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  1. Interesting opinion @harsharan000. Thanks. Anyone else have opinions on this?
  2. One Christian out of billions converting over isn't a big deal. We're merely in the millions, and even then some of our own are helping the population of Muslims grow. The who cares attitude leads to such events happening again and again. If the community won't learn from this, won't have a conversation on this, then it's truly our fault.
  3. I have a question about the Shabad referring to God as, " Your eyes are so beautiful, and Your teeth are delightful. Your nose is so graceful, and Your hair is so long." If God is formless, then why are these characteristics being referenced? Pardon me for my ignorance.
  4. So according to these videos, she was a Hindu married to a Sikh husband, and was a widower of three children:
  5. Indian Punjabi woman converts to Islam after visit to Pakistan Not sure if this is true or not, however I have seen it on a lot of websites. If this is true, and I wouldn't be surprised, why? What is the reason that our people are so lenient in comparison to other South Asian religions in marrying out? This isn't only targeted against our women, our men are included as well. However, our women are usually the ones prayed on by Pakistani Muslims for marriage and conversion. I remember asking one of my fellow cousin's Sikh friend who was married to a Hindu man, how they were planning to raise the child, and she blatantly stated that" God is one, doesn't matter what religion he is," and then she continued to tell me how, "the whole family, including the child, go to the Mandir once a week." Are these cases due to a lack of education of fundamental principles, or is it the leniency of Sikh families?
  6. Vaisakh: Sikhi vs Punjabism

    I don't know about Punjabi being brave and willing to defend. I think that's a misconception spread by Punjabi themselves. In the history of Punjab, the Punjabi people have only stood up to invaders a few times, and the only time it was effective was when those Punjabi were Sikh. The only effective outcome of Punjabi engaging in war has been when Sikhi took place and Sikhs were fighting. If you look at the history of Punjab before Sikhi you will see a very cowardice history for the most part. Sikhi made Punjabi into brave, willing warriors and defenders, its not the other way around. But I can attest that all Punjabi are boastful and prideful to a fault, including myself.
  7. The best way to stop this nindya would be to not go watch it. Let the movie crash and burn for disrespecting Sikhi. Hit them where it hurts, let it flop. And that is exactly what is happening, I read the movie is doing terribly and that is a good sign of our people's intelligence. The ignorant theaters will eventually remove the movie from their listings as it isn't bringing in any costumers.
  8. The Muslims, especially, are in no place to be critiquing the authenticity of our texts, considering their text wasn't even finalized 200 years after the death of Mo. Not to mention the removal of of verses that were once said to be a part of the text, and multiple versions varying to significant degree. The Panth was under constant attack since the beginning and I can only imagine how difficult it would have been to not only defend your own life, however Sikhi as well.
  9. Four Of The 5 Pyaaray Were Not Punjabi

    I personally think Guru Sahib made it clear to us with the Panj Pyaare being from all corners of India what his intent for Sikhi was. He didn't want it to be restricted among Punjabi, and its unfortunate it has been so. And the culprits for this are us Punjabi. I personally think that we need to spread awareness among other communities. A significant non-Punjabi Sikh population are Sindhi people. They're very devoted to the Sikh Panth, however are also verging on Santana Dharmic ideals. A little more awareness among them would help them correct their ways. We also need to reach out to other communities, especially those that are related to the Panj Pyaare and also those not related as well. Most individuals from the Panth will say that this is proselytization, but I disagree. If you won't spread awareness, how will one know about it? The issue is who will do this? Our own Panthic organizations are weak and uneducated, and can be easily bought over. We need to renew our Panthic foundation, but I don't know how that is possible?
  10. War In Syria

    I've been thinking about this too. Things are definitely heating up, hope it doesn't reach an extreme.
  11. The Truth about Jind Kaur

    Yeup. Pakistanis especially refer to Sikh rule as "Sikha Shahi" and view it as a very bad rule, its even a derogatory word there. They inflame stories of Sikhs desecrating mosques and whatnot, which I'm not even sure are truthful. because Maharaja Ranjit Singh ordered a mosque to be built as well. They also really like to praise the Afghan Durranis who taxed, murdered Punjabi Muslims and obviously desecrated Harmandir Sahib.
  12. Holiday in north America

    He should go to Brampton, it's like killing two birds with one stone, he gets to see a Canadian city as well as Punjab.
  13. Punjabiyat - An issue for Sikhs

    And I think a reason only Sikh people do it is because of the boastful nature of Punjabi culture, which our Muslim and Hindu counterparts have shed. Sikhi itself banishes any sort of egotistical behavior. You're exactly right, we have these false narratives spread among the community of conquering Afghanistan, and defeating the Mughal Empire single handedly when none of this is true. And it seems like we're trying to make up for something, when the fact is that what our ancestors accomplished was more than enough given their population size. I fully agree that we need to stop fighting other people's wars and get into fields that can lead to power, and finance is key to that.
  14. Punjabiyat - An issue for Sikhs

    I disagree that an elitist attitude exists in all states of India. Punjabi and Punjabi culture endorse an extremely boastful nature which has seeped into Sikh attitudes as well. I've seen Punjabi look down on anyone just because of their appearance or caste, we're as worse as white people during colonialism. I'll hear our fellow Punjabi boasting about conquering Alexander, having the largest empire in India, and single handedly defeating the Mughals because of this boastful, elitist attitude. It's this kind of attitude that drives people away Sikhi, as most equate Sikhi to Punjabi, which is not true at all. You're definitely right about Punjabi, especially Sikhs, needing to chase after academics.