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  1. like islam believes in judgement day do we?
  2. Feeling Down

    from experience all i can say is that shuttin ppl out is the worse thing u can do.. at the end the people that u no are here to help u and im sure that they care bou u alot aswell no matter wot u fink.. sumtimes people to supraise u with how much time they are willing to take on u feeling beta
  3. How Many Gods

    today sum1 asked me "do u sikh's believe in one god?" n i sed yeh ik onkar means one god doesnt it? but then if this is the case then who is that? is it Guru Nanak Ji seeing as thou he is the founder of sikhi or the Guru Granth Sahib seeing as thou that is who we follow now?
  4. Our Sikhi!

    its true we should be paying more attention towards naam jap but in this western society its difficult..with scholol/college..exams..work..family and friends..in india for example in the pind speakers go on to wake eveyone up at amritwela and if one person wakes up thn that person wakes the rest up..but over here no one wakes up and if they do then they go bak to bed or just get up and put the t.v on..it shouldnt be like that..fair enough if others dont wanted to wake up atleast you do..jus put ne religious cd on atleast ur r hearing the name of guruji.. it not possibile to be perfect but the first step is TRYING..guruji will notice that and reward u...every step towards gurji counts..you hve to start from somewhere even if it is something little..
  5. Help Me

    if guru ji is going to 4give us then y does he let us go threw all this? dont worri about what u have done..at the end of the day we are only human n we are bound to mke mistakes.. we make many mistakes through out our lifes for one reason or another the key thing is to learn from these mistakes this makes us better and stronger and lets us no where we are going wrong.. guruji knws that u r sorri becasue u have asked for forgiveness. if u have asked with a pure heart (n he will be the judge of that) he will DEFO forgive u..no worries mistskes are menat to be learnt from, the past is supposed to be forgotten only then can we move on and better our selfs.
  6. not necessarily bhainjee.....u may have done something good in the past life....tats y we r given this human body.....hence...we shud be working hard...japping naam...so tat we get chutkaaraa from this jooon..... bhainjee there is 3 types of karam 1. praalbadh karam this is wat u hve done in the past life......ur swaas...which family u goin to......is all decided by these karams wat u gonna face in this life....its all here 2. kereiye maan n sanchet karam these r karam tat u do during this life....so when u leave this world tomoro.....it is gonna turn into praalbadh n decide ur next janam so wat ever u did in the past is being paid in this life some even say.....wat ever u do in this life.....can be settled in this life..... remember 1 thing, wat ever u do, good or bad.....its karam.....if u do good then its good karam......n u will get good phal.....if u do bad deed....u will get bad phal forgive me for my mistakes, i only limited budhi bhul chuk maaf pls do correct me where ever im wrong so we ARE punished in this life for what we have done in our LAST life? yes/no n sikhs do believe in hel and heaven? yes/no another answer then i need to no is that during THIS life here are we punished for the bad things we do e.g smoking, drinking..has in we actually pay the price for the bad things we do here and now rather then after we die?
  7. we have all probably heard it that when something goes wrong for someone other people say "oh its the price he/she is paying for the "kalt kam" he/she did in their past life"..but in sikhi does it not say that you only get the chance to be born as a human if u have gone threw all the animal "joona" or if you were a great human in the past life and deserve to be born as a human again.. so have we not already payed the price in our last life?..and is this life not classed has a fresh start? christains believe in hell and heaven islam believes in hell and heaven but sikhi doesnt..so where are we punished in this life?
  8. Who Is God?

    yeh but islam takes god as allah..christains take jesus as there god... then sikhi takes.???? is it not wrong to say that people are god..there are enough people who do bad things like murder, rape etc
  9. Who Is God?

    in sikh who is said to be god?
  10. C.d's

    im in the district Ludhiana in a pind called Burj Hari Singh near Raikot
  11. at the moment im in india 4 the holidays..n i was jus wondering if there r any particular gurbani/kirtan C.D s that i shud buy from here?
  12. apparantly mistakes/sins can be forgiven if dey hav not reached karam kothi..can someone shed some light on that.. but den again wot is karam kothi??
  13. Mistakes

    whats karam kothi??
  14. Confusion

    "maybe youre confused because you dont know about the path youre following, or youre learning about a certain belief system, but youre not sure if you wanna follow it" when i was talkin about confusion it wasnt anything to do wiv following sikhism it was more along the lines of everyday things like emotions or perhaps family matters e.tc
  15. Confusion

    its true u get dat unsettling feeling when something bad is going to happen or when u no u have dne summit rng and its 2 late to but right...