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  1. It should not really really matter that areas become 'overun with muslims'. in fact its best to leave these areas. let the muslims be with their own kind. Muslims will alway be hostile to non muslims and vice versa. Think about the amount of grooming cases that would happen if Sikhs and hindus stayed in predominately muslim areas. It would increase tenfold. Its best Sikhs stay away from gehtto muslim areas. Do muslims like to live in Sikh dominated areas? no they want to be with their own kind. so let them. This is the fact of modern britian, america, canada and india. just about anywhere. people want to live with their own kind.
  2. Not sure if anyone has seen this video before or if this is a genuine Sikh. Absolutley discraceful
  3. I agree. Charity starts at home. Khalsa aid is a great organisation. But why should we give money to syria and rohinga. These people will laugh that we are helping them. Sikhs cant even build a Gurdwara in syria and other arab countries. We are also persecuted. yet we help these same people. Its a case of trying to be to goody goody.
  4. Just the other day I had some incident with a racist boss who made some snide remarks. I wont go into detail but it was some nasty racist stuff. How to deal with these racist bosses? p.s on a sidenote most of the racism I have dealt with has been in the voluntary work sector. Where bosses can get away with alot of racist abuse as the volunteer has little rights. To go in breif details this female manager has done similar things to other asian workers. I felt like having a real go at her to give her a taste of her own medicine. I am still actually thinking of doing this. But then I thought as a man I should not do this to a woman. But maybe I should as this is the only way she will learn.
  5. Racism in the work envroment

    She's a typical loud mouthed racist person. I took alot of abuse from this vile human being who is not good enough to be called a woman and I thought I will just walk away from the job peacefully without saying anything and then she was the one who had the last dig at me as I was leaving. I feel like going back there and giving her my 2 cents. for all the abuse she has given me and alot of the other staff members. I am not the kind of person who looks for confrontation. Infact I try and avoid it. She took me by suprise as I was talking to another manager. She butted in with her comments about my stay there. The cheek of the person. I could report her for her behaviour.
  6. Racism in the work envroment

    Yes I did start this debate before. Let me give a brief overview. I work part time and have a day or two free in the week.SoI decided to give my free time and work for a local charity shop in my area for 1 day a week. But as soon as I started working their I realised there was hostility towards Asian people. The managers were constantly yelling at staff and often making offensive comments. ie 'do you not speak english' at foreign born asian staff in a derogotary way. When I walked in the room this particular racist manager. remarked 'whats that funny smell?' That was the last straw and I handed in my resignation. I could have at that point had a go at these people and told them to learn some manners and be greatful for the hardworking staff who are working for free. But I just made up some excuse that I did not have the time anymore to work there. I then walked off in a non aggresive way. only to be told by the racist manager that I was not someone they were looking for. I havent got time to go into details. but Im fuming at the moment.
  7. Broken leg/ sprain

    Anyone have any tips for a speedy recovery? Not sure if its broken but its painful.
  8. Broken leg/ sprain

    Just an update. I had the x ray. The doctor said it was not broken. But I am being cautious as sometimes the x ray does not pick up on some fractures. If theres a lesson I have learned from this. Is to be careful. Injuries can happen when you least accept them. Only minor falls and trips can result in devastating life long injuries. I took my knee for granted my entire life and when it got injured and could not walk without excruciating pain. I realized what a knee is. I am now not doing extreme sports. We need to take care of our bodies.
  9. Sales clerk discriminates against Sikh man

    How do we know for certain he is a 'Sikh man' Just because he has a turban and dhari that does not make him Sikh. Never judge a book by its cover. Theres so many turbaned men with dharis who are absolutley vile and scum of the earth.
  10. Broken leg/ sprain

    Natural medicine has been used for 1000's of years and the benefits include no side effects. Ayurvedic medicine is great and can help wity alot of health issues so I am open minded to the the holistic way.
  11. Broken leg/ sprain

    Yep this is what I have been told by the doctor. Will need to rest for a while and use crutches to take the load off the leg. I am tempted to start walking as normal and doing everday activities as was feeling a little better. But thought its best to rest and recouperate to allow it to fully heal. Will also take a multi vitiman and change to a more healthy diet. The only vitimans I have in the cabinet at the moment are Zink, Vitiman A, B vitimans. But probably need a calcium one.
  12. Broken leg/ sprain

    Yes I have an interest in homeopathic medicine as i think it can be helpful.
  13. Broken leg/ sprain

    Thanks for the info guys. Will definantly get this checked at the hospital. Im quite a tough cookie so can take a bit of pain. Will get an exray to see whats happened. I didnt go earlier as it was a minor fall from a bike and landed on my shin bone. Looks like I did some damage as the pain has got worse.
  14. Over complicating Sikhi

    Are some people over complicating the Sikh faith. We have people over analyzing the faith to follow exact rules and regulations. People who do this are just confusing themselves through going into minute details. Then they start critising others for not following their 'ideals' of the faith. Sikhism is a beautiful religion that is simple to follow. Theres no thousands of customs, rituals and traditions that we are meant to follow. We belive in key concepts. Such as believing in one God. Living a good honest decent life. Helping others and fighting for the equal rights of all. Trying to follow minute details will not make you a better Sikh. All you need to do is follow the key beliefs and everything will fall into place. Yet many try to hard and forget the basics. Is this an becoming an increasing issue in todays society of perfectionist Sikhs who are trying to hard.
  15. Over complicating Sikhi

    Absolutely. The key question is what can be done to curb this trend for the betterment of the faith?
  16. Ram Raheem a possible reality check...

    Raheem sterling is a typical example of why you should not trust someone or look up to someone just because they have a beard and a turban. So many fakers out there that latch onto the Sikh identity to get respect from people but just end up tarnishing the image of Sikhs.
  17. Khalsa Military Academy

    Tejvir Why you have a a khanda with a british flag. What is meaning?
  18. Sikh Channels

    Anyone know of some good informative Sikh channels. I am not talking about comedy channels like just reign but channels about faith and religion. Thanks
  19. Lol What have enuch and hijra community got to do with the war. lol As ajeet punjabi said if they want to enjoy themselves by taking it up the exit holes then let ajeet and other gay people do it and enjoy themselves. Obviously I dont agree with it but each to their own. Im not going to say lets beat them up. Ajeet do you attend gay pride events to show your support fo the homosexual community?
  20. Is being gay wrong in sikhi

    Theres plenty of gays that openly call themselves Gandu. So how is it disrespectful. There are a number of things that can cause and encourage homosexuality. Its not just nature it is also nurture. Get it right and educate yourself.
  21. Is being gay wrong in sikhi

    First of all beta. Dont go calling people son when your probably younger then the person your talking to. If you believe theres nothing wrong with taking it up your exit hole then good for you. As I said I dont believe in things such as we should 'kill gays' . But It is something I disagree with and I am entitled to my opinion. There are a number of things that can cause and encourage homosexuality. Its not just nature it is also nurture. Get it right and educate yourself.
  22. Is being gay wrong in sikhi

    Well what is the correct term to call a man that likes to take it up the exit hole from another man?