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  1. In the 1950s and 1960s when the Cold War flamed up, both Russia and USA were trying to get countries to align to them in the event of hostilities and for trade purposes. Many countries did align to one or the other, but those that didn't became known as the "non-aligned bloc" and the foremost or leader of this bloc was India. India prided itself on being non-aligned as well as the leader of the bloc. Only in 1971 after Pakistan massacred over a million of it's own citizens (some put it as high as 3 million),in Bengal, forcing India to take action and incurring the dsipleasure of USA did India align itself to USSR. According to "The Blood Telegram" by Gary Bass (which is a must read for anyone interested in geo-politics of yester-year) India was very reluctant to join with the USSR, and only joined after being panicked by the sight of USA warships sailing up the Bay of Bengal. The USA presidency had sided with Pakistan and supplied military hardware to them and were firmly on their side in this conflict. Whilst India never officially joined the war, it was known to everyone that they were supporting the Mukti Bahini. The USA in order to intimidate India had it's warships sail from the Pacific to the Bay of Bengal. It worked and India feared a US attack in support of Pakistan. This drove them to publically align with Russia. Even then there were people in the Indian govt who were just as fearful of the USSR as they were of US. There were of course some who were individually subscribing to the USSR socialist agenda. Personally, I don't think it's true that the KGB had any kind of influence in India prior to the 1970s.
  2. That is a very interesting article. Thanks for sharing it. Can you please tell us the source. I also hope you have no qualms about me c and p ing it in sikhawareness forum.
  3. They even threw eggs at him. God how short his memory is!
  4. I don't know if the AKJ have some central authority bu tif they do ,they should be looking at what some of their UK counterparts are doing. And Germany as well, as they supported Prof Darshan Singh on his tour there. I don't know if they changed their stance on him after his new panth fiasco in US. The story is that Jaggi was a beleiver in Dasam Granth and was invited to submit a thesis for his PHD. He wanted to do one on Dasam Granth but was told one had already been done, and he should write a PHD on why this granth was not the work of Guru Sahib. Jaggi should have have more faith in his Guru than any desire for a worldy education title. PHD is what compared to Sikhi? Guru Harkrishan Sahib broke the hankar of a Pandit by getting a mute uneducated person to do arth of Geeta. We should learn a lesson from this.
  5. Not only these heretics but also elements from the AKJ are supporting these snakes in the UK. The panjab Times, an AKJ mouthpiece is serialising Rattan Singh jaggi's thesis on Sri Dasme Patshahs Granth sahib. Some comments in panjab times from akj leaders show outright support for gandpreet and his snakes.
  6. Yes MrSingh you say this but then come out with : Why are you wondering this if you study only from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji?
  7. And we need to follow BHai Gurpreet Singh's example. The RSS actually quote more from SGGS than they do from Sri Dasme Patshah's Granth Sahib. Guru Granth mentions "Ram" "Hari" "Ishwar" and these are the lines they use. There is very little/nothing in Sri Dasme Patshah's granth that RSS can use in terms of manipulation.
  8. Yea that has been happening since 1708. Until about 100 years ago, there was no problem. Then some foolish Singh Sabha extremists starting doubts part of Sri Dasme Patshah's Granth and then moved onto Sri Guru Granth Sahib. You need to study more Sheikhyobooty.
  9. NO, his family have been Sikhs for generations and doing sewa for decades. Bhai Gurpreet Singh did used to have haircut but starting to keep his kes around 10 years ago, and became active in parchar. His whole family are kirtanis but his mind was more focused on katha. His proper Mama Ji is Gurmeet Singh Shaant. Famous kirtani. I was fooled by missionary lies as well initially, as I really thought that Bhai Gurpreet Singh was actually Neeraj Sharma who had become a Sikh. I asked someone who personally knows him and they told me the truth. "RSS" is the more current label thrown at anyone and everyone who has opposing views unfortunately. A few decades ago, it was "congress agent".
  10. It's funny but your lot were saying the same thing about Sant Jarnail Singh as well. try harder codckroach.
  11. Thats the proof ? Dhumma helps the congress in the 1980 elections and gill arranges his green card many years later? try harder. No you keep it at £1000, and provide the proof for the statement that you swear by. You were the one who claims he has the proof, so provide it.
  12. Great, so that's $1000 from me and £1000 from you waiting to help some poor Sikhs. Now let's see the evidence. Soon as you provide the evidence then some poor Sikhs will benefit.
  13. He isn't the first. You beat him by a length of 2 years.
  14. Gursikhs dont tell people that naam japna is tota ratan. Gursikhs dont tell others that sarovars are just pools of water and that Sachkhand Sri HariMandir Sahib is just a building. Gursikhs don't give siropas to those who claim that Guru Nanak Dev Ji would have to learn how to use a mobile phone fi he were to be born today. Gursikhs don't others that that naam simran is useless because it never helped ward off the attack in 1984. Gursikhs don't sit next to those that say or think these things. Only cockroaches say and thinki these things, and they get squashed. And guess what kind of person supports those who support those who say these things against Sikhi. A man? I have been asking you for over 2 years to given ONE piece of evidence to substantiate your claim that DT canvassed for the Congress in 1980 elections. When are you going to be a man?
  15. $1000 dollars Uklondon sikh /mehtabsingh sukha singh/ and all the other things you call yourslef, if you can provide ONE piece of evidence that Damdami taksal/Dhumma canvassed for Congress in the 1980 elections, to any charity/group of your choice. You are not a statistical nerd. You are a liar. The ony thing you are good at is making up one ID after the other to stay on here. Why the admins are so slow to do anything about you is a mystery.
  16. Just an idea I had, and I hope these words can express it, but when I look around at younger Sikhs today, those who follow Sikhi, to any extent seem to be into everything and anything Sikhi. I was thinking about this, cos I have been like this in my younger days, but now have realised that there are so many areas to work in, for the betterment of the panth, that it is impossible to do every one. Rather than be a jack of all trades and expert in none, i made a decision to look at what things in the panth can be improved and do sewa specifically for that. So i made a decision to work on 2 main projects only for the future, whilst supporting any others i can. Since I have been doing it, i have felt that there has actually been progress, and would like to impress on the Sikhs here that maybe there could be an issue(s) that they feel strongly about and devote themselves to that practically and prioritise that. Here are some areas in which attention is required, please feel free to add others: Sewa in your local gurdwara, ie specifically,langar, education, community awareness Gurmat Sangeet Shastarvidiya SIkh heritage around the world, esp Pakistan, and certain states in india SIkh manuscripts, which are rotting/hidden away, which could be brought before world-wide sangat, and translationed into english Human Rights Fundraising Charity work Sikh political issues in the western world on community or national scale Important annual events in the Sikh calendar Sikhi camps Forgotten traditions within the panth International world days (examples of this are world literacy day, sept, and world book day in march) With some of these people who are reluctant to do sewa for the panth, because of their personal commitment to their Sikhi, (meaning they may not be keeping kes etc) there are still areas in which they can still provide sterling assistance to the Panth.
  17. And these!
  18. Bump. For 2017.
  19. Bump. For 2017.
  20. Bump. For 2017.
  21. We need to educate ourselves to educate others. We have a undue reliance on others to teach us and others. We have to teach ourselves to teach. In the western world usually we do not have the time to learn Gurmat, history, philosophy upto the standards/depths of those preachers from Panjab. They spend a lot of time learning. For us to be able to get over that problem is to consider taking one aspect of Sikhi, and developing that to a high standard and then teaching others. Like Gurinder Singh Mann has done with Dasam Granth etc. In the above topic I made some years ago, I said that as individuals we should be concentrating on individual specifics especially if we are constrained by time. It makes more sense to to become knowledgeable in one aspect of Sikhi and to then teach that.
  22. Being excommunicated doesn't seem to count for much these days, and not many are apparently scared by it. Within their own circles they have absolutely no fear.
  23. I think the short term future is to vacate these far out places, like Buner and Swat, where the govt power is extremely limited. Taliban movement is very strong in these places. At the moment places like Peshawar and Attock are a lot better. Long term plan, if things settle down, (which is highly unlikely) is for Sikhs to start shifting assets and families to Lahore or other places os safety. Even writing that makes me think, what places in Pakistan are actually safe. What a mess these people have made of their country.
  24. If oim not mistaken he was the one who killed Krishan.
  25. Here you go Sir.