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  1. How to combat the christian threat

    lol Your name aounds so funny. Silly billy you!
  2. How to combat the christian threat

    Yes Islam is just a plagerised religion of Judasim. And christianity is nothing but a fairy tale. So many contradictions. Even Chrstians themselves dont belive in their own fait. That is why hardly go to church. Many are agnostic and know their faith is false. They try and make it so it looks very authentic. Such having the date -BC - before christ ect. To make it enshrined in the timeline of earth and confuse people. If we look further. Christianity was started in the 1st century. So it is precisly 2000 years old. It is nothing but a fairy tale. Jesus was not son of god and there was no virgin mary or birth. Its a big LIE.
  3. Let just say it was a trip I would like to forget. Managed to get a decent hotel but it was quite far out. That would not have been an issue normally. But becuase of the heavey snowfall. Getting around was very difficult as most tranaports were closed due to slippery roads. It was a lesson learned though for next time.
  4. Punjab Air Pollution

    I made a similar thread about the Dehli air quality. But anyone know if Punjab is also affected? I am reading alot about the current Dehli pollution issue. But not much on the Punjab . Is the Bad air quality also effecting parts of Punjab. I say this as I maybe travelling to India soon. So was thinking of staying in Punjab instead of Dehli to avoid the worst of the pollution in that region. Areas In punjab I am likely to stay are Amritsar and Patiala.
  5. What have I said that is sordid and perverted? Maybe you need to take a long look at yourself in the mirrow. ajeet has made all kinds of comments that have been sexual in nature on a forum used by youngsters. You agree with this you fool?
  6. Good riddance. You engaged in most sordid and depraved of talk about you wicked peverted feelings. You should be locked up.
  7. Just browsing through facebook. I have seen quite a few profiles of Sikh women with christian slogans in their profiles. At least 4 have converted to Christianity. What can be done about this. Is it the parents fault or has the Sikh community as a whole failed these kids? Many Sikhs are growing up with simply no belief in Sikhism. They say that christianitu makes more sence to them. Which is obviously wrong.
  8. muslim population of UK will tripple by 2050

    Well It is going to increase. Centuries of forced conversions of whole populations and now they are reaping the rewards. Islam is only big due to mass conversions of countries in the past. Indonesia is a perfect example. Before it was a mainly buddist country. By after the wicked muslims forced their religion upon the people we now have a muslim majority country. This coupled with high birth rates. The only way to defeat this plague is to make muslims leave their faith.
  9. I actually made this thread. I tried calling the soho road Gurdwara to enquire if there were any rooms available but they said there is no spaces left. I did actually book a hotel but did it for the wrong date by mistake. Now I am looking for hotels at short notice. Cant seem to find anything good and local.
  10. Sikhs in Dubai and the UAE

    Just had a look. Its amazing. Wish we had a Gurdwara like that in the UK. Amazing design inside out. I liked how plain and simple the decor was. Nothing to overpowering.
  11. Britian First

    Lol Whats with everyone being so sure they will kicked out of the UK at a moments notice. Its like some people are suffering with some mass paranoid histeria sydrome. The way some people are going. You will probably end up being kicked out for simply having that negative attitude and mindset. That the racists will pick up on No one is kicking us out . So stop packing your suitcases and booking your one way flights to India Lolz Relax we are here to stay. Infact UK is the new India. We are gonna take over this place. One day We will have a desi in buckingham palace and a desi primeminster .Stop being so frightened. So much insecurity and fear. Bechare Tusi chotia kuri ah vanga avaza sunade ho
  12. Britian First

    It is not like this. We Sikhs and Hindus and just about anyone else is not a threat to the UK. We are not demanding our own law or country. We do not go out of our way to not fit in. Like muslims do. Britian first has realised this. They are not stupid. They know we are no danger to the UK. infact they know alot of Sikhs are coconotised liberal people who would rather have a pint down the pub watching the footy then do a islamic protest. People need to wake up. This is a party against extremist muslims and not you. YOU ARE NOT THE TARGET. They will not try and deport you. maybe extremist muslims but that is only right. They are not a perfect party at the moment by any means and there are a few issues that need addressing in their manifesto and agendas to make it more appealing to the wider public. they also need better leadership and ideas. They need to drop this 'Christian' slogan that they have. which stems from deep insercuties as they feel their faith and freedom is under threat by islamists who want to convert them. The only reason they are brandishing the christian slogan is to combat Islam as they feel under threat. Which is understandable to a certain degree. Some people need to stop being scardy cats and fearful. We Sikhs are not exactly doing anything to combat islamic extremism in the uk so lets no interfere are raise our roses to people who are actually doing something. If not britian first then ukip.
  13. Suicide Contemplation

    Hello there, Sorry that you have been through this Make an account Pm me. And I can give you some great advice.
  14. Sikhs in Dubai and the UAE

    I have always wondered what is the fascination with Dubai and the united arab emirates. I hear so many desi people go on about this place like it is some mecca. When all it is essentially is a place that discriminates against non muslims and bans them from building their own places of worship. except for a make shift house or other building that does not reaemble their faith. So apart from that whats to love about this place? 😨
  15. Britian First

    fruitcake has nothing to do with gays