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  1. Shepherds Bush Gurdwara - this is not right!!

    what a fool the committee always takes a blind eye to this
  2. Is this acceptable ?

    Highly disrespectful
  3. Is this acceptable ?

    "Our man Baba Deep Singh was seventy-five years old at this time, but he hadn't lost a step -- the only thing his excessively old age did for him was give him a totally awesome beard. As soon as he heard that the Golden Temple had been profaned and destroyed, he pulled his old, beat-up, thirty-pound Khanda sword off the wall and started walking towards Amritsar. Along the way, he stopped in at every village he came across, recruiting a huge mob of pitchfork and torch-bearing warriors ready to go Dr. Frankenstein on those Mughal bastards who fucked up their holy monument. These dudes set out to avenge their temple Bruce Lee-style, and nothing was going to stop them."
  4. Is this acceptable ?