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  1. India's Guilty Secret

    Manmohan Singh belongs to that small coterie of essentially keshadhari Hindus who would sell their own mothers to get power. This coterie included Zail Singh, Khushwant Singh and the Badals etc. Manmohan Singh served a useful purpose to the Hindu ruling elite in that having a visible 'Sikh' could be used to effectively deny that Sikhs were being discriminated against. I am in total agreement with you that we need to present MS in terms that the west understand. The best example would be Vidkun Quisling. a traitor who was used and allowed himself to be used by the Nazis to rule occupied Norway during WW2. His name is now a byword for traitor. He was executed by the Norway govt in 1945. Another example are those British the most prominent being the former King Edward VIII who is said to have stated before the Blitz began that peace between Britain and Germany would come once Britain was effectively bombed by Germany. Traitors exist in all nations and among all communities. The most effective response to those who use Manmohan Singh as an example of Sikhs being treated fairly in India is ask whether the other party is aware that had Hitler invaded Britain in 1940 there would literally have been thousands of British people such as the members of Mosely's British union of fascists who numbered over over 20000 in 1939 who would betrayed their country to be a part of Hitler's occupation government.
  2. Anand Karaj

    This scheme isn't really realistic. After decades of laxity you cannot suddenly expect everyone to conform. The way forward should be to allow Anand Karaj for now for those who are of a Sikh background and have not adopted any other religion. The Anand Karaj course is a good step and all couples having an Anand Karaj should be made to take this course. For making Amrit manditatory for Anand Karaj we should concentrate on the next generation- the kids who are now in their early years and make sure that there is strong parchar among them and create a strong Sangat for them. In time taking Amrit before Anand Karaj will become the norm for these kids and for the generations following them.
  3. Did Khalistanis kill Chamkila! ?

    He was no ordinary singer and his songs were filled with sexual innuendo and were a departure from the Punjabi songs of the time. He really brought gand into Punjabi songs and as such it is possible that he became a victim of the Samaj Sudhar campaign of the Kharkoos which was in full swing at the time. Singers such as Chamkila are no ordinary people as their songs can influence both the listeners as well as society in general. How can the degradation of society and slide towards immorality be stopped when the singers that promote these two things are so popular? The sad fact about Chamkila's life is that he used his talents to corrupt society rather than reform it. He came from a low caste background and he could have used his talent fight for a more just society. His two religious songs Baba Tera Nankana and Talwar Main Kalgidhar di haan are among his most powerful songs but unfortunately he will always be known for his crude and pornographic songs.
  4. Is India overated?

    Apart from the PC there is also the fact that the west knows that Indians especially the ruling classes are very insecure and need endless amounts of flattery in order to get them to do the west's bidding. The west needs India to buy it's goods and services and to use India's cheap labour. In essence India is still a colony of the west as the west like the British rulers before 1947 use India as a supplier of raw materials (and labour) and then sell the value added goods and services to the Indian consumer. India's population at the moment is it's biggest advantage as the west needs India's consumers for its goods and services, But wait a few decades or even less than that when the impact of AI and robotics replace million of jobs around the world. Western countries are already considering things like universal basic income. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/oct/31/finland-universal-basic-income The west can afford such innovative ways of paying people to do nothing because their jobs have been replaced by robots and AI. What will happen to countries like India? When the west does not need it's cheap labour. When the millions of cybercoolies manning it's call centres become unemployed as AI replaces their jobs?
  5. He is probably one of the few rich Sikhs who are using their wealth to help people. He saved a number of Apnay who were facing death sentence in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and got them safely home by paying blood money.
  6. Not every farmer who is in extreme debt has taken a loan out because he wants to show off to the rest of the village. This is a perception that some vested interests try to create. Farming has been unproductive for many years now with input prices increasing and only a pittance paid for the produce. Either the farmer sits at home or he farms and in so doing has to take out loans to cover the input costs. The GOI has a monopoly on the produce of the Punjabi farmer and he has to wait months to get paid for his produce. The Indian colonial set up in Punjab is created so that raw produce is brought from the Punjabi farmer cheaply and processed outside the state and then sold at a higher rate. This is the same thing that the British did when they ruled India where they brought raw materials from the colony and these were processed in the mills and factories in the the UK and sold back to the Indians. The are a number of Sikh charities now which are concentrating on Sikh issues. Sikh Relief helps Sikh prisoners and their families as well as the families of those who gave their lives in the Sikh freedom struggle. British Sikh Council has taken up the Vanjara and Sikligar issue over the last few years. Hopefully these and other Sikh charities who are solely working on Sikh issues will overtake Khalsa Aid in future and the Sangat's money will go towards helping our community to meet and pass the challenges it faces from our enemies.
  7. It's all relative. A drug epidemic in an country that is independent is quite different and less dangerous for that country than one in a state that has a bare Sikh majority and that is controlled by an oppressive government of another community and which is hell bent on destroying the Sikh population by all means at its disposal. And the Khalsa Aid muppets think that using the Sangat's funds in Punjab is only appropriate if there is an earthquake there! These muppets don't understand that there is an earthquake of farmer suicides, drug addiction, pollution and cancer in Punjab every month and yet these arrogant people are off to 'waste money in areas where tens of millions is being spent by other larger charities. You are right that KA is now all about marketing and collecting money. I am sure they work on some formula that one image of a Nishan Sahib raised in a far flung place is worth many thousands of pounds in donations as are images and videos of their volunteers in KA t-shirts giving out food to refugees. What is interesting is that they use their posts on facebook to ask for donations when they have £2.5 million in their bank account. At a time when our community is under siege in Punjab and the likelihood is that Sikhs will lose their majority in Punjab in the next few decades we need to make sure that every penny of the Sangat's money is used wisely and ONLY in ensuring that it is used for the welfare of Sikhs. That is why apart from other charities working with Sikligars etc, the only other charity I donate to is Sikh Relief. This used to be mainly help Sikh prisoners in India and their families but has since started to expand to organising Gurmat camps, dastar tying camps and other Sikh parchar activities. These people are the ones that are making an effort to raise the next Sikh generation. I would put the difference between this charity and KA in blunt terms as Sikh relief is raising the next Sikh generation while Khalsa Aid is raising the next Muslim generation!
  8. Why is there a need for a Sikh organisation specialising in 'humanitarian crisis' when there are over 100 or more such organisations with multi-million pound budgets? What is the need for such an Sikh organisation which will duplicate the work of these other organisations? Is a few facebook posts and some newspaper and youtube coverage worth the lives of Sikhs who could have been helped had the Khalsa Aid funds been exclusively used for Sikhs. Khalsa Aid has over £2.5 million in the bank. If it chose to it could set up counseling centres in Punjab for the Punjabi farmers weighed down under debt. It could feed, clothe and educate EACH and EVERY Sikh orphan whose parents gave their lives of the Sikh cause and those whose parents were mercilessly butchered in Delhi. It could pay a pension to each family of the Shaheeds of 1984 and after. After this there would still be enough money to set up a few parchar centres to counter the parchar of the Christian missionaries so we wouldn't always hear negative stories of poor Sikhs being converted to Christianity. Imagine that, there is a Sikh who many like to project as some sort of diaspora Bhagat Puran Singh who has it in his hands to solve over 50% of the issues that plague the Sikhs of Punjab and yet he CHOOSES NOT TO. But I suppose that's the needs of the Sikhs of Punjab are not HUMANITARIAN ENOUGH for Ravi Singh. That kind of effort would only get publicity and goodwill in the Sikh community but he is hungry for publicity from non-Sikhs so Sikhs in need will need to wait until he comes around to them. A few months ago one of the KA organisers was off on a jaunt to the British Virgin Islands as if the British Govt which is annually gives billions in foreign aid would be negligent in providing aid to their own territories! Really these Khalsa Aid people need to spend some of their money in the banks and get some brain scans done! Sikh groups helping Sikhs have come about because some Sikhs realise that KA is taking the Sikhs for a ride and not helping Sikhs. It is only lately that KA has had to make some efforts in Punjab otherwise they would happily bypass Sikh issues. The issue here is that whereas other religions go out to help just their own adherents, we have stupid Sikhs like KA and United Sikhs also helping non-Sikhs. No non-Sikh organisation will help Sikhs and if it does then it will be for dubious reasons.
  9. The lame thing is that you chose to put lol IN MY QUOTE! You sad sad man.
  10. You know the same Sikhs that had a decade before given the British the biggest challenge of their lives were the first to volunteer to take on the Purabias! So did these Sardars suddenly become boot lickers and lose all self respect or did they make a conscious decision to take fight on the British side to stop the re-emergence of the Mughal empire under Bahadur Shah II? The syrupy words you claim were coming from all three communities as they battled with each other to advance their communities. As for the Sikhs of the pre-1947 generation the pappus that lead Khalsa Aid or United Sikhs are a poor comparison. Which Sakhi actually teaches that Sikhs should not help fellow Sikhs (of which there are millions at the moment) and go off a thousand miles away to replicate the work of other charities. It is not as if Khalsa Aid is the only charity working there, countries are pumping in millions into the relief work and the tens of thousands of pounds Ravi Singh and publicity hungry organisation will expend from the Panth's coffers would have been much better spent in Punjab.
  11. Dehli Air pollution

    It was caused by the usual pollution from Industry but what had tipped it over the edge was the stupid decision by Captain that he would stop stubble burning. The farmers obeyed but then all at once decided to burn the stubble. If the stubble had been burnt in stages as usually happens then it would not have been that bad. Unfortunately the pollution has also affected Punjab as well. If the pollution was only hitting the Delhiwalas then I would have no problem with them having their throats burnt just as they did to the Sikhs in 1984.
  12. Dyal Singh Majithia was a Brahmo Samaji and he left his wealth with had been generated by the exertions of his Sikh ancestors to a trust managed by Bengalis. His non-Sikh lifestyle was used to show that he was Hindu and thus governed by the Hindu religious law of inheritance. These Bengalis turned The Tribune newspaper into an anti-Sikh paper. I couldn't care less if the college remains Dyal Singh college or is renamed.
  13. Non-stop flight to Amritsar

    It's a catch 22 situation. Travel direct to Amritsar and show that there is demand for the direct flight but then at the same time put your hard earned money into the genocidal Indian government which has murdered tens of thousands of our fellow Sikhs. Given the choice I would go via Turkmenistan airlines and at least keep some of my hard earned money from the zalim sarkar.
  14. JAGTAR SINGH FreeJaggi

    I disagree that the actions taken are useless. If anything the united front that we have shown have unnerved the Indian govt. To have questions asked in the British parliament stating that an British citizen has been tortured would have caused embarrassment to the Indian govt. The fact that Sikh leaders around the world like Jagmeet Singh criticising the treatment of Jagtar Singh Jaggi will have put more pressure on the GOI. Does that image look familar? No. it's not Jaggi but Jaswant Singh Azad and it's not from 2017 but from 2012 when an elderly Sikh maningh Azad from Sunderland in UK was arrested and framed in Punjab with the same charges as Jaggi faces now. It took him 5 long years and it was only in July this year that he was finally cleared. https://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/crime/sunderland-shopkeeper-arrested-in-india-over-alleged-terrorism-and-gun-offences-1-5008858 https://sikhsiyasat.net/2017/07/26/bhai-daljit-singh-bittu-jaswant-singh-azad-acquitted-jalandhar-uapa-case/ Jaswant Singh Azad did not have British MPs asking questions about his treatment, he didn''t have Sikhs around the world rally to his support. This is the difference between 2012 and now. We are more united and we can carry out a well co-ordinated campaign for a fellow Sikh suffering in India. If you look back historically we have had prominent Sikhs not just tortured but murdered in Punjab and yet the Sikhs abroad did not even organise a protest. So I think we shouldn't dismiss what we have achieved in just a few weeks. That fat oaf Amarinder has pretty much turned all Sikhs abroad against him. Do you think he will be able to come to any western country now. If the Sikh organisations use the legal pathways that are available they could have him arrested when he places one step in a western country. We Sikhs should be using the same legal techniques that the Palestinians are using abroad where many Israeli politicians cannot come to some western countries as they could be arrested for abetting torture. Already images of the police dog who tortured Jaggi have been put on facebook. He is known to visit Canada and it should now be up to Sikh organisations to use the law in Canada so that the next time he steps foot in Canada he is arrested for his crimes. That would put a stop to the impunity enjoyed by the Punjab police dogs.
  15. I say well done to those guys. The committee sell out above was probably the one who invited him to the Gurdwara. This should happen at every Gurdwara where the Indian dogs come to spy on the Sikhs.