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  1. Sikh channels

    That seems like a good idea Might try and purchase one on ebay. Alot Better then paying a monthly subscription if its free.
  2. Sikh caught

    What is wrong with posting this? It is right that this scum bag is exposed Just because you have a beard and wear a turban does not entitle you to be annoymous. It is about time people woke up and judge a person by their actions instead of how they look. He has tarnished the Sikh identity but lets not try and hide this under the carpet like other faiths do such as Christians and muslims.
  3. Sikh channels

    Thats an Idea however I know longer have the box. But maybe I could buy a new one? I still have the connection for it.
  4. Sikh channels

    Are any of the Sikh channels available on Virgin media? Was thinking of switching to virgin as out of contract but cant find any info. Not even in the Sikh channel website itself. Was previously with Sky who had all the channels for free. Including Sangat, Akaal, ptc Punjabi ect.
  5. Evil spirits

    lol looks like I hit the nail on the head. With Kiras fear of the dark and the deamons haunting him. Kira as I said before stop crying and watching horror movies before bedtime and you wont be in this mess you cry baby. Nighty night dont let the spirits and ghosts bite What a baby!! LolzZzs hahahaha
  6. Evil spirits

    My advice also stands for Kira. Who also gets scared at night and needs to have the bedside table lamp on incase of ghosts that hide under his bed and due to his terrible night fears of being alone by himself. He usually hides under the covers. aww Next time Kira, call ghost busters when you think you seen a ghost and dont worry you will be safe. So no more tears at bed time for you little one.
  7. Life on other planets

    I dont understand Gujarati
  8. Evil spirits

    No This only applies to scardy cats. Next time only watch these films when your with your parents and make sure they hold your hand while watching. Also after the movie tell your mum to read you a nice bedtime story with a happy ending to get you over the horror movie you just watched. Finnaly make sure your favourite teddy bear is with you in bed and hold onto tightly through the night. That should help you!!
  9. Life on other planets

    I dont understand hindi English please?
  10. Life on other planets

    Pardon me? What do you mean?
  11. Colonic Irrigation

    Might give that a try.
  12. Life on other planets

    Okay will search for it
  13. Sikhi in South america

    I did not think of that. Good point!
  14. Life on other planets

    What is the Sikh petspective on life beyond earth. Does it mention the universe and othe planets?
  15. Colonic Irrigation

    Yeah something like that. The colon I believe can be come toxic and sometimes needs to be cleaned.