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  1. Kundalini Sikhi name issue

    Hi thanks for your response! No I'm from the UK (England) so it's a fairly easy process. I know I think that's the Kundalini way, seems strange now two names. Thanks I will look into that further though as that seems the best way. I seem to be getting two different views from Kundalini and Sikhi communities so still feel a bit torn. Is this something I could approach the Panj Pyare at an Amrit Sanchar, they sometimes happen near me?
  2. Kundalini Sikhi name issue

    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh Hi all, I have a question about my issue of my spiritual name and I don't have a group of Gursikhs to talk about this so posting it here in hope of a response of some kind. First I will explain a bit about my background...as there maybe some who are a bit unsure when I mention Kundalini yoga and Sikhi together... Ok so overall I've done yoga since a teenager, though two years ago I started Kundalini yoga meditation with mantras e.g. Sat Nam and my life started getting better. I stopped drinking alcohol and became vege again like I did in my teens. It was at a Kundalini yoga festival I happened to drive a Sikh man (who is now a dear friend) there and while there he suggested I go to a talk on Who is Guru Nanak by Basics of Sikhi. So I did as I was listening to and singing along to music with his name in. The talk was interesting as were the values posted around the school we were in. Anyway I didn't think much about it though a few months later I watched more Basics videos and I felt drawn to go along to Simran just before my 27th birthday at my local Gurdwara. I literally just turned up at the door and thankfully someone showed me around as everything was new to me (and I still go). So fast forward a little more...a few months go by and I sign up for my yoga teacher training then a little further into that I get a spiritual name, fully it's Ajeet Amrita Kaur, though people just call me Ajeet. It's apparently based on numerology but they don't go into specifics. It was in my training I first learnt Japji Sahib, first in English then Gurmukhi. Anyway...so this Summer I went to Khalsa camp, after a magical day of meeting another Kaur while volunteering and seeing a flyer on the wall in the Gurdwara on a day I don't usually go. I just booked it and drove all the way to Wales. Totally worth it and I experienced Amrit Vela in a wonderful way, I'm learning Jaap Sahib now gradually, it's beautiful. It was there I learnt more about the name Hukamnama and it sounded wonderful! Though I have Ajeet and I like it, it suits me. Victory over obstacles. I would even consider changing to it permanently (from Alice) and it seems strange to ask for another name. Though I have doubts that I may be looked down upon for my names background. I am also confused to how it works with Kaur legally, is it a middle name or surname? Someone I know from a Kundalini background who has taken Amrit will legally change hers when she's married, though that's not me, I'd do it as I want to. So if anyone has any response or questions please comment. Thank you for your time Ajeet 🙂