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  1. Dehli Air pollution

    Not sure if anyone is aware of the news from Dehli India. Of the air pollution problem in the recent weeks. Schools have been shut as people are becoming unwell breathing in the toxic fumes from the air. Many tourist are caught up in it. As the region is engulfed in a thick layer of smog. It is caused by cars and industry aswell as farming due to crop burning season at the moment. Anyone know when it will be safe to travel and how dangerous is this air pollution? https://news.sky.com/story/indian-capital-of-new-delhi-blanketed-by-hazardous-thick-smog-11117073
  2. Pakistan Homos

    That could be a factor. But It could also be that they are just following their scriptures. As its pointed out many times that they will get a hareem of boys in heaven. Hence they see nothing wrong with engaging in these activities.
  3. Pakistan Homos

    It is well known around the world that Homosexuality is very high among the muslim world and population. Some estimates put it that almost 40 to 60% of muslim males are homosexual or bisexual. Meaning they are attracted to both woman and man. Even in their religious scriptures rewards in heaven include young boys for them to induldge in their beastaly and depraved fanstasies. Some even say that their prophet Muhammad was a gay as he had a secret affair with another man. "Homosexuality was and is widely practised in Islamic countries.To please the homosexuals among his followers muhamed promised them pre-pubescent boys in Paradise. So after committing plunder, loot, rape and murder in this life, the followers of Islam get "rewarded" by untouched virginal youths who are fresh like pearls" Paksitan regulalrly aswell as other muslim nations tops the list of countrys with most internet searches for gay pornography. Meaning there is great amount of proof that they have high number of homos in their country. What could be the cause of this. Is it due to genetic factors caused by rampant inbreeding?
  4. Dehli Air pollution

    5% to 7% of the Dehli Population is Sikh. That is like 1 to 1 and half million Sikhs. Hence everyone is going to suffer from the poor air quality including Sikhs.
  5. #freejagginow

    Could they have not thought of a better catch phraze then jagginow. Sound like on juggy ds' latest bhangra tracks
  6. Dehli Air pollution

    Yeah. Its a quite bad at the moment. Hopefully it clears soon for the sake of everyones health. What part of dehli are you from btw?
  7. Is Sikhism really hijacked by Jattism ?

    What you tend to find with any group that like to boast about themselves. Is that the louder someone shouts the more insecure he is inside. Thats why foxes, dogs and hyensas bark alot and make a scene to try and scare or imtimidate. But A lion just does one growl and shows them who is the boss. The moral of the story is confidence is quiet insecurity is loud. This is not directed at all jatts but only those that boast and try and put others down.
  8. Islam view of Hinduism

    The Honorable Lord Krishna: A Prophet Of Allah Hindus worldwide will soon observe Krishna Janmashtami, a celebration of Lord Krishna’s birth. While many recognize the differences between Islam and Hinduism, few may appreciate that according to Islamic principles and Prophet Muhammad, Lord Krishna was a true Prophet of God. The obvious question that emerges is that if the same God sent Lord Krishna and Prophet Muhammad, why do Islam and Hinduism have notable theological differences? Simply put, Islam only argues that the original core teachings of Hinduism and Islam are the same — the unity of God and the obligation to serve mankind. Furthermore, nothing in the Quran, Sunnah or Hadith declares that Lord Krishna was not a prophet. Thus, this short article offers nine points to consider — together — that Lord Krishna is a true prophet of God, a prophet whom Muslims also revere along with their fellow Hindu neighbors. 1. First, the Quran is the only ancient scripture that specifically mentions and praises other faiths. While the Quran mentions Jews and Christians specifically, in numerous places, likewise, it mentions Hindus in a group known as the Sabians. Sabians refer to non-Abrahamic traditions — Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Taoists, etc. Thus, recognition of Hinduism exists in the Quran. 2. Islam teaches six Articles of Faith. The Fourth Article of Faith is the belief in all of God’s prophets. This simple Article of Faith provides further credence to recognizing Lord Krishna as a prophet sent to the Indian subcontinent. 3. The Quran is clear that God’s Divine guidance is not exclusive to any one people. Rather the Quran says that God sent “messengers to every people“ (10:48) and “We raised among every people a messenger“ (16:37). Prophet Muhammad further declared that God has sent no less than 124,000 prophets to mankind throughout history (Ibn Hanbal, Musnad, 5, 169) of which only 28 are mentioned in the Quran. None of those 28 prophets are mentioned as being sent to the Indian subcontinent. Thus, it is perfectly reasonable that Lord Krishna is one of the many prophets God sent with His Divine message. 4. Segueing from the previous point, the Quran clearly declares, “And We sent some Messengers whom We have already mentioned to thee and some Messengers whom We have not mentioned to thee...“ (4:165). Thus, to declare that Lord Krishna is not a prophet simply because the Quran does not mention him is a meritless argument. 5. Remarkably, Prophet Muhammad declared, “There was a prophet of God in India who is dark in color and his name was Kahan [Krishna]” (History of Hamadan Dailmi Chapter Al-Kaaf). Some critics allege this is not a Sahih (authentic) hadith, and while their assessment could be valid, their conclusion that the hadith should be discarded is invalid. Basic Islamic jurisprudence holds that if a hadith does not contradict the Quran, then it may be accepted as valid. As mentioned earlier, nothing in the Quran, Sunnah or Hadith declare that Lord Krishna was not a prophet of God. Thus, Prophet Muhammad’s testimony provides clear guidance of Lord Krishna’s status in Islam — that of a prophet. In fact, a renowned early 19th century Muslim scholar, Muhammad Qasim Nanotwi also was of the opinion that considering the evidence and this hadith, Lord Krishna was a true Prophet of God (Dharam Parchar Pg 8 & Debate Shah Jahan Pur Pg 31). 6. Islam’s Third Article of Faith is the Belief in God’s Books. This is why Muslims revere the Injeel (Gospels) and Torah (Old Testament). Thus, it is only logical that Muslims also revere the Gita and Vedas, Hinduism’s holy scriptures from which Lord Krishna taught. 7. Earlier I mentioned that both Islam and Hinduism teach the unity of God and service of mankind — a message both Prophet Muhammad and Lord Krishna taught. In fact, the Vedas state, “There is only one God, worship Him“ (Rig Veda, 6.45.16) and “Do not worship any one beside Him“ (Rig Veda 8.1.1) and also, “God is only one, not a second“ (Chandogya Upanishad Ch. 6.2.1). Furthermore, countless verses in the Vedas teach the service of mankind. For example, “Oh Noble men! We do not commit violence. We do not hurt others. We do not quarrel either. We of course chant Vedas and act according to its dictates“ (Rig Veda 10.134.7) and “Every man should protect the other in all respects“ (Atharva 6.64.1). Again, while admitted theological differences exist between Islam and Hinduism today, no doubt exists that Prophet Muhammad and Lord Krishna both taught God’s unity and service to mankind. 8. Furthermore, Lord Krishna’s scriptures clearly prophesize Prophet Muhammad’s advent in multiple places. We provide just two. Bhavisyath Purana 3:5-8 states, “A spiritual reformer will come from a foreign land (outside Bharat) with his disciples. His name will be Mahamad. He will dwell in a desert.” Likewise, “His [Mahamad’s] followers will perform circumcision. They will not keep their hair in the form of Choti as the Brahmans do. They will keep beard. They will bring about a revolution. They will call with a loud voice [i.e. Adhaan]. They will eat meat of animals other than that of swine. They will attain purity through Jihad. Their civilization will be called Muslay [Muslim].” For the sake of brevity we will avoid further commentary on these verses as they speak volumes on their own. Suffice it to say, however, that these verses further support the argument that the same God who sent Prophet Muhammad, sent Lord Krishna. Earlier we provided Prophet Muhammad’s hadith validating Lord Krishna, and now we provide Lord Krishna’s holy scripture validating Prophet Muhammad. What further proof do we need that Prophet Muhammad and Lord Krishna are brothers cut from the same mold? 9. Finally, in the Quran, God gives Prophet Muhammad the auspicious title of Khataman Nabiyeen or Seal of the Prophets (33:41). While some limit this title’s meaning to “last,” from Hadith and authentic Arabic lexicon it is clear that the true import of “Seal” is Greatness and Validation. That is, Prophet Muhammad is called not only the greatest prophet, but also the Validation of all prophets. Thus, it makes perfect sense why Prophet Muhammad specifically called Lord Krishna a Prophet — part of his purpose in coming was to declare to the world that God did not abandon any people. Rather, God sent His guidance and prophets to all people. In doing so, Prophet Muhammad validated Lord Krishna’s truthfulness — something no prophet of any faith outside of Islam has done. Thus, as human beings we must honor and revere all those prophets because the same God sent each of them — Lord Krishna being no exception. In short, Prophet Lord Krishna was a noble, righteous, beloved one of God. Far from theological division, he is a source of unity and accord between Hindus and Muslims. Although there are quite a few inaccuracies in the article. Its interesting to note that the quran does mention hinduism. l
  9. Islam view of Hinduism

    If that is the case it is kind of strange. As when Islam was developing in the middle east 1400 years ago. Hinduism was already flourishing and well established during and before this time in India. So why no mention of Hindu or Indian beliefs. Maybe muhammed was racist towards indians lol
  10. Islam view of Hinduism

    This is right. Infact after learning about other religious beliefs I have appreciated my own faith more. It is like always eating indian food and thinking its the best and not tasting other cusines. Its only when you eat other cuisnes which may not be to your liking that you fully appreciate the indian food that you liked in the first place. Probably not the best analogy but hope you get the point I am making.
  11. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    The cradle of where humans came from is in east africa. If there is such a thing as adam and eve area. We evolved here from. Infact the very first life on earth was fish and insects. Over millions of years we evolvee in the human form from fish and othe animals forms. Today we most resemble our ape like ancesstors. However we did not ditectly evolve from apes. But we shared a common ancesstor. All this is actually written in our holy sciptures. Such as reincarnation and how we have escaped the endless rebirth from animals/insects to man. Long before scientist discovered this through evolotion.
  12. Here's why sikhs should stop marrying hindus altogether !!

    At least Yogi bajan did something for Sikhi. He has raised the profile of who Sikhs are in the world be it not in a perfect way but it is something at least.Many of these people may one day become proper Sikhs instead of this yoga stuff. Why not try and educate these people so they become into mainstream Sikhi instead of the 'cult' Maybe through Yogi bhajan many have become Sikhs. Just through him raising awareness about the Sikh identity across the world. Even if they follow some beliefs that are not considered fully correct. They are at least a bunch of people that follow alot of what Sikhi says be it not fully. I think I know some who have broken away fron the cult and become like everyday Sikhs. But then again I am no expert on these people. The question is what have you done for Sikhi compared to yogi bhajan?
  13. The youth of today

    lol haha First time I actually saw the video I posted. It must have been so bad that it did not make it to the mainstream. I think this your video is even funnier. Wannabe gangster raggamuffins lolz
  14. Sikhism's Golden period is now

    It does not have to be this way. Every Sikh is on a journey some are further ahead and some are behind But educating people about Sikhism and spreading the message does not necessarily have to come from someone who is a saint. I dont think there is a single website about helping people who want to be Sikh. We only have Sikhnet which is run by some cult people who only want money.
  15. At the moment Sikhism is in its golden period. The next 50 years are crucial for its survival and prosperity. It is a make or break time for the faith. If we continue the way we are going Sikhi as we know it will become a insignificant religion on the world stage confined only to Punjabi people and not like a ethically and racially diverse religion like other faiths. Our time is running out. We must act now for the benefit of the next generations who are counting on us for their future. But we are on borrowed time. Unless drastic steps are taken to take the faith further and expand all around the world. If this is not done within the next 50 years it is game over. There will not be an opportunity like this again. Many if not all will eventually become athiest or convert to other religions. This is actually happening now but will get increasingly worse. The next 50 years is either success or failure as far as numbers go. After 50 years are up. There is no way of turning back the tide. That is why I stress the importance in a crucial period and juncture for the faith. We need huge scale missionary activity throughout the world from tibet to mongolia. Dont expect people to one day wake up and look at a basics of sikhi video on youtube then convert on their own will. Yes we can implement digital technology to reach to the masses but that is only one method. We need boots on the ground. Missionary centres on every corner of the earth to spread Guru Nanaks message. We must lobby our so called leaders to fund these projects. Money and resources need to be poured in for the effort to begin. Dedication and commitment is needed from us all. Sacrafices will need to be made. It will not be easy but we can achieve the goal with the right methods and knowledge. Dont think I am just typing this as a passing thought. I am in the process of setting up one of only in the UK of a Sikh missionary centre. If people are intrested in helping and are from the the east London area. Please contact me on ways you can help and contribute to the project. Any thoughts on this crucial period in time that we must act on? WJKK WJKF
  16. The youth of today

    2002 . Oh though this was a recent video from 2011.
  17. Some more Home Truths

    Good points JagsawSingh, Weshoud always look at these things from a open perspective. But well done non the less first Sikh leader in Canada.
  18. Some more Home Truths

    Interesting Sikhs have been in south america since 100 years ago. That is great but how many of these are actually osing their faith and having mixed marriages with the natives. This depleting the Sikh population in south america.

    What do you call a bannana that lives alone? Akela
  20. Sikhi in South america

    Can Sikhism flourish in South America? I have heard there some Sikhs in mexico. But can we not do more. Or do our leaders only care about helping terrorist rohinga. We are not exactly a big religion in terms of numbers. What can be done in South america. Do we have the structures in place throughout the world with adequate funding? Lets looks at Islam. Thousands of mexicans have recently converted to Islam sawing the seeds for Islamic sharia and domination in South america. Yet Sikhs even though we are a wealthy community cannot do any type of missionary programe. Infact we are plaine useless when it comes to spreading our faith. Is it any wonder that Sikhs will eventually become a very tiny insignificant population and people with no political voice or power in the world. We are more concerned with silly little affairs, that we are losing the reality of the bigger picture. Our faith is under threat from extermination. Yet all we really care about is having a glassy and bhangra and making sure our turban is tied correctly. Its time Sikhs all across the world woke up and smelt the coffee before it is to late. Missionary work needs to begin in every country in every continent in every village. We need to show that we want people to join our faith. Instead of preaching that all religions are the way to God and it does not matter if you are Sikh or not. Boleeeeeeeeeeeeeee Soni ni haal Satsriakal
  21. Human timeline and Faith

    What is the Sikh view of faith and God for people who lived in times when no religion was actually in existence. Lets look at the timeline of human history. We present day humans (homo sapiens) have been on earth for 200,000 years.Yes beleve it or not thats how long we have been around. A very long time. I must stress I am talking about humans who look like us today. Not other species whos timeline goes back even futher such as neaandthals ect. Before us humans there were neandethals another but seperate species of humans who became exinct and before them was homo erectus a even more pre-historic human species. Altogether the were 5 main human like species. We are the 5th one. Homo sapiens. The most succesfull and intellgent species that populate earth today. But the most important part to remember is that humans that are in existence today have populated earth for 200 thousand years. So for most part of human existence there was no concept of religion. The oldest religion or belief system is Hinduism. But that is only 5000 years old. That would mean Humans have been without any form of religion for 195.000 years the overwhelming majority of the human timeline. Civilsation was started only 6000 years ago. An image of human genuis
  22. Sikhism's Golden period is now

    It is all about directing the enormous funds that Sikhs have into parchaar groups. We need one central group that will be responsible for all education on Sikhism.
  23. The youth of today

    it must be the worst bhangra video i have seen lol the dance moves are to funny aswell as the general dancing. and those 2 old guys giving it large by lifting up some light weight dumbells