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  1. Baba ranjit singh ji dhadrian wale exposed

    Whats the deal with these jathas? why are peeps worshipping the jathas and not our guru granth, our eternal guru, the only guru we need ...
  2. Some Questions for Nirvair Khalsa Jatha

    hahaha that pic sums it up for me
  3. Some Questions for Nirvair Khalsa Jatha

    I should add that if this jatha works for you fair enough, hope they guide you to where you want to be - just not for me and wont be going to any more programmes of theirs Keen to know the answers to the OP though
  4. Some Questions for Nirvair Khalsa Jatha

    Hahaha provides me with insight? nah bro makes me chuckle in my head, I know very well when people are trying to pull the wool over my eyes These lot are kirtanis and supposed to be registered as a charity right? but driving around in top of the range cars - charity workers?
  5. Some Questions for Nirvair Khalsa Jatha

    My point wasnt about the white jag, it was more about the jatha in general. I just find the whole jatha very theatrical with the guy on the keyboard in the back and the chants and movements in sync with each other..... pretty sure our gurus didnt have a keyboard and a mic with an echo effect to make them sound more godly - they just seemed very fake to me. I know im gonna offend people by saying that but i honestly felt like i was being deceived by all these special effects etc When someone sits there telling you to forget your worldly possessions and stop trying to impress each other by competing with cars money houses etc. and then have a car like that outside its very hypocritical
  6. Some Questions for Nirvair Khalsa Jatha

    Good questions, dont want to sound like a hater but I went to see these guys at a programme they did at my local gurdwara - funny thing is they were talking about maya and attachment and money etc - but as im leaving the gurdwara they have a white Jaguar XJ brand new parked up outside with the number plate "NKJ" - made me question and doubt the jatha
  7. Is India overated?

    You havent seen poverty till you been to India Alot of apne go to punjab so dont see it as much but go to places like Delhi and its a big shock to the system I wouldnt say its overrated, the amount of historical places there and things to see makes it worthwhile but they deffo need to do something about the poverty problem there. I would say the situation there is worse than africa because i think most places in africa have access to clean water now
  8. Why you should never take out a payday loan

    Debt is a hard cycle to get out of for some peeps, always avoid these payday loans!
  9. Difficult member of family - Sikh perspective

    All interesting thoughts ... so basically keep my distance and pray for them and by doing so, I will start feeling better within myself. Ive been praying for them for a while now and it seems like a wasted effort. In terms of my own personal relationship with them - any advice on this? by keeping my distance im almost being off with them, is this the right thing to do as a sikh? or i should i continue as if nothings happened and sort of love them unconditionally? Im finding it difficult to make my mind up about them. Sometimes I feel as if i should just stop talking to them completely as it seems to have worked for other peeps who disown family members but then theres a part of me that thinks i have to live with this the rest of my life and deal with it throughout my life and i should just accept this
  10. Im posting this just to get some generic sikh views on how to deal with difficult members of the family What do you do when you have a 'black sheep' in the family who throughout their life has hurt you and others members of your family and continues to do so? Its gone past the point of talking to them - we are at the point where we have just come to accept that this is their character, but how should we be with this person? Ive seen alot of families just disown certain members but this is hard to do when you still care for them. From a sikh perspective though, can anyone suggest how our attitude or way of thinking should be so we are not hurt? Or will we just have to live and accept being hurt by them? Ive deliberately kept the scenario brief because im looking for a more generalised answer Appreciate any opinions on this...
  11. The gurus were the human form of god. Waheguru came to earth in the form of light within the gurus themselves - Someone correct me if im wrong because im no expert Also ive been told waheguru is everywhere and in everything
  12. How to get Youth in to sikhi

    I’ve seen a gurdwara gym on Facebook somewhere. The gym is an extension to the gurdwara and you have to cover your head and have pictures of shaheeds all over. I think it’s somewhere in Birmingham but I think this is a really good idea. I would deffo go to the gym and gurdwara together and I think this would be a good way to get people to attend the gurdwara too. I can see a lot of lads giving up their drinking sessions to become more health conscious and we could use this as a tool to get people to the gurdwara. Problem with this is that we would have to convince the committees to make it in the first place.
  13. How to get Youth in to sikhi

    Committees are at fault too but we been playing the blame game too long. Everyone blames each other and nothing gets done. Its time we forget whos fault it is and step up and take action, be more proactive in the matter. Take it upon ourselves to approach the committees and ask if them if you can advertise or encourage the youth in activities that will keep them away from going out on Friday/Saturday nights. I cant speak for all the gurdwaras but the Gurdwara I go to had this organisation that organised all this. (I wont say which one because I want to stay anonymous) but basically it was lead by 1 main guy and its still running now but the numbers have declined and its more of his own friend circle now lol I remember as kids we used to Gurdwara and he would be encouraging everyone to get involved in the activities and sports he would organise. In terms of actually getting the youth to the gurdwara, this is where im not sure what to do. People only usually start going Gurdwara again when they fall on hard times, as was the case for me.
  14. The youth of today

    Lol i remember this tune For anyone looking for some more fudus to laugh at ....
  15. How to get Youth in to sikhi

    I think its good having the youtube material there but theres no incentive to go and watch it unless your actually interested in Sikhi and looking for answers on something. Alot of youth are more interested in going out clubbing from the age 18 + (not all). I think if we focus on getting these groups of people more into sikhi it would be beneficial. We already have sikh societies and lectures at unis. Not sure what more we could do but it makes sense to encourage people to visit gurdwaras and be involved in sadh sangat. I know that my local gurdwara has a football programme for the lads on a friday night but im pretty sure its the same people every week, theres no efforts being made to bring in the youth. Sport is a good way to get the youth together, you just need someone out there bringing them together.