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  1. Little Bird

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh I'm not sure what to make of this but I felt called to share it. I just got back to the Dojo, and there was a little injured bird hopping around in the snow, pecking at cracks in the parking lot. It looked like it had a broken wing and was missing an eye, shivering slightly. I opened the door and tried soothingly to invite inside. It would let me get pretty close but not too close, and it wouldn't come inside. So I started playing Sukhmani Sahib Kirtan hoping it would feel drawn inside. When it didn't come, and it started snowing harder I prayed and asked Vaheguru Ji to help it. I was struck by how peaceful and happy bird friend was, even in the heavy snow, even injured, it just hopped around taking what little food it could, not a care in the world. I looked down for a moment and when I looked back up it was gone. I know it couldn't fly. Either Vaheguru Ji healed it or took it. I felt like I could learn a lot from bird friend. Be happy with whatever is given.
  2. A proper meal

    Yes. I meant originally that boiling you lose the most, but depending on how you steam, you lose less than boiling, but some. If you use a water steamer set up where the water stays behind, underneath. Vs steam as in cook in pan with tiny bit of water and consume it all where you lose the least. I just wasn't sure what @Singh1989 meant by steamed vegetables in his really good post. We agree I'm pretty sure. I just didn't say it very well.
  3. A proper meal

    That is great information. Shukria. However I had heard steaming vegetables removes nutrients? Not as bad as boiling etc. I guess it depends on what you mean by steamed. Cooking in a pan briefly with a bit of water, then consuming it all is different than using a steamer where nutrients are left behind in the water. Again. Shukria.
  4. I never said Kirpan was the way to free Jaggi. When you disrespect the Shaheed, you're not only disrespecting them, but the Gurus themselves that were Shaheed. I agree Simran is the most powerful practice we have. I agree that non-violent methods are both powerful and preferable . What I don't agree with is that you use every topic as an opportunity to promote your anti-Sikh, anti-Guru, anti-Rehit agenda, in your fake"accent" which you let slip; constantly revealing your true ability with the english language. You, like certain other posters, like to drop all points of information, to blindly continue your rhetoric not based in Sikhi. I invite you again to drop the act, contribute to the board in a meaningful way, embrace the teachings of the Gurus, respect their Rehit, respect the Shaheed, and do something, preferably non-violent to actually help Jaggi, and not insult his poor family by saying he's unjustly incarcerated because they just don't Jaap enough Naam.
  5. Encouraging family life

    Yes. The excellent response by @MisterrSingh Also, Sikhi promotes Sanyog through crossing the world ocean, not hiding in a cave on a mountain next to the ocean. More like escaping through Maya not escaping to the outskirts of Maya.
  6. Amazing your english is so much better in this post. Jio_/\_ Oh and you know Khande Di Pahul is prepared with a lethal weapon right. That cool? Jio _/\_
  7. Do you have anything you'd like to contribute that doesn't involve your anti shastar agenda, that's clearly against the Gurus' teachings ? like a dhaal recipe...or something....anything? Your favorite kirtan? I'd settle for you dropping the fake "accent" and your favorite color to be honest. Do us a favor and get Jaggi out. _/\_ Edit. By the way this is the first thing that pops up on the akjfaq.com you link to. So please follow your own advice 100% Also Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Rehit 100% requires you carry Kirpan.
  8. Brexit

    Yeah. Those corporations transcend any border at this point and have more control than government period. If this wasn't all just a play of lights it would be terrifying.
  9. Brexit

    They have to trade with someone. I hope it's equitable though.
  10. First language of the Guru's

    That's awesome.
  11. They seem to be pretending to be an esl speaker. Whatever persona they want to embody on the internet is cool I guess. It's a free world wide web.
  12. feeding dogs meat

    Basically humans are herbivores who can barely digest meat, dogs are omnivores who can eat it or not, the organ meat being the best, and cats are true carnivores. Dogs live much longer without meat.
  13. @superkaur Rothschilds pillage the entire world, I'm not sure it's religously motivated. I don't think freemasons are particularly jewish. The israeli army was probably training indian military as part of a broader UN training exchange. The UN Sikhs killed during the six day war was probably due to ignorance more than conspiracy. All sorts of people are into 3ho. Individual media puppets are stupid but I don't think its really reflective of judaism specifically. Yes a lot of jews are stuck up about being God's chosen people, but so is pretty much every religion. Most jews I know think the chosen people thing is stupid. They certainly charge everyone interest these days. The jews left israel black and came back white, they're puppets of the international western community. WWII never ended, it just became hidden. All major wars since are still WWII. I always enjoy your posts, I just feel maybe your stretching a bit today in reaction to this ezra levant fudhu. Keep the good info coming in general though. Edit: For the record, confused bootha wasn't me.
  14. Yeah. There is some sympathy given but they always paint it that way, anything I've seen. Especially poor taste given the british and Sikh history. A lot of people know the truth no matter the media inacurracies.
  15. I love how every bbc bit on operation blue star phrases it as Harminder Sahib Ji was freed from armed Sikh extremists by the Indian army.
  16. Sikhi and the 7 chakars, kundalini etc

    It can take a little while. They are approved by hand. Hang in there and keep coming. If you try and re-register I think you get a message the user name/email is already pending approval.
  17. First language of the Guru's

    Would Gurbani compared to colloquial modern punjabi give a good sense of the change over time?
  18. Authenticity of Sikhi to the max

    The great thing about Hukam is it's always from Gurbani. Regardless of the medium you obtain one by, you can rest assured the content is solid gold.
  19. Question about our soul

    You may enjoy Journey of the souls by Dr. Michael Newton. Your guest name is interesting, in the US it has a particular meaning. Does it signify Klu Klux Klan or does it have some other meaning for you?
  20. BhForce ji did a great job of answering. Let me ask this, if I may. What are your feelings regarding becoming a Sikh?
  21. The belief is in the United States that capital punishment helps the healing process of the victims families and serves as a deterrent to future offenders, but it's effectiveness is the subject of much controversy.
  22. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh. That's a really good article on changing people's minds. Shukria veer ji. I'll definitely be digesting that article for a while. I'm not sure much of a dialogue opportunity exists with grooming gangs, but definitley what you've said has great application to many problems the Sangat face and definitely a lot of opportunity for application in life in general.
  23. Bhakti

    That is a new word for me. Thank you veer ji.
  24. That seemed to be the local attitude. I didn't sense any anti Sikh sentiment in the article.
  25. Yeah some of the non amritdhari sikhs in my area have a poor attitude about sikhi and in general but they still have khanda stickers on their car and wear kara but once you start talking Sikhi their attitude just sucks. I would say my experience with keshdari is much better.