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  1. Plus I dont see rhe point in going ahead with something just please elders. Just dont think I will be happy with a short girl who is alot younger then mem
  2. Kind of . Nothing is final yet. I would rather call it off now. Before things move forward. I dont see any issue in changing my mind.
  3. One other issue is height. The girl is alot shorter then me. I have always been attracted to taller women for some reason and find shorter women off putting.
  4. I am speaking generaly as age is just a number. Thats the thing I am trying to work out what they are like as a person without much knowledge of them and without spending any time with them. Its just a gamble.
  5. I will need to look longer I suppose untill I find someone of a similar age. Even if the girls parents want to go ahead with it. 12 is far to big a gap. I also dont think I will be compatibale with someone who will be less mature then me mentally. Not sure if anyone has experience if this ?
  6. That is the thing. She may or may not have issues with the age now. But her feelings could change down the line. I dont want to be responsible for ruining someones happiness in life. Alot of these women are unfortunatley not well off and have no choice but to marry abroad for a better life. Alot of the girls have no shortage of ristas from the uk. To be honest I am seriously thinking about not going ahead with any marriage proposal unless she is at least over 25. It just does not feel right at all.
  7. But I heard that the bigger the age difference the more chance of divorce. Also this is more then a decade and feels not right. Also maybe the girl wants a younger male. As its arranged she could be forced to marry as a way to get to the uk. I just feel guilty and uneasy about it. I would much prefer someone who was 25 + but cant find any girls that age. They all seem to be about 20. I dont want her to resent me for my age.
  8. Advice needed asap. Does age gap in marriage cause a problem? I am talking like 12 years? Ie marrying a girl from India in arranged marriage. Girl is 20 and male is 32.
  9. Best way to make all of India Sikh? Why cant Sikhs spread the faith in india. Or are we more concerned about how to bhangra dance like some sissys.
  10. Will give it a go. Hopefully its good.
  11. Yep I also dont want the hassle of transferring flights and then trying to find my luggage during the stopover ect. Was in two minds as the second option is cheaper but also much longer flight.
  12. Looks like they need some customer service training. In the past I have flown with british airways but they are a bit pricey. £500 for the ticket. Middle eastern airlines are usually the cheapest but they mostly include 3 - 4 hour stopovers. I have 2 options Air India direct flight return cost £358 - 9 hour duration direct flights or Turkish airlines flight return which is cheaper at £318 - but includes stopovers each way 3 hour flight transfer - 14 hour total flight each way duration plus not sure I want to spend money on a arabic airline. who knows were my money will go to.
  13. Yeh hopefully its not to bad. p.s anyone travelled with Air India or turkish airlines? Are they any good?
  14. 2 days dont think I could survive 2 hours on one of those overcrowded indian trains- 2 days
  15. Is India safe to travel to and what areas would you recommend to see? Was planning on going for 2 weeks in May. Main areas I was thinking of visiting was New Dehli, Agra and of course Golden temple. Also the main Gurdwaras in New Dehli such as Bangla Sahib. Regarding Amritsar. what is the best way of going from Dehli to Amritsar. I have heard there is a sleeper train service. But are coaches not better and more comfortable. Was also considering Himachal pradesh but its quite far to get to and dont think I could fit it into a 14 day stopover. Its such a huge country not sure where to start and where to finish.