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  1. Going back to the original thread. No pun intended lol This topic is no way anything negative towards Hindus. I respect Hindu beliefs and practices just like I do any other religion. But that does not mean we should follow some Hindu practices just to please other faiths. If we all tie threads around our arm what message is that giving? Or maybe some tie it as a fashion symbol. But anyway just always wondered why I see so many Sikhs with the thread thing. Thought it was a bit strange.
  2. Anita Rani What a fruitcake she is
  3. What the heck has this got to do with wearing a thread around your wrist. Its got nothing to do with holi or hindu festivals. These fools wear it all round the year. Maybe they think they are half hindu half sikhs. or whatever they call themselves.
  4. Not sure what its called but it looks silly In one hand you wear a kara in the same hand you wear a hindu thread. Its a disgrace.
  5. Why do many Sikhs wear Hindu Threads around their wrists? I have seen so many. They also wear the kara at the same time. At many a time I have thought about giving one of these confused people a good hard thapar for their foolishness. But not sure what its all about. Are these people copying Hindus?
  6. Ive seen plenty of Sikh coconut males. Large beer belly Can of beer in one hand wolverhampton scarfe around their neck strong brummie accent have had about 3 failed marriages Kids are married to goreh Kaleh and just about any race. No nothing about Sikhism but know everything about beer, football and barbecues and they go by the name of Jimmy. lol
  7. Nihal Singh. Sounds like a tamil presenter on bbc asian Along as we stop with the silly names like lovepreet ect.
  8. But on a serious level. What does Sikhism say about gambling? Is it one of the five evils?
  9. Aslong as you give me 40% of the profits it is fully legit and okay thing to do. But you must make the bank transfer into my account within 7 days of winning. Any later the that it is considered bad and punishable. You will recive a fine. and then you will have to give me 80 % of all profits. So best stick to making the transfer as quick as possible. Now let me see. I say go with floyd on this.
  10. Although we should never give english names. You could be called anything. It what is inside that counts. But yeh theres to many pauls, bobbys, harveys, stevens, micheals, sonias, ect out there with a punjabi heritage.
  11. I agree lets call it a truce. I am sure he is not gay but he was making up things about me. I probably got a little to carried away. Anyway lets just forget about this. As for meeting up for fights. That is not my style. I believe in peaceful actions not becoming violent.
  12. Update I just received a private message from the gandhu. I will post here. "Yo fat boy think your clever, geeza you nothing but a fat sitting there busting one out over a goat. Now if you a man, name a time and il be there" As I presumed he is desperate to meet people to indulge in his gandhu fantasies. He is a shameless person. He probably has a dozen accounts on here. To fufill his gay fantasies. go cry to your mummy you faggot. no one is going to meet up with a ugly pakora nakh like you. I will also not reply anymore to this gandhu troll. he gets fun from messaging other males.