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  1. How to combat the christian threat

    You hit the nail on the head! This is the problem. >>> There are too too many confused and halfway sikhs that are never sure what they really should be. This is why hundreds of thousands jump around different babay shabay deras from radhasoamees to darshan dassees Until our pacharaks don't put their foot down and show the positive qualities of security, strength and righteousness,>> we will forever be going around in the same circles. You right, true christians>>the orthodox, practice naam and mantar simran. All the stuff about naam and God's temple being within was taken out of the bible when King james standardised it. A lot of the catholic mystics and teachers were elbowed out because they taught about finding God within.
  2. Australia

    anything to do with islamification?

    i'm not angry mate. Gyani is good and us british born sikhs with some weakness in understanding dooung boli find gyani quite good cuz he explains on our communication level with simple punjabi. In other words, the common valaithi munda and kurri, can listen to him as if listening to their parents.

    He's human, and he has his own five vices. Just be glad he wasn't trying to fondle some little kid or something. If anything, someone elses mistake should make you wise up. I thought to myself "I'd be a fool to start judging the whole character of gyani based on this one mistake of his" I mean, lets be honest, would you like to be judged on some past mistake of your own for the rest of your life? >>>of course not and neither would I.
  5. How to combat the christian threat

    SO? Why you feel it's a christian threat? Its only a threat if you feel threatened. A sikh of Guru Gobind Singh doesn't get scared or feel threatened. It;'s about REACTING your GURMAT REACTION to any action
  6. Did the Gurus have past lives?

    I would add to this>>> but most sikhs wont grasp it unless they have spiritual experience. Major learnig curve in abyaas is awakening to the realms that exist. The granths and gurbani are actually talking about these and not physical earth plane. We just plonkas for thinking that everything is here and in this planet

    what the hell? Can't believe you didn't know about this? It was about 2 yrs or so. YES, it aint no bull>> it;'s all real. Should make you realise that we are all in the shackles of maya. BTW. I know who this family is but I would be a fool to say it on the forum. They're well respected and good singhs who really put themselves out doing seva for gyani ji.
  8. No,>>> why be speculating and amusing yourself with gossip instead of doing some kamayeee for yourself?
  9. muslim population of UK will tripple by 2050

    it aint gonna triple. It'll quadruple, cuz you haven't counted the unaccounted illegals and the multi same name mohammed's in one house.
  10. you must be daft. Either dob her in and tell the old bill OR give me her details and i'll go and knock some sense (thapphar) into her
  11. Britian First

    You plonkas have no idea what Britain first is. In the 70's, if you were the extreme minority sikh in all white area, then on a Friday it was quite often that your parents would be walking home and get paki-bashed by NFs, who would mug the brown paypacket with the weeks wages. If you were a kid, then you may have missed 2 out of 5 of your packed lunches unless your let the whiteys stick your head done the toilet. SERIOUSLY, you have NO IDEA what the generations before you had to deal with in order for you to have your freedoms.
  12. In short,....NO The above is akin to the folks that have sacred burial shrines or "jagaahs" back home. Even the khandhey peendhay(eating/drinking) ones in this category, don't consume meat/liquor on Sundays. It's a little complicated, but it's because their ancestors became slaves to these spirits for the wishes of maya, money and birth of sons. It has nothing to do with shaheed singhs. It's spirits trapped in the middle world hoping for mukhti. and they do this by forcing shrine worship in return. There are quite a lot of these families in Birmingham area. I have some cousins and whatnot that are trapped in this and i never quite understood it until a friend of mine explained why and how these people are trapped. as far as i know and after speaking to some gurmukhs, shaheed singhs only come down to fetch new shaheed banday and they go to the loks outside the dar of waheguru. Japji sahib tells you that they are singing the praises of wahguru there along with chitr gupt and devi devtes
  13. Is Sikhism really hijacked by Jattism ?

    Yes, i'm sure you are a gentleman of the highest order
  14. Is Sikhism really hijacked by Jattism ?

    he...he...he.. Are Jatts really a caste or a race??? >>>> you should see the other DNA thread and try clear up some huge misconceptions. NO IF>>>NO BUT>>>SIRF JATT!!!!!!!!! (Sunny Deol)
  15. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    well done. I had one done some time ago and so did a good friend of mine. I needed it at the time because i was having an identity crisis that was mostly due to my non-punjjabi/non-brown surroundings >>>It 's when i became proud of my ancestry origins and realised that jatts weren a RACE of people and not really a cast>as most sikhs think. Recommend you have a good read read of these books below........ History of the Jats by by Kalika Ranjan Qanungo Ancestral Roots of the Jats: DNA Revelations...by David G Mahal also check the link http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/bitstream/10603/17669/8/08_chapter 1.pdf You should get a better understanding about the general and distinct physiques and features of jat race. Surprisingly you should learn that jat comes from the word "ajaat" that means "casteless"..