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  1. The use of mantras

    Just a small correction. I'm not accusing or guessing the guy is radhasoami. >>>>I am telling the truth and asking him to admit the truth if he has the guts. >>>> I know that he is 'for defo' associated with them..
  2. Funny how people think that i'm automatically discriminating with others if i'm proud of my ancestry and it's trades. But I actually wonder how many of you have yourselves or have immediate family members married outside if caste?? Those that haven't>> are usually the ones that see the hierarchy. >>>ME, i don;t see any difference and i don't see no caste being higher or lower on any social scale. This is what sikhi is saying. Sikhi does NOT say to abolish family tribal clans and their trades.>>>it doesn't say stop being the farmer or cobbler>> or pot maker. Sikhi is about Grishsti jeevan that involves being in trade and working. As I see no difference in trades or caste, I also know that nowadays and especially in west, no one does the trades of their forefathers. Those days, the same like minded clans married into the same link minded castes that worked in the same trades for their livelihoods. Today this is no longer needed, as most of my family jatts haven't ever done an ounce of kethi baanee or farming. THEREFORE, As Me or my immediate's don;t discriminate or see any high or low in trades, we don't see no reason why any of us shouldn't marry to any other trade lineage. >>>>MY SISTER and ME are BOTH married to Different Jaaths that are NOT JATT. NOTE- MY WIFE IS NOT JATT... so how the hell can i be casteist>>when i see no difference or reason. I seriosuly wonder how many of you preachers like KIWI @JSinghnz have married or even LOOKING to marry out of caste??? are you married @JSinghnz , if NOT, are you looking to marry someone from any other jaath?? Other thing I noticed was that ALL these sikhs looking for rishtaas and get get hitched are always the ones looking at the castes. So> Who is really the casteist and predjudice ?? ME or Them ??? I'm proud to be the JATT that I am and from the origins I come from. MY WIFE (from non-jatt jaaath) is proud to call me her Ranjha Jatt.
  3. I'm glad that someone gets it and understands this issue. I know i used the word "differentiate" because I was translating the punjabi term of "farakh" or doing farakh>>>differentiating with others due to their ancestory and lineage. You are correct>> that Discriminate is a better term to be using to describe the probllem that society has thrown in to tribal clans and their trades just to upset and corrupt the whole system. It took me some years to understand this issue that has been created by society, and my dad was the one who taught me about my own family lineage going back to late 16th century rajputs>> and how we got our surname and settled in few pinds into the jatt trade. If my dad had not encouraged me to be proud of my own colour, race, ancestory clans and jatt trade>>> then I have no idea where i would have ended up as I only hung around with black afrocarrribean's and did their thing for years >>>>We all have our own stories of what may have brought us into sikhi>>>> but for me>> it was my Jatt factor and lineage roots that helped me wanna be more punjabi>>> which in turn helped me into sikhi. I find it sad>>> that people think of being proud of your tribal clan trade automatically enrolls you into the discriminating/predjudice brigade.
  4. The use of mantras

    Yeh ol'man. what EXACTLY did i say wrong or unbalanced?? ANSWER THIS: Are you or are you not a Radahasoami? I know from your posts that you are pushing their distorted stuff whilst not admitting you are one of them. I wouldn't care less if you said "i'm radhasoami, before you try and disguise material as all sikhi
  5. no worries. I'll tell you the reason and answer later. But i wanna hear what Dally man says first. Dally man doesn't even realise it but he is actually the prejudice one who goes around rantng anti-jatt stuff. Some of you will say that i'm caseist because i'm proud of my jatt factor. Yes, i'm proud to be from the family trade of hen wmy ancestors. The jatt label is our identity and we further have the surname associated with territory, location and pind. I have Never said any anti-caste marks to my fellow tradesmen in our our own village or others. Never discriminated, treat them like my own,>>>so, how in God's name am i castesist?? Being proud of your color, proud of your race, proud of your heritage and proud of your ancestory trade is accepting God's wiil as "thereah baahna mittah" Being proud of who and what you are doesn't make you predjudice. Being proud to be black doesn't mean you on the other end of spectrum to Ku klux kan,>>doesn;t mean your a honkey basher. So why does being proud of being a jatt or chamar make you casteist. You guys really need to give the issue some thought cuz i can't believe how thick our people can be. I sincerely hope that the people of today can understand that there is a HUGE difference between what jaath/ trade r really means and how some brahmanised caste system is mixed into it and we blindly see it as permanent.
  6. Harm is ONLY done if you differentiate between castes. Castes are tribal trades. Nothing wrong with that is there?? It's society and ego that has created the problem. If one caste just looked at the other caste as tribal trade without differentiating or any prejudice, then there would simply be CAST and not CASTE-ISM. If i'm a jatt and look at my naighbour the lohar on the left or the panday wala kumar on the right and accept them as equal brothers and see their caste as their trade and livelihood, then how am i being prejudice? I can address the lohar or kumar by their trades without showing any casteism, just like you address a teacher as master shaib, professor sahib, police officer as thanedaar sahib etc.. Problem is society and especially indian culture that started the divide and classifications. It's like clever masked slavery which the indians made it into.The swedes and other cultures had sam kind of tribal trades that had asscoiated tribal names, but they never dictated or formed some class system. You call yourself some historian, but your understanding of this tribal concept is as poor as any typical desi. You just have some inferiority complex due to some past experience with jatts which makes you so anti-jatt. I want you to answer me below question and also explain if the tribal trade came first OR some pompous brahmin dictated caste system. Then, if caste system was created by some sh#ts on a pedesatal, then should we get rid of tribal trade labels and surnames because of it? WHY DID ALL GURUS MARRY IN SAME CASTE OR SAME FAMILY TRADE???
  7. Destiny - Is It Written?

    Dharm raaj will judge. An hasaab is done of all deeds and which of those were destined as per karma. Your own deeds of bothe good and bad on this new life's account are what you tally up under the free will banner. I can give you plenty of quotes from gurbani that show GOD is and WILL judge This is done through devotees Dahramraaj, Chitr and Gupt. DESTINY -> is PRE-DETERMINED by the EK ONKAAR. >>>> I can show you plenty of gurbani quotes if you insist. You are correct that DESTINY comes after KARMAs>>> ie. Destiny is pre-determined after the account of karams. since "KARMAI AVAI KAPRAH" The kaprah is only worn on your soul and determined from the karams of SOUL. But, DESTINY, >>is determined as to where your Kaprah, that will now contain your ego, soul and body will endure in this lifetime.. The DESTINY is for KAPRAH. Whether you become rich lawyer or poor burger flipper will not matter to your soul. Your soul will depart with only the treasure of NAAM-if you get it and the new hasaab of KARAMS wiped or gathered. DESTINY won't come into equation.
  8. The use of mantras

    there is no paap in doing jaap of any mantra from gurbani...>>as long as the intention is out of pure prem for waheguru. I'm not gonna make judgements on other sects but from harsharan's examples above, it seems like one cult or sect just continues to fight in the playground with the other sects. Someone said above that all gurbani is mantar>> and that is correct. You can sit there saying ek onkaar repearedly if you want. God's not gonna ignore ya. MANTAR -> means MAN which is MIND. and TAR defines to a tool or something we use to produce an outcome from something. Therfore, MANTAR=,means MIND-Tool. >>>Game is ALL about the MANN-MIND and how to steady it to focus on just the ONE sachay patshah. >>>>> as long as you use the mantar fro this purpose and it's from guru''s bani, ie. something that Guru has given personally, >>then there's no problem with this. Dont' matter whether radhasomai, nirankaaris , 3ho or whoever> sings their own versions. WE don't need to be judging them>let GOD do the judging. I know and i can tell you all as i did u-turn on my own life just by starting to jap gurmantar.. I had gone to anger managent classes repeatedly for years and couldn't get any control over this edge of mine. II know you plonkas on here will try and provoke me as usual cuz of my "jatt" ness factor in my name. But you guys gotta learn that i'm changing one thing at a time and i've come a long way from the streets where i used to be selling gear. In all fairness, bring it on if you want but you just gonna bark at a brick wall. i'm in the absorbing phase at the moment and that means the more punches i take, the tougher i get and the more ego i shed, cuz you will just be knocking off layers of my ego with ya puches....
  9. The use of mantras

    substitute the word "yogi bhajan" with your own radhasoami guru, (or any cult/dera) then it will still read the same. don't know why you've started blowing the baja again with your own "MASKED" agenda!!
  10. Is being gay wrong in sikhi

    sorry dude, i had to use that tone in reply to the filth he wrote towards me in an earlierr post that you probably missed. His earlier post was>>>>>>>>>>>> and then he rants>> you see what you probably skimmed past????? I mean this kind of guy needs a proper beating. I've repeatedly told him that sikhi is about being GOD-orientated, however, he just wants to justify and blend his twisted sexual orientation>>>>>and frankly, I've had enuff of this rubbish and am not standing for no more.
  11. Is being gay wrong in sikhi

    you need to just go and top yourself, because your a human of the lowest order.. Don't tell me to go and F@@k myself, because i'll smack your bony a$$ to the floor and leave you crying. Good luck and fitteh teri dingaling deh, Dirty man is you because I couldn;t even turm my back to you if we in same room u son of a b@tch
  12. Is being gay wrong in sikhi

    No worries. i know what you saying. I've practiced and controlled my anger over the years quite well but this she-man is just causing trouble and has been trolling >>trying to distort the minds of youth. The millennials are already confused and have been hammered this <<political correctness>> rubbish all their life. I spent a lotta time thinking about this issue so that i could explain it to me confused kids who thought it's all right and about being equal and all that baloney.. >>>At the end of the day>>>deep down>>we kinda know that it's not right but we jus cant put our finger on it to make it appear black or white. You need to find the answers yourself and think about it. >>think about how the world and mankind is supposed to work according to hukam>>>how we have duality>>opposites>>black-white>>yin-yang>> positive-negative>>male-female>>>Sun-moon>>>light-dark>>>> ..and then think about how the universe works and how the north-south--polar dualities>>etc.. keep the ORDER of the universe. THIS ORDER IS HUKAM. >>>IF we disrupt the play and make it Sun all the time and no moon>>> or we only have one polar charge,>> then we wont have got rid of duality.>> we would have just messed things up and will cause the order to cease existing. The deeper core of existence and our reasons to find god is so that we merge>merge>>merge.. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY THAT SOMETHING CAN BE COMPLETE AND IN FULL TOTALITY. The very deeper meaning of anand karaj is about man>woman merging together to attain GOD. The completeness will NOT and can NOT occur with man-man or woman-woman, no matter how we play around with science. >>>>>>>>>>.Once you begin to understand this>>you will realise that gays born with these feelings/desires is because of past deeds and karma. Gurbani tells us all to rise above desires>attachments> tastes>>and all that, so that one doesn't even have to think about some stupid sex orientation... I'm just gonn say this once >>> the world knows there was ADAM and EVE,,, NOT ADAM and STEVE,,and that's it. It was about Male/female.. The story is about understanding that GOD made man in his image as 2 sexes that could merge for completeness. Divine act of birth can only occur when there is a holy merge. this is the yin-yang, positive/negative>>male/female>>and all that. The earth would stop spinning if we only had fire and no water or water and no fire.
  13. Is being gay wrong in sikhi

    just get the hell outa here you poofta God damned lgbt,>>they've even knicked God's holy rainbow to represent themselves.. My jatt factor has nothing to do with your sex-fetish. you might as well stick your dingaling in a dog and you probably already do the way>> you try to justify men-women having anal. If you were stood right here and said that to me>>> i'd slap your boney A$$$ to the floor. How dare you tell me and my kaurs that it's okay doing anal. .. You spent your whole life watching porn like all u pervs from india do.
  14. Is being gay wrong in sikhi

    Ms AjeetSinghKaurPunjabi seriously???? keep your dirty fetish and dingaling out of the dharam
  15. Is being gay wrong in sikhi

    Being gay is NOT about sikhi. Being Gay has NOTHING to do with Sikhi,,>>so why does the op keep bringing it in and asking for sympathy?? you gotta stop tampering and diluting sikhi to fit your own twisted agenda. SIKHI IS ABOUT YOUR ORIENTATION TOWARDS GOD. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOUR SEXUAL ORIENTATION,,, SO JUST PACK IT IN AND STOP BRINGING UP THE SAME FILTH AGAIN AND AGAIN. BTW. Being Gay should NOT be allowed in society..>>full stop. We have messed up the world and it's play by being leneient and accepting all these divides. the divides just divide further and can never merge towards ONE. so in the light of spirituality>> you are walking AWAY from what is sacred and divine the more you divide. today we shall accept gay people as norm,,, then gay marriage, then gay anand karaj,. then it will go to paedophiles and other fetish fangs saying that they have a medical problem,, they're born that way,,, we being unfair and predjudice,,blah blah>>>blaaah.. then the paedos will want sympathy and wanna be accepted as norm just like all the pufters currently are.... you guys are just killing and destroying the play of God. SHAME ON YOU ALL