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  1. Does anyone play tabla here

    OK thank you for all the replies they have been very helpful
  2. Does anyone play tabla here

    Thank you simran345 yes they are much appreciated
  3. Does anyone play tabla here

    Oh OK I will give bhajan tekha a try.
  4. Does anyone play tabla here

    Just wanted to ask if anyone played tabla and knows the notes for aarti cos I would like to play it at home with aarti.
  5. Mom not letting me take amrit

    Singh don't worry your mum will have trust do Ardaas and don't argue do your nitnem and when you are ready for amrit nobody will stop you and guru Jee will be with you all the way. Don't worry your mum will trust you. You will be fine.
  6. This my personal knowledge about rehraas sahib and I would like to share it so other people can maybe learn from it. Rehraas sahib was changed in 1940's by bhasauriay who were basically paid by the government to change rehraas sahib so that Sikhs would not get power and this happened and we fell for it they British Indian government did this because they knew if they cut out some dasam bani in rehraas sahib then Sikhs would not regain there raaj there is a document which clearly states that dasam bani has a lot of power and the Sikhs should not be allowed to feel it's power. That is some history also some people say the nihang rehraas is very long but in truth takes 20 mins taksaal and nihang rehraas sahib is acceptable but the missionary rehraas sahib is not Sant gurbachan singh said that those who read the shortened rehraas will not receive blessings from the almighty. That is some knowledge I know about rehraas sahib if you like more information email me and ask me. Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding rehraas sahib. Hopefully this article has not offended anybody if so I apologize you don't have to agree with me but this some studying I have done about rehraas sahib. Bhul chuk Muaaf
  7. Shortened Vs full rehraas sahib

    I don't big up dhumma I don't believe him as damdami taksaal Mukhi but I know that he is a abyasee he does a lot of naam abhyaas also he has done bad things behind taksaal back such as eat ladoo with badal which personally I think is really bad but I know that he is a naam abyasee and he still is in the Sikh panth so I think we should not say anything akalifauj let's leave it and do no more don't cause an argument and if I have offended anyone I apologize also this topic was not for an argument I would just like other people views on rehraas sahib. Bhul chuk Muaaf
  8. Shortened Vs full rehraas sahib

    akalifauj I am not a missionary I am am a takasli singh please let's not argue and fight let's sort it out. Akalifauj I apologize if I have offended you and I am going to make a topic later today on history and my personal studies of rehraas sahib
  9. Shortened Vs full rehraas sahib

    Akali fauj don't make threats because I have read your reply about baba harnaam Singh Dhumma and you should not say anything to him because you don't know anything about him and you don't know why does what he does so please think before you speak.
  10. Shortened Vs full rehraas sahib

    Akalifauj I am not trying to cause any issues and if you have a problem with my topics then don't read or view them stop trying to cause an argument and these topics are ones that I would like the view on because I have studied them but have not found a real answer and when the Sangat responds to the topics it helps me with my knowledge.
  11. Shortened Vs full rehraas sahib

    What is your view on shortened and sampooran rehraas sahib because I would like your thoughts and It will give me an understanding of how people think about gurus bani.
  12. Which Jathebandi do you follow?

    Thank you for replying and sharing your views which makes a difference
  13. Which Jathebandi do you follow?

    I was wondering what jathebandi people follow and what are views of jathebandi by fellow Sikhs I want to know why you follow that jathebandi and what makes that jathebandi so special to you Bhul chuk Muaaf
  14. Secret factors behind immense muslim reproductive success ??

    Islam is about pro creating and conversion until we realize that we are helping them to take a opportunity we will only get raaj if we believe in dasam granth sahib and not have any doubt about maryada, bani and jathebandi. We need to unite and be one and come under the fold of satguru sahib Jee.
  15. What's new after amrit?

    After Amrit one should practice santhiya listen to Katha and have a deeper understanding of guru Granth sahib Jee and one should engage with Seva and vichar with fellow Sikhs and do Sangat of good not bad after amrit try and improve your journey to God by connecting yourself and others that's all veer jee. Bhul chuk Muaaf