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  1. Very well said your so right about everything how people blow everything out of proportion great topic to discuss
  2. Takasli gutka

    In some gutka sahibs there are errors because of printing presses so I suggest if you want to buy a gutka sahib buy a Bhinder Kalan gutka sahib because they are all checked after they have been printed they are checked by Mahapurakh Sant giani Mohan singh Jee khalsa bhindranwale and they are the student of mahan brahmgiani Sant gurbachan singh Jee khalsa bhindranwale. So I suggest you get one from there.
  3. Past lives of the Panj Pyare

    How come everyone is insulting each other has everyone forgot guru gobind singh Jee bachan recognize the human race as one if we can't recognize our own brothers and sisters as one then in life where will we get we should learn from this topic not starting insulting each other if you don't have anything better to do why don't you read sukhmani sahib then maybe you will think twice about what you say. Please this is a benti stop arguing and insulting your fellow brothers and sisters. Bhul chuk Muaaf
  4. Is taksaal in pieces

    Taksaal is OK and will always be OK because it was started by dhan dhan guru gobind singh Jee so whatever happens don't worry also taksaal rehat is the rehat given from guru gobind singh Jee this is in gurbani paat darpan which has been written by Sant gurbachan singh Jee khalsa bhindranwale so don't worry taksal is fine and forever be in chardikala
  5. Nihangs in 1984

    Baba Santa singh was because he took Indira Gandhi money so your saying you should he built akaal thakth sahib quickly but then baba thakur singh did Kar sewa and built it properly and also baba Santa singh used to get money from government to hit singhs who fought after 1984 so he is a sellout like the others
  6. Nihangs in 1984

    They were hazur sahib singhs and taruna dal nihangs but Buddha dal refused because of Santa singh who was a sellout like longowal and yogi harbhajan so nihangs did come but Santa singh made all of Buddha dal singhs stay and also they were threatened
  7. Sarabloh or steel

    It has to be sarbloh all food that we eat should be made in sarbloh but that is a different topic but degh should always be made in sarbloh and then when served should also be in sarbloh utensils
  8. Difference Between Keski, Dumalla And Dastar

    Keski is not a kakaar and will never be akj jathebandi say this but guru gobind singh Jee states in there hukamnama which was sent to kabal that kes is a kakaar and as a Taksali Singh myself I have read a lot about this and keski is not a kakaar this is a misconception by akj jathebandi
  9. Is it mainly Singh's who complain over Jathebandian?

    Yes mainly it is but now females judge who they want to get married by looking at what jathebandi they are from I have seen this happen a lot but it is mainly males Who complain about jathebandi which they shouldn't we should recognize everyone as one not what jathebandi they follow or caste.
  10. Gutka sahib seva

    Vaheguru Jee ka khalsa vaheguru Jee kee fateh Sangat Jee if anyone would like gutka sahibs to read from I'm doing the seva to give them to people who need them these gutka sahibs cost 5 pounds and all go to a charity called Khalsa Seva which is an orphanage for Sikhs in Punjab. Please pm me if you would like one and I will give full details
  11. Amrit sanchaar

    Next week at guru har rai gurdwara West Brom pm if you want more information.
  12. For those who have Amritvela issues

    Now I sleep 6.5 hours and my body is used to it and I don't feel tired in the day I don't even need an alarm I just automatically wake up I'm so happy and grateful to mahraaj Jee and my dad who told me about this.
  13. For those who have Amritvela issues

    Do an Ardaas to mahraaj Jee asking to wake up for amritvela and also put your alarm clock away from where you are sleeping try going to sleep at 9 and waking up at 6 and each month decrease when you wake up such as in March wake up at 5:45 and keep doing this until your amritvela becomes solid this is what I did and it sure did work.
  14. Is waheguru accepting my paath?

    I'm not arguing I'm just telling the truth and the puratan maryada of the khalsa it's not really a controversial issue but society has made it to be.
  15. Is waheguru accepting my paath?

    Chaupai sahib is really good for protection I suggest you read or listen to that listen to the sampuran Chaupai sahib not the short one.