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  1. @Akalifauj What would we do without you? You are certainly a pillock of the highest rank
  2. Radhasoamis are the worst because they are the clever deceivers. They fool Sikhs by using gurbani and doing some secret whispering of naam in your earl lobe>>> a load of baloney I think there are a few members on here as well that pretend to be gursikhs and put on posts about "bhakti". But they foolishly leave some clues in the way they say and describe certain things. Don't worry, you know who you are and so do I
  3. you clearly got feminism-mania or some twisted chromosomes. All you do is try to separate woman and men in sikhi with a bigger divide. On top of that>> you have serious ego issues> as you never answer a queston but continue ranting your same rant. Maybe you should go on the ellen show to get some support. Men have roles>> Women have roles>> end of story. No on says anything about one being higher than the other>>except you.
  4. ਗੁਨ ਗੋਬਿੰਦ ਗਾਇਓ ਨਹੀ ਜਨਮੁ ਅਕਾਰਥ ਕੀਨੁ ॥ Gun Gobindh Gaaeiou Nehee Janam Akaarathh Keen || If you do not sing the Praises of the Lord, your life is rendered useless. ਕਹੁ ਨਾਨਕ ਹਰਿ ਭਜੁ ਮਨਾ ਜਿਹ ਬਿਧਿ ਜਲ ਕਉ ਮੀਨੁ ॥੧॥ Kahu Naanak Har Bhaj Manaa Jih Bidhh Jal Ko Meen ||1|| Says Nanak, meditate, vibrate upon the Lord; immerse your mind in Him, like the fish in the water. ||1|| lets not foolishly start slating everyone who praises Gobind. Bhajans don't mean they are not gurbani kirtan. Bhajans can still be from gurbani. >>some of us automatically associate the word with hindu mat. Othere praises are just praises but they cant be gurbani. Just like there is lots of other kabir shabads that are NOT gurbani. BTW. PREET>>Stop trying to pass repeated hindu mat bhajans on Sikh forum, when there is vast amount of gurbani kirtan which is GURU. Bani guru,guru hai bani
  5. No disrespect>much respect. You didn't answer without diverting. Tantric yoga varies according to what energy you are dealing with. Where has 3HO been associated with sex yoga. They do kundalini yoga and white tantric. White tantric is NOT sexual, red tantric done by some hari dammas is twisted sexual form. I aint got no more interest into listening to guys who refuse to even try and learn what the terms tantra actually mean and also to the jathabandi fanatics amogst us. If you wanna argue with me, put the gurbani here and we can discuss it Sikh to Sikh, word for word, pangti to pangti. Otherwise, go wash your mouths, clean your ears and open your eyes.
  6. He's got a lot to learn. He's gotta grab on to the bhakti marg and then he may start seeing the real jot amongst us all. Don't worry,>>I used to be much worse than him with so much hate and krodh. Sikhi can be quite confusing if people are just stuck on the outer surface. Being a Sikh is supposed to make you realise where other spiritual teachers from different faiths have gone wrong NOT the faiths. Guru or bani NEVER speaks against a single religion but it speaks against the fat controllers that distort the religions with blind practice. As for Christianity, it's very misunderstood and if a Sikh is slating it >>then that Sikh has a lot to learn yet
  7. There is no yoga that relates to sex. Even if there were, it has nothing to do with yoga that the Sikh should be concerned about. You are foolishly implying that 3ho is all about some weird yoga and sex >>>>>you are very wrong my friend. You will claim I am wrong and I will say you are. We can carry on like idiots doing this, which is why I asked where gurbani speaks against yoga. I mean pangti >>line for line and shabad by shabad>>using your own words. >>Then we shall see. I don' want no posting of videos or flanna themkhara said this and that. Plain gurbani and constructive workings by individual Sikhs.
  8. HARKIRAN SATKIRAN AKA WHATEVER Seeing that you think you know so much about atma genders...answer me>>>> WHAT IS THE DIFFERETNCE BETWEEN SOUL AND SPIRIT??
  9. You don't get it and keep repeating the same ol farts. Where have I spoken about inequality? Is this all you are going to do here?>>>> just twist the kachas?? twist my words?? Why don't you pay some goddamned attention to what I said > and swallow what is being told. You already seen Jordan Peterson lectures that fast??? Go back>>read your posts>> and see what off-tangent cuckoo you really are. Pathetic
  10. Oh>>> no names. you say you don't call names and have never called any >>>but throwing sticks and stones is less than names then? (just realised maybe canucks don't do the sticks and stones may break my bones..... rhyming)
  11. miss harkiran ji. You better stop chasing the dogtail with your same ol song and stop getting the kacheras in a twist. It's a shame cuz looking at your activities on the forums, your sikhi has improved very little over the 3-4 years. Are you gonna just keep doing the same cuz you certainly aint helping yourself or raisng your consciousness. You've been welcomed into sikhi and instead of having humility, dignity and respect, you've just been enforcing your feminist views which btw are nothing to do with equality. You from Canada, so maybe you should read and see some Jordan Peterson lectures/videos.. That professor's views are more in line with sikhi, for someone who doesn't speak about the faith.. You may learn the difference between what inequality is and how feminism is not the solution and can only make matters worse. seriously, >>> you've got to try and swallow some of the points that have been addressed to you over the years. ..Swallow them, meditate on them and let them sprout with knowledge. Swallow them, don't spit.
  12. Maybe a government agent from india? .>>>>hey, maybe North korea......:)
  13. It seems that you are just convincing yourself with some reasons to hide your own inner weakness and insecurity. >>> to that say,>>Whatever it takes for you to keep your conscience clear!!! I'm not going to waste my personal "UP" energies from recent morning nitnem, but all I can say is that I have learned to expose and confront my own weaknesses over the last few years. I'm getting better and better every day. Today I'm a better Sikh than yesterday and tomorrow morning, when I get up for nitnem, I want to be better than today. >>> So, I honestly have no desire to argue with your narrow minded arguments and your misinformed slating of yoga. I'm lucky to have one or two high avastha gurmukh friends that have really helped straighten my dogtail(kuthay dee pooch) out. One of them told me that I've got to make repeated efforts to improve, day by day and every day. Gurbani says that a dogtail can never be straightened which means you have to keep repeating and repeating the process every day. You straighten it out, but then it bends back again. He said the key to working on my kuthay dee pooch is to first, stop CHASING the damned tail. So,>>you know when you keep singing the same argument, time and time again about how bad flanna jatha is and how much beadbi this jatha does and that..>>>you gotta stop all that>> cuz you are just singing the same song over again and again, like chasing the tail again and again. INSTEAD, you've gotta put energy into straightening the tail, because a short while later the damned thing bends back. I hope you see what I'm saying. I don't mean no disrespect phenji but it's just that your understanding is misinformed and narrow minded because yoga is huge topic at all levels of perception. Saying that, gurbani makes it clear that it's all a game of the mind, and whatever it takes for you to grab and control the mind to put it towards guru, then you should do it. If Bhagat dhana could sit with a stone as centre, to put his mind on akaal purakh, then why can't us moorakhs put it on waheguru, using breath as centre??? >>well, we can. This is saas giraas and saas saas simran which are actually taken from Patanjali yoga and many references by Bhagat Kabir ji and Namdev are referencing raj/patanjali yoga. To understand that, i first had to understand why we had techniques like saas giraas and saas saas. This is how my real journey started and then the treasures that hide behind the veils, began to reveal themselves.. slowly and slowly, holleee hollee, one by one, the revelations came and lead me to take amrit. Therefore, I can never slate the gurmukh friends that helped guide me and all the varieties of Sikhs that inspired me. and Yes, a lot of chardikala jathas kirtan and many 3ho meditation videos were inspiring and are ingredients in the outcome of gurus blessing for me>>> which is probably why I get a little offended when people start slating any jatha as a whole. Again, no offence and I'm not singling you out cuz you are quite intelligent and have very respectable views imo. I have learned and taken a lot of giaan from some of your posts. Us learning Sikhs have to continue this process of learning, re-learning and correcting ourselves with the help of others until our last breaths at anth-kaal. So lets make some effort for tomorrows amrit vela to keep increasing in power than todays.
  14. all these problems are cuz of jatha culture. Don't matter what you do and what divides you break, the manukhs will always go form another division When trying to make decisions> use your sikhi and gurbani to get your answers. The jatha is not your sikhi, just like caste is not your sikhi.
  15. are you serious here?? You are saying that chardikala jatha are some Back door hazoori ragees ..shame on you again,