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  1. Gurbani Kirtan - Disabilities

    I must add that Bhai Sital Singh Sitara is a good if not excellent role model who has taught many kids kirtain.
  2. Sikh and Hindus Build mosque

  3. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh RIP

    https://sikhsiyasat.net/2018/03/20/demanding-release-sikh-political-prisoners-gurbaksh-singh-khalsa-jumps-off-water-tank-dies/ RIP
  4. Slough Gurdwara Racial

  5. Slough Gurdwara Racial

    Slough Sikhs reported the following: “Today a black male entered the Gurudwara at around 8.45 pm and tried to make his way through the Gurughar. The Sevadaars and gianis did nothing to stop this individual except for ONE of the regular Sangat. The individual was challenged and asked why he was in the Gurudwara since the doors were now locked. He had managed to get in through the langar hall was and being disrespectful. When challenged he began shouting obscenities and also began shouting Allah Hu Akbar at the top of his voice. As he went to leave having realised he would not gain access to upstairs, he was followed out by the member of the sangat who had challenged and stopped him. He at once turned and tried to attack the sangat member who with Guroo Sahibs kirpa was more than capable of defending himself. After one further attempt of trying to attack the sangat member and failing also, the individual left with a bruised ego. This post is not against Muslims but if anyone, rather than condemning this ungodly individuals action wishes to feel offended then that is their human right to do so. Earlier in the day three girls who were muslim also came to the Gurudwara and were seen off the premises because they were misbehaving. Whether the two incidences are linked is yet to be established.”
  6. Kashara

    Woh you have actually been in that situation in real life ? It must have been very scary
  7. Are most Sikhs fake Sikhs?

    Why don't you like them ?
  8. Sikh Attacked in london

    Found this online today and sad it is to read. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/sikh-man-turban-ripped-off-parliament-hate-crime-police-london-portcullis-house-a8222376.html
  9. Last night i dreamt of marrying a white man.

    How are the dreams now ?
  10. Site Member

    Where is our member ajeetsinghpunjabi i miss his posts on here. http://sikhsangat.com/index.php?/profile/31287-ajeetsinghpunjabi/
  11. Amritdhari stuggling with depression

    How are you coping now by the way to the original poster ? Are things better now ?
  12. Would A Transgender Amritdhari Sikh Be A Singh or Kaur?

    Well this is the first Sikh transgender i have found online link https://amp.indiatimes.com/news/india/23-year-old-sikh-queer-woman-overcomes-all-her-fears-to-live-as-a-transgender-man-335803.html https://mobile.twitter.com/singhisqueer?lang=en http://sarbat.proboards.com/board/8/general-discussion
  13. toddlers kachera

    Sis thats a very important point you have made and its terrible that your daughter's school is having these problems. Its primary school i take it ? I mean secondry schools are so worse in the london areas.
  14. Would A Transgender Amritdhari Sikh Be A Singh or Kaur?

    Whatever is written on the passport and the choice of the tranny if he wants to be a he or a she.
  15. Suicide

    Its not something i want to talk about it on here publicly but i will send a pm
  16. Suicide

    Yesterday i was wishing i was dead all i could do was when looking at the train was imagining it killing me as thats how i wanted to die. I mean living everyday is just a death being repated and again. But real death was all i could think of yesterday. I was watching again and again a video on my phone of a guy jumping off a tower frame then falling to death. It was so good i felt watching it. One side i was thinking how happy i would be if i was given a month to live then die by dr.
  17. Guru Granth Sahib Beadbi sacrilege

    I saw this video today its quite viral on social media. Thought i share it on here.
  18. Suicide

    Thats nice thanks for thinking of me and posting this
  19. Suicide

    Thanks bro a lot for this article which i hope to apply in my life. I am so fed up that i look forward to my death day a lot i have even googled when i am gonna die as sometimes i get that fed up. Its also the comments i receive as well from my family that puts me down. Like my sibling said "oh have you wondered why he has no friends cos he not normal". This is sort of vile abuse i get. But this is a great article you have written and i hope i will apply into my daily life. The TV i hate when it is on. Especially when i see the news on i hate looking at it. I have stopped watching and reading newspapers for a long time now.
  20. Suicide

    The only difference between a suicide and a martyrdom really is the amount of press coverage
  21. Suicide

    Whenever i hear suicide being mentioned i get excited a lot. Today i was like oh my god oh my god with my both of hands weaving. I mean like in the movie the deer hunter the phrase "One shot is all its about. One Shot" i mean when holding a 6 barrel chamber with 5 empty Russian roulette scene. Man i love suicide topics !!!!!!!
  22. Suicide

    You can't hurt me lol
  23. Suicide

    I don't think sucide is wrong i would even do it myself but when i think of the pain i get put off it. I mean is it not best for one moment of pain to kill oneself then suffer everyday ? If i knew i was diganosed with a disease illness and die a slow death i would go for euthanesia clinc in switerzland to get it over. I mean why would anyone want to live in this crap world ? Look at the poor kids dying of starvation in africa. How can you call life beautiful ? Unless you are stupid
  24. Did Khalistanis kill Chamkila! ?

    Serious i didn't know that lol. I heard his name was not sensible