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  1. Jkv Thanks for the advice. Might take some lessons in the language or learn a few common phrazes. I alway have my language translation app. May go sometime in the future hopefully. p.s I have decided on Lanzarote -Costa Teguise resort. Hopefully its hot there and good.
  2. But on a larger scale. Is the problem not down to the mass media? Tv shows, film, radio, music. Why are young women growing up wanting to emulate their hereos such as kim Kardashian? Are women not shaped by society. Ie wear make up dress provactiveley to compete with other girls. To much emphasis on love and relatinships in childerens tv programmes women becoming over sexualused. This encourages unmoral behaviour and makes it the norm to have sexual relations outsite marriage. Boys growing excess drinking and womanising. Treating women badly. ect. Men have issues to. Many commit crimes, take drugs.
  3. Your okay for girls to dress like that and hang around with groups of randy men in night clubs late at night aslong as no meat and alcohol is involved? What about the x rated music lyrics that promote sexual behaviour and lust?. Does Sikhi not say we should dress modestly and resoectfully. Or is it okay to dress half naked?
  4. It can be western or eastern. ie India. No people/ communites/race are imune from these things that happen in our society. We are all products of society ajd the effects of mass media, tv, music ect.
  5. Okay lets forget about dressing if you think thats a big no no and concentrate on the other points. But just out of interest you think its perfectly fine for young women to have their b00bs hanging out wearing skimpy and overly sexualised clothing and garmets at 3.00 am in the morning in a club full of drunk men, all because you have seen some naked and holy sants? Then Preet I say you are indeed a remarkable soul and may you receive more akal in your life. May your brain and intellect grow to the right size. No one is advocating wearing Hijabs and Burkas.
  6. What are the reasons and causes for moral decline in society? Alcohol/drug abuse adictions increasing divorce/extra martial affairs increasing Gambling out of control Soaring crime rates: Various types frauds/thefts ect General distrust of one man against another. Youngsters not respecting elders. Kids behaving badly. young women dressing half naked. Hanging outside clubs in the early hours drunk with no care for themselves. Complete loss of self respect. Having sexual relations before marriage. (please note this goes for males to) Not just women) before we get women complaing that why cant they act like a sl@pper if a man can 😩 In addition. People have becime so materialistic. All they care about is wealth, cars and status. Instead if helping the poor, doing charitable work. There is no sence of community. We have lost good old community spirit. Instead we isolate ourselves and have lost love and compassion for one another.
  7. Sounds like it was a big adventure out there. Im not suprised by the size of the country. Must have a very diverse land scape. Would love to go but its a but quite a pricey place to visit? Or maybe the pound will give good exhange rates
  8. I was not planning going India. Asonly have a few days holiday allowance. India is a place you need to go for a few weeks at least.
  9. Self catered villa. Sounds good. Maybe I could pack my roti and take it to lanzaroti. 😀😃 Okay enough of that joke . Always wanted go to Brazil. Amazing rain forests and views. Any suggestions on places to visit? Only place I know is Rio but seems mostly a City type place.
  10. Thats an idea. Wouldnt mind going India again. but Usually Tour the Gurdwaras when go for 1 months stays.
  11. Thats amazing alsong as theres plenty of roti in lanzarote. ill be happy. Dont like going long without desi curries. lol Interesting did not know it actually part of Africa. one thing I like is the location very remote. Hope the weather is okay. Ill being leaving in late January which is like winter time in the Canaries. Not sure I would like to go to a village though. I like a bit of action. Not to quiet and lifeless.
  12. That Is actually the predicament I am in. Dont know wheather to go Tenerife or Lanzaroti. Both look nice. What resort did you to? lanazroti sounds more familiar as maybe they will have places where I can get some good desi roti. lol
  13. Im sure you did. lol
  14. Thanks for the advice. I will try and find a quiet peaceful resort then away from the party goers. Northern side of majorca. sounds nice. But Germans and Russians I dont mind them. They must be better the the brits.
  15. Thanks for the link. That will be helpfull