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  1. Whatever the production standards of these movies are the fact is that after three decades the Sikh side of the story with regard to operation Bluestar and the Sikh struggle is getting told and a great many Sikhs will now know the truth rather than the propaganda of the Indian govt.
  2. I think we have become used to the heavily pro-Muslim bias in the media by now so a documentary on partition which is heavily skewed with pro-Muslim bias should not come as a huge surprise. The problem is that we have zero representation in the media and any we have are sell out left wing kumbaya singing nutcases like Anita Rani and the obnoxious Gurinder Chada. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't wheel out Meera Syal next! If there is any benefit to watching the 2nd documentary of Anita Rani is was to see the look of horror she had on her face when the TRUTH was told to her about what her grandfather's first wife went through and how his two children were massacred by the Muslims. She was probably looking for a feel good story of how the Muslims had helped the Sikhs and how the Sikhs had forced their own women to commit suicide. This would have been her ideal story and would have fitted in with the BBC narrative of good Muslims and bad Sikhs. Unfortunately for her she came across the truth of what happened in 1947. It was a far cry from her original documentary last year where she seemed horrified that her grandmother's first wife had committed suicide during partition. It does look like in the recent documentary she now has a better understanding of what made non-Muslim women commit suicide rather than be captured by Muslims. Apart from the inaccuracies and downright bias in Seven Days in Summer the programme started off with the derailing by Sikhs of one of the Pakistan 'specials' train thereby implying that the violence was started by the Sikhs. The fact is that communal riots had been going on since the end of 1946 in Punjab. The Sikhs had suffered genocidal massacres by Muslims in the rural areas of Rawalpindi in March 1947. By not relating the background of the partition and how the violence was started by the Muslims a year before partition it was being disingenuous. Would the BBC air a WW2 documentary and start by showing the bombing of Dresden by the RAF without referring to the Blitz of London by the Luftwaffe a few years before? One of the other drawbacks of this season of documentaries on partition was that the Sikh position was never discussed. Here was a community which had been nearly been wiped out by Muslim massacres in the 18th century which had then gone on to rule the Punjab and were now to be either placed under perpetual Muslim rule or to have their community split in two under two hostile regimes. Neither was the loss of the historic Gurdwaras as well as the millions of acres of the best agricultural land in India discussed.
  3. If we really are serious about wanting our own country we need to get away from the mindset of always trying to prove that we gave the most sacrifices for freeing a country which in turn enslaved us and committed genocide against us. You can only shame people who have morals and a sense of justice. The Indians have none of that. By us trying to prove that we were more nationalist then they are we are just playing their game and in the end we will lose. We need to show the coming generations that just as thousands of Sikhs struggled to free India from the British ten times that number struggled to try and gain freedom for the Sikhs FROM India. If we keep on harking back to Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Shaheed Udham Singh whose sacrifices no doubt were great but then we forget that in the 1980s and 90s there were thousands of Sikhs who did no less these two martyrs. We need to develop and propagate our own narrative free from the narrative of the Indian state. Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh's struggle was a diversion away from the main Sikh struggle for Khalsa Raj. Also the game of one-upmanship is an unnecessary diversion away from our struggle. You will notice that no one in the Indian establishment ever counters these figures which can in fact be easily countered by including the tens of thousands of non-Sikhs who died in the Indian mutiny. That has already been promoted as a war of independence. This is because it suits the Indian establishment for Sikhs to be diverted into showing how much they gave for India because they are also showing that wanting freedom from India would be a betrayal of all those Sikhs who gave their lives for Indian independence. Also in the list there is included the Namdhari movement, it is unclear due to the mass of misinformation that has been written firstly by the British who feared the movement as an attempt to bring down their rule and secondly by the Namdhari writers after 1947 who wanted to show the martyrs as fighters for Indian independence and Baba Ram Singh as a precursor to MK Gandhi. It's unclear whether the Namdharis were only against cow slaughter and wanted religious reform or whether they aspired to resurrect the Khalsa Raj in Punjab. The other item on the list - the Akali movement has been included in the so-called battle for independence when it was nothing of the sort. The Akali movement was solely aimed at brining the Gurdwaras under the control of the Sikh community and away from the Mahants. The fact that a solely religious movement was subverted and presented as a political movement owes a lot to the interference of MK Gandhi who tried unsuccessfully to get the Akalis to suspend the agitation for the Gurdwaras and instead join his so-called fight for freedom. Kartar Singh Jabbar who took an active part in the struggle convinced the Akali leadership that if they suspended the agitation until after independence the struggle for the Gurdwaras would be well nigh impossible in a 'free' India ruled by the Hindus. Instead of putting up and sharing lists trying to show how many Sikhs died for Indian freedom why do we not put up and share lists which show how that number is miniscule to the number of Sikhs throughout history who struggled for Sikh freedom? Let's do a quick count. Out of the figure of 3697 take away the Akali movement and the imprisonment for life and you get roughly a figure of 1050 Sikhs who died for Indian independence. Now look at the Sikhs who died for Sikh freedom. First the tens of thousands who died in the 18th century to create the Khalsa Raj. Then the tens of thousands who died fighting to defend the Khalsa Raj from the British in the Anglo-Sikhs wars. Then the main leaders who were exiled for life such as Bhai Maharaj Singh. Then comes Maharaja Duleep Singh and his attempts to get back his kingdom from the British. Then you have the Babbar Akalis who fought a violent campaign in the 1920s against the colonial state. After that the Akali Dal demand for a Sikh state in 1946 and then the Khalistan movement from the 1980s onwards. Let's not place great emphasis on 1050 Sikhs who died for Indian independence when over a 100 times that number gave their lives for Sikh freedom. Those 1050 were a blip or a temporary deviation from the main current of Sikh history which is towards the creation of a Sikh state.
  4. The book is the highly biased " The Sikhs in action" published by the Pakistan government in 1948. The page he was reading was page 30. The whole book can be read here-; Page 33 is interesting in that it relates to an attack by a Jatha on Qadian. What the propaganda book fails to mention that between the transfer of power on 15th August and the announcement of the Radcliffe award on 17th August Gurdaspur was widely regarded to have gone to Pakistan and as a result in those two days the Muslims of Gurdaspur district attacked the Sikhs and Hindus but when the Radcliffe award gave Gurdaspur to India the tables were turned and the attack on Qadian is the retaliation for Muslim attacks on Sikhs and Hindus during those two day.
  5. Ok so for someone who has had his running battles with both Jagsaw and Daily - Jagsaw for being an Islamophilic dhimmi and Daily for his anti-Jat jihad, I should be loving the last few posts but what I see here is a pointless argument from which we will learn nothing and which just shows how entrenched some views have become among Sikhs.Guru Nanak has said in Gurbani Maas Maas kar Moorakh jhagray - fools argue over meat. The simple fact is that just like the general population some Sikhs eat meat and some are vegetarian. It's not up to me to say who is right and who is wrong. If you are Amritdhari then you need to follow what your Panj Piare told you about the rehat you have to follow. If your Panj Piare told you to refain from all meat then that is what you have to do and if they told you that Jhatka meat is allowed then you can eat Jhatka meat IF you want to. The worst thing you can do is to deride another Sikh who eats Jhatka or as a Jhatka eater a vegetarian Sikh for not eating Jhatka. As an Amritdhari how does the fact that another Amritdhari is eating or not eating Jhatka impacting on your life? This is the most important question you have to consider.
  6. Looks like it's not just restricted to Kashmiri Muslims. There have been cases of Indian Muslims as well as Somalis, Turks, Iraqis and others. The elephant in the room is ISLAM
  7. Cut the strength of the army while importing tens of thousands of Muslims into the county every year. What could possibly go wrong?
  8. For Gujjus the Bombay Mix and Chevrhah might be screwing up their genetics!
  9. Good analysis. I think Germany and France are pretty much finished. Along with them you can add Sweden, Belgium and Holland. Holland had a chance to put up even the semblance of a fight back but that finished when Geert Wilders lost the election. Same with France, that Macron guy is Jeremy Corbyn in a suit. It is ironic that the descendants of Charles Martel the warrior who stopped Islam in its tracks in the 8th century may be the first ones to fall to Islam in the 21st century. How a nation that was on the forefront of the Crusades and once challenged Britain for world domination can now suffer a terrorist attack from the religion of 'peace' almost weekly and yet vote in a Islamophile Macron is beyond me. Britain can still overcome the Islamic onslaught because of Brexit. They can at least control their borders.
  10. We live in the real world. Go to sleep, its well past your bedtime bachu.
  11. It has a lot to do with diet. Punjabis eat wheat and those of smaller stature tend to eat rice as a staple. That's why Bengalis, Thais and Burmese tend to be shorter. Also genetics may also come into play especially as the ancestors of the Punjabis are thought to have come the steppes of Central Asia.
  12. I remember chatting to some Roma guys some years ago. He told me that his people originally came from India and he pointed to his nose and said a word similar to nak, and his eyes and said ankh etc. They are definitely from Northern India whether from Punjab or Rajasthan. Their begging and petty crime is due their having been excluded from the majority societies in the countries they migrated to so they had to do these things to survive.
  13. Have you read the rest of the Shabad by Bhagat Kabirji? You are no different to those you accuse of not understanding the underlying essence of the scriptures. Please read the rest of the Shabad where Bhagat kabirji criticises halal slaughter, ritual cleansing etc. Btw the Shabad has always been read along with the Sakhi where Bhagat Kabirji criticises those who dismiss other's scriptures without having contemplated them. So there is nothing wrong on stating they do not make sense once you have read them. Your understanding of Kafir is what the Muslims want non-Muslims in the west to believe until they are able to become a majority and then you will understand what they really mean by kafir. Mohammed killed and threw out all the Jews and Christians out of Arabia. So were all these Jews and Christians ones who refused to thank god and were ungrateful?? Stop playing word games. Islam means submission to the will of Allah not belief in Gods other than Allah. Lets play your wold game further, I know since every person alive in this world is learning something each and every day then that makes them Sikhs! So who says Sikhs are only 25 million, we Sikhs are now 6 Billion!
  14. The Quran is both the most over hyped and the most disappointing book I had the misfortune to attempt to read. Just read a few chapters and you will understand why only the brain dead would believe that it is from God.