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  1. White Gurdwara?

    Sounds interesting
  2. White Gurdwara?

    Which country are they opening a new white gurdwara ?
  3. Shepherds Bush Gurdwara - this is not right!!

    Its people like these that makes me not want to go to the gurdwara at all. I mean look at the management commitee dhari wale Bandar
  4. Funny videos

  5. Kids I Hide I Kaam

    This is a good question as this needs to be addressed and discussed as its something that i could never talk about when i was growing up
  6. More Funny Videos 😂

    You not like my videos choice ? 😭
  7. fight stress,sadness

    Thats messed up nobody deserves that. I saw this scene in mother india movie but you mentioning it in real life has bought back that scene in that movie for me
  8. fight stress,sadness

    I am glad you understand cos money education has made people loose love mohabbat among people familes. Its the root cause of all problems without saying a lot on here.
  9. Amrit & Panj vikar. Help/ advice please

    You are not the only one remember that. I am the most dirty minded member on this site who is among many of life fallen characters
  10. Amrit & Panj vikar. Help/ advice please

    Its only on here i can express my thoughts as everything i written on here i would never be able to say any of the things i have written on this website. I glad someone understands how embrassing it is as infront of my parents when i see any kaam lust scenes on movies dramas etc
  11. Amrit & Panj vikar. Help/ advice please

    VJKK VJKF it is too shameful and i know extacly how embrassing it is for it to be mentioned infront of anyone or even worse when on tv a lustful scene is on tv movie is so difficult to watch in the family with mother sister etc
  12. Amrit & Panj vikar. Help/ advice please

    VJKK VJKF I am glad that i am not alone in this battle as i have written stuff on here which i would never mention this sort of stuff to anyone i know or meet l. This is a embrassing problem which i do feel ashamed about so i am glad there is others out there and i am not alone
  13. Amrit & Panj vikar. Help/ advice please

    VJKK VJKF Its a side i am ashamed of but i am glad i am not the only one to suffer from it. But i do feel better since joining this site and reading posts on here
  14. whats going on with UK nihungs these days?

    Only God knows but yeah he has lost it
  15. whats going on with UK nihungs these days?

    The Guy is married
  16. good tidings the Canadian Sangat are waking up

    Excellent find its good that something is happening
  17. Amrit & Panj vikar. Help/ advice please

    I suffer from kaam as well i am the most fallen member to join this site but reading stuff from users on here has helped it as its something i don't think anyone can control it.
  18. fight stress,sadness

    You are right there is no guidelances set for the mother in laws of how they should treat the new daughter in law. A daughter in law is never considered as own flesh never ever which is really sad of how even a animal gets more love and respect than a daughter in law. All western uk girls always move out within a short time of marriage i have seen this myself in my family.
  19. fight stress,sadness

    Thats so sad how you have had to put up with this type of slavery from 1 gen to the next. I have noticed this trend as well. I can say a lot more about what i have seen going on with my mum and other members but i won't as this as a pubic page. The ones i really hate are the ladies/men who act reigious infront of everyone and behind closed door abuse their daughters in law is shocking and disguisting.
  20. fight stress,sadness

    So far what i have seen its a 2 way situation either its the mother in law or daughter in law that don't get along in the house hold. But in the UK its more from what i have seen in my family its the mother in law to blame as from what i have seen without saying too much
  21. fight stress,sadness

    you are right the uk system is really hard as i hard when somebody gets divorced 50% gets taken from the husband's money etc. So its terrible how you must be feeling it sounds horrific
  22. Please help me

    You are just like me i am the most low life member on here to exist lol
  23. i am myself i struggle with kaam i mean i am probably the worst out of all of the members on this site. Its not easy i can give you that. I also have anger which can be worse than my kaam or same. How old are you ?