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    Bro, you get no likes. Stop tryin to be funny. The only guy who's buyin shiva chocolate is you. Lol and what the heck has daal got to do with giani takhur singh and this topic. You seriously need to go back to nursery.

    Well get the hell off this site then. NO room for crap sikhs m8! Go back to your mandir and poor milk over some statues. Maybe then you'll get kirpa from your devi devte 😂 Loool go eat some badaam to sort your brain out. Its too fickle and weak.

    How dare you think that giani takhur singh is bad. JUSTAJATT is right! Dont juge him for his past mistake. How dare you judge him! You have no right to do that bro. You're not allowed. Its 2017, the year where your opinions dont count. Go get a brain. Lowly crappy sikh. You call yourself a "sikh". How dare u judge giani takhur singh off this video. So what if he kissed someone. So what. It doesnt count cuz hes a giani. He will just open his dasam duaar and go into sach khand and boom! Karam erased and hes chillin. Dharamraja lets him off and will give him a pat on the back. But you my friend @NonExistant should shut your mouth because you cant compare to me or anyone else on this site. Ive seen the crap you post. Its dumb, just like you. You don't know a thing about sikhi. Not a thing. I know you some kid. Grow up bro and realise the truth. Your iq is like below -10. That mean your a juvenile delinquent. U get that. You'll never be a "sikh". Not in this life or the next. 😂 you're gonna get slapped up by the jamdoots and dharamraja. Hahaha he'll make u a fish for your next life. Bro im chillin cuz i do like 10 sukhmani sahib paths a day and like 50 brahm kavach and like 8 other dasam banis and 24 hours of simran cuz i know how to do that. So kid... im flippin BLESSED! My next life is gonna be so chill, I'll probably be born a mahapurakh. Just watch! And ill easily get into sachkhand. You wont! 😂😂😂 So dont chat crap about giani takhur singh. How dare u believe him to bad bad. You MUST believe him to be good. You got that? Good! Cuz he just is. SOMEONE REMOVE THIS MOORAKH FROM THE SITE! Peace!