go on a rant about wat im currently feeling about sikhi. im currently just thinking about leaving sikhi behind annd just becoming a manmukh. i mean wats the point of being a sikh of the guru, if i cant wake up at amritvela,? if i cant even do simran,? if i dont have any shub gunn (sat, santokh, daya etc)? and i watch tv,? and constanly being bombarded by kaam ego krodh lobh and moh? what makes me different than a gora or punjabi person thats not amritdhari? I have lost pyra for sikhi and for guru sahib.....and i have tried to get it back and to no avail my attempts have failed...im just a loser, a fake, a pakhandi, a disgrace to sikhi and to guru sahib...so wouldnt i be doing everyone a favour by just leaving this religion? As my wordly knowloedge specifically knowledge i am reciving at school about how the human brain works and how humans behave, it just seems to me that there is no such thing as god and that it more of personal thing about how people act such as thier physiological state can determine thier behavior and if you activate certain brain regions you can make people beleive that they have seen god etc. etc. Dont get me wrong.....I actually once had a jeevan back in the day in my teenage years....i used to wake up at amritvela everyday at 2:50 am and would do ishnaan and start doing simran by around 3 am and would do it for a minimum one hour and then i would do my punj bani's and then i would go back to sleep around 5am to 530am ish. I woke up on a consistent basis, in about 3 years i probably missed amritvela only twice, other than that i woke up everyday. With guru sahibs kirpa, i would even have the chance of doing 5 or somtimes 10 extra jap ji sahibs the paat a day and i did that for atleast 2-3 months on a consistent basis. ALso with guru sahib kirpa, i was able to start sitting in sangat in one sitting without moving my legs or opening my eyes for at least five to six hrs straight and i would just sit there just listening to keertan and i wouldnt even realise that i had been sitting for that long and i did that on a consistent basis (it wasn't a once in a time thing). Also i was also able to increase my simran to 2.5hrs to 3hrs a day for a couple months. and i rarely watched any sort of tv in my teenage yrs.... i guess i had pretty good jeevan back then? Back then i had alot sharda and love for guru sahib and for sikhi..... and for his gursikhs eventually i had a chance to stay with this gursikh (who i will not name, since alot of ppl respect him(but i dont anymore))who came to the UK, and i considered him to be a true gursikh/bram giani. I did sangat of him for long time almost half a year or so, and i saw many thing that were against maryada that he did, like taking off keeski like a topi, not washing hands properly when holding pothi, not waking up at amritvela( side not i thought they didnt wake up at amritvela because i thought they were in "samadhi"), not seeing them do thier nitnem or doing simran (they even told me to stop doing my nitnem) etc etc the list goes on..... but i was too naive, i didnt want to beleive what i was seeing, i just chose to ignore what i saw and thought to myself that they were testing my sharda etc However, while staying with them i thought i was doing good for myself by diong sangat of a gursilh that did seva for god, so i thought i would bennifit from that. When i eventually left their sangat, the immedidate effects of thier sangat was that i was no longer able to wake up at amritvela and the simran i used to do stopped to, i was just overcome with pure laziness. I thought it was just temporary but i was wrong, so far its been almost 4 years since i havent woken up at amritvela on a consistent basis and done simran on a consistent basis.And another effect was that i was no longer able to go to sangat like i used to on a regular basis, and i also stopped doing proper adrass (i just do the short one) Amritvela was my life, by waking up at amritvela i would feel happy about myself. but by not waking up at amritvela i started to become depressed and started to feel bad about myself and eveantually i didnt want to show my face to the other singhs because i just felt like such a pakhandi and ashamed of myself. and with the depression that i eventually got it caused me even further to stay away from sangat. Eventaully by not waking up at amrtivela, i started to become atttacked by maya alot, espically kaam, and that caused me to eniterely lose my spirtual jeevan. And i also started to watch lots of TV and spend alot of time on the internet. And basically now i live a manmukh jeevan, i watch tv (lots of it), look at girls all the time , have kaami thoughts all time , engrossed in maya 24/7..... i guess the only thing that seperates me from a manukh is that i still do my 5 banis and rehrasss and keertan sohilla everyday. Basically, i see no point in trying to becoming a sikh anymore, i tried so hard in my teenage yrs because i wanted to become a true singh, i didnt have any freinds in school and i didnt even have a gf and i didnt even talk or flirt with girls (except for a while but i eventaully stoppped), i tried my best not use the internet that much, i tried my best to watch little to no tv, i tried my best to stay away from bad sangat and to only do sangat of certain good singhs. After staying with that "gursikh" and seeing other singhs that i looked up to alot and finding out they are not what i thought they were, it was really heartbreaking for me to see, it really just broke my sharda and love towarsd sikhi from seeing these tyope of pakhandi singhs that i looked up to as role models not ebing what i thought they really were. In ending, i just wanted to get this off my chest (since i have no freinds, and i have been holding on to this for so long, i thought that this would be way to get off) and i want to truely say that i have no love for sikhi....i want to have love but i just dont know how anymore.........i have tried to do simran and read bani but i just cant do it...i just cant...maybe its not written in my karama to practice living sikh way of life......i guess its just better for me to give up and not have any spirtualy expectation about myself.........................
  9. (Admin jee - can this be a sticky? Want max sangat to know about amrit sanchaar!) Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh University of Waterloo’s Sikh Student Association Cordially invites all of you to join us for the 20th anniversary of Waterloo's Youth Keertan Darbars on March 15 – 17th, 2013 Programme: Friday (evening) Time: 5:30pm – 8:30pm Program type: Akhand Keertan Location: Cambridge Gurughar (1401 Roseville Road) Saturday (morning) Time: 6:00am – 10:00am Program type: Asa Di Vaar Location: Local House (TBD) Saturday (evening) Time: 6:00pm – 2:00am Youth Keertan Darbar Location: Kitchener Gurughar (2070 Snyder’s Road) *Amrit Sanchar STARTS at 6:00pm* (Contact us if you wish to take Amrit) Sunday (morning) Time: 1:00pm Event type: Gatka Location: Kitchener Gurughar (2070 Snyder’s Road) For those who do not have rides, there will be a FREE BUS leaving from Dixie Gurughar (7080 Dixie Road, Mississauga, Ontario) at 4:00 pm on Saturday, March 16th, 2013 in time for the YKD @Kitchener Gurughar. Please contact us if you would like to be on the bus. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via: Email – uofwssa@gmail.com Phone: 647 460 1882
  10. BHAAR - Unthinkable burden - Toronto Screening A story of a blackcat A real life story through the eyes of a young Sikh male depicting the dark chapter of state-sanctioned violence in Punjab. This story takes you through the life experiences of Punjabi's who were subjected to torture at the hands of the Indian police. Description Trailer: Showtimes: Albion Cinemas Saturday March 23 - 1:30pm Sunday March 24 - 11:30am, 1:30pmTickets $10 Please contact daas for further info
  11. Where to start?

    There is so much to learn in Sikhi, such as Gurus history, gatka, kirtan, santhiya, recent history, rehat etc etc etc!! I have some basic knowledge on most of the above but I am really confused on where to start! I’m studyingtoo. . I want to do it for my own personal knowledge, to teach others! So where did you start from?
  12. http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Player.aspx?meetingId=12646&wfs=true 11:30 to 14:00, the Kesri Lehar Campaign, Early Day Motion 296, discussed in the House of Commons UK at 11:30am on 28/02/2013.
  13. A Brunel University student is conducting an investigation into paranormal beliefs and religion. The focus is on Sikhs, over the age of 18, living in the UK. Please help them with this interesting study by completing the following short-survey. It should only take five minutes and will also help you evaluate your own beliefs! http://surveymonkey.com/s/TM5BCLV Please take part and share the link!
  14. There's a new twitter page and website that started up a few days ago called @patkaspotting it's made to shame people who were patka's. The person who started this page said their intention is to promote people to wear dastaars instead of patka's. In my opinion I think this is very wrong and it can even be considered as cyber bullying because the people on this page don't give permission for their pictures to be used (a lot of them don't even know their picture is used). Does anyone else think this isn't right? The website is http://patkaspotting.com
  15. Sikh Audio Books - Amazing

    http://sikhaudiobooks.com/audiobooks/index.html It's a Jackpot Anhad Shabad Dasam Duar - Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji Se Kinehiya? - Biography of Sant Baba Harnam Singh Ji Jail Chittheeaa - Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji Rangle Sajjan - Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji Charan Kamal Kee Mouj - Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji Jot Vigaas - Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji Gurmat Naam Abhiyaas Kamaayee - Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji Gurmat De Paandhi - Bhupinder Singh Shabad Gur Pira - Bhupinder Singh Kesh - Bhupinder Singh Pyare Jio - Bhai Veer Singh Ji SAT AUKHIAN RATAN - Bhai Veer Singh Ji GURMUKH SIKHIA - Bhai Veer Singh Ji PYARE DA PYARA - Bhai Veer Singh Ji Guru Nanak Chamatkaar - Bhai Veer Singh Ji Vir Patravali - Bhai Veer Singh Ji BABA NAUDH SINGH - Bhai Veer Singh Ji Ruhaani Sandesh - Biography of Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib Jiwan Gatha - Biography of Sant Attar Singh Ji Reru Sahib Sant Karam Singh Ji Hoti Mardan - Biography of Sant Karam Singh Ji Hoti Mardan Gurmukh Parkash - Biography of Sant Sundar Singh Ji Khalsa (Bhindranwale) Baba Mit Singh Maharaj - Akaali Nihand Baba Mitt Singh ji Hazur Sahib
  16. http://www.mysmsbook.com/insulting_sms/full-form-singh/ this is the website link and a screen shot of that website.watch this full form of singh.eh sade guruan di v insult hai.....can you please take action against this....please.... :angry2:
  17. My mom is very sick has cancer and she is vegetarian never in her life she ate egg or meat. Now she is getting advice of others to start eatin egg. Is it ok to eat eggs like she is eating medicine. Or should she not eat egg because that's what Sikhs are told by gurus. Please suggest.
  18. Sikhs in Kabul

  19. Differences - Why?

    SSA All, After joing SikhSangat... i have seen or we can say noticed... that... People talk about Sikhism..... n being Khalsa... But There is nothing called UNITY in them.... Previously sikhs were classified as - Amritdhari/Non Amritdhari/Clean Shave/converted etc. Now they are classifying themselves as: UK- SIkhs American - Sikhs Indian - Sikhs Australian - Sikh .. . . . .Bla bla bla Sikhs..... Where is Unity...?? These differences are crested by sikhs themselves..... n coz of their attitude... !! Eh ki hai... If by chance there will be any kind of attack on our religion again.... like 1984 - first thing which will happen. people will blame each other... this was coz of uk sikhs... these indian sikhs are like this that... etc....... No body is stoping people to cut their kesh... no body is stoping ot taking any measures to make sikh united... all they are fighting on the things which not even valuable....... How many born sikh really are sikhs? Thanks
  20. Dear Sikhsangat, please could this message be forwarded to anyone who may be interested in the following: With the quest for independence of Khlaistan, I have noticed that we need to be able to express this with instant recognition. Many other countries that seek independence have this and are instantly identified with their message for all people to see. With Khalistan we currently do not have this (yet), with it, it will make a great impact!!! As other nations who have seeked independce have shown. Being Catalans and Basques in Spain, Tamils in Sri Lanka, Palestinians in Israel, Chechens in Russia, Scots in UK, Kurds in Turkey/Syria/Iraq, Ibo in Nigeria, Serbs in Bosnia, Albanians in Macedonia, Tibetans and Uighurs in China, and Cabinda in Angola. They all have something in common a flag to represent their country which they want too free and be independent. With Sikhi there is the Nishan flag (orange back ground with black Khanda), this is the flag of Sikhi not Khalistan. This flag shows and represents the Sikh religion, other religions have this and are clear with this for example Christians have the flag with the cross, the Buddhist flag called the prayer flag, and Jains have the five coloured flag these all represent their WHOLE religion. The Khalistan Flag represents freedom and independence, we currently are not waving and flying this flag high enough so that we can symbolise our country for all people to see. We need something that will be recognised, familiar, and symbolises our fight for freedom. I truly believe we need to start to show this so it will put a better image, message and overall a bigger impact when people see the Khalistan flag. There is a Khalistan flag that a small number of people recognise it when used. The origin of this flag are not very clear on my search to find it out. But we have something already we serious need to use it a lot more at all Sikh events concerning Khalistan, at the moment we only using banners with Khalistan written on them. Where are our supporters of freedom? They need to be clearly seen! let us get the blue and yellow of the Khalistan flag high and visible for all to see! buy your Khalistan flags and spread the support!!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/National-Flag-of-Khalistan-Sikh-Flag-/130835115999?pt=UK_Flags&hash=item1e76616fdf
  21. Sikh pdf books online

    Here are some Sikhi related books das has gathered overtime and hope it helps the Sangat Waheguru Chonve Lekh by Sardar Kapor Singh They Massacre Sikhs-a report by Sikh Parliament (SGPC) White Papers Rajiv Gandhi and 1984-Facts and Fantasies Guru Tegh Bahadur-The Prophet-He Died For The Oppressed By Gyani Brahma Singh Ji Kesh Sadda Gaurav-Gyani Mahinder Singh The Sikh Meditation Waheguru Simran Simran Healing Simran and Naam Anand Sahib with commentary in simple punjabi Biography of Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen in English
  22. A Sikh businessman was kidnapped from Qaidabad, Peshawar, by unidentified armed men, Express Tribune reported on Wednesday. Rakbir Singh, a trader and shopkeeper in Peshawar’s Karkhano Market, was nabbed outside his house by armed men who overpowered him and shoved him into their car. Members of the Sikh community believe Rakbir has been kidnapped for ransom. “He goes to the temple to offer his prayers and then to his shop according to his daily routine,” said Sahib Singh, a former Sikh council member. “He was kidnapped while returning home.” Dozens of Sikhs staged a protest rally in front of the Chief Minister House on Wednesday to protest the kidnapping. The Banamarhi police have registered an FIR and started an investigation.
  23. Vidhya Guru's

    How many of you have them? If you do how did you meet, come across them? Is there a maryada or a way of getting a vidiya guru?