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  1. WJKK WJKF sangat ji, i'm in desperate need of an amrit sanchar this weekend (may 28/9) but can't find one anywhere in the uk. i would even call up sevadars and beg them to try to arrange one if i had the contacts. please can anyone help?
  2. VJKK VJKF Online sangat Ji, this daas has one beantee. By way of background, I am a Sikh who met a non-sikh partner. We started dating and sometime into the relationship, Guru Sahib did kirpa and gave me the thirst for amrit. I understand and now agree that dating the non-sikh person was not proper. However, it may have been Maharaj Ji who set this khel for me. This person is lovely and has been very supportive in my aspirations. Now, she would like for us to get married and have a family etc. All of which I supported. However, now that I wish to be blessed with amrit, I ask: - will the panj payare administer this situation? - if they do, can I have a physical relation and children with her? The other thing is: - If it is a choice between Amrit and this person, I will pick Amrit and the Guru Sahib. However, I do not wish to break their heart as they also have akal roop inside them and I also consider this to be a sin. I am really confused either way. I wish to take hukamnama to resolve this and guidance from panj payare. But any other thoughts from the sangat will be greatly appreciated. VJKK VJKF Please forgive any mistakes from this lowly Sikh.
  3. I wanted to know why many manmukhs just started the hatred towards Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's bani? (What is it with these people?) Many Mahapurukhs from a variety of Jathas followed Guru Sahib to the end, and know many Pakhands are getting popular for denouncing Guru Sahib, when was that the direction people were going?
  4. https://www.sikh24.com/2016/04/22/usa-virginia-gurdwara-changes-amrit-sanchar-and-ardas/#.VxtZm_fD_qA
  5. Wkwf When is next amrit sanchar in toronto area
  6. I wanted to know how exactly life would change.
  7. Amrit Sanchar

    VJKK VJKF, Do any of you guys know about amrit sanchar program that's taking place anytime soon around Vancouver?
  8. Gurfateh Ji How many times have you taken Amrit or do you know of someone that has taken Amrit more than once? Akaal
  9. Question About Darshan

    Waheguruji, I have a question and hope that someone be able to help me out... Is it so that only those who take amrit have darshan of Guru Sahibs? I mean parthak darshan. I completely accept Guru Granth Sahib as our only Guru. But I mean parthak roop ch.. I also feel that perhaps only Mahapurukhs, Sants have that spriritual wisdom or bhagti to ever get darshan.. But do those who take amrit too get parthak darshan? Does one have to be an amritdhari to receive darshan? Someone explain it in simple way please. Bhull chuk khima.
  10. Current Amrit Sanchars In Uk !?

    VJKKVJKF can sangat please keep posting current amrit sanchars with location on this tread. This would benifit alot of sangat who are finding it hard to find out this information Thank you! vjkkvjkf
  11. Soho Road Gurughar

    Is there amrit sanchar sep 20th (sunday of ssngrand) send details pls
  12. Asking For Somebody

    When is the next amrit sanchaar after sant kartar singhs barsi please let me know asap it is for someone and they want to give their head asap.
  13. This book written by Dr. Harbhajan Singh answers ALL questions on Dasam pita's bani If you have guts, read it before putting any efforts to comment.
  14. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Hi I need some guidence from the Sangat here and would like to know how to be prepared to become a fully fledged Sikh (AND TAKE AMRIT) I am currently monah and have realised that I am not in control of anything in my life, I have a good Job and other things, but nothing has hit the spot. I have form a young age always thought that I have Kindness and compassion and try my self to be respectful towards people, and to a certain level looked at Guru Nanaks teachings of how he interacted with others and encouraged others to practice their faith, Me and a Muslim friend once went to the Gurudwara and a Mosque in one day and felt we broke boundaries in terms of apposing each other and talked openly how the relations were between Muslim and Sikhs over years and realised that it better to look at the good rather than the bad. In that way My faith in Sikhi was average still compared to what I feel know. I went into the mosque knowing that I will walk out a Sikh in my heart no matter what, Not in the way to apose the them if they did try to force convert me, but the fact that looking at the examples the Gurus and what they did when they were in these situation. I wasn't scared, because I already went to the Gurudwara already and felt strong. At the time I felt I was close to Sikhi, but i look back and realise that it was the fact that I liked the idea of it rather than being a Sikh. I now realise where I thought I was knocking on Gurus door back then, I am infact a million miles away. However now I feel like I want to take them steps. I realise that taking Amrit is not a restriction its more a liberation, it does not tell you what to do it tells you too think more. I.e when people talk about eating meat, although it says you can eat meat (Jatka) generally Amritdharis don't, that way I believe it does not make you sit there arguing or stressing over it, but instead you realise its not necessary to eat meat. I love that because if we make a decision on our own belief then our belief is stronger rather than feeling forced to do it and feeling inadequate, To be fair I had enjoyed meat for many years, but that's the point I enjoyed it, Had it made me a better person? No, has it made Worse ? Probably yes ...why because I felt that it was superior to everything and that it made me a man to eat like a caveman (Cannot I be a man without it?).....see this is how recently i have not eaten meat, that's what I find beautiful about this way of thinking. Sorry about the above but, that was a way I could introduce myself I guess. So at the moment the Hair is Growing and want to wear Dastar and follow Sikhi the best I can. Here are my questions hopefully you can help with, I cant read Gurmakhi? Is this Going to be a problem? I will try and learn but do I need to do this before Amrit? Can I listen to instead if I Struggle? I work and have explained to them what Intend to do, they are cool about it I do long hours (12) Can I read My Paath from the PC, with my shoes off, this will only be the Rehraas. Are there any support Networks in East London? anyone I can talk to for Guidance maybe. Also Will I be able to interact still with my friends/family) from different backgrounds and religions, go for meals in restaurants etc, weddings, birthdays funerals etc? These maybe silly questions but I just would like to have a feeling of what the online Sangat feels?And also makes me feel part of something great!
  15. Forced To Take Amrit

    Hi I took Amrit recently but was not sure that I wanted to. A close friend sort of bullied me into it as she to was taking it. She kept saying if u don't don't today u never will, do it for me if u love me. Thinking about it now i should have spoke ip. i don't have a problem with keeping my kesh, being veg,doing my path & am not in any relationships. But I have a problem with covering my head, missing going to Bhangra party's. I feel more depressed after taking Amrit & was told I would feel better. Some days I don't want to continue like this anymore. If I break my Amrit do I need to go to 5 pyarers. I feel like I am living a lie my parents are Amrit dhari. & will be very upset & disappointed in me. Plus all the sangat I know will just gossip.. What do I do?
  16. Amrit Chak

    Wjkk Wjkf! I have a question to ask you guys! Can you Amrit Chak at home because I was amrit chack at home and my mom is a amritdhari and she amrit chak me (With Real Amrit from Darbar Sahib). My mom did all the things she did like give me some sprinkles of amrit on my kesh, eyes and did Mool Mantar. Am I a Amritdhari or Am I not a amritdhari. (It was in the room and we have a Guru Granth Sahib ji) I know the rules too. Wjkk Wjkf!
  17. Uk Amrit Sanchar

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Je Ki Fateh Sadh Sangat Jee Please could someone tell me when the next Amrit Sanchar is Thank you Jee Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Je Ki Fateh
  18. Is This A Need To Do Pesh?

    Gurfateh, Last year, i had to undertake a back operation for an abscess around the armpit area due to hair follicles going into my skin and creating pus which led to incision and drainage. After my operation i was required to have dressing every day, this meant that a plaster was put against my skin to keep the padding in place to prevent it from falling off The following week i went to take Amrit at the local gurughar. This dressing carried on for about 2 weeks and it was only until seeing my plaster that i realised hair was being removed unintentionally with the plaster once the doctor was removing my dressing and replacing it with a new one. You could compare it with hair being removed if you had a plaster on your knee, elbow, arm or foot. I want to know if i have committed a bujjhair kureit in anyway? As far as i know, the removal of hair is a bujjhar kurheit, however the removal itself wasn't done on purpose to get rid of an area, it just came off onto the plaster when it was removed against my skin. There was no other way of keeping my dressing intact otherwise this would have caused another infection and a further operation which may have led to having hair around my armpit area actually being removed purposely. Thank you, apologies for the long post.
  19. Amrit Vela

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Je K Fateh Dear Sadh Sangat Jee I have a problem, for the pass year I have been tiring to do Amrit Vela, but I failing terribly at it. I just can't wake myself up and it's driving me insane. Because I'm not doing bani then I'm suffering major depression and anxiety. I was supposed to taking Amrit Tomorrow but I think that it's out of the question. Please sangat Jee help me, I can't motivate myself to do Amrit vela and I hate myself everyday I miss Amrit vela. Please forgive me for my terrible mistakes. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Je Ki Fateh
  20. Peshi

    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki fateh! When one goes to peshi in front of panj pyarai at an amrit sanchaar, is it just you and the panj or are all abhilaakhis taking amrit/peshi present? What is usual the conduct for AKJ amrit sanchaars in UK and Canada?
  21. Lazer Before Amrit

    I'm a keshdhari working towards the eventual goal of taking amrit. Ive seen alot (specically females) having lazer treatment done before taking amrit. i'm tempted to do the same, just so i don't remove any hair or have the urges to after taking amrit and commit a kerit. whats the sangat's opinions on lazer treatment before taking amrit? technically your not a gursikh yet, or amritdhari, or a khalsa. so why not right? seen plently of girls with issues having it done before amrit too and they're happier afterwards and full of confidence having not taken that step and then done the business.
  22. Amrit Sanchaars

    I think there shoukd be a list of upcoming ones, maybe make this thread a sticky or whatever. But keep commenting on ones that are happening. This thread may just give some1 the right info at the right time. Ill begin! 27th June @ Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick @ 9.30am (Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh Jis Barsi)
  23. Amrit Sanchar & Going Pesh

    VJKK VJKF Sangat ji, I took amrit when I was 15 and have since done kurehits - sexual relationship, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes a few years ago. Got my Sikhi back in line and connected with the Guru 4/5 years ago and the time has come for me to retake amrit as I am so much stronger now and in my early 30s to do so and keep rehit (I was in a weak and low point in life at uni when this all started) What do I say to the Panj Payre at the Amrit Sanchar? I tie a dhumalla - they put Amrit in Kesh so open top parna without boongah on the day? Need help especially by people that have gone pesh. Thank you all. VJKK VJKF.
  24. Greetings, I'm a british Sikh living in the states and want to come back into Sikhi. I plan on doing this when I return home to the UK. My question is I know I am going to have to tell my short commings to the Panj but I am wondering in Taksal maryada do you do your confession alone with the Panj or are all the others wanting to take amrit or do pesh in the same room as well? Second question. Does Taksal use larrivar saroop? Lastly, after amrit is made does only one or two Panj bestow the amrit ie face, eyes and head or do each do it once for every person. From what I read in Taksal maryada it seems as if its one or two people and not all 5. Please note I'm not wanting to start a debate on which group does what better. I just have these questions. If someone who has taken amrit at a function held by Taksal and could answer I'd very much appreciate it. Oh before I forget where in UK is Taksal Gurdwara? Guru Har Rai Gurdwara in West Brom? :read:
  25. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ, ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਹਿ ਜੀੳੁ ॥ Has anyone ever experienced their tongue tasting sweet during reading Bani or Japling Naam Simran? If so llease elaborate. Thankyou