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  1. Is Alan Watts Good To Watch?

    If you've heard of Alan Watts and seen videos of his talks, do you think hes ok for me to watch. He speaks about a lot of spiritual things. Is he speaking truth? Is he not? Even though he isnt a sikh, I believe his thinking is really good and theres a lot you can learn from it.
  2. .

    What the hell was i thinking making this crappy post. 😧 Dont i know anything?!?!
  3. Hair

    I just saw a video of bhai sukha singh and this is what it says in the description. Is it correct translation?
  4. The Experience Of Naam

    Naam is when we kill our ego and feel the presence of one divine source all the time. Constantly the mind is at an unwavering state.
  5. Join New Sikh Community!!

    I need 15 members for me to make it offially listed.
  6. The Experience Of Naam

    A video of Satpal Singh from Nanak Naam Youtube channel explaining the TRUE way Naam is experienced.
  7. These people just want themselves to look superior. They used Bhai Jagraj Singhs death as a way to force their beliefs on to other people. They want people to believe that Jagraj Singh died because he spoke against Halal meat. So they use like one random clip to ruin his reputation and create a conflict. They feel threatened thats why. Even at speakers corner they just act like they are in some competition and get like 4 other guys to help them out against 1 sikh. They want to always prove that they are right and that they can never be wrong. They believe that the quality of their religion is proven by the quantity of followers that they have.
  8. Here's why sikhs should stop marrying hindus altogether !!

    So called "Sikhs" who are marrying people from other faiths such as Hindus probably have no idea about sikhi or what it teaches. I bet they are the type of guys who can only name like 3 gurus and probably think that banda singh bahadur was a sahibzaada or something.... 😧😓 Well they clearly have no respect for Guru gobind Singh Ji if they dont listen to their hukams. They also marry these people because they must be desperate for some attention or something and just pick any random girl off the streets.
  9. Hair

    Yeah, i do agree that he should go ask the panj pyare for help/advice on what to do. But i was just thinking of some what if scenarios.
  10. Hair

    What if i had some kind of disease that causes hair to fall off if i rub or scratch that area? So if i scratched my beard and hair falls out, i would have to go pesh because i intentionally did it, right? Does that mean i can never scratch again in my life?
  11. Hair

    So if its natural then we dont have to go pesh.
  12. Hair

    So knowing that when we comb our hair it is bound to fall out and also break, then do we have to go pesh like all the time?
  13. Hair

    Yeah. But what im trying to say is that if hairs randomly fell off or you didnt intentionally chop them off then i dont think that you need to re-take anrit or go pesh to panj pyare or something. Maybe just do ardaas for it to never happen again.
  14. Hair

    Lol i meant when some of their hair got cut by some random guys sword or if a few hairs fell off randomly. Obviously i know that they wont intentionally stick their chin out and ask people to rip their beards off.