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  1. Any Update on Sikhs in UK jail?

    How can a person be a defender of all? If I am I defending everyone then who am I defending them from??
  2. Any Update on Sikhs in UK jail?

    🤔😂😂😂 since when did sikhi become so aggressive? This is why that film Nanak shah fikir was banned as it showed what I’m saying.... guru nanak did not want a fauj army type religion... he wanted peace... in such a violent time I’m not suprised if he did know some self defence stuff.... why would Guru make a warrior army? And if so what use is it in today’s socaity? im not aware of hindu religion so all that hindu stuff you have mentioned has gone over my head.... as I child I’ve always questioned sikhi but you guys are making me question it more... we are not in a war... we are not fighting? Why are we an army? We are not warriors so why this warrior religion in this day an age? ive always found sikhi foundations less....
  3. Any Update on Sikhs in UK jail?

    Gandhi was a speaker of peace.. he wanted to spread only peace and wanted conquer hate by love... he was a human being just like us and from time to time, just like us, he would say such silly things... not everything he has said or done I agree with but we should try to remember and relate to things that make sense and relate to are lives or world.... killing is never the answer... I know in are religion killing was seen as the only answer by guru Gobind Singh ji, but as harsh as it will sound, his ambition to conquer Aurangzeb never happened... instead the result was that guru Gobind ji ended up killing a number of young hot blooded, hot headed youth Singh guys and also killing his very own sons in battle and the youngest two by torture, he even scarfice his own mother in the cold tower and still with all that violence, scarfice and killing his mission was a fail..... sikhism it self is based on similar principles of what ghandi had. guru Nanak created Sikhism to spread peace.. he wanted the violence and terror between hindus and muslims to stop... he created the region in the hope of uniting both parties... in the hope to make two religions one and create peace.... guru Gobind Singh ji turned sikhs into a millatery religion... this on its own is against Sikhism as sikhs are against ego and hate... however these where the two things that’s provoked Guru Gobind Singh ji to make a fauj.... sikhism is not about killing... what these guys did was wrong and I’m glad they are getting there punshiment, no one but the almighty had any right to take a life... only he himself has such a right.... its good that the guy didn’t die as all his sins would have come onto there heads... as i said “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind!”
  4. Any Update on Sikhs in UK jail?

    They tried to so we should also do the same.... i suppose you simpathys with other religious extremists too then?
  5. Any Update on Sikhs in UK jail?

    Hmm... so attempting to kill is the right way of bringing so called light to the world? Intresting.....
  6. Any Update on Sikhs in UK jail?

    I’ve heard many of are uk jails are dominated by Muslims and many prisoners have converted to Islam solely to survive the hostile environments... I wouldn’t be suprised if they struggle to get such time to do path in such environments.... i feel sorry for them but do not support what they wanted to do.... an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.. lets hope waheguru will forgive there mistakes regardless of intentions...
  7. Portrayal of Sikhs in Pakistani cinema

    Hmm you have lots of knowledge of this issue, I thought it was a new thing! I was aware that Hindus protray us as alcoholics or joker type people but wasn’t aware of this type of media from Pakistani community... maybe cause I don’t watch there media... does make you wonder what is the purpose/ agenda to such media...?? what exactly is the message they want to get across with such dramas?
  8. Portrayal of Sikhs in Pakistani cinema

    See I wrote the same thing and my thread was branded as a trolling thread 😐😡 Here is my thread that got banned!!! one of my Pakistani friends told me about this show and I’ve been watching it from episode 1.. it’s about a Pakistani guy who is desperate to go uk.. he is married to his cousin and eventually after many obstacles reaches uk by illegal way... he starts working at a restaurant that is run by a sardar ji who is also a drug dealer! its from episode 19 that I got ticked off.. there showing how sikh girls are flaunting themselves at Pakistani guys and bringing them under there spell!! the next episode is on today, it’s uploaded already on YouTube already haven’t watched it yet... the characters name is Preet she is shown as promiscuous and alcoholic person who is desperately after this Pakistani guy even when she is aware he is illegal and married and has one child!! She is shown as a divorced and lonely widowed soul who has no family or real friends and she is just aimlessly sleeping around with guys and drinking booze! The drama is basically trying to show that Sikh girls are not getting groomed but throwing themselves into such situations... they are showing the girl as overly infatuated by this Pakistani guy and she is just dying to marry him!! here is the link watch form episode 19... first 5 mins and then last few scenes are the most annoying... https://youtu.be/_W4QzX92osU The drama name is “daldal” episode 19