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  1. This man is good.
  2. Opps My post was aimed at someone else. Accidentally quoted the wrong person Admins delete my post if you can.
  3. Hmm How is this the British governments fault? Its like you are blaming everyone apart from the person who did this terrible attack and isis. There is no justification for these attacks. Get that in your thick head.
  4. Interesting video A british man tommy robinson exposes these peados.
  5. err thats my whole point. Gurdwaras dont need to be over bright and colourful it is what is inside that counts. You are just repeating what I said. But yeh to sum up. This was a simple topic. Yet as always people have complicated it and brought in their own philosophies.
  6. Im sure the Guru would prefer a clean and pure sangat instead of any flashy colours and lights. If you need these to make you feel that your in the presence of the Guru then there must be something seriously lacking within you. Remember the Guru does not care for wordly and materialistic things and nor should you. It reminds me of some that have big chuncky karas made of gold or earings and khanda chains. The guru does not care about all this. He cares about your deeds and what is inside. Live a simple life my friend or you will miss out on all the heavenly glory.
  7. Its not just about me. Many other people agree. Its up to all of us to raise the issues.
  8. And to many colours good or bad? Would you decorate your house like a rainbow? Or would you keep it plain and simple. The best things in life are simple my friend.
  9. You just contradicted yourself. On one hand you say it should not be dull and be colourfull. Then you say you dont go to Gurdwara to see how it looks. If you dont go to see how it looks why make it colourful?
  10. I am not talking about outside life. I think you have missed the point. This is about inside the Gurdwara not colours in everyday life. Such as the colour of your clothes ect. The Guru and God is so special There is no need for exhoborant decorations. The Gurdwara were the SGGS is kept does not need any special colours. A simple SGGS is enough. Why do you need so many colours/decorations ect to make it feel like your in a special place. Places of worship should he basic and simple. This should not be some kind of disco with flashing colours and lights all over the place. It just make it look fake and futher away from God. I like the inside of the Southall Gurdwara simple decor. The SGGs is all you need. It shoud not be like going to some nursey type building. With pink carpets, flashing lights all over the place. All it does it make it look childish and anything but a place of worship. If you need all this fake and sparkly colours then there must be something wrong with you or something lacking in you that you need all this colour to remind you of God. Im not saying go the other way and that there should be no colour at all. There should be a balance.
  11. Should Sikh places of worship not be simple places with a low amount of colours for a more calming and relaxing place to pray and sit and concentrate? Having been to many Gurdwaras up and down the country in the UK I notice a trend especially up north and the midlands exuberant and overpowering patterns and colours which are distracting. Such as carpets with heavily patterned designs and mis matches of colours patterns ect .. Having all these colours makes it look un sophisticated and less serious place. Why cant places of worship be simple and claming places which is the case in India. This is a typical example of inside of a UK Gurdwara.
  12. Admin can you delete this topic. Posted by mistake.
  13. Where about is the location of this Ristha? The reason I ask is because if its from certain parts of Birmingham or Bradford I would stay clear. People from those parts have a bad reputation.Also you mention the older girl has run off. Siblings tend to mimic each other and as the younger of the siblings she may have learnt bad traits from the older sibling such as dating around ect. I cant say for certain that is the case but you must proceed with caution. It was also bad that they were not upfront with the older sibling.
  14. Jacfsing2, You must show respect to the Queen if you have had the opportunity to grace her presence while in the uk. Or you can also be sent to the dungeon. Remember this. Just a word of warning as you are from the US.