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  1. Vaisakh: Sikhi vs Punjabism

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! A Basic Rundown of Vaisakhi Vaisakhi is a dharmic, and cultural festival which is celebrated on the 13th or 14th of April every year. For Sikhs, it commemorates the formation of Khalsa Panth, for Punjabi's it marks the beginning of the harvest season. The celebration of Vaisakhi predates Sikhi itself, however after the formalization of the Khalsa in 1699 it was mainly celebrated as a religious event for Sikhs. A lot of people might not realize this, but Guru Nanak Dev Ji was also born on Vaisakhi 1469 (Wikipedia is wrong), the same day Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the 10th Human form of Nanak, decided to lay down the formalization for the Khalsa Panth. This fact is often forgotten, but it amplifies the importance of Vaisakhi for Sikhs, as not just a celebration for the creation of the Khalsa, but also the day Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born. The Truth about Vaisakhi Vaisakhi used to be a Punjabi new years harvest festival, and was transformed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to celebrate the creation of the Khalsa, but modern day Vaisakhi has mostly devolved from a celebration of the Khalsa back into a Punjabi festival. Vaisakhi for Sikhs isnt about Bhangra dancing, colorful cloths, or free food, it's about celebrating the creation of the Khalsa Panth. When I ask non-sikhs, and even some sikhs about Vaisakhi, they seem to be clueless as to why we celebrate it in the first place, and instead make it about free food or socializing with friends. We attend all these Nagar Kirtan parades and we eat food and meet friends, but at the end of the day we dont end up learning anything about Sikhi. Sadly, Vaisakhi also gets hijacked by corporations trying to promote their business, and Politicians trying to promote their party. This is bad becuase their are taking advantage of such an important occasion, however isn't that bad becuase these corporations and politicians also contribute a lot of funds to organizing Vaisakhi, help spread awareness, and participate in it themselves to attract even more people. I think we should find a way to limit them, if not cut them out completely. We are not responsible for promoting another culture at a Sikh event, especially when they are using Gurdwara money, on Gurdwara property, under the name of a Sikh event. Punjabi culture itself is often times anti Sikh as it promotes alcohol, sexism, caste system, etc. If we allow any of it, then we risk mixing it and passing it off as Sikhi to the rest of the world. This will create a lot of problems becuase people will be fed misinformation that will be the direct result of Sikhi being watered down by Punjabi culture. Now before you get triggered and start calling me a radical, fundamentalist, zealot, extremist or any of the buzzwords people like to use, just keep in mind that I am a freedom of speech and expression advocate, and I dont feel like we should outright ban Bhangra, Punjabi Music, or food. I definitely feel like their are a lot of people who come to Vaisakhi just for the food, music, dancing, etc, and to ban the aforementioned practices would cut off a lot of people who could be potentially educated on Sikhi. Instead of having a complete blanket Ban like some Sikhs propose, I think that we should try to somehow limit the Punjabi culture and push back hard and find a way to bring the focus on Vaisakhi back to Sikhi instead of Punjabi culture. Typical Punjabi "Counterarguments" When I bring up the issue of the Punjabiization of Vaisakhi, I often times hear the same pathetic counterarguments from Punjabis who try to defend the Punjabification of Vaisakhi. I will now address some of these common "counterarguments" that Punjabis bring up in defense of the current state of Vaisakhi. One common argument Punjabis like to bring up is "oh but most people who attend Vaisakhi are already Sikh, why do you have to promote relgion so much?", that might be true, but keep in mind that most people are only Sikh in name, and when confronted, they know very little about Sikhi, or just know misinformation. When I personally do parchaar and hand out the "3 Facts about Sikhi" leaflets at Vaisakhi, a lot of Punjabi "Sikhs" reject my lefts saying something along the lines of "were already Sikh,we know about Sikh-ism, just focus on the white people, not us", however when I ask them to explain the basic principles they fail miserably and then finally bend the knee and accept the leaflet. Another common argument is "oh but Vaisakhi existed before Sikhi, and was celebrated by farmers as a new year's/harvest festival, you can't just hijack it", it's true that Vaisakhi and was celebrated as a new year's/harvest festival prior to Sikhi, however Sikhs celebrate it becuase of the creation of the Khalsa, and that is what really popularized Vaisakhi, and is what it's known for today. How many people, especially Sikhs in the west, honestly celebrate Vaisakhi as a harvest festival? Most of us aren't even farmers, without Sikhi, Vaisakhi would be all but irrelevant in the modern age. If someone wants to celebrate Vaisakhi as a harvest festival, then they are free to do so and we aren't stopping them, however we as Sikhs must remember that we celebrate Vaisakhi as the creation of the Khalsa. Make Vaisakhi Great Again At the moment Vaisakhi is nothing more than a Punjabi festival with a Sikhi twist, we need to reverse that. I propose that we start by increasing all efforts to do parchar and educate the community on Sikhi. Vaisakhi attracts hundreds of thousands of people, all of whom have the potential to be educated. This is a golden opportunity that only comes once a year, and we as a Panth need to capitalize on it if we are to grow Sikhi. What better place and time to spread Sikhi than at a Nagar Kirtan during Vaisakhi time. It honestly says a lot about the Sikh community when very few "Sikhs" are educated on it, and even fewer are fully committed to the faith. I feel like we need to really focus on our community, and not sideline them in favor of non-sikhs, becuase at the end of the day these are the people who identify as Sikh and still practice some form of Sikhi, even tho it is a watered down, and heavily Punjabiized version. Punjabi culture is like a double edged sword, it promotes anti-sikh practices, however it also promotes pride & bravery to defend ones way of life. When things get serious, Punjabi's are often the first one to go fight on the frontlines. During 1984 many non Amritdhari Punjabis, who were otherwise never religious and would never wake up for Amritvela, joined the fight and died fighting in defense of Harmandir Sahib. The thing about Punjabi's is that they are always ready to die for the Panth, but aren't willing to live for the Panth. I feel like Punjabis have a place in the Sikh community becuase without them we wouldn't get very far. We need to take the good things about Punjabi culture and leave the bad, this is why I dont feel like Punjabis are a lost cause and are worth doing Parchaar to. What I propose is that we drastically increase our education efforts. This can be done in the form of educational events, school programs, university courses, and most importantly: street parchaar. We must also compare and contrast between Sikhi and Punjabism in order to separate them, and demonstrate Sikhi's obvious superiority. Instead of a straight up ban, I would suggest we specifically stop Music that contains anti Sikh themes that promote drugs, alcohol, degrading women, etc at Sikh associated events and Gurdwaras. If someone wants to go around blasting anti Sikh music then by all means go ahead, but not at a Sikh event. As for bhangra, although it does not represent Sikhi, if someone wants to dance to celebrate the creation of the Khalsa then I think it's fine. If we follow through with the aforementioned strategies, we can still keep the Punjabis happy, all while promoting Sikhi! My Question for the Community What would you improve or change for Vaisakhi to make it focus more on sikhi, rather than Punjabi culture? Please leave your suggestions down below. Resources Informative Leaflets RajoanaTV Exposing the Culturalization of Vaisakhi Nanak Naam on why Sikhs celebrate Vaisakhi, & its significance Basics of Sikhi on The Unique Khalsa Panth! Vaisakhi Katha
  2. Vaisakh: Sikhi vs Punjabism

    I literally never said that, I have no idea how you manage to misrepresent my views when in the text that you quoted me in it literally said: "The celebration of Vaisakhi predates Sikhi itself, however after the formalization of the Khalsa in 1699 it was mainly celebrated as a religious event for Sikhs" Not going to waste my time getting into a historical debate with you, the same guy who said: "So far as a analysis of textual differences of many different saroops conducted by an advisor to Jathedar Joginder Singh Vedanti found, there are minor vowel differences in a few places. There are no major differences (word differences)" LoL Semantics Vaisakhi was transformed and given a Dharmic significance for Sikhs by the Guru, this is a fact. I literally never said it was banned. There's nothing wrong with celebrating a harvest, whats wrong is when Sikhs celebrate a harvest festival over their own Dharmic Vaisakhi, which is the issue today. You stoop to lower and lower levels every time. Now your accusing me of denigrating Langar. I hope you realize that there is a differance between "free food" and the Sikh concept of "Langar". Punjabi culture is not Sikh culture, only SIKH CULTURE IS SIKH CULTURE. The Guru over a 200+ year period created a unique Sikh culture. We need to separate Punjabi culture from Sikhi, and discourage Punjabi culture when showing or talking about Sikhi. We need to promote Sikh culture instead of Punjabi culture. Were not talking about the 6th Guru, were talking about right now, didnt you read what I wrote? Why are you confusing time periods? Are you living under a rock or something? The Punjabi aspect of Vaisakhi has overshadowed the Dharmic aspect for Sikhs, anyone who has common sense can see this, but you are so much about defending your hillbilly Punjabi farmer culture that you undermine Sikh culture. Im not Punjabi, you dont know me, dont assume my culture. Our forefathers are not Punjabi, they are Sikh. You confuse Punjabi culture with Sikh culture yet again. Your precious Punjabi culture would be destroyed if it wasn't for Sikhi, just remember that. Where would you get that idea from? Furthermore, being "Amritdhari" by itself doesn't mean much, and certainly doesn't make one "hardcore". What are you even talking about? After all these misrepresentations of my views, I cant tell if you are you malicious or genuinely concomitant. Are you ok? I think you need some help becuase you dont know how to process information properly. You are constantly misrepresenting my views. I dont know what kind of "relgion" you follow, but its pretty obvious that the Punjabi community and culture is ruining Sikhi. You clearly haven't been to many nagar kirtans... If people want to practice their Punjabi culture, they are free to do so, all I say is that we dont mix Punjabi culture with Sikh culture, becuase they arent the same. Also, Punjabi culture is not superior over other cultures, its funny how you say this while most likely living in the west and typing in English, lol
  3. The problem with the Sikh community is that we have too much Punjabi influence and feel the need to cover up wrong doings such as rapes, grooming, sexual abuses, etc to save their "Izzat" or "Honor". In Sikhi, true honor isnt about covering up something bad, but exposing it and fighting against it. There are stories of Sikhs helping people who were sexually abused such as hindu women who were kidnapped by the Mughals, and returning them to their families, if their families would abandon them, then they would take them in themselves, but they never tied to cover the issue up. Remember: If we cover up these issues, it helps the attackers. They are counting on us hiding the issues. The only reason the grooming issue is affecting the Sikh (lets be real, the Punjabi) community is becuase the Pakistani groomers target those families becuase they know they will cover it up! Just as a message to the anomalous user who posted this, please do a service to the Panth and expose the organization and individual who did this, the very fact that you speak anonymously helps them stay in power. Do not be afraid, the Khalsa will protect you!
  4. WARNING: IF YOU ARE GOING TO COMMENT ON MY POSTS, PLEASE BE MATURE AND ONLY USE FACTS, NO DRAMA PLEASE Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Sikhs often love to claim that their "holy book" (Ignore the Abrehamic context) was written and sealed by its founders, and Sikhs still use the same version to this day. However, there have been numerous controversies over the validity of certain passages (you all know what im talking about). Since the original Saroop of the Guru that was written by Bhai Mani Singh Ji and overlooked by Guru Gobind Singh Ji at damdama sahib in 1708 has been lost, and numerious others were destroyed as recently as in 1984 by the Indian Government (they still refuse to give some back), how will have Sikhs preserved the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji?
  5. If this is true, then what’s stopping the Hazuri Sikhs from sharing it with the world like Gurbani is meant to be? If we truly do have the Damdami Bir, then we would not have any controvercies like we do today.
  6. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! If you are going to attend the Surrey Nagar Kirtan and wish to volunteer with Basics of Sikhi, please message me ASAP!
  7. URGENT: Volunteers Needed for Surrey Nagar Kirtan!

    Update: The Vancouver Nagar Kirtan was a success, now we are preparing for the Surrey Nagar Kirtan, and it’s going to be a big one!
  8. The Truth about Jind Kaur

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! I have heard conflicting information regarding Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s wife Jind “Kaur” (only a Kaur in name). Shes often praised and seen as a role model for Kaurs. However, recently I have seen people say that she was corrupt and sleeping with the Dogra’s. What do you guys think?
  9. Guru Nanak

    Like Naamdharis @MrDoaba is Triggered
  10. The Truth about Jind Kaur

    You have no idea how much Ranjit “Singh” damaged the Sikh Psyche. He was boarderline ritualistic, and even very superstitious. He got played by the Hindus and even changed the colour of the Khalsa Nishan Sahib from Guru Hargobind’s Basanti to Orange.
  11. The Truth about Jind Kaur

    The Khalsa Panth had not, the General Sikh/Punjabi community did, sadly the once noble Khalsa titles that were earned have now become a cultural name.
  12. The Truth about Jind Kaur

    Their character already speaks for itself. Maharaja Ranjit “Singh’s” era was so bad for Sikhi that it took the Singh Sabah Movement to stop the corruption, some of which still remains today. That by itself says a lot.
  13. Raag Mala is a major one, there are also controversies some people (a minority) bring up regarding Bhagat Bani’s PS: Before anyone strawman’s me again I just wanna state that I believe In Bhagat Banis and Dasam Granth
  14. We can never be certain because the original Saroop that was verrefied by the Guru was lost, and even the Saroops that are attributed to Baba Deep Singh are said to have differences. Im surprised how the Panth lost the original Saroop only 100-200 years after its creation. For a Dharam that often times prides itself on how it’s founder wrote its central text, we have done a horrible job, and the enemies of the Panth will exploit this (anti Sikh, Muslim site even talks about this).
  15. The Truth about Jind Kaur

    The last topic I created was about 10 days ago, and I would not consider posting a new topic after such a period to be going too fast.
  16. The Truth about Jind Kaur

  17. when is Vaisakhi 2018 exactly

    * Reincarnation
  18. Dori on Kirpan?

    Why are so many people getting mad over this issue? Maryada is not set in stone like Gurbani is, Maryada is meant to change over time. The Khalsa Panth is built to function like a constantly evolving organism that adapts to the current age. Innovation must not be shunned, innovation (to Rehat, not Bani) is nesesary or else we lose.
  19. Taking my leave :)

    Why do you want them to delete ALL you posts? Do you have something to hide? If your just taking your leave, and you believe your views are correct, why have them deleted? Things are aren’t adding up...
  20. Dori on Kirpan?

    Everyone claims to have their own version of the "true maryada" from the Guru, ironically, one persons true maryada conflicts with another.
  21. Dori on Kirpan?

    This guy is a legend!
  22. Here is a good post that talks about this issue, but it was written back in 2012:
  23. Joining Canadian Reserves

    The same logic applies here, joining corporations themselves isn’t useful to the Khalsa Panth, with the exception of joining them to gain skills which will later be used to help the Panth. Remember: at the end of the day Microsoft and Amazon are businesses, and fundamentally exist to create money. They are not there for morality or to uphold Dharam like the Khalsa is. If Amazon and Microsoft were given a choice to choose between Indian Government and Sikhs, they would choose the government because it would lead to more opertinity for them in the Indian market (which by itself far outweighes Sikh international market). The Army or corporations are not moral the same way the Khalsa Panth is. The Khalsa Panth does not bend backwards to Politics or Capitalism. I’m not, I never said this only applies to soldiers. You are assuming that I’m singeling them out. The only reason I didn’t menton cooperations was because this topic was specifically about the army, and my points I raised still stand undefeated. I also didn’t know that someone would cherry pick my statements instead of looking at the underlying message behind it which basically answers the question. We need Naam.
  24. This is a common theme that you will refer to in this and your other comments. You keep on trying to state that I’m being rude to the Guru, but aren’t even showing an example. What did I say that’s so rude to the Guru? Or is merely asking a question rude? Also even if the question isn’t for me, at least answer it for the record for everyone else. I asked a question. If my wording is “rude”, I apologize, but you don’t even care to show me an example, yet keep bringing it up. How is my wording rude? You’re acting as if I wrote to the Guru or something. Yes, I am the enemy of the Panth by telling Sikhs not to commit terrorism, or do rituals, and other weird stuff. Yes, I am the enemy of the Panth by asking a simple question. Maybe any of the videos or organizations that I frequently promote are also enemies of the Panth. In addition to myself, I would love to see you prove how Basics of Sikhi and Nanak Naam are also enemies of the Panth. Is that why so many people in the AJK Jatha doubt authenticity of Raag Mala? Does Bhai Randhir Singh or the entire AKJ Jatha not have respect? I’m guessing anyone who doesn’t align with your specific views has no sharda.
  25. Can anyone answer this?