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  1. Singh Attacked

    You've made some fair points here. Let me answer on how we can stop this though We don't need to go out and start saving the community. All we have to do is save our own home. Each and every one of us. And that, itself, will save the whole community. Don't drink yourself, be an example for your children and other children that look up to you. Don't encourage the behavior, and that means not playing Bhangra tracks that promote alcohols/drugs. Explain the dangers to children at a young age. Scare the s*** out of them, if need be. Just don't let them touch the bottle. Now I know most of us probably don't have children, including myself, but this is something we should be prepared for when we do. The last generation, even the current generation probably can't be saved as they've already started the habit, but its possible to save the next generation. No one needs to be a local superhero to end the alcohol crisis our community faces, just set things right at home, and we should be all good.
  2. Singh Attacked

    The main issue is what are our Sikh youth doing at clubs, drinking especially? I mean I don't expect them to be saints and all, but there are other far more meaningful activities that one can partake in. And as far as the guy in the video goes, what is he doing alone at a pub? Where are his buddies?
  3. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    Run this through GEDmatch and the Eurasia K9 ASI calculator to get more detailed breakdowns of your genetic components, as well as a better understanding of your genetic heritage.
  4. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    Cool and thanks.
  5. So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    To the OP: Apologies for bringing up an old thread, but my curiosity got the better of me, what were your Y-DNA (paternal) and mtDNA (maternal) haplogroups? Those usually vary among individuals of the same ethnicity.
  6. Some more Home Truths

    Lol no one actually goes to that university, not even the overly religious Christians. I can assure you at the present moment there is no threat. I was born in Canada, but moved to America when I was in middle school, so I can speak for both sides. I will agree with your last point however, that “free” healthcare in Canada is not what it was promised to be, which was supposed to be align with Europe, however has now degraded.
  7. Some more Home Truths

    Jagsaw perhaps you need to chill with the ad hominems and actually think for once. You’re telling a Canadian about free healthcare, funny! And for those asking for the source of the statistic, well here it is: http://www.britishsikhreport.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/BSR_2013_FINAL.pdf
  8. Some more Home Truths

    The number of Christian converts coming from a Sikh background are far higher in the UK than the America’s put together. There seems to be more of a push in the UK to convert minority groups to Christianity. Religion, except for Islam, is rarely talked about in America, here it’s more about race.
  9. Some more Home Truths

    I know it’s illegal in America, where did I say it wasn’t? I was simply asking about Britain. If all of Britain’s youth knows so much about Sikhism, then why are 74.5% of British Sikhs experiencing harassment for their religion?
  10. Celebrating the birth of Jesus

    Its absurd that you guys had to go through this. Does the UK not have separate Christian/Catholic schools? This is literally imposing religion onto impressionable young children. Its wrong on so many levels!
  11. Celebrating the birth of Jesus

    Isn't that illegal, or did you and your parents consent to that? And if so why?
  12. Some more Home Truths

    Despite the Americas heralding themselves as Christian nations, I have never once have had my teachers tell me anything related to Christianity, not even the tale of Jesus. Reading responses from other users on that thread, it seems thats not the case for Britain.
  13. Celebrating the birth of Jesus

    Is celebrating Christmas among Punjabis/Sikhs/South Asians common in the UK? Because I feel it’s a UK thing as it is really rare to celebrate Christmas for South Asians (except the Christian SA) in the Americas. Here we don’t know two hoots about Jesus, other than the fact that he was nailed to a cross. No tree, no gift giving, no special dinners, none of that is done here among our community. Sure kids wait in anticipation for Santa Claus, but they never have a clue about the religious significance of the day. Do British schools enforce Christian teachings in the classroom and is it compulsory?
  14. Ranjit Singh made them his own. He trusted them as their kin. Many Dogras are still Sikhs, so they are our own. Punjabi =/=Sikh
  15. Why have we been caught up in the cycle of reincarnation? I mean i understand we’re waiting for mukti, but why is it that we first got into the cycle of reincarnation?