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  1. Changes as an Amritdhari

    VJKK VJKF Sangat Ji, with Maharaj Kirpa, I am looking to be blessed with Amrit in the coming months and I have an idea of some of the things that will change but not 100% sure on what exactly and how large the impact of Amrit will be on my life. My question is, for those who have been blessed with Amrit, what were/are the major changes you noticed in your life in comparison to your "pre-Amrit" life? You can be as open or discrete as you wish Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  2. Steeks - what are they?

    VJKK VJKF Sangat Ji, I have a question about steeks. What are steeks? What do they mean and just in general are they in bani? Can we take them for the word for Guru Ji? Vaheguru Ji.
  3. Husband Wife relation

    VJKK VJKF Penji, Panj Pyare are our father Ji. It's where you're saying what you're saying from, not what you're saying Ji. Whatever you decide to say, as long as you genuinely believe it is something you need forgiveness for then say it from deep within, make yourself understand that you are sorry for it and that it was wrong and then ask for maafi. I don't personally think you made any mistakes Ji. It was more of a learning curve for you and your husband, I would say. However, each to their own and if you feel it was wrong then you are taking the right steps to right that wrong Ji. I would say "Sade apas vich kaam di galti hoghee see Ji. Sanu paatha han ke apahn maryada tho baar koi kam nehe kita par asi dhono jane, fir ve, maafi manga chondeya". Maybe that would be one way to say it Ji? Hope that helps Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  4. 40 converts to Sikhi

    VJKK VJKF When Ji? During the time of which Jathedar? What interests you about this topic Ji? Vaheguru Ji.
  5. VJKK VJKF Maybe the number plate was a bit over the top but having a nice car doesn't necessarily mean that they are hypocrites for talking about maya and money and attachment Ji. It's not about what you have, it's about how you act when you no longer have it. They may have a certain amount of money, with Maharaj Kirpa, and were able to buy an XJ however, that doesn't mean they're totally attached to it Ji. I'm sure we all know that attachment is wrong and we practice detachment but we all also have the latest iPhones and TVs. And if we had guests come to our homes and we did some veechar about attachment and how it's wrong with them and they leave our homes and say to each other "Singh/Bibi, had a 4K TV and was banging on about attachment to me ... rendhe" then I'm sure we would be a bit offended because they may not know that we do practice detachment and that if tomorrow our TV stopped working we wouldn't be so sad and upset, because we practice what we preach Ji. This is not an attack on you Ji. I'm just saying this in general Ji. Maaf Karna Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  6. Steeks - what are they?

    VJKK VJKF Okay Ji. Thank you for the link Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  7. Steeks - what are they?

    VJKK VJKF So this is not bani then, is it Ji? It's just arths of others on bani, right? Vaheguru Ji
  8. Nitnem of gursikhs/sants

    VJKK VJKF Wow, Ji. That seems really cool. Maharaj kirpa we will all be able to read/recite this quickly this one day Ji. Another amazing feat Ji. That must've been crazy... can't even begin to imagine how that must've felt. Vaheguru Ji.
  9. Changes as an Amritdhari

    VJKK VJKF Personally, I know some maryadas will allow egg and some won't but when faced with these kinds of problems I look back on the type of giann that Guru Ji has given me. If Guru Ji has allowed me to go to katha and do sangat of people who don't eat eggs then, for me, I will not be eating egg. However, Guru Ji may make some Gursikhs do sangat of people who are okay with egg and so for them Guru Ji is showing a different way of Sikhi Ji. Not that either way is wrong, it just might be an indication as to the type of Sikhi Guru Ji is blessing upon you. Furthermore, in katha I've been taught no eggs so for me I wouldn't picture my Guru Ji eating eggs and therefore, neither would I Ji. Not that anyone else's katha is wrong but just my personal reason for why I don't eat egg Ji. Maaf karna if I've offended anyone Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  10. Changes as an Amritdhari

    VJKK VJKF Of course this is only my opinion and I have nothing against your opinion, or anyone else's Ji, but I don't really agree with egg. Not trying to cause an argument or anything - just I don't agree with it Ji and even if I wasn't told by Panj Pyare that eggs weren't allowed I still wouldn't eat them. VJKK VJKF Thank you all Ji. It's an interesting read and many of these experiences seem, in some ways, quite similar. I think from what I've heard from others as well is that Naam and Bani need to be consistent and major for you to really experience the true benefits of Amrit. I'll admit I'm not that nervous but I'm full of anticipation for when my life really begins on the day of being blessed with Amrit Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  11. VJKK VJKF Sangat Ji, I live in London and have done my whole life and don't know anything the Manchester area. I'm going to be in Sale, Manchester soon and I wanted to know if there are any Gurdwaras in that area or just any Gurdwaras in Central Manchester Ji. Thank you Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  12. VJKK VJKF VeerJi, from my understanding I see that you are asking for naam from the Panj Pyaare but don't want to be blessed with Amrit yet. Let me try to answer your question with a question. I will be answering the question in a simple and easy-to-understand situation but please bare in mind the following is an anti-Gurmat discipline. Forgive me Ji. Say you find a girl and you both fall in love. You guys really love each other and start your "relationship". However, you've not known her for long enough to be sure she's the one for you so you want to trial the relationship for a bit longer but you don't tell her you're feeling this way. She wants to marry you however you don't feel the same yet. You love her - there is no doubt about that - but dedicating your life to this one girl is not something that you are too fixed on at the moment. You make your decision after some time. So you come to her and say, "I love you quite a lot... but I don't want to marry you. Let's just stay like this forever instead of marriage, hey?". Now my question is... how would that make her feel? Do you reckon she would be best pleased? Now, if we are to look at this from a Sikhi point of view things may make some more sense. Amrit Sanchar in one way is like an Anand Karaj. You pledge your soul to one (you to her and her to you) and abide to live with each other in harmony for the rest of your lives. Essentially, you are saying to Guru Gobind Singh Ji, "Maharaj, I want you to bless me with the key to get me to Vaheguru Ji (naam) however I don't want to be one with them yet". Can you see how this would sound Ji? The whole point of Amrit is the same as an Anand Karaj as you (the soul-bride) marry Vaheguru Ji (the husband-lord). Amrit is your relationship with Vaheguru Ji and the first step into that relationship is giving your head Ji. Giving your head in terms of your ego, soul, wealth, knowledge, everything. Haumai and ahaankaar stop us from receiving Amrit and from Amrit we recieve naam. You have to give your head before anything else Ji and only then are you blessed with naam and bani and everything else the Panj Pyaare bless you with during an Amrit Sanchar. The naam is Vaheguru Ji themselves and when one has not given their head and are reciting naam anyway one won't get the full effects as the naam can detect the ego and haumai within one Ji. Back to earlier, to really make the relationship work you have to give yourself to the one you love and if you don't then the relationship will never fully prosper. Amrit and naam come hand in hand like a package. If I now open the package and only give you one of the many items within that package, you're not getting full value and therefore you're not going to get the full benefits of the package you should've received Give your head to the Guru first Ji; they will do the rest. I don't know if I managed to get my point across at all, let alone doing it without offending anyone Ji. I've made many mistakes Ji. I really hope daas was able to help answer your query somewhat Ji. Maaf karna Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  13. Who Is Sikh ?

    VJKK VJKF Penji, you picked the wrong name to highlight there. There are so many people on here with so much more love and knowledge than myself Ji. I like the teaching that you've applied to your life about seeing everyone as blood family. That's beautiful Ji. Maharaj kirpa we can keep the love between the sangat getting bigger and bigger and it's people like you with love like that which is going to keep this panth together. Many times we are criticised as Sikhs by other faiths and parties saying things like, "You don't have a large enough number of people to make a difference to the world" or "You're the youngest religion and have the least people so we are better than you are because more people follow us" etc etc. Sangat Ji, even with only about 30 million people we are the 5th largest religion in the world... 5th! That is quite highly placed for a religion with not "enough" people to make a difference to the world. However, the most important thing here is to remember that it doesn't matter how big the family is, only how happy the family is and in sangat there is nothing but pyar Ji. We are very blessed to have each other in this kaaljug and we can only get through it together, in saadhsangat. Through the sangat we shall keep the pyar coming and through the sangat we will send our ego and hate running! Maharaj Kirpa. Vaheguru Ji.
  14. Khanda on Christmas Tree?

    VJKK VJKF Veerji, that made me laugh so badly Ji. Just imagining that whole scene; I just can't stop laughing! Vaheguru 😭😂. Maharaj Kirpa. Vaheguru Ji.
  15. .

    VJKK VJKF VeerJi, I'm sorry to hear about your state Ji. I myself am 17 as well. I go through phases of severe, severe depression as well that started when I was about 14. One thing I've noticed is that when you come into Sikhi at a very young age, you will most likely get hit by depression quite quickly due to the fact you finding out everything everyone is doing at your age is not actually the way you should be living your life and that everything you planned for the future (in terms of your aims in life) are not exactly what this life's aim should be as per Sikhi. For example, your main aim in life may've been to be as a multi-millionaire and live in the biggest house and all that jazz whereas our Gurus tells us "Gobind Milan Ke Eho Tere Baariya". Guru Arjan Dev Ji tells us clearly that nothing else is of use to you and that only this life is here to go and meet Vaheguru Ji. And yes as with any journies there will be obstacles... many, many. If I was to travel from where I live in London to let's say Durham there are many obstacles I will face Ji. Fatigue from about a 5 hours drive. Getting hungry. Might start to get very dark and foggy as you head up north. Fatigue whilst driving which can be very dangerous. But then I would ask myself... why am I making all these sacrifices and is it really worth me going? Is Durham special and important enough for me to make such a travel all the way there? And now take out Durham and replace that Vaheguru Ji. And all those problems which I listed above; replace them with: being very tired from waking up at Amritvela, getting frustrated at fighting constantly and controlling Panj Chor EVERY second, stopping yourself from harming others (through committing deeds like swearing, thinking fouly of others, thinking others are below you, doing nindhya of them), battling to look different when every boy around you has a cut hair and you feel like you look so different when you have long hair and a dastaar when you want to look like everyone else but then you realise you were the chosen one by Vaheguru Ji to wear his ultimate crown of kes Ji. Those sacrifices mean nothing when you think about what you get at the end. You get Vaheguru Ji. The ultimate gift Ji. Your deeds are monitored like everyones are Ji. You think you're bad... you don't even know the meaning of the word. But our Gurus armed us with tools strong that the urge to commit these deeds. They gave us naam jap to keep on doing all day everyday so we stop our mind wondering to other things that may increase our "deed count" as such and keep our mind in Vaheguru Ji. They gave us bani, again so we can speak to Vaheguru Ji daily and listen to their messages within the nitnem to see what we should be doing for that day. We have sewa so that we can kill our ego and through that we can lose ourselves and find Vaheguru Ji. These tools are far greater than anything; let's use them Ji and fight this battle together as brothers of Guru Ji. I got your back, VeerJi. Don't think you're alone. And that's for everyone that may read this. I don't care who or what you are Ji - I am your slave and I will try to help you as much as I possibly can Ji. First thing to do with any event or problem or task or anything in your life is to do ardaas and put Guru Ji first. Then get to work on whatever Karaj (affair/work/task) you have to do and Guru Ji will help you through that. It's hard when your low and down and out, I get you Ji. But use those tools Guru Ji gave us and stick to them with the utmost faith that they will eventually show us the way out of the low mood we may be in now to that Chardi-Kala they take promise us. Just like the way Guru Angad Dev Ji picked up Guru Amar Das Ji and gave them the gurgaddi when they fell over because of the service and faith they had in their Guru, the same way you are the daas that has fallen over and now Guru Ji has picked you up and started you off again and they continue to do that Ji. Every time you fall, imagine you've been picked back up straight away. Your Guru has picked up and so carry on again walking this path Ji. Don't look back; your Guru is standing there so you have no need to worry about support. Guru Ji is with you always. I hope that helped you, VeerJi. I feel as though that could've been written a lot better and there are many, many mistakes in there however I hope you can see the main message in there and that you don't feel so alone or helpless walking this path Ji. Feel free to message me bro. Whenever you need to talk let me know through a message Ji. Maaf Karna Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  16. VJKK VJKF Penji, forgive me as maybe I said that wrong. What I was trying to get at there was that Guru Ji is telling me what to say and only he tells me what to says and do because only he has any power and he puts thoughts into my head. I was not trying to imply that I am one with Vaheguru Ji and that I have supreme knowledge or anything remotely to that effect. I know literally nothing Ji. Please don't be mistaken by me. Idiots like me can't do anything for you - only your Guru can help you Ji. Guru Ji resides within us ALL, not just me. Maaf karna Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  17. VJKK VJKF Sangat Ji, a thought popped into my head and I wanted to clear this up. Jagraj Phaji said in one of his videos (I've also heard this from many other places) that when you are blessed with Amrit, your book of karma is completely ripped to shreds and you restart with a fresh, new book. I've also read from Bhai Randhir Singh and Baba Harnam Singh that without Amrit you cannot advance spiritually to experience naam and bani. From this I can take that the one who is blessed with Amrit, no longer has any sins to their name and can experience naam and bani better than others. Now the reason that we can't experience Vaheguru Ji is because we have so many lives of sins and maehl (dirt) that need to be washed with naam and bani. However, if you are freshly blessed with Amrit you no longer have any sins and so my questions from this are: 1) If someone has just been blessed with Amrit and then goes home to do simran, will they directly experience Vaheguru Ji and naam as they no longer have any dirt to wash away to experience naam? 2) Is there anyone who is now Amritdhari that has noticed a substantial difference in experiencing naam after being blessed with Amrit, in comparison to before? 3) How do sins work with someone who is Amritdhari? Do they gain maehl which they have to wash at the same level as anyone who is not Amritdhari or does it affect them less because they have Amrit within them? I understand these are fairly deep questions but there is no-one more knowledgeable than Vaheguru Ji's saadhsangat. Vaheguru Ji.
  18. VJKK VJKF Penji, age means nothing Ji. Our brothers in Guru Gobind Singh Ji's children had more courage than men 10 or 15 times their age. They had more giann than men 10 or 15 times their age. If anything our Guru's taught us to not think of age as many means to distinguish between intelligence, power, courage etc. You have to be 18 to vote but where is the age limit on Amrit? Where is the age limit on naam jap? Age limit on reading bani? None. Why? Because age means nothing. It's a number that isn't even accurate because this soul has been alive for so many lives and has many, many, many years of life to it so don't worry about age Ji. You are correct in saying I'm your brother Ji. I always will be until there is air left in my lungs but it is of no use if I cannot spread the tiny knowledge Maharaj has blessed me with about his Sikhi. If you seek giann, go to your Guru. A fool like me cannot give or help you in anyway. I'm a vessel that the Guru resides within and anything and everything is ONLY his vadiaye (greatness). Go to your Guru and ask him for giann and he will use his servants to deliver that giann to you. If you are feeling like you have gained a lot of giann, that says nothing whatsoever about me. Look at wrapping paper. By itself, it has no value because it doesn't do anything so shops would give it away for free as it is useless. However, if I was to wrap a present that paper will not be free anymore because it now has use. Once wrapped around a valuable object, that paper now contains something that costs a lot of money and so the wrapping paper now has value given to it BECAUSE of the present it contains... the present is the only thing that continues to hold value with or without wrapping paper. I'm the useless wrapping paper Ji - I just get given things to say and say them but the real essence is the priceless Guru who gives this <banned word filter activated> the beautiful words to speak. It just proves to me even more that you are so blessed and even more than you yourself may believe. If the Guru is giving you presents (giann) then that means they really love you and you have a lot of kirpa because you only give presents to people you love and care about and who are deserving of them. Admire the one who gives, not the one who delivers Ji. Maaf Karna Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  19. VJKK VJKF Sangat Ji, I'm hearing that apparently the gurus had past lives. I find this hard to believe because I thought they were Akaal Purakh themselves so can someone please enlighten me? Vaheguru Ji
  20. VJKK VJKF You have beant nimrata and pyar within you Ji. All we have to do is just find it. Make naam and bani our shovel and keep on digging deep until we just gold... becoming one with Vaheguru Ji. You're well on your way - much further than myself and Maharaj Kirpa you get there very soon Ji. Vaheguru Jiz
  21. Treating Gurbani

    VJKK VJKF Thank you for that Penji. Unfortunately, I'm not blessed enough to have any gutkas which is why I was wondering what I should do with the book Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  22. Treating Gurbani

    VJKK VJKF Sangat Ji, I just found a book a few minutes ago where I'd been writing Vaheguru in Gurmukhi and there's many, many pages of it. It's a lined paper notebook with only gurmantar in it. My room is the highest in the whole house but I know that means nothing in terms of the satkaar I should give bani. Please tell daas what to do with the book Ji. I don't want to burn the book but if I can't keep it properly I understand that I'll have to burn it. Maaf karna Ji - the only thing I can think of it is to burn the book but I start to well up every time I flick through the pages and see the bani and I am so in love with the gurmantar I don't want to burn it but I understand that the satkaar is more important. Vaheguru Ji.
  23. Which is the correct rehras sahib???

    VJKK VJKF VeerJi, it's beautiful to know Maharaj has done so much kirpa on you to know so much bani and I've read through many of your posts and it really does seem like Maharaj has done a lot of kirpa of you with so much bani and proclaimed visions you've attained. You seem very very blessed Ji. Just one thing I would like to add if I may - I hope I don't offend you Ji. It's natural and easy to start to gain a bit more ahankaar as our avastha heightens and we gain spiritually. It's why Maharaj tells us these powers have no value or taste to us because the ultimate is to get to Maharaj and these just deviate us from our goal by increasing our ego and make us no longer "see the wood for the tree" in the sense that these powers are only an indication that we are getting to Maharaj and how far we are progressing. I'm a mere moorakh and I know nothing - but I would just request Ji that we speak sweetly to each other and not be so aggressive Ji and that not to be so engrossed in these ridh-sidhs as ultimately they will divert us from our true goal. We can only achieve these great avasthas and become mahapurakhs and one with Maharaj when we lose our ego and haumai and becoming engrossed in the powers and boasting about the amount of amount we do doesn't help with losing our ego or haumai - infact it increases it. I heard a Sakhi about a Hindu "sant" (I'm not attacking any Hindus Ji I'm just quoting sant because of the recently controversy over how reliable these sefl-proclaimed sants really are nowadays) and he used to jap a lot of naam so he had quite an avastha on him but he used to swear A LOT. He used to continually swear and swear at everyone because he was quite an angry and egotistical person. One day, a gursikh came upto him when they heard about him being a sant and his naam jap and heard him swearing so prefusely. The gursikh came upto him and said "Why are you swearing so much? Is everything okay?" And the sant replied by swearing at him, telling him to go away etc. Then the gursikh said "All your naam jap has no effect on you and doesn't help you get to Maharaj. Milk is so pure and clean. Do you like milk?". The sant replied that he did indeed like milk. The gursikh said "Well if I then urinated in the milk, would you still drink it? Would you still say it's pure?" And the sant said "No - are you've mad?". The gursikh replied "No. I'm just humbly going to request you stop urinating in your milk". I probably made many mistakes telling that sakhi as I heard it a while back in a gurdwara but the jist of the story is there. So VeerJi - as your moorakh, low-life brother I would just humbly request we speak sweetly to each other as Bhagat Fareed Ji says below and that we try and not let the powers and avastha get the better of us as eventually we can become so engrossed in these powers and other irrelevant things that we lose the whole point of why we starting to jap naam and read bani in the first place - to get back to Maharaj Ji. Maaf karna Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  24. VJKK VJKF I couldn't disagree with you more, Penji. I deserve nothing in the slightest Ji. I have far more than I deserve for the mistakes I make and actions I commit. Maharaj kirpa, I can become as great as the people in the panth, like yourself and many others on here. Please don't thank me Ji. I'm not deserving of it. Thank Maharaj. I'm their slave and their puppet and only by their kirpa do they allow me to speak any words, let alone their words Ji. They give giann and let others speak about their vaadiaye (greatness) so they were the ones who opened your eyes Ji, not this paapi here. I hope I haven't offended you - I understand it came from a warm and beautiful place but it's wasted on a moorakh like myself Ji. I really don't mean to offend you Ji. Maaf Karna Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  25. VJKK VJKF The reason that we don't really care about hell or heaven is because they're tasteless for us sikhs. We believe there are many, many heavens and many, many hells but they don't mean anything to us. Our soul's only desire to go and get back to Vaheguru Ji and nothing else matters. We only find comfort there... not in these wonderlands Ji. We need to see/remember that these Bhagats and our Gurus had no ego or haumai and one with Vaheguru Ji. They don't care about getting to this heaven or staying away from this hell because they completely lose their ego and haumai and became one with Vaheguru Ji. At this stage, you don't know or see anything other than Maharaj and so you don't care which heavens or hells there are, let alone acknowledge their exsistence Ji. I'll try and explain this using heaven and hell itself. In this sense, we only want to go the "ultimate heaven" which is sachkhand. That is where Vaheguru Ji truly resides. They're everywhere but all the Bhagats and our Gurus and those who have achieved mukhti all reside here and you could say that this is why they don't care about heaven and hell because sachkhand is infinitely above this. Don't worry about what comes after Ji. Because yes this is all true that "good and bad deeds is rewarded in this life not in any other life or in any other world. The final message of Gurbani is to make best use of the present life since there is no other life after." That's because Guru Arjan Dev Ji tells us "Gobind Milan Ki Euho Tere Baariya". This means that this life is made for one reason, and one reason alone and that is to meet Vaheguru Ji. This is your final chance to go and meet Vaheguru Ji and then you don't have to worry about any next lives or what comes after because you'll be one with Vaheguru Ji. How to get there? In he most plain and simple sense: give your head in the Amrit Sanchar and lose the ego (ofcourse you won't lose it instantly but it will guide you along the way to getting there), work on the 5 Chor everyday all the time, keep doing simran at all times and read paath during Amritvela and your love will increase with Vaheguru Ji. I'm sure this was a terrible answer Ji and I made so so many mistake but I really hope this helped in some sort of way Ji. Maaf karna Ji. Vaheguru Ji.