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  1. The gurus were the human form of god. Waheguru came to earth in the form of light within the gurus themselves - Someone correct me if im wrong because im no expert Also ive been told waheguru is everywhere and in everything
  2. How to get Youth in to sikhi

    I’ve seen a gurdwara gym on Facebook somewhere. The gym is an extension to the gurdwara and you have to cover your head and have pictures of shaheeds all over. I think it’s somewhere in Birmingham but I think this is a really good idea. I would deffo go to the gym and gurdwara together and I think this would be a good way to get people to attend the gurdwara too. I can see a lot of lads giving up their drinking sessions to become more health conscious and we could use this as a tool to get people to the gurdwara. Problem with this is that we would have to convince the committees to make it in the first place.
  3. How to get Youth in to sikhi

    Committees are at fault too but we been playing the blame game too long. Everyone blames each other and nothing gets done. Its time we forget whos fault it is and step up and take action, be more proactive in the matter. Take it upon ourselves to approach the committees and ask if them if you can advertise or encourage the youth in activities that will keep them away from going out on Friday/Saturday nights. I cant speak for all the gurdwaras but the Gurdwara I go to had this organisation that organised all this. (I wont say which one because I want to stay anonymous) but basically it was lead by 1 main guy and its still running now but the numbers have declined and its more of his own friend circle now lol I remember as kids we used to Gurdwara and he would be encouraging everyone to get involved in the activities and sports he would organise. In terms of actually getting the youth to the gurdwara, this is where im not sure what to do. People only usually start going Gurdwara again when they fall on hard times, as was the case for me.
  4. The youth of today

    Lol i remember this tune For anyone looking for some more fudus to laugh at ....
  5. How to get Youth in to sikhi

    I think its good having the youtube material there but theres no incentive to go and watch it unless your actually interested in Sikhi and looking for answers on something. Alot of youth are more interested in going out clubbing from the age 18 + (not all). I think if we focus on getting these groups of people more into sikhi it would be beneficial. We already have sikh societies and lectures at unis. Not sure what more we could do but it makes sense to encourage people to visit gurdwaras and be involved in sadh sangat. I know that my local gurdwara has a football programme for the lads on a friday night but im pretty sure its the same people every week, theres no efforts being made to bring in the youth. Sport is a good way to get the youth together, you just need someone out there bringing them together.
  6. 'The Boy with a Top knot `

    Not sure if this is true but is he Jagrag Singhs (Basics of sikhi) brother? Clearly there 2 different people. Just a general question Im actually looking forward to watching this programme, not really sure what its about. We dont often see programmes about Sikhs on tv so it would be good watch hopefully. Although I can already see them offending or misrepresenting sikhs in some way or another