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  1. Nail cutter

    Depends, what have you got in mind for repentance?
  2. Baba ranjit singh ji dhadrian wale exposed

    I don't really see how this "exposes" him, he's wearing a teal (questionable fashion) chola - getting presents on his birthday and having the time of his life it looks like. It almost seems that Daddrianwala played a nice oldschool Baba role till he had enough following to then actually attempt to make a significant dent in the fairly tale world which some of these fake "saints" have created. I find Daddrianwala interesting, a lot of what he says is common sense - I'm sure there are things which don't quite tally up but have you seen a perfect parcharak? a perfect being? someone who never gets it wrong? highly doubt it. I'm somewhat envious how he doesn't give a t*ss about what anyone has to say, guys been ambushed, lost a close member of his jatha, been facing these sort of videos and all other sorts of rubbish ever since he came to the "scene" and hasn't really cared? You don't have to agree with someone completely but merit where it's due. PS. Making these posts doesn't really do anything but give him MORE advertisement, so that others can go check him out. Unless that is the intention
  3. Congratulations on taking Amrit but I'm struggling to make sense of the rest of your post. "NIHANG PUNJ CAN EVEN CHANGE NAME OF SINGH AMRITDHARIS." What is this nihang punj? please do elaborate.
  4. Dharam Singh Zakhami

    Where are you based ? I'm from the UK, I would gladly take this project off your hands The kirtan from Bhai Dharam Singh Zakhmi jatha is something we shouldn't lose, so do make sure you get it digitised for us all
  5. Please Explain

    I'm afraid you are misinformed. Radha Swami's are NOT "respected as any other sect within the Sikh dharma". They are not part of the Sikh "dharma". The Sikh dharam has jathebandiya such as Nanaksar, Ratwara Sahib, Nihangs and AKJ. These jathe all follow Sri Guru Granth Sahib JeeRadha Soami is not 1 of these jathe as they do not see Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee as Guru. Please check what you're writing in future as the last thing we want to do is misinform people. Gurfateh.
  6. Naam For Non Amrit Dharis

    From what I have understood of your question I would like to say that 1. The ability to japp naam is universal and not exclusive to Amritdharis who belong to Guru Gobind Singh jee. Therefore it is never a waste. 2. "jot vich jot" : If by this you mean merge into Vaheguru, then yes. Vaheguru is not exclusive to any one school of thought. 3. "Benefit" - Irrelevant question, for us to merge into Vaheguru we aren't doing a transaction. Doing 101 Japji Sahib paats every day for the rest of your life DOES NOT guarantee you any success. I could go further into this whole "benefit" idea but it isn't a really relevant question. In short, people outside the Sikh faith (non-amritdharis) do not gain any lesser benefit when they are japping "naam". This however does not mean I'm encouraging your or anyone else to not take Amrit. Taking Amrit is a process of furthering your relationship with Guru Sahib and is a must for those who wish to join the Gurmat school as the post above has mentioned. Just a little side note : Stick to 1 faith, don't put your foot in 2 separate ships as there are only falls in the middle. Ie. Don't go worshipping in a mandhir one day, then go to the Gurdwara the other. By doing so you are firm and honest to neither faith. Best of luck my friend and Gurfateh
  7. Why would you give up keertan? All of Gurbani is Gurus Mantar. There is no comparison between different parts of Gurbani. If you find you can enjoy keertan more, do keertan. If you can do both, do both.
  8. A Very Bitter Truth That Needs To Be Expressed

    Quite disturbing that someone can be proud of such history, to then give such people the title of deity's and make t.v. shows portraying them with godly attributes to confuse and manipulate the stupid.
  9. A Very Bitter Truth That Needs To Be Expressed

    Mehtab Singh jee, are these 'facts' or points you have made about the ramayan or mahabharat what the hindus are showed? For example on these t.v. series they have or movies they make, are these shown there or is this something you have come across by yourself some how? I have no idea about mahabarat or ramayan and I don't really watch the series (guys flying with massive ladoo battons, does seem funny).
  10. Baba Thakur Singh Jee did Namaskaar and touched the feet of Baba Isher Singh Jee, does that mean Baba Thakur Singh Jee went against Guru Granth Sahib Jee?
  11. Baba Nihal Singh In Uk ?

    Well if you really want to meet Baba Jee, you should definetly give it an honest effort to do so. Who cares about other people not wanting you to meet them? Does Kaljug really want us to meet Gursikhs? Alternatively, you could find out when they are back at Harianbela and try meet them then, it's a lot easier that way. My nanake are at Chabbewal and it's easier because of that (2 min drive). Also makes it easier back home because they tend to have a bit more open time etc, down here in the UK they are here for perhaps just a few weeks and so much going in that tight space. Also without quoting anyone, one does not need a reason or a type of bachan to go meet Gursikhs. Be true to yourself and don't care about what others think. Good luck.
  12. This is also Guru Nanak Dev jee is it not?
  13. That spoon looks kinda deformed. Or is it suppose to be like that? Batta looks smashing.
  14. Master Tara Singh

    That's the beauty of this faith. It does not hold any importance to from where one is born. If you are born into the house of a king you are just as equal as one who is born into the beggers house. You're a king, in your own home but come to Guru sahibs home then you are all kings at the same level. To say something as ignorant as "He was a hindu for the majority of his life and he would side with the hindus" is not only disrespectful to Guru Sahib but is against Guru Sahibs teachings directly. S4NGH we all say things that can be wrong and sometimes our intentions are not in the wrong place. I just hope you look into what you have said and understand there are many Sikhs with us today who are not of Sikh upbringing. I'm not saying come here and appologise or anything but just review what you've said in a logical manner and perhaps seek the council of Gurbani on this thought as it can be a very dangerous one.
  15. Poll Regarding Nitname

    You forgot to add the poll I think. Unless you were just asking a question for users to write in the thread. If it's the poll you wanted i'm sure some moderator should be able to give you a hand in setting that up.