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  1. Hi, My dad would like to take Amrit, but he works in a local supermarket on the till. So he is in touch with meat alcohol etc. Would he have to quit his job when he takes Amrit?
  2. can yu guys tell me any gurudwara in indiana or in chicago doing amrit sanchar
  3. NIRVAIR KHALSA JATHA WEST LONDON TOUR! Friday 21st Decemeber Guru Nanak Sikh Academy Springfield Road Hayes,UB4 0LT 6:30PM-8PM Sunday 23rd December Ramgarhia Sikh Association Golden Crescent Hayes UB3 1AQ 6:30PM-8:00PM Tuesday 25th December 2012 Guru Nanak Darbar Southall King St UB2 4DQ 7PM-8PM Wednesday 26th Decemeber Nanaksar Southall UB1 2DL 7PM-8:30PM Thursday 27th December 2012 Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall Park Avenue 7:30PM-9PM Also the Sahibzade Shaheedi Smagam in Southall here is the link https://www.facebook.com/events/544774658883445/ (Nirvair Khalsa Jatha will also be there on these days) Saturday 29th December 2012 Guru Amardass Hall, Opp. Gurdwara Guru Amardass, 1A - 3 Clifton Rd, Southall, Middx, UB2 5QP 7PM Sunday 30th December 2012 Guru Amardass Hall, Opp. Gurdwara Guru Amardass, 1A - 3 Clifton Rd, Southall, Middx, UB2 5QP 7PM
  4. Amrit Sanchar UK

    WJKK WJKF Just wondering if anybody on here knows of any Amrit Sanchar programmes happening in the UK asap. Or indeed, if anybody knows of a Jor Mela happening any time soon, any information is greatly appreciated. Fateh.
  5. Gurfateh, My local Gurdwara are seeking to start up classes for Children’s self defence/martial arts and are looking for instructors who will act as role models first i.e. Gursikhs with the martial arts aspect following on. We believe having an amritdhari instructor will give the kids a role model to look up to and aspire to. The intention being that they will learn sikhi principles along with the self confidence not only to look after themselves and others but also the confidence in the sikhi saroop. We are looking for recommendations of such gursikhs in and around the Birmingham area, so Wolverhampton, Walsall etc are all within easy commute. I would appreciate your help and assistance. Bhul chuk marf.
  6. If anyone wants Amrit in London area ASAP, please PM me. I have asked for Amrit, a Gurdwara is happy to arrange but prefer to have more than 1 amrit seeker.
  7. Amrit questions

    Daas needs Amrit but is confused. 1. There are various options of groups with differing rehats. The Granthi at my local gurdwara (UK, south east) just told me 'Amrit is Amrit', go to the next available Amrit Sanchar, which didn't help. All groups claim their rehat is historically most accurate, but which one is? Is SGPC rehat a political compromise? Some people say also the lives of panj pyare are important. Does it make a difference? If the ceremony and subsequent rehat varies, they can't all be correct? Daas has read Bhai Sahib Randir Singh ji's books, he describes how taking Amrit was a sublime experience, a spiritual rebirth but that he did not feel inspired by the way he was given 'naam'. How different exactly is the AKJ naam? Can anyone here say they felt some special spiritual experience when they received Amrit in different groups? 2. Do all Amritdharis wear traditional knee length kacchera? How does one wear 5 kakkars whilst swimming? 3. There are many shapes and sizes of kirpan available, daas is confused. Apart from being sarbloh are there any other requirements? Single or double sided blade, curved or straight tip, 5 or 7 inch? 4. Daas' punjabi is very poor but is learning fast. Can now have basic conversation with native speakers and is teaching computer to old man in Gurdwara- in Punjabi. taught self Gurmukhi, but still read very slowly. Learning (and understanding) nitnem is painfully slow- one page per month. Can daas take Amrit only after having fully mastered and understood every single word in nitnem, or is it acceptable to use nitnem time for gurbani veechar (withouth reciting full nitnem)? Daas could parrot or listen to nitnem without understanding but that seems pointless; he wants to know what is being recited in depth. Daas begs for Guru's Amrit and feels the call inside but if not being able to recite all of nitnem is an obstacle, it may be years before daas is "ready". There is pressure of a deadline as potential future wife is Amritdhari (have only discussed Gurbani with this spiritual lady, nothing inappropriate). If daas doesn't take amrit, his family will not take daas' sikhi ambitions very seriously. 5. Daas lives with 'goras' and 'patits' in shared house. They have bad habits. He cannot afford to live elsewhere. Is there any rehat restriction on sharing a kitchen with non vegetarians or those who break cardinal sins? His food is stored and cooked separately in own vessels, but there is a common fridge and freezer (circulation of bad air?). What about sharing a washing machine, in case some unclean item sticks to my clothes? All these things already makes daas uncomfortable and unhappy being a lifelong vegan, but will it break rehat after taking Amrit? 6. Daas is vegan. He doesn't like using animal and non-organic products. He is very particular about how food is prepared and balanced nutrition. How can he convince himself that langar and karah prasad can be eaten and that kirtan can be listened to? Tabla are made from animal skin (usually the animals are subsequently eaten by muslims- got this straight from a tabla manufacturer when trying to source tabla skin from animal that died natural death- apparently it's just a marketing ploy to make customers feel good about themselves- even goats that die a natural death are eaten (so hypocritical to use skin of animal that was consumed for food but whilst rejecting such food and those people who eat it). Daas asks because after taking Amrit, one surely cannot refuse langar, prasad and kirtan? 6. Daas has seen Amritdharis in extreme agony after being separated from kakkars, however never seen same Amritdharis cry in pain when they have gone for long period without a good meditative naam simran experience. It seems only Sants seem to speak and write about the latter kind of agony. Or is daas wrong? How can daas stop himself from falling into the trap of rehat becoming ritual, isn't it easy for it to become a daily process, following through blindly, e.g. tying kirpan on head during bathing may become a matter of process rather than telling oneself each and every time why one is doing that? Bhul chuk maaf karna. Please be kind to daas, he is lowest of low worm and may have made many mistakes above. He has noone else to ask. Young amritdharis here have a friends 'circle'. Daas tried to get involved but did not receive a positive response. Cannot ask sewadars these questions.
  8. Panj Piares And Amrit.

    The Panj Piares were Sikhs before becoming amritdhari so what was the change in them after taking amrit? What was the difference in them? How do we turn different after we take amrit? Heres the original question asked on facebook by a nindak of Guru ghar. Amrit Shakan to Pehla Punj Pyarian da religion ki c te Amrit shakan to baad Panj Pyarian da dharm ki c? J oh pehla v sikh san ta Amrit shak k ki farak pai gya? te jo oh Amrit shak k sikh bane ta ki oh sare lok jina ne amrit nahi shakya c ya hai(Including All Gurus) ohna da dharm ki hai ya C?
  9. VJKK VJKF I am almost 20 years old and i feel as though i am ready to take amrit, though i have a few questions i feel i cant ask anywhere else before doing so. Amrit Sanchar is next week, and as confident as i am, I am just as scared. I know it sounds silly, If guruji is with you, you should have nothing to be afraid about, but being a teenage girl in western society it is hard sometimes. I have gone off my path before, but i am on my way back and i feel like taking amrit is the push i need to erase my past, start fresh and to help me be the best i can be. like the first step in reaching akal purakh. 1. I know alot of amritdhari women get laser hair removal becuase once its gone they can keep thier rehat properly. Is it wrong of me to take amrit and then get laser treatments when i have to the money to do so? or should i not touch my hair at all, i know thats preferred but considering where we live it really is hard to have muchan and dhari being a girl living here. will guru ji forgive me for getting rid or reducing hair once on my face and then after completely keeping my rehat? 2. Must a woman cover her head all the time after taking amrit? I want to wear a dastar eventually, but i know i have to ease into that and do it when im ready. Do i have to cover with ramal all the time in the meantime? or is covering hair not mandatory. 3.What about relationships? I am not actually in one, but an amritdhari guy and I both have quite strong feelings and overtime continue to get to know one another, we dont want to break any rules but we also dont want to miss the opportunity, I really feel as though this is the man i will marry, but we are both just too young right now. how do we continue this without having kaami thoughts, but keep this connection strong enough without having a bf.gf relationship. 4. Are we allowed to wear makeup? I have some skin issues and ive always used makeup as a way to cover them up, am i allowed to continue this? 5. We are not allowed to wear earrings or nail polish, correct? thank you for your help!
  10. Kirpans.

    Are there any specifications for wearing Kirpans for amritdhari, as in it cannot be rusted etc. My one is a bit rusted, scratched.
  11. The Story Of Vaisakhi

    Worth watching the entire video. Great information on creation of the Khalsa. For kids. Audio:
  12. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh Well im 16 years old, and brought up in a sikh family but not a family that strictly follows rehat no one in my family has ever ate meat, drank or smoked but they dont wake up at amrit vela and jap naam. Recently I have started to fall in love with sikhi a lot more and my amrit vela is getting stronger day by day. However I am facing problems from my parents as they believe weird stuff like im apparently not meant to have ishnaan on tuesdays and thursdays because its meant to not make me become succesful. However I still have been doing for the past year but my dad does not know as I have ishnaan do amritvela and tie my kesh in to a keski and he doesnt know i have had an ishnaan. Another problem i am facing is that my parents dont allow me to wear bana and they want me to tie a sidhi dastar like triangular and say they are not going to let me stay in the house if i tie a dumalla and wear bana One day I asked if I could order a kirpan off the internet and my dad got so mad and start saying the days are changing people have guns you dont need a kirpan get on with your studies. Also I asked if i could take amrit and my dad said In a Loud Loud Voice "NO" amrit is not necessary as Guru Nanak Dev Jee did not take it i try and explain and he just gets mad and angry. Waheguru Jee Can someone please help Daas |
  13. Amrit Sanchar 24th December 2011 at 10am at Gurdwara Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji (New Building) for further info contact - Bhai Gurraj Singh on 07807 471521
  14. we must make sure the right hand is on top when we drink amrit we must use the right leg as the first when changing kachare we must give out prashaad in main darbaar halls with our right hand too. including the kara. the kirpaan. why is it that we believe in right handedness? the ‘saje hath’. I asked this question to my ‘main G (gurmukh)’. but I was left with the answer of, ‘there is a ghost on the left hand and it makes u do bad things; and that at the time of satjug everyone was right-handed. and as the times got worse till now, kaljug, the leftys increased’. o_O I then answered ‘ I don’t believe in that’ then the reply was that, ‘nowadays, people don’t believe in this because it is the faas of kaljug’ then I sed, ‘guruji says >>bin seva dhrig hath pair<<. no distinguishing between right or left’. I further replied, guru G says >doe kar jor< and that all duality must be done away with, and with hell on the left (o_O) and heaven on the right, look to neither, and marry all duality, paap and pun, kanchan loh, kacha meetha, khabe and saje, and just do > doe, kar JOR <. I want to know what sangat things of this. my main G (the gurmukh) is an amazing soul. has had Kirpa from multiple sants including a pooran sant. so try not to knock what ma G has said. jus to add, guruji further says, >fir pachtaane HATH falga< {u will regret the actions of ur hands}. again no distinguishing of ryt or left hand. however, guruji also used the word, dachan/dakhan alot in sggs. >danat dachan...< in aarti. dachan is technicaly south. but ppll think its the right hand side cuz they face east towards the sunrise. thus, south becomes associated with right handed. this is also known as sun pooja to 'soorya'. and we do not worship any sun god! this is what guru nanak dev ji stoped with the whole 'ppl thinking that they were giving water to their dead reletives cuz they are thirsty' thing. - from this, we should not believe in right handed ness! in DG, guruji says, >gusse aaee kaalka, hath saje lai tarvaar kau< ...in the battle kali came with the sword in her right hand. I dout that this has any significance in the non-use of the left hand. kali was prob right handed in other words! and, bhavani (durga) held a sword in her left hand too. (>khabe dasat naachaee..< and (>khabe dasat Ubhaari..<) I want to know what sangat thinks of left and right handedness; bearing in mind the above quotes. {{this is a long first post cuz normally I wait for the discourse in these topics to gain impetus, but most of the time it never does.. so Iv just put here 1 time all that I think..}} much obliged! gurfateh!