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  1. What type of dastaar do you wear? And what part of the world are you from? I'm just curious and I want to know what styles, people wear in different parts of the world.
  2. Round dastaar tutorial?

    I want to switch from a patka and my problem right now is that my hair is really long and thick so tying a comfortable dastaar is really difficult. Are there any round dastaar tutorials?
  3. Gur Fateh! I want to take amrit and wear a dastaar but want to try tying a dastaar first. Is there any video tutorials or something to help tie one? I want a small, round dastaar. If someone could help, I would be very grateful. Thank you all. WJKK WKKF
  4. WJKK WJKF Was just intrigued to know if it was okay to wear a full wedding outfit - such as red lehnga, chura, necklace, etc - after taking amrit/if wearing a dastaar? Is there anything in the Rehat against it or does it not matter?
  5. Hello jios, everything is fine in my life exept one thing - I have really werid problem with puntuality.. Every morning I hardly wake up from my buzzer - but when I am awake .. I just turn off the buzzer and say " there i enough time"... So I lie in bad and sleep for 10 minutes... after that I awake again because my buzzer and say .. now it is time to go.. But then I am really in rush .. so I brush comb hiar etc... and Tie my dastaar - and here is the problem... Everyday I try to make my dastaar "Perfect" and everyday I get late to school.. And when I am already late I keep saying to myself know it makes no sense to go to school and I stay at home.. or go after the lesson is finished ....What the hell is wrong with me? It is like I don´t care anymore about school? Please help - what should I do...?
  6. VJKK VJKF to all. visit www.thesikhwarehouse.co.uk some of things we sell are: pagh/dhamalla kapra chola gathra kachere our own designed sikh t-shirts sikh instruments etc visit the website and order now!!! vjkk vjkf
  7. Question is above - How is it comfy for you? It really annoys me , I don´t know how to tie .. If it is to tight I get headache if it is too loose, it gets off while sleeping - and when I am asleep I turn around much and pull the hair out that makes me awake Lol, I can tie good dastaars etc, but I fail in doing Jooras - never learnt it proper Have you got some tips or videos etc..? @ Moderator please movie this thread I guess I posted it in wrong section.
  8. Help With Dastaar

    I'm 14 and I've decided to start wearing a dastaar instead of a patka. I want to start out by wearing a Parnaa. What dimensions should the pagh be?