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  1. I usually only block people if they are extremely irrational or have been abusive. Other than that I may block people who are obviously trolls.
  2. I'm anti ekta to the point where it becomes destructive in the Sikh Psyche to mobilise. And I'm anti ekta up to the point where people only choose to act until or unless the majority have reached a consensus.
  3. I believe it's the most closely aligned framework for economic justice against the modern backdrop of capitalism.
  4. Or alternatively message me on this feed. I cannot promise quick replies as I'm new to this forum and reply only when I can visit the site.
  5. Hi, it's me... SikhTalk. Here's my response to all your comments. You can learn more about me listening to the podcast I did with Wootzlife... Any other questions, feel free to email me.