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  1. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    Run this through GEDmatch and the Eurasia K9 ASI calculator to get more detailed breakdowns of your genetic components, as well as a better understanding of your genetic heritage.
  2. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    Cool and thanks.
  3. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    To the OP: Apologies for bringing up an old thread, but my curiosity got the better of me, what were your Y-DNA (paternal) and mtDNA (maternal) haplogroups? Those usually vary among individuals of the same ethnicity.
  4. Some more Home Truths

    Lol no one actually goes to that university, not even the overly religious Christians. I can assure you at the present moment there is no threat. I was born in Canada, but moved to America when I was in middle school, so I can speak for both sides. I will agree with your last point however, that “free” healthcare in Canada is not what it was promised to be, which was supposed to be align with Europe, however has now degraded.
  5. Some more Home Truths

    Jagsaw perhaps you need to chill with the ad hominems and actually think for once. You’re telling a Canadian about free healthcare, funny! And for those asking for the source of the statistic, well here it is: http://www.britishsikhreport.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/BSR_2013_FINAL.pdf
  6. Some more Home Truths

    The number of Christian converts coming from a Sikh background are far higher in the UK than the America’s put together. There seems to be more of a push in the UK to convert minority groups to Christianity. Religion, except for Islam, is rarely talked about in America, here it’s more about race.
  7. Some more Home Truths

    I know it’s illegal in America, where did I say it wasn’t? I was simply asking about Britain. If all of Britain’s youth knows so much about Sikhism, then why are 74.5% of British Sikhs experiencing harassment for their religion?
  8. Celebrating the birth of Jesus

    Its absurd that you guys had to go through this. Does the UK not have separate Christian/Catholic schools? This is literally imposing religion onto impressionable young children. Its wrong on so many levels!
  9. Celebrating the birth of Jesus

    Isn't that illegal, or did you and your parents consent to that? And if so why?
  10. Some more Home Truths

    Despite the Americas heralding themselves as Christian nations, I have never once have had my teachers tell me anything related to Christianity, not even the tale of Jesus. Reading responses from other users on that thread, it seems thats not the case for Britain.
  11. Celebrating the birth of Jesus

    Is celebrating Christmas among Punjabis/Sikhs/South Asians common in the UK? Because I feel it’s a UK thing as it is really rare to celebrate Christmas for South Asians (except the Christian SA) in the Americas. Here we don’t know two hoots about Jesus, other than the fact that he was nailed to a cross. No tree, no gift giving, no special dinners, none of that is done here among our community. Sure kids wait in anticipation for Santa Claus, but they never have a clue about the religious significance of the day. Do British schools enforce Christian teachings in the classroom and is it compulsory?
  12. Ranjit Singh made them his own. He trusted them as their kin. Many Dogras are still Sikhs, so they are our own. Punjabi =/=Sikh
  13. Why have we been caught up in the cycle of reincarnation? I mean i understand we’re waiting for mukti, but why is it that we first got into the cycle of reincarnation?
  14. Apologies for my digression, and naive question regarding tribes/castes, which of course have no place in Sikhi, but I’m curious and I can’t help it. Why do Jatts have problems with Tharkans? Aren’t they of the same social standing? My family is Khatri and we have our own stupid prejudices, but I always thought Jatts and Tharkhans got along. Is that not so?
  15. I couldn’t have said it any better.

    Divorce her and get her out of your life now. The reason you’re feeling suicidal is because you’re feeling helpless and cheated. Don’t be helpless! You have a way out of all this, divorce her and take the kids and good riddance. I highly doubt any court will allow children to visit a philandering mother. Don’t feel cheated, because you have beautiful children that are yours, and that need you. Staying any longer with this women will only increase suicidal and depressing thoughts. Ending your life over someone else’s mistakes is absolutely not worth it and to be honest is pointless. Do not let her failings and actions dictate your life, get out of this relationship now! Adultery is forbidden in Sikhi, so not only has this women cheated you, but she has cheated herself and the panth. She deserves no place in your life at all.
  17. Britian First

    Exactly. Let’s not forget that one of the reasons the Sikh people, WE, don’t have a sovereign land is because the British cleverly destroyed our sovereignty. They then used us as fodder, and then humiliated us on numerous events. I can understand that for numerous British Sikhs, Britain holds a dear place for them, as it has provided a new life for them, but let’s not get too idealistic and forget that Britain was indebted to us, and not the other way around. Anyways, why waste energy on these things at all. Protect the women of our community, and all else from the Islamic groomers and mind our own business. The only problem that we need to be tackling is why are our British Sikh women getting caught up in these Muslim grooming cases in the first place? Why do they even initiate sexual relationships with Muslim men? That is what we need to be tackling. I’m not British, but when I heard news of Sikh women being targeted by Muslim groomers, I never once heard the EDL speaking against it, but now when their own women are being targeted, they’ve suddenly realized what happened to us as well. Imo, the EDL sees us as fodder to be used against Muslims. They plan on using our historical differences with Muslims to fuel our youth into going against Muslims, and I frankly think that energy should rather be spent in educating our children about Sikhi and who they can maintain relations with and working on making your lives better.
  18. Though I agree that men in general are losing their masculinity. The question still remains, why do Sikh women marry out with Muslims the most? If Muslims are more aggressive than Sikhs, well then Sikhs are more so than Hindus. But you don’t see their women running off with Muslim men at the rate our women do? Though I attribute that masculinity plays a huge part in attraction, I would like to mention that most UK Sikhs I’ve interacted with, like my cousins, are far more aggressive and masculine than their American/Canadian counterparts, so there definitely has to be more variables at play here. I’m also sure that Muslims despise us Sikhs more so than Hindus and thus target our women more than other women. But what really irks me is when you have our women standing up for Muslims, like Katy Sian. I don’t see any Muslim women reciprocating that, so what I’m trying to get at is what instills that feeling of love towards Muslims in our women? I think it comes down to years of our elders demonizing Muslims so much that our children, especially our women, begin empathizing with them. I personally think this is where the issue lies. But then again, our men to need become more masculine. And I don’t only mean aggressive, but also look the part. I’ve seen too many Amritdhari Sikhs that are overweight, unfit, and just look plain soft. These men need to harden up. Also as @MisterrSingh mentioned what the Muslims are doing, why don’t we actively bring womenfolk of other religions into our fold? Why is that we are letting our women marry out, yet ourselves do not marry out to bring other women into the fold. If Khurram can get a Sikh women to have Muslim children through simple attraction, then what’s stopping us. I often hear fellow Sikhs saying numbers aren’t important, but let’s be honest, it’s all a numbers game when the going gets tough.
  19. There’s definitely an issue in the way we’re raising our females. Because out of all the girls from the diaspora, it’s Sikh girls that marry out with Muslims the most. This trend is becoming far too noticeable to ignore. Why are our females in the West, especially in the UK, marrying Muslims? I mean if they’re bent on marrying out then why not white Christians, or Punjabi Hindus? Why is it mostly Muslims? I can only attribute it to one thing and that is the parents. I personally think when our elders demonize Muslims, which by the way is rightly done - we have suffered too greatly at their hands, then the Muslim becomes a forbidden thing for the Sikh youth. When a parent tells their child that he/she cannot marry a Muslim at all, they realize that’s what they can’t have. And human psychology works in a way that you want to have what you can’t have, and so their ultimate act of rebellion becomes marrying a Muslim. And I think because of the frequent interactions Sikhs have with Muslims in the UK, and given that Muslims are found everywhere in the major cities of the UK, Sikh parents have to ingrain this rule of not marrying with Muslims sternly. Whereas in the US/Canada, we’re usually told it’s white people we can’t marry, and it’s not so surprising that when North American Sikhs do marry out, it’s usually with a white partner. So what I’m trying to get at is that perhaps parents shouldn’t even bring up Muslims, but that’s hard for us Sikhs, because so much of our latter history is intertwined with them. So how can we prevent ingraining in our children that Muslims are a forbidden fruit, that they have to have. I think it personally comes down to teaching them about the religion’s corrupted morality and the history of Muhammad.
  20. Absolutely agree with this post. But the problem is that in Western countries, like the US/UK, its hard to have large families living in the same region due to work and financial differences. I think its one thing to be surrounded by fellow Sikhs, but another to be surrounded by family. So its possible to live in a Sikh area in the West, but its very difficult to surround yourself with family. That's why you have Islamic sexual grooming cases happening with Sikh girls so often in the UK. Also, having plenty of siblings is a must. Not only for Sikh population growth, but also for companions that help/protect/share with you. Children with multiple siblings are far less vulnerable to converting out than a single child for example.
  21. kaam help

    Marriage, escorts, online pornography, philandering "with a gori" is not going to improve anything. You're dealing with sexual addiction, and even if you were to marry, and by the way no one should marry just to satisfy their sexual needs, its not going to fix the addiction. In fact I've heard of many marriages get destroyed due to partners being sexually addicted. You need to get to the root of the problem, which is your mentality. Your constantly thinking about sex because you aren't busy enough. Easy way to break away from all of this is to get busy, and I mean real busy. Burn yourself out each and every day, but do it with meaning and purpose. Define a purpose, apart from a religious one, in your life. What do you want to be in 10 years? Work towards that goal. I'm currently working towards becoming a physician, and day in and day out it's what keeps me going. I suggest you find a life goal, a major goal, and work towards it. Get off the Internet, its a great informative world, but its hell as well! Limit your Internet usage, or whatever outlet that you get your sexual material from, limit it and then cut it off completely. You mentioned you were visiting webcams at night, well maybe you need to tire yourself out so you aren't up at night browsing webcams. Go to the gym, work on your body, tire yourself out so that the only thing you're doing at night is sleeping. I'll just end off by saying that you will fail the first few times because you're addicted. And any addiction can't be cut off immediately, it takes time. You're gonna have to gradually cut off the porn consumption, and trust me, when you do that, all those sexual thoughts that cloud your mind will clear out. Put your focus to somewhere productive. And as far as Sikhi and meditation goes, when you feel most vulnerable, read Gurbani. It'll not only distract you but inspire you to control your kaam. Another thing where you said if you "let it out with a gori" is not going to fix any thing. Stop fetishizing white women, blonde women, women in general, and sexual pleasure isn't something that can be satiated, it has to be kept under check. So keep it under check!
  22. Simple reason is you can’t and you shouldn’t. But that’s only an option if you’ve thoroughly taught your children from a very early age about Sikhi. And I mean sit down and explain everything you yourself know to the children about Sikhi. My parents did this and naturally as I grew I began to compare the religion to other religious systems, and I realized the flaws they had and realized that Sikhi was best for me. Most Sikh youth get swayed by other religious converters because parents didn’t bother to impart Sikhi properly to children. Forcing your child to grow kes isn’t teaching our kids Sikhi. Telling them the meaning, importance behind it, and encouraging them to grow kes is what leads to teaching Sikhi. And if there’s someone who is willing to change religion for marrying someone, then no matter how many threats and fears you throw at the person, like Muslims do, will not make them realize and accept the religion. In fact you will be subjecting that individual to a life of misery and lie. And if someone has decided that religion is not something they want in their life at all, you can’t stop them either. And if someone has decided that God does not exist at all, then you once again cannot stop them. Those last two decisions are extreme and are usually undeterred by any means of persuasion. But by imparting Sikhi to our children, those who are most likely to follow a religion will follow Sikhi and will not be easily swayed to convert. But then again this is all a matter of ethics, morals and perspectives. Someone might rather wish to be gifted 72 virgin females in heaven rather than be absorbed back into the Creator.
  23. Some more Home Truths

    Well the general Indian populace does have a habit of ridiculing the valuable members of their society *cough* Sikhs *cough*
  24. No but close. He was part of the Adi Brahmo Smaj. Nonetheless, a name change cannot be warranted.