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  1. Well I remember why I didn't make it far into the Quaran before. So much doom and gloom. Sigh. Edit: What I had heard about Mohammed I am not finding in the Quaran. Edit: I was indeed naive and wrong Ji. Thank you. I've read as much of this as I can. I basically got through all of it too.
  2. Anyone can grow a beard. Oh and BhForce, I love how you answer with Gurbani so well. I wish Guest Singh would read some Gurbani or quote some Gurbani. Mr. Doaba you were my first teacher here, and have continually been a brother to me here. Thank you both.
  3. I think it is fair to say that Islam, the way of peace, only existed during the latter part of the Prophet Mohammad's life. So that is what I think of when I think of Islam, what little I know of what Mohammed said. Everything from the time of his death on, is basically against anything I have heard attributed to Mohammad.
  4. https://www.sikhnet.com/news/sikh-responds-brilliantly-claim-sikhs-fought-islam-centuries-facts-and-history this is where a lot of my info came from.
  5. If you read the torah, you have to pick the "blueberries" out. And read between the lines. So there is some gnosis, or truth about God in it. The Guru Granth Sahib is only "blueberries"
  6. They should live up to their lies rather than their truths then. Lol
  7. EDIT: I cannot stand by what I said in this post. I was totally wrong, except the following part I know what the Moghuls and Pakistani did to Sikh's it's the definition of Evil.
  8. EDIT: I cannot stand by what I said in this post. I was totally wrong.
  9. EDIT: I cannot stand by what I said in this post. I was totally wrong.
  10. Student tried to kill parents with a bomb over white girl

    There is a difference between sharp shadows and no shadows. Dude might be guilty, but that photo is fake.
  11. British Government Confirms Jagtar Singh Has Been Tortured

    I'm going to pray on it. If civil means are going to work, I think the forum members are right, it would take coordination and commitment. Also true, did not a Guru ride on a police station to save a hindu woman from being raped and kill them all? Wouldn't blame anyone for that either. And yeah f it. My name is Joseph William Dana Mulvihill. It means God increases willful protection and judgment through a follower of the archangel Michael. So Guest Singh can take his fear tactics and creepy name digging and shove it. Try and put a sack on my head or anyone I see, it'll be the last stupid thing you do. My personal view is that the trolls that target this forum are trying to insight speech that would maybe be used against a person, but I'm not going to live in fear of it. Try civil means first. I'll happily contribute to that, if we can agree on some uniform action. If that fails, the rules are off.
  12. British Government Confirms Jagtar Singh Has Been Tortured

    Well I'm not really going to say what I feel since people on this forum already like to go digging your name up on a petition you signed out of compassion.
  13. British Government Confirms Jagtar Singh Has Been Tortured

    I emailed sikhnet to see if they'd help raise awareness, but have not heard back from the moderators. It's a thick line to cross, when one sees injustice and decides how best to rectify the situation. In our "civilized" age I'd like to think that there are diplomatic means.
  14. This is a very common misconception in Christianity. They think saying I'm with Jesus is all you have to do to get to heaven. Then they ignore the entirety of Christ's message. Furthermore sects within christianity think only they are saved. So mormons think everyone else are going to hell. Jehovah witnesses think 144000 jehova witnesses from each age are saved and even the rest of the jehova witnesses are going to hell. Meanwhile they act like a bunch of hateful manmuhks largely. You can remind your friends Jesus was a jew, and that no matter what sect of christian you are, another sect thinks you're going to hell. These mutually exclusive beliefs fail to take time and space into account. So what? Everyone before a certain time are up a creek? Al Capone was a christian. Think he's closer to God and saved? Saint like person from another culture out of luck? No way
  15. I wound up in your irc before finding this place. It was just empty at the time.