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  1. Sikhi Pdfs - Urgent

    Www.1guk.com Lots of English kstha too
  2. Ideas - School Assembly

    Vjkkvjkf, I have been asked as part of my teacher training to do an assembly on; "How does Sikh beliefs affect your behavior and actions?" The assembly is in a mixed school, some Sikhs in the crowd but mainly non Sikhs. Any ideas? My mind is totally blocked at the moment! Dhanvadh vahiguro.
  3. Covered by (anti panthic website cuss everything the panth believes in), but not Sikh online media such as sikh24, panthic.org, sikhsangat.org!! Interesting times...
  4. http://www.1guk.com/projects/1984-awareness/ Pictures of the saroop
  5. Bhai kuljeet singh ji uk leicestershire

    www.1GUK.com You will find most of their recorded kathas on there. More updates will be comming soon, including katha from dasam darbaar at Tividale. Very good Kathavachak On 1g website you will also find other katha in English.
  6. learning the proper pronunciation of nitnem banis

    Lots of santhiya resources available here to read gur bani shudh, WWW.1GUK.COM
  7. Wouldn't it make more sense for the singhs from AKJ UK to sit with singhs from DDT UK? Ie bhai sukhraj Singh and other singhs who associate with DDT? Rather than meeting sjngh sahib giani ram singh who comes to the uk once in a blue moon, and has little support from the singhs and very little influence on youth in the UK? Just a suggestion....
  8. Giani Mehtab Singh

    Gurfatehji Just stayed 10days + with them few weeks back. There absolutely fine!!!!!
  9. Pathar Chappi

  10. Pathar Chappi

    Gurfatehjee Does any know what Pathar chappi is? And mor details ofthis method of printing? The process? Time period it was used in punjab, and also if it was usual for Gutkeh sahibs pothis sahib to be printed In this method? Thanks