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  1. I know this is a controversial subject. I only started reading this recently and prior I had always just blindly believed in dasam bani. I should mention I am a kaur and I am really struggling with this writing. I understand the basis of the story, and that the King is being told about deceit and trickery and immorality of women in order to convince him he had the wool pulled over his eyes by his wife. In an isolated situation that might not mean so much but in a granth considered bani, what stands out at me is that the background to the whole thing is kind of overshadowed by the tales themselves, so many of them, are all similar in that women are pictured as being immoral and filled with deceit and plotting against men. The big message I am getting from all of the stories is that men must keep strict control over women's freedom and keep us from having too much independence or influence over them, so we don't deceive them and make them into fools (or kill them). Even the stories that seem like the woman is a victim, if she uses a trick to save herself thereby influencing the man, she is still the one who is looked down upon and not the man who was doing wrong. So the main message is that women are supposed to be kept in subjection to men? So my big question is, why would Guru Gobind Singh write something that makes men view women in such a low light, such that the message is that women should never be allowed to lead and have influence over men, one part even says that dont give her too much freedom, or independence from his control? Doesn't this go against what was taught about equality even of gender? Or am I getting wrong message from this? It is really hurting my soul to read this because I feel like I am being told I am to be under male rule and that I am beneath men because I was born female and that if I have too much freedom from male rule, I will only use my independence to trap men and do harm to them which is not true, and that even if I am a victim I can't use cunning to save myself because that would be a crime against (disrespect to?) a man. Is Guru Gobind Singh saying that women have to be under total control of males and that males are higher than females? Is that the point of charitropakhyan?