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  1. Joining Canadian Reserves

    Thanks singhji, though on the topic of eyesight I also need glasses (-1.6 diopters), though they have improved. From what I can see there are a lot of jobs in the reserves where perfect eyesight isn't a priority. Also there might be plenty if ways to improve your vision. There's this site https://endmyopia.org, and they discuss a lot on improving vision naturally by breaking poor habits and using perscription only when required. I recommend you take a look, it could help you.
  2. Joining Canadian Reserves

    Absolutely @TheeTurbanator I'd appreciate that. Also, I agree that as a sikh the only army we should serve with is a the Khalsa Fauj. I should definitely keep that in mind and not get attached to working for Canada. I want to treat this solely to acquire skills for the panth.
  3. Joining Canadian Reserves

    Is there anybody in the Canadian Reserves right now that can give me some tips on joining a medic company? I plan on joining after finishing high school and I want to work while pursuing a job in the medical field in university. I mainly want to go in for experience, I feel it could be useful for the panth.
  4. Understand your enemy and know what it is willing to do to win. Understand the mediums and fronts that it uses and that you use. Figure out how to engage and exploit any weaknesses. Be prepared to act at any given opportunity. Finally, know that any plan you make can fail, so be ready to experiment and inprovise.
  5. Karas

    They should be fine, I wouldn't worry too much about getting a proper kara yet. Just make sure its good quality so it doesn't fall off or get damaged easily. You're doing really well on the spiritual end (I can even do my 5 banis in the morning). Keep up that and let the kakkars come when they can.
  6. India

    I can attest to this especially in the prev. generation. You find it in almost all groups. The cheap, plentiful food found in cities is not only unhealthy but designed to be addicting. Education and encouragement of active lifestyles is needed.
  7. Tyaar Baar Tyaar

    When I was kid one quote in gurbani really stood out to me: "Tyaar Baar Tyaar". Guru Gobind Singh Ji instructed us to be prepared to tackle anything. Nowadays, we don't take that quote as seriously, even though its argueably one of the most important banis in this age. With much of the west on its way to collapse as discussed in my first post, I am curious as to how prepared we are for when things go array (economic crash, civil war, pandemics etc), and modern cities and governance fails. I don't think we'll fair too well at the start. When the mughals were in control and were trying to wipe out sikhi most of them retreated to the jungles to regroup and get the panth ready to strike back. Since most people at the time were capable of being semi-selfsufficient and could easily adapt to such harsher lifestyles, it's hard to see how we'll fair today in the cities especially, with most modern day work and the skills sets required are almost useless if society collapses. I've started prepping by reading more of guru's teachings and learning from the prepping community who are training for such scenarios. Here's a link to the previous thread:
  8. Very true. Many of this still think we are at peace when in reality we are in constant war, the only difference is these days information and social media are the new shastars, and we are getting pummeled from all sides. We shouldn't be suprised when the media attacks us like this or anybody innocemt for that matter, it's their job to make issues out of thin air for the views.
  9. The fate of empires

    Alright, so now that we have a decent idea on why the raj flopped, is there any way we could in the next couple of decades, take over some land (be it india, uk etc.) and ignite the next raj. What are our best bets right now?
  10. Hindu decrease in India

    It might just be bad bookkeeping on the government's part.
  11. Sikh and Hindus Build mosque

    How so?
  12. Hindu decrease in India

    This is what the rss don't want us to know, the hindu population is losing its will to expand (much like us right now) and their fertility plummets. Our muslim freinds on the other hand have the energy to want to spread so they keep pumping out babies (though their rate is slowing down as well). Our kaum should definitely start having at least 3 kids a family.
  13. The fate of empires

    That doesn't seem like proper gurmatt though. I know we should always have groups that promote and spread Sikhi. But even if being cutthroat might have gotten them plenty of sikhs, they converted out of fear and by the time we left most of them just converted to the new dominating party's religion. I'm curious, do you have sources of these events?
  14. The fate of empires

    Very true, in way the British never really left. Though I think some level of decadence is creeping its way with the high levels of materialism in the cities and overall defensivness in the country. Though I'd say India probably has a couple of decades before parts of the social structure begin to wearband tear, assuming it doesn't just collapse in on itself.
  15. Even in Canada these Christians are running amuck. Last year at the Nagar Kirtan a newly converted aunty tried converting my cousins and kept badmouthing the gurus. Its best we try and educate and help our kaum and let them destroy themselves.