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  1. Life forms

    Our motive is to get salvation and merge with waheguru. But before that we need to get salvation from 8.4 jooni thn salvation from this human joon if I’m not wrong.. So how would one know if they’re mukat from 84 lakh and won’t be reincarnated into those life forms.. and if they aren’t free from 84 lakh yet thn how do they get birth as a human being. And if a human being dies thn he/she does become an animal like we’ve heard in so many sakhis.. if anyone can share some views I’ll be thankful.. 🙏🏻
  2. Words Of Wisdom

    Hanji.. they’re beautiful. Thank u for sharing..
  3. Words Of Wisdom

    Beautiful.. where do u get all these little stories.. I’m reading and they make me think wow.. thank u
  4. Hair

    Can someone plz quote about keeping 5 kakaars all the time where it’s written by Guru Gobind Sahib ji in Guru Granth Sahib or in Dasam Granth.. I’m asking this bcoz I’m sure it’s been mentioned somewhere in gurbani but I just don’t know where it’s written on which ang.. thanks 🙏🏻
  5. ''dying To The Shabad''

    Thank u so much for this.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
  6. Bhakti

    Brilliant.. keep them coming brother
  7. Islam view of Hinduism

    I would definitely love to gain knowledge of other religions but first I need to get FULL knowledge about my own religion.. You know what they say “jack of all trades master of none” so let me first gain enough knowledge on Sikhi, Khalsa Panth, Guru Gobind Singh ji himself I know nothing yet.. we’ve got so much to learn.. thank you 🙏🏻
  8. Bhakti

    Can u plz tell me from where did u get these shabads.. I mean u just googled it or from some app. If it’s from an app can u plz mention the name of that app. I really liked that it gives translations in punjabi too
  9. Islam view of Hinduism

    Why are u talking about Hindu and Muslims. Tell us something about sikhism that’s helpful and might teach us something..
  10. Few questions I have on Sikhi

    41E315DE-2664-4CBC-BFCF-55CA7B7354F3.MP4 this link doesn’t seem to work I don’t know why.. But ur question has been answered above by not2cool2argue ji.
  11. Few questions I have on Sikhi

    I will try to answer as per my knowledge.. from what I’ve heard and read.. 1- There are some people who claim that Guru Ji had two wives. And some even say they had 3 but what I’ve found was Guru Gobind Sahib ji had only one wife who’s name was mata jeeto/Ajeet kaur but because of her beauty she was given this name mata sundar kaur/Sundari by Mata Gujar Kaur.. due to this some people think Guru Ji was married twice. And thn guru gave the khitaab of Jagat mata to Mata Sahib Kaur (mother of Khalsa) so due to this some says she was his third wife. Guru Ji refused to marry mata Sahib kaur when the proposal was given to him as he was already married but thn parents of mata Sahib kaur got worried they thought after this rejection who will marry their daughter so Guru Ji discussed it with mata sundar kaur ji and gave mata Sahib kaur ji mother of Khalsa and clearfied that their relationship is going to be only spiritual and not physical (this is what I’ve learned so I don’t know how much true is this) but I’ve also heard that all our gurus never had any physical relationships with their wives. 2- when Guru Hargobind Sahib ji was jailed by Jahangir they didn’t fight with Jahangir because he wanted all other 52 kings who were in his imprisonment they all were innocent to be freed. So Guru ji’s gursikhs that u mentioned didn’t fought for his freedom.. all of Guru ji’s Gursikh thru dhyaan use to come in front of Jahangir in shape of devil or dangerous creatures or something like this (not in normal human form) everywhere Jahangir only saw those dangerous forms and he got scared, frightened and he called his some religious person like pandit or someone who could help him with that and that person told him if he will free Guru Ji all this would stop thn. But Guruji said he will not leave until all other 52 innocent kings also get released so Jahangir agreed and that’s why we celebrate Bandi shod Diwas and not Diwali.. 3- Guru Nanak Dev ji came to help the whole universe thru his teaching in kalyug. Before that in stayug Vishnu ji.. in treta yug ram chandar and in dwapar yug Krishan ji were sent by god.. 4- and I’ve no idea about 4 question. Someone else might help u with that.
  12. Sant Thakur Singh Ji

    Can u send me the link of that video if u have one. Thanks
  13. Simran experiences

    I just wanted to ask everyone who does naam simran. When someone do simran on a regular basis and if done properly they do get its outcome or result that we call spiritual experiences it could be anything as hearing sounds or seeing visions. I just want to ask how do they know that whatever they are experiencing is leading them to the right track. Like are there any experiences that’s the result of Kaal I know everything we experience is still a part of Maya but how would one know that they are on the right path and not getting trapped in kaal’s net. Or every experience that comes no matter what kind of is a part of our simran and is right/true.. and yes we shouldn’t be focusing too much on these experiences but I just want to make sure that whatever happens is okay and will take us to our father one day maybe in xxxx janams. And I don’t know why people don’t want to share about their experiences.. sharing can help others who are genuinely looking for help coz nowadays there’s hardly anyone who help people in true manner.
  14. Sant Thakur Singh Ji

    What about sant Nand Singh ji I think nanaksar wale I’m talking about. The one who use to keep their hairs tied to something so that when they’ll fall asleep while doing Abhiyaas their hair will get pulled and they won’t sleep. I basically wanted to ask this if this is true. I just heard it from someone and I was little surprised coz as little knowledge I have I thought these tricks were used by people way back in days who just wanted to get ridhiya sidhiya and they would use so many other jugitiya like that.
  15. Can some explain what does dhur ki bani mean.. is the whole Guru Granth Sahib ji is called dhur ki bani or some specific path is dhur ki bani.. because so many preachers say that we have dhur ki bani so if shri Guru Granth Sahib ji is known as dhur ki bani thn I’ve also heard that when dhur ki bani came thn Guru Nanak Dev ji kept writing he didn’t stop so now if Guru Granth Sahib ji is dhur ki bani thn when Guru Gobind Sahib ji officially gave it to us for our benefit so Guru Ji asked Bhai mani singh ji and baba deep singh ji to write it and gathered all the shlokas and raags kabir jis Ravidas ji baniya and all other path that we have and wrote them all together and thn Guru Granth Sahib ji was compiled. Correct me where ever I’m wrong coz I’ve just heard and read all these things and I’m still learning and trying to get knowledge..
  16. Dhur ki bani

    Yes. So true. I myself wants to know so much. I totally understand now. Thanks for this.
  17. Dhur ki bani

    Thanks paaji for this beautiful reply.. what about that sidha wali gall.. I mean do u have any Gyan regarding that.. coz almost ever preacher I listened to they say that it happened between Guru sahib ji and them
  18. Need Help

    No not anymore but there are still questions that comes up in her mind.. can u tell how u ended up following them.. she sometimes asks me has she me made a mistake by unfollowing them coz she told me so many things about them that make her think that maybe that dassan dass is really a brahmgyani.. and thn she says coz she knows nothing about the actual truth but how they talk and tell u things seems ok coz they literally don’t tell u to follow them.. someone just fall for them thru their sweet talk. She use to read stuff from their website (my frnd) and one day she contacted them and thn she became a part of their cult and also joined their online gurudwara that claim on kakao aap if u know about all this.. there is just one question that she sometimes talks about to me.
  19. Dhur ki bani

    But thn why do they say that Guru Nanak Dev ji didn’t stop writing because when preachers preach thn they Guru Ji had conversations with sidh people and they kept questioning Guruji. Because I had a conversation with someone and that person denied that it’s all made up by the preachers there was no sidhs who questioned Guru Nanak Dev ji about anything. So I just wanted to know.. thank u 🙏🏻
  20. Shaheedi Degh...?

    Yes I’ve heard of it as well.. nihangs make shardayi (drink that Hindus make on occasion of Holi festival) and recite bani or maybe waheguru simran and thn they say it has become parshaad and can drink it.. but I didn’t know about putting leaves in degh but whichever way they do I think it’s totally wrong.. just because some of the nihangswants to get high on it they started using it on name of waheguru as it clearly written in gurbani that alcohol marijuana etc are not allowed at all.
  21. Bighans

    Thanks guy for the gurbani tuks.. it’s helped me a lot.. 🙏🏻
  22. Can someone explain why does sometimes we have to face obstacles or bighans while doing simran..
  23. This is really something weird and funny at the same time.. maybe ur parents saying all this because they think after taking Amrit u might feel like u know what normally youngsters do. So maybe they think that u won’t be able to keep the rehat 100% and that would be a sin in itself acc to me.. u should clearly ask them why do they don’t want u to take Amrit. The real reason. Good looks and u won’t do good at school is just bs. or u should assure them somehow that u will be committed to ur Amrit forever.. how is ur mother and father in terms of sikhi and spirituality.. I mean do they do path or simran or go to gurudwara.. I can only suggest u talking to them abt this firmly as I have no idea what’s in their mind and they are ur parents right they will never think anything bad or negative about u. It could be just that they think that ur really too young for this and u might won’t keep the rehat.. because really taking Amrit is no joke u have to be mentally prepare for it.. god bless
  24. Need Help

    Hanji. With waheguru ji grace she did.. but I don’t understand why do some people do these things. I mean what do they get out of it. Just to be famous or they want people to literally worship them.. whatever it is may god show everyone the right path.. 🙏🏻
  25. Bighans

    Yes hopefully it’ll pass. Have full faith on waheguru and I’ll keep doing his simran until my last breath.. thank u so much for ur help.