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  1. divorce with kids

    I really need help and advice im going through a really hard divorce I have been married for over 9 years and have got 3 kids , my husband started several affairs but this one he had at work lasted over 2 years and he is still with the same women and brings her to court , he is applying for child contact etc for the kids to stay with him in the holidays and weekends etc , my husband was mentally and physically abusive to me and after 9 years I left and took my kids he moved out of his parents and moved in with this women .The court now states as he is the father he can take them to her house and the bottom line is I feel really anxious and I don't want my kids to go then I convince myself the kids will get older see him for the person he is and leave him , then sometimes I hope we will still be a family .Maybe I just cant get over things ....my kids are 2 , 4 and 8. im like a crazy person I have even phoned this women been to there work place , why cant I just let go .