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  1. I have noticed so many Sikhs eating beef. What has happened? And why do mostly jatt people chomp on beef burgers like no tommorow.
  2. With all the bad stories we have become accustomed to of many girls from the community and their behaviour. Its great to see a Punjabi Sikh girl with respect and honour such as Harmanpreet Kaur. Who blasted a fantastic 171 against australia in the womens world cup. Probably the greatest innings by an indian cricketer. Be it men or women. We should all salute Harmanpreet Kaur !!! Big respect!! She has become a national hereo in India. And great to see she uses KAUR as her last name then some retarded caste name.
  3. Looks like people would rather concentrate on the bad girls then recognize and give praise to good hardworking respectable girl.
  4. You can usually tell
  5. Its mostly jatts from what I have seen. My local mcdonalds if full of them, gorging on big macs and quarter pounders. absolute discrace then they go and drink a bottle of whisky dance around like some pendus and have the decency to think they ard better then everyone else.
  6. Cow is a sacred animal it give milk. We should respect the cow. You silly cow.
  7. Speak english please
  8. Yeah I hope no throws any water bombs through the windows while im driving lol.
  9. I feel sorry for this poor girl her lifer will never be the same. What drove this guy to do this? Many of these attacks are carried out by ex jealous partners.
  10. I cannot believe this is happening. Another shocking thing is the guy who did it on the girl Resham Khan is from canning town. I use to work there very near there. Why are they doing this. It just shows that we need to be very careful out there. Theres people with alot of ignorance and hate. Acid attack is pure evil.
  11. That girl who made the comment about taking it up the rear. Is Well known. She appeared in Big brother about 4 years ago. Her name is something uppal. She won the uk or india miss world competition. took me a while but i remembered that face and accent from the bb series a while ago.
  12. Dont bring family into this you stinking pile of dirt.
  13. Kids can be evil. The bullies should be forced to eat 10 blocks of cheese as punishment.
  14. Were your ancestors not Hindu? Why treat Hindus and Hinduism so badly. Unless you would really like to be Hindu instead. Im sure you probably look like one.
  15. Maybe ajeet should guard the border. To stop the chine and roos comming over. lets just hope he doesnt sheeet his pants
  16. Good on her. As a Sikhs we respect all religions. If she chose Christianity or even another religion as her path then good on her and I wish her all the best. We should not stoop to her level though of disrespecting other faiths like she has done. Wjkk wjkf
  17. And whats wrong with being a Hindu if I was one? Sikhs are taught to respect all faiths and beliefs. So stop behaving like a child. With your issues with Hindus. looks like another hindu hater lol I have many friends of all faiths and proud to say they are my friends.
  18. Actually you could be right. Lets all protect ajeet as he knows all the secrets of India. He could get assassinated any time. How did you gain this secret classified information?
  19. And then ajeetsinghpunjabi wakes up and realises it was all a dream. And also realises that pigs will not be able to fly. awww
  20. Who cares. So what if the muslim does it. You think we should now see all muslims as good. baqwaas thread.
  21. I think I would like to disown this thread. jeez. What a silly question and thread.
  22. Is a person not a true Sikh unless he wears a turban? What about those who wear one but do bad deeds. But you may have a mona who does good deeds. Which one is better?
  23. 'Those that don't wear it look tawdry, crass, half-witted and not to mention, cloddish and this applies to both men and women' Are you for real? People who dont wear a turban look cloddish, half witted.