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  1. !!they Cut His Hair!!!

    Taxi driver shot, killed in Richmond By Karl Fischer and Tom Lochner CONTRA COSTA TIMES RICHMOND - Police arrested a 55-year-old homeless man Wednesday in connection with an early morning shooting near a soup kitchen that killed a taxi driver. Detectives arrested Charles Clifton Cain, initially a witness in the case, on suspicion of murder. He was held at City Jail in Richmond, detective Sgt. Dominic Medina said. Medina said he could not substantiate or rule out robbery as the motive. Co-workers said taxi driver Gurpreet Singh, 23, of Hercules intended to return to his native India and marry in a few months. His loss shook fellow cabbies, several crying dispatchers said Wednesday morning, and many Richmond-area cabbies did not come to work. Singh died inside cab No. 148, which officers found with a rear wheel perched on a curb near 21st Street and Carlson Boulevard after residents called at 1:04 a.m. "Officers and paramedics arriving at the scene attempted to render aid, but he died at the scene," police Capt. Lori Ritter said. Police say Singh was dispatched to a caller in the area and was likely attacked when he stopped for somebody standing on the street. The shooter may have called the cab. The neighborhood is a tough collection of subsidized housing, apartment buildings and a soup kitchen for the homeless, bordered by BART tracks on the south side of Carlson. Wendi Howard, who lives in an apartment at the corner, said she returned home to a grisly scene. "The engine was still running, it looked like he'd gone in reverse (on 21st) because the car was backed up over there," said Howard, gesturing across Carlson to a curb that runs along the tracks. Howard saw blood pooled on the ground beneath the cab. The passenger door hung open and Singh lay slumped toward the passenger seat. Police were already on scene when Howard arrived. She did not know whether any of her neighbors witnessed the shooting or even heard the gunfire, as the frequent passage of BART trains blocks out street noise. "It's time for me to move. We don't need this," she said. "There are no lights out here, lots of trees and bushes. It's not safe." Singh's family members and fellow cab drivers said he drove a 12-hour night shift beginning at 5 p.m. for Greyline Cab. They said Singh, a native of the Amritsar area in India's Punjab state, worked as a cab driver ever since coming to the United States five years ago. Singh planned to return to Punjab, be married in October and settle near his parents, sister and brother, said a cousin, Nirmalgit Singh. Harpreet S. Sandhu, president of the Gurdwara Sahib Sikh temple in El Sobrante, said stories of violence, if not murder, of Sikh and other immigrant taxi drivers are commonplace. "They get beaten up; they get stabbed. It's a terrible life these guys live, the hardships they have to go through," Sandhu said. "It's a way to start off life in America, for people who are often hindered by communications skills; they can get a job fairly easily because all they need is a vehicle. "But being a taxi driver is a tremendous burden on the family." Singh's death brought the number of homicides in Richmond this year to 22, twice as many as this time last year. Last year ended with 29 homicides. The shooting also continued a trend of violence against workers whose jobs require them to circulate in Richmond's tough neighborhoods. A series of armed robberies of food delivery workers and cart vendors during the past six months is receiving special attention from police.
  2. !!they Cut His Hair!!!

    The news shocked me when I heard about it and that's why I emailed my Summeet didi of course because I knew she could do something to help! :D
  3. I agree with all of you! If we slander and have bad attitudes toward people who are obviously ignorant then that is not our problem! If we do something bad then they will always think that man those Sikh are really bad people and will keep doing the stuff they do today! My father was chased for a whole hour by some white men after 9/11 and he almost lost his job too! :D But he always kept his cool because he knew if he did something it would his fault and only his!
  4. Udham Singh

    I also agree with gabroo khalistan dah and khalsa 007. He cut his hair to help us and his country! The bollywood movie with Bobby Doel wasn't that bad, but it did make me cry! :'( :'(
  5. I really don't understand why people still smoke and drink when we have soooo many educated doctors that tell people it's bad for you! People can be really dumb! :D
  6. I was just wondering if you drink and smoke and all that stuff is it as bad as cutting your hair and trimming your beard? And when you do cut your hair, drink, smoke, etc. does that mean your a bad sikh or not even sikh at all? I was just wondering all of this one day and needed some answers so if you all could help m figure what is right and what is wrong? :D
  7. A walk with Whaeguru

    Hey lil bro great job with the poem! I knew you always had it in you besides the comics that you always draw! hey I was just kidding! Really loved your poem! Your loving sis, Tej
  8. Movies..

    some of my favourites are: 1) Signs 2) Dead Poets Society 3) Matrix (BOTH) 4) Clue 5) Star Wars (ALL OF THEM) 6) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I think that Star Wars (all of them) is the best set of movies ever and if you think about it the Jedi and kinda like the Sikhs! :T:
  9. Well actually there are many white people that are sikhs and very much understand it and sometimes I think they understand it better than myself and they live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They have a huge gurdwara and have a couple of streets named after the Khalsa. Anyway I would just like to thank all the veerji's and my very own didi and othere didi's for helping me understand this concept. Most of my friends have corrupted and cut there hair just as many of you have predicted and would like to again thank all of you!
  10. Sorry i was using my lil bro's log in name
  11. who are we?

    At least he knows that much I used to know a 25 year old and didn't even know what the Guru Granth Sahib Ji was
  12. By the way I just wanted to say that I was inspired by singh khalistan da's post called Don't cut it down, cos it's your crown!
  13. Is it just me or do girls not keep there hair anymore? :D I mean no girl. They keep some long hair but if it gets too long then they cut it. And some girls keep there hair but trim off split ends and stuff. it's so disgusting because most of them are my friends too. I wish that more people would actually respect the fact that it is our uniqueness and girls these days should understand this. Well I just let out what I think is right. Thanks for listening.
  14. Age

    Hey Gursimar, Hope that you had fun at camp but actually learned something too and that you continue learning sikhi as I am too. Everyone is right you are our future and you will be teaching soon too. I'm proud of you lil bro. Keep up the good work lil man.