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  1. I'm not trying to be critical here, but isn't one of the reasons for growing out our hair and beard is so that we don't focus too much on our appearance in trying to keep up with worldly trends and dwelling on different styles. Let the beard grow as it will, don't care for it. I'm not saying don't take care of it, but who cares how it grows. By dwelling on the appearance of your beard, you've ultimately defeated the purpose of growing it out. Who cares what it looks like, you're focus should not be on it anyway? I may be wrong, but this is how I honestly feel. And tbh I use to dwell on this as well, and it only brings more worrying and anxiety, just forget about it and you will find peace with whatever your appearance looks like.
  2. Is Sikhism really hijacked by Jattism ?

    Agreed 100%. It is the reason our community hasn't reached it maximum potential.
  3. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    Why shouldn’t Sikhs set aside Farsi? It serves us no purpose. As a community, we have no need for Farsi at all. Sure, as an individual, you can learn Farsi for your personal interest, but don’t go on with the community having to give some importance to Farsi. As for the writings of Bhai Nand Lal Ji, well he was born in Afghanistan, where they spoke and still speak a dialect of Farsi, and so he was taught that language from an early age and it was the language spoken around him, thus he began to write poetry in that language from an early age. As for the Zafarnama, well let’s not forget that Guru Gobind Singh Ji wrote it to address Aurangzeb, a Mughal Emperor, who spoke Farsi, the official language of the Mughal Empire. So I don’t see it as a surprise that he would compose it in Farsi. And one doesn’t need to learn a whole new language such as Farsi to understand the Zafarnama, there are Punjabi translations of it. You know I don’t want to sound like a right-winger but we should actually attempt to remove Arabic/Persian words from our language, and replace them with Sanskrit. I say this because the nature in which the Perso-Arabic influence entered Punjabi is not a pleasant one. And I say Sanskrit because it was the language of our ancestors, it’s as dear to us as is Punjabi. In fact, Punjabi is the closest apabrahmsha to Ancient Sanskrit, even more so than Hindi. When the Arabs forced Islam and Arabic onto the Persians, they resisted and cleansed their language of all Arabic influence. They even replaced religious terminology such as Allah with Khudah, salah with namaz, ramadan wth ramzan, as to preserve their language and self-respect. We could learn a thing or two from them, of course I’m not saying that we should go back and change Gurbani, that’s a dire no, but we can remove infleunces from our lexicon today. No Punjabi, no matter what their caste, no matter how they look is ethnically Persian. We do not share a significant genetic overlap with Persians to consider ourselves ethnically similar. They cluster with Caucus/West Asians and we with Central/South Asians. And here is where inferiority shows, why not be proud and accept your own ethnicity. A Punjabi is a Punjabi and just that, why draw similarities to other ethnic groups when such similarities do not exist. And just as a side note, the Vedic Aryans (our ancestors) and the Iranic Aryans (Iranians) were not exactly friendly, they were in fact dire enemies that demonized each other. A whole war and exodus was waged, which is described in the Rig Ved.
  4. Sikh Marriage Proposal NYC Times Square

    I think we're being a bit too critical here. I honestly did not see anything wrong with this proposal, it was an extremely sweet gesture.
  5. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    Well then why not learn Arabic while you're at it as well. I'll argue that Punjabi has more words borrowed from Arabic than Farsi, words like haq, rabb, dunya, sawaal, jawaab, kitaab, quam, insan, mushkil, mubarakan, maut, qanun, ijat, barkat, shukr, mujrim, qursi - these are just a few of the many that I recall. What I'm trying to get at it is that just because we have borrowed words from other languages, which is a very commonly seen phenomenon in linguistics and is referred to as loanwords, doesn't mean our language has roots in the language borrowed from. Punjabi and Punjabis have no roots in Farsi or Arabic, so I don't know why some of our own claim that. If anything Punjabi has roots in Sanskrit, but it is an apabrahmsha meaning a corrupted version of Sanskrit - like all present day Indo-Aryan languages. You're right in saying that when Sikhs had the chance to spread Punjabi/Gurmukhi, we didn't, and that was our biggest mistake. Honestly, we could have been like the Arabs, we could have spread our culture and language to the ends of South Asia, but unfortunately due to poor leaders we failed to do so. And I reiterate again, learning a new language is a great intellectual pursuit and everyone should take part, but don't suggest that it is imperative that Sikhs learn Farsi or Arabic because we have roots in those languages, that’s simply not true.
  6. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    I think if you want to learn Farsi on your own, that's great because learning another language is always fine and all. But what need do we have of Farsi, what need does it fulfill for our community? The Persians don't feel any affinity towards Punjabis, they aren't learning Punjabi as a community, so why should we be? I think our quam has more worrisome things to tackle than reviving Farsi. We need to revive Gurmukhi and Punjabi among our community, because most of our youth does not know it. I don't mean to be offensive, but I disagree with your comment. As for your DNA results, great that you got them done. I also took a DNA test through 23andme last year and I got similar results, most Punjabis do. Apart from the curiosity of where my ancestors are from, it also warns you of potential genetic diseases, which I thought was beneficial. We need more Punjabis to take these DNA tests as it improves data and puts an impetus on the researchers to focus research on our people. As for the Persian origin, I was told that it's most likely that both Punjabis and Persians belonged to one Aryan tribe that later on split up into the Iranic people and the Indic people. This claim is supported by the Rig Ved. Our people, the Indic Aryans then mixed with the Dravidians to produce the Indo-Aryans of today, and thats why we still share a genetic link with Persians but do not have similar genes due to mutations and mixing.
  7. I just read news that the Indian film industry is making a film on the Battle of Saragarhi, called Kesari, and was surprised to know that it has a female lead. I hope they don't turn this into a silly love story. DNA India - Parineeti Chopra to play female lead in Akshay Kumar's Kesari.
  8. Sikhism's Golden period is now

    I meant to say the practice of Sikhi. I'll amend that.
  9. Sikhism's Golden period is now

    Although I agree with the notion that we need to spread our faith. We aren't exactly in a golden period, I'd go as far to say that we're actually in the worst phase. Although our lives have become easier, the practice of Sikhi has been tarnished. I have met very few Sikhs that practice the Sikhi of Guru Nanak, and even I'm not one of them. Most Sikhs don't exactly know what they're doing. We need reform in Sikhi first of all. It has been littered with practices that have no place in the religion. You have Sikhs priding on caste. You have Sikhs performing all kind of stupid rituals and superstitions. You have Sikhs indulging in drugs/intoxicants and philandering. You have Sikhs that are following false idols and babas that blind them. You have Sikhs that are working against the panth. We need reform, before we can go ahead and spread our faith. Because what's the point of building towards the sky, if the very foundation at the bottom is weak.
  10. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-41780116 Guess a referendum does work after all.
  11. Gurmukhi Script

  12. Gurmukhi Script

    Who else agrees that the Gurmukhi encoded script is in desperate need of work? By work I mean proper encoding of the script for web use. Working on various fonts and having a standard font system et al. I see Arabic/Devanagari done so well, but of course their populations exceed ours. However, even Hebrew has been done so well. I thank the Sikhs and Unicode who have initially encoded the Gurmukhi script, but I personally think we need to develop it further with different styles and expressing it through various forms if we want to keep it alive. I guess tackling this issue will involve some cleaning up of the alphabets themselves (why have the alphabets become so rounded?) - we can do this by taking some inspiration from Sharada/Lahnda (parent systems from which Gurmukhi has evolved from) and also Devanagari. Also the sehari/behari placement needs designation as well, its all over the place from all the fonts I've seen. We would also need to designate a font for several writing styles e.g., cursive, standard header, body text, calligraphic - because we clearly have no output for Gurmukhi at the present moment in the mentioned styles. If there are any computer programmers and designers among us, I'm willing to join in and help develop new fonts/styles for the Gurmukhi script.
  13. Words Of Wisdom

    A reminder to focus on the present: “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” “Dead yesterdays and unborn tomorrows, why fret about it, if today be sweet.” ― Omar Khayyám
  14. The analogy is so true! Great introspection man.
  15. They're good on the surface level, but I don't see much love deep down for each other. Both groups although interact are very segregated from each other. I assume we are diverging exponentially. Both don't really know much about each other's customs and therefore I can only see this cleaving further.
  16. Because Sikhs are for the most part an ethno-religious group. So most Punjabi speakers are Sikhs and therefore people generalize that Punjabi is the language of the Sikhs. The Punjabi Muslims on the other side of the border mostly speak Urdu. Punjabi Hindus in India mostly speak Hindi. Punjabi Christians speak Punjabi but are an extreme minority that has zero interaction with the mainstream world, and therefore do not have an effect on the perception.
  17. Thank you for correcting my unpardonable error. I suppose it was a brain fart.
  18. Well Sikhs have been celebrating Diwali long before the events pertaining to Bandi Chhorr Divas occurred. Guru Amar Das Ji, who instructed that we celebrate Diwali, not for the return of Ram, however for the remembrance that good prevails over evil, and that we should always "enlight" ourselves over ignorance. We should also celebrate Bandi Chhor Divas as well, as it is again the victory of good over evil, however it is also the celebration of our Guru (Guru Hargobind Singh Ji) returning from captivity. So there you have it.
  19. I think @Ranjeet01 has given the best answer. Other than that, he is the individual responsible for Ontario recognizing April as Sikh Heritage Month, something the Hindus still haven't been able to get a bill passed for (though they are trying lol). He is also lobbying for Canada to recognize what happened to us in 1984 as a genocide (which the Indian gov't loves to call riots instead). And just recently he defended Parmar (Air India 182), but he has a point, Parmar was never convicted, he was just accused without substantial proof. So all these things lead him to being painted as a Khalistani, which I see nothing wrong with myself either. But of course, Canadian Hindus don't like him for this, and some of our own don't either. Really what the Indian gov't and the Canadians that have Indian backgrounds want him to do is flaunt around his Indian heritage, but he rightfully doesn't. Instead he criticizes India, and that irks the Canadian Hindus the most. Anyways, Indians are labeling him all sort of things, yet his family's contribution to India has been greater than most of the individuals that are slandering him, his grandfather was Sewa Singh Thikriwala - a freedom fighter.
  20. Very low, and it's not due to him being Punjabi/Sikh, although he will have a different set of challenges to face with his identity. Most Canadians do not like the stance that NDP takes on issues, they border on socialism. Canadians either swing left, the Liberal Party - the incumbent party, or the right, the Conservative Party. 22/23 PMs of Canada have either been from the Liberal or Conservative party, with the exception coming from the Unionist party (now defunct and merged into the Conservative party lol) back in 1917. So based on this alone, him and his party have zero chance of getting into Parliament. Then we have the ethnicity/religious hurdle, which most white Canadians are actually really accepting of, except for the odd extreme ones. However, it is his own people that are going to ignore him. Many Punjabi Sikhs will not vote him, simply for the reason that he's one of us, and we're all corrupt blah blah blah or that he's Khalistani and they don't agree with that notion. Canadian Hindus will not vote him because he's Khalistani. Muslims will not vote him because he's Sikh and Trudeau's the better option because he opened the gates to Syrian refugees and will continue to do so. Other Indian ethnicities just don't like Punjabis tbh, so really he doesn't have much support other than the Ontario Sikhs who align with him.
  21. A very proud moment for not only Canadian Sikhs like myself, however for all Sikhs as well. I do think that he is rushing his political journey though, and it may backfire on him. The NDP has never gotten to the federal level, it has never won a single federal victory, and with Jagmeet, a visible minority, being the leader, this may only get harder. I personally think he shouldn't be running for PM, instead he should have ran for NDP Leader of Ontario, and subsequently for the Premiership of Ontario, where there is a lot of apne who support him. He could've been the first Sikh premier of Ontario, which would have been far more likely to happen than PM of Canada, and then after having gained more political clout as a Premier, he could have ran for the leadership of the NDP party later, and subsquently for PM as well. But then again, what do I know, I haven't even gotten my first job yet . With that said, kudos to him for being not only the first Sikh, but also minority party leader in Canada. He's always been an inspiration of mine growing up, and this victory inspires me even more. And I'll definitely support him on his journey to the federal elections. And to those questioning why he isn't married, well I mean c'mon, he's been working his rear off to get into the position he is in today, I highly doubt he has time for love and dating. Also, jumping on to conclusions about his sexuality is just stupid.
  22. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    Apart from the ignorant British attacking a Sikh wearing a turban (which I hear is very rare, I'm Canadian/American btw), I doubt that the British people will target Sikhs. Instead, what they will do is far worse, they will use our history with the Muslims to incite us, especially our youth, and basically use us as fodder as they did in their Raj, though this time, it'll be purely against the Muslims.