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  1. Chaare Sahibzaade Past Lives???

    There are some stories like this floating around. In the end it makes no difference really. In "Sri Kalgidhar Parkash" (I think) the Kavi Santokh Singh (I think) has written that the origins of the Sahibzade was from Satjug when the demons were trying to kill the Devi and she took refuge in the mountains near the dera of a Rishi. the other demons asked this Rishi where is the devi and the rishi took the lion skin which he was sitting on to meditate and shook it. From that many lions appeared and devoured the demons and helped the goddess kill the demons. In this book it says that these lions were then told to do tapasya until kalyug where they were to be born in Guru Sahibs house. The rishi was supposed to be Guru teg Bahadur. Baba Santa Singh says something similiar (although not in as much detail) in one of his kathas of Sri Sarbloh.
  2. Dhadrianwale exposed

    You're kidding right? Dhandrianwale says that it is against the nature of Waheguru to getr up in the morning and do naam simran as the human being is a nocturnal being. He says it clearly, "how can you win favour with Giod by breaking his laws." Not all the time, but in this case, there is no grey area. Dhadrianwale is wrong. Defending gurmat is haumai to you? What about you defending guru nindaks like dhunda and dhapali ? You don't want me to beleive that you are in a cult, then don't side with the cult on each and every thing. Esp those things you know to be wrong.
  3. Hey Bro. Just a piece of advice. Religion and culture may not be the same thing, but they are important to many people especially of our parents generation. You need to understand this. What you have described above is a serious error on your part. Nobody, even Panjabi Sikhs go up to a girls father and say "I want to marry your daughter." It's not the protocol in our culture. It's very insulting for the girl's father to hear this from anyone let alone an person of different community . In our community if a boy-girl liked each other they would most likely discuss it with their parents, and if that were not possible, then with a aunt or uncle, to get the ball rolling and get a vichola arranged, if they couldn't contact the family direct. Your direct approach, especially in a gurdwara, was something that can only be described as foolish. If you are still interested in her, you should try and arrange a vichola, or middle-man to do this. Failing that, the girl has to take the step and aproach her parents.
  4. This gurcharan is the same gurcharan from facebook. He is no-one to talk about Sikhs. https://www.facebook.com/gurcharan.singh.731 he uses the most abusive language for Sri Dasme Patshah's granth Sahib. @S1ngh Bro, you are a moderator here. Can you sort this OP out and approve his posts before they appear here. He is spreading a lot of nonsense from the Asia smachar group which is based in malaysia and are hard-core missionaries.
  5. Corruption Examples in Sikhism/Punjab?

    If you knew your history you would have seen that because of Master Tara Singh we saved some of Panjab. No-one in the world could have kept Panjab muslim majority areas from going to Pakistan. Do some research bro.
  6. Dhadrianwale exposed

    it's obvious this guy is a cult follower.
  7. Dhadrianwale exposed

    Well to be honest I don't think many people would have ever expected this.But lucky for you, at least you can recognise this cult leader. Others on here are still blind to the fact that they are in a cult.
  8. Dhadrianwale exposed

    He certainly doesn't look like he is comfortable with what is being said. Harinder Singh hasn't got the support base that dhadrianwale has, so knows he is more vulnerable. Whatever Baba Harnam Singh's political activities are, he doesnt tell lies about Sikhi. Why do you insist on supporting missionaries and their view of Sikhi? If their was anything correct woith what dhadrinwale had said in that video, you would have lead with it. Instead like me, you know he is wrong, but unlike me you will not admit it or accept it. Match our taste? You talking about Gurmat practices for the last 300 years? Why wouldnt Gurmat match our tastes? And why is this missionary nastik stuff that dhadrianwale is peddling matching your tastes? He doesn't tell everyone to read Gurbani for themselves. he tells them to listen to his own idiotic analysis of Gurbani. If this missionary dhadrianwala wanted everyone to read Gurbani then that would be the only thing he would say in his diwans. But no, he is telling all these cult followers of himself that "to wake up and do simran is against God's laws..." There is no dispute here that dhadrianwala is wrong here, but what worries me, is that he has access to thousands of his cult members who see his own stupidity as the truth and are blinded by his cult personality to be decide what is the truth. And then they are not able to stand up for the truth. A lot like yourself really...soul-less Singh.
  9. Dhadrianwale exposed

    This guy is going even deeper and deepr into his hole:
  10. Dhadrianwale exposed

    Admin, if you did this you would see who is suppoprting some of these missionary nindaks on this forum. Because they are in acult and they dont know it yet. Their focus has become Dhadrianwala rather than Gurmat. Who is he talking about with regard to those questions? Which Sikh beleives that God is separate from him/her?
  11. Interesting videos on Dadreanwala sect

    I remember him a few years ago talking about "daya" and saying the nihangs who did jhatka had no daya. The man has completely abandoned the teachings of the Nanaksaris.
  12. No bro, I'm not confused thanks.I have read tariq's work before and shared some discussions with him via email. Kapurthala was princely state. I have stated 3 or 4 times now, that the Princely states decision came down to one person: The tuler. Why you keep on going back to the princely states I don't know. The common man had no input there, nor did the British.Please tell me at the fourth time of reading you have understood this. Quite similair to Kashmir, non-muslim ruler with majority muslim subjects. But in the partition it still didn't mean a thing. Those figures do not seem correct. The movement of Panjabi muslims from east to west was slightly higher than non-muslims from west to east. The figures if can remember correctly were around 3.5 from west to east and 3.25. But this was only Panjab. It was not counting the Muslims from Delhi or other provinces. Yes the Muslims all should have made to move, but not for just those points. The fact is that jinnah stood by his two-nation theory only in word and not in practice. It was a successful tool in pushing the british to give pakistan. But then nehru wanted the muslims to stay in India to prove the two nation wrong. Over 90% of muslims voted for the muslim league for the formation of Pakistan. So they were responsible for the creation of Pakistan and they should have been told to live in Pakistan. Whats is so funny is that once the Muslims started turning up in Pakistan, a country they voted for, they were told by the Pak govt to stay in India. The natives of pakistan didnt want them there either. Isn't that so incredible? You build your country on the dreams and votes of these people but yet won't let them live there. Jinnah himself said it would be unfair for either Hindus or Muslims to live in each others countries as a minority. "we are different in religion, dress, food , language etc...so we shold have a seperate country." What a disappointment this man turned out to be for his voters. Even today the mohajirs are a despised people. If any of these states shared a border with Pakistan, then it obviously they could have joined Pakistan. These states deep inside India knew that there was only one viable option. Dont' make me repeat myslef bro. The thing in common is that they were princely states. No matter what statistics you bring, the fact remains. Nehru offered a referendum on Kashmir because of the international pressure on india through the UN. But the UN recognised the legailty of the instrument of accession and accepted that pakistan must return to Indian control that part under its occupation. Pakistan should have obliged and then the referendum could have decided. Personally beleive this is the way to go. States in India like Kashmir, and Panjab should be able to have a referendum to see whether they wasnt an independent state. So should Pakistan with Balochistan and NWF. Bringing too many different ethnicities together under one umbrella was never going to work. The Bengalis recognised that fact pretty soon.
  13. Bro, you keep barking up that tree! Forget Princely states, there is no discussion there in terms of fairness, democracy, etc. The Kings were the only ones who could make that choice. Now coming onto fertile land, the canal colonies were the best and most productive land in Panjab. It's no wonder the Sikhs were reluctant to leave these. After this the best land are the Jalandhar doab but that is small compared to the bars. Has this "turk" insulted our Gurus? No, so just leave him alone. He is only sharing info and learning new things as well. And it's all historic anyway. I would rather have him on than these missionary dogs who claim that the Gurus were ordinary people like ourselves. They have insulted the Gurus through their distorion of history. Listen to this dog dhapali: https://www.facebook.com/nirmaljitsingh.nimma/videos/636750243194518/ and this dog dhundlu: https://www.facebook.com/nirmaljitsingh.nimma/videos/637304313139111/ and then listen to this: https://www.facebook.com/nirmaljitsingh.nimma/videos/636750553194487/ You would rather have these dogs on here ?
  14. Sikh and local (Jalandhar) history. Yes from it is clear that the Sikh demand was unreasonable. What the Sikhs were looking for in that map was to keep the majority of our religiously historic shrines and the canal colony lands as much as possible. But one thing I want to tell you about that map, it shows the majority community, not if the community was in an outright majority itslef. eg in Amritsar Muslims were 47%. They were the majority community but not the majority. Same with Jallandhar and Hoshiarpur. So that map is not accurate in terms of outright majority but only of majority community. Mi fehmi?