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  1. Sant baba ranjjit singh

    Logic isn't a good place to start in gurbani? Really? What's the first pauri in japji sahib? "Sochay soch Na hovaee je sochee lakh vaar, chupay chup Na hovee je layee raha liv taar" clean yourself thousands of times, you won't get clean.. be quiet forever but your mind won't shut up.. Tell me now brother? It is effective, Dhandrian wale has influenced panjab quite effective.. If it does become a cult, then it's no longer sikhi; but only talk once it becomes a cult.. He mentions them.. what are you on about bro? When did the 5th guru tell the 6th to take arms... Guru Hargobind ji made there own hukam Yes guru sahib took arms; how is this against my statement? If guru sahib was doing parchar during that time, and simran in there mind, how does that make them any less? How does a samadhi make them more?
  2. Sant baba ranjjit singh

    These may or may not be true; I need my proof... regardless I would imagine there must have been a reason to call off the meeting
  3. Bro stop sharing these kind of things they don't belong on a sikh forum plz 🙏
  4. It's embarrassing, but as sikhs we need to stop sharing this kind of stuff; Tid nanga Na karo
  5. Sant baba ranjjit singh

    I remember this, but here's what my thoughts are, yes he messed up; he was young, I'm not going to defend him on something that was his fault, but I will say he said later on he made mistakes and admitted to them/apologized that enough proves to me he can be trusted. It's hard to admit you're wrong but when you have 125,000 people listening to you, it's harder, but none the less he did; and he changed his actions afterwards. I honestly don't know what this is I did a google search and got pretty R-rated results, so I just don't know about this one, until I hear the facts and both sides of the story. Ok this one many have debunked on this forum; I don't see what the problem is on this. What he says he applies the logic of gurbani too, and about bhora sahib he has strong logic "sidh sabh betay parbati koun jagat ko par otara" that's from gurbani, and I can't see guru sahib not practicing what they're preaching... makes no sense. Also if people are protesting at his divans he has no choice but to stop going..
  6. Sant baba ranjjit singh

    Agreed, I just wish he apologized as well
  7. Sant baba ranjjit singh

    I use to like kanwar alot too, but what you're saying is he went to go correct people; what kanwar said in his response was his band has mouths to feed and he goes wherever a program is booked
  8. Sant baba ranjjit singh

    Yes, but how does that explain my question about the difference between him and modern missionaries?
  9. Sant baba ranjjit singh

    This is pretty shallow thinking, you're implying if a person changes their mind they're wrong
  10. Sikh girl converted - live

    That was a low blow, it's videos like this that make the aam sikh hate islam
  11. Sant baba ranjjit singh

    He uses logic, but more importantly gurbani as a foundation for thinking; To be honest, most of his "kintus" make and he gives gurbani to back them up, where as normal missionaries don't use gurbani they jump the gun to Logic
  12. Sant baba ranjjit singh

    You don't have to agree with him, but why throw insults? 😕
  13. What kind of quality parchar would that be? Udhassis seem to have a completely opposite outlook, if anything it's bringing sikhs farther away from gurbani.
  14. You guys are missing the point here, not all tasks need to benefit us. Forcing khalsa raj, pushing for publicity isn't the point of seva. It's selfless service (Helping just to help), once you attach an agenda behind it, it's not seva. That's what Ravi singh does, seva.