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  1. Dhadrianwale exposed

    I respect raam singh ji. I assumed ppl who were reading my posts knew i am referring to dhumma. Also, we can all say that dhumma isnt jathedar or we dont believe he is etc but until he isnt removed from that post (and maybe replaced with raam singh for eg) then until then he will still be the main taksal leader and he will continue to repressnt taksal. We know that its only a handful of taksalis but they are the MAIN ones who think they own taksal. Who exacty from mehta has opposed dhumma? I didnt create a story. I said (and many people use this phrase for these sons) they will grow up at ask such questions. How is that a story? Also s1ngh i dont know what indian shows you watch, but i have done my research. I dont blindly follow taksal. In taksal all they do is tell old stories, and akhri arth, they should do some research too and see if the stories are even true. Maybe even research if gurmat agrees! I do not watch tv etc. I know most taksalis do though. I was 100% pro-taksal. I now chose this path after many years of thought on this matter. To you my path is wrong to me your path is wrong. Jathebandis only create distraction. @BhForce Thank u and yes im not missionary. Id rather not be anything related to a jatha. But If i had to pick jathas id pick akj. Most jathe have major issues esp in leadership but in my arguments the point i was making was missionaries are more respected plus they have not done what dhumma has. They havent brutally killed an innocent. Thats made taksal crumble. Does this mean i support missionaries 100%? No. I was making a comparison. Admins need to be wise. Missionaries are not bad. Some may be, but then arent you generalising them? Majority of taksalis cannot sit and have a convo without swearing so personally i feel taksal has no hope. Whereas with a missionary you can have a descent controversial convo and still be calm. I try to have a panthic mindset. I probably wont post since admin have to approve. I dont need anyones approval. This is deffo a biased forum. Admins, I think you cant bear to listen to the truth about taksal. Todays taksal. Please rename this taksalforum.com. the name is very much misleading ji. Since you ban anyone with different views. Brilliant!
  2. Dhadrianwale exposed

    Taking a life is extreme mate. I aint missionary. But nobody can justify an innocent killing. If someone has opposing views you gonna kill em? We dont kill. Admins can be against them. The panth is against dhumma. Im quality control because the admins want no missionary photo? Wow thats some good reason. We dont want dhummas name on gutke but we cant do nothing about that can we. We cant control everything even dhumma cant control everything. That child was shaheed bhupinder singhs son. Are u the admin?
  3. Dhadrianwale exposed

    My point was they dont kill innocents by holding a shabeel. All taksalis do is shout scream and cry and shoot. And admins are biased so will delete my postm.
  4. Dhadrianwale exposed

    Yes. Agree to disagree. But come on. Almost anybody is better than dhumma.
  5. Dhunda VS Dandrianwala

    I agree to some most of your response ji. However it is not us sangat that have made taksal lose respect. In this context i am referring to curremt taksal (clarifying. Before some call me anti bhindranwale) Dhummas is doing the sarkaars job. He willingly did ardas for badal he willingly fed ladoos it is a joke. This is the issue though. So many little self claimed taksalis branches dont speak up because they dont want to 'disrespect taksal'. We need to speak up as it is not the same sant jis taksal. We have ALREADY lost the real taksal. Agreed. Need to sambaal taksal but it is too late. Corruption has gone too far. If all sangat agreed to remove dhumma from jathedar post and deal with his actions. Then yes we have hope. Sangat who attend diwans are shardhaloo of dhan guru granth sahib ji. Only mehta fans are shardhaloos of dhummas belly. Dhadrianwale have strengthened my sharda towards maharaj only. Not towards themself. Yes it is good to do parchar. However the question that sangat have is what is the greater good in killing bhupinder singh. Yes i know you disapprove the killing but how can we look past that and turn to taksal for parchar after such animalistic actions. Some things cannot be forgiven. Yes all dhummas accomplishmemts gave him respect back in the day incl yadgar etc but a lot has happened since then.
  6. Dhunda VS Dandrianwala

    Why you so rude? It is so off putting when you talk. You sound angry miserable stubborn and a kid who tries to act like the badboys. Your language disgusts me you are vile. In most your posts you swear. And then you want people to read/agree to your posts.
  7. Dhadrianwale exposed

    There was nothing wrong in that. Two people gave two different khandas and dhadrianwale did not want to dishearten them by not wearink a khanda. They are above one another therefore seem lile a kalgi. It was not rees of maharaj. Secondly nothing is wrong in matha tek. Some gursikhs bow down to each other. Forget bowing down, Maharaj says 'meri khaloho moajre gursikh handande'. Make my skin into the shoes of those gursikhs!! It is about respect. Yes the sharda we have should be 'he is a gursikh' not 'he is god'. Some kids matha tek to parents. They do not see the mum and dad as god but it is a form of respect. Do we not take asheervaad from our mums? It is not wrong. However Dhumma did this is maharajs hajoori which IS wrong. That is rees of kalgidhar sache patshah. Thirdly, many many years ago dhadrianwale have stopped people trying to matha tek them because some of us have little brains and cannot gather big concepts. Haha sangat ji give your money to akalifauj he will take care of all matters. Babaji had a red light???? So you believe babbu mann songs just because be sang a line abt a red light. Hahah We all know dhummas the gov dog. Babaji are a mahan gurmat parcharak. They dont ask for money babaji do not live lavish life and are very humble. You so jealous.
  8. Gurbani on meat

    Hinduvaad is in almost every corner of sikhi. We are polluted by it. Of course i believe in bani i am not a missionary. But our ithihaas is full of lies. All i am saying i do not believe it is all maharajs bani. Pretty simple right. Whether you like it or not. I dont believe dasam granth should be on the same level as maharaj. Well then i have said all that there is to say.
  9. Gurbani on meat

    I never pointed at guru ji or mata ji or bhai mani singh. I have no idea how u ppl jump to sich conclusions. Beyond me. Then again im not shocked tbb. Sangat who has been reading my replies knows what i have said. I neved said anything abt mata ji. Why dont you just interview me on the tv. That way you can see all my beliefs.
  10. Dhunda VS Dandrianwala

    Awesome video jee. Dhadrianwale have explained it so well. No point comparing to sant ji. Sikhs can have interpretations that vary. Also, even sant ji didnt say have a bath in charandhoor. Haha. Sikhs make progress chatanga ji. Who knows. If sant ji were alive they may have had more time to tackle hinduvaad. And maybe some panth gadaars would have tried to do a shabeel on them too!! If you guys cannot understand babajis katha then no way will you understand from the likes of me. Best wishes ji. You contradict yourself. To me you say 'whats changed in taksal' and now u agree that taksal aint the same. Well done. When we say taksal aint the same, it means in terms of aims objectives panthic sewa morals beliefs, giaan, behni uthni, satkar and priorities etc. Huge thank you for this video.
  11. Gurbani on meat

    I dont memorise suraj parkash but next time i hear it i will deffo paste it to you for your awareness. Are you a onother chatanga? No where have i ever even suggested that. I have always and will always hugely respect baba deep singhs shaheedi. Why do all u guys on here think i am a missionary. My standard? I am not snobby. Taksal has dropped its standard ok. It hurts. You do not know me at all. Not even 2%. So you can not assume you know my character ji.
  12. Dhadrianwale exposed

    I opposed darshan singh very strongly. Especially when he visited uk. I still oppose him. But I didnt know you are so intetested in my views. I know. I have an idea. Do this. make a table and in each column write a name and i can fill in whether i agree or disagree with the person! Er. No. Just because you believe something it doesnt mean everyone does. Dhadrianwale didnt kill anyone. Repeating a lie doesnt convert it to a truth. Missionaries didnt kill bhupinder singh. Your leader did. Haha dhadrianwale aint the killers. We all know that. You blind. You must hate it that the missionaries have more akkal than taksalis. And no. Firstly, i have never supported darshan singh and secondly, you cannot seriously judge whether it was whole heartedly or half because you havent opposed dhumma even quarter heartedly. Gand? Stop repeating me. I aint missionary anyway. This is so funny. Guru granth sahib ji are 10 patshahiya di jyot. Do you not believe that? If u believe that then u wouldnt question singhunit why he has singh in his name. You need to reconsider your aim on this forum. Stop with the extreme opinions.
  13. Gurbani on meat

    So we should believe suraj parkash word for word? For eg take the story about guru ji doing sewa for 12 years. And suraj parkash says (and taksalis believe) that after 12 yrs guru ji had keere in their sees because of the 12 saropas.. How can we as gurujis sikhs ever believe this. Nobody says we cant question or ask such stories. Added: Okay. There was me trying to be civil. And polite. I have explained my view on dasam granth. Ill explain further. I do not do 3 banis. I read chandi di // i read jaap sahib etc and fully believe its maharajs bani. I have stated i do not believe ALL of dasam granth as it is not all maharajs bani. Okay? Go on call me a missionary rss athiest muslim hindu jewish devil etc. Yawwwwwwn
  14. Gurbani on meat

    No. If it disagrees with gurbani i will condemn it. Simple. Errr i think destructions the one crying ji.
  15. Dhunda VS Dandrianwala

    Perfectly explained @Prokharkoo84
  16. Gurbani on meat

    And of course you would believe anything that gives you approval to eat meat. Suraj parkash is not dhur ki bani therefore it can have mistakes and milaavat. When people have no logic or people skills they just become hot headed and foul mouthed like you. You dont have the ability to listen to views. You have absolutely no intelligent input. Wash your mouth destruction. I bet you are now going to come up with some new sakhi as to why we should swear as sikhs and use any example on the planet to justify it like 'Dhumma swears and hes our god so we as his pets must follow in his footsteps and teach his wisdom on swearing'.
  17. Dhadrianwale exposed

    Taksal is already dead. No jameer. Listen. Did indhira win by doing sant ji shaheed? No. Shaheed hon vala shaheed karan vale nu hara dinda. Losers. You so called taksalis have so much hatred. Sodha? You mean the paap of taking innocent lives.
  18. Dhadrianwale exposed

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Why dont you just openly go and stand shoulder by shoulder with dhumma? Maybe fulfil your gay fantasies there too. You can be dhummas little obedient <banned word filter activated>. Current taksal will approve anything. No limits. Muslim? This forum is getting way too funny. Do you even know what words mean? Listen taksal killed a singh that is a fact you badal puppet. You taksalis are acting like muslim extremists yet you wana call me a muslim. You funny little boys. Slandering is making stories up like Ajnaloo Baba does. Where do you learn such gand? Telling the truth is not the same as slandering. slander ˈslɑːndə/ noun LAW 1. the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation.
  19. Gurbani on meat

    Suraj parkash is not all correct.
  20. Dhunda VS Dandrianwala

    No Harnam singh planned the killing. He paid it he gave his cars he was involved hugely. Most sikh history has been poisened by hindus. Haha whats missionaries got to do with it. Listen. I dont support em 100%. But atleast they dont kill unlike dhumma. Mastermind? Dhumma. Funny how you like to highlight the fact that babaji have nice cars. Yet you forget taksalis killed bhupinder singh. There is evidence that babaji never shot. There is no point in explaining to someone who sees dhumma as some untouchable saint. When he is a murderer. You are so funny chatanga. So funny. I call harman singh sometime. I sometime say dhumma sometime say bagarbilla. It makes no diff cus i have zero respect for him so regardless of saying singh it not it doesnt make me a fan. If i said 'ji'. Then yes you could have made a point. Man you funny. How though? So because i listen to bhindranwale does it make me a taksali? No of course not. You make no sense. If i listen to akj kirtan does it make me an akj? You have some weird theories there. By supporting the killers you are activiely licking dhummas shoes. I think you a taksali fanboy. Have you considered following maharaj? You should try it also. Hahahahahahaha i worship darshan singh? Have u not read a SINGLE thing ive written. Its okay. You can always go back and re read my posts. Also, i have had more than enough experience dealing with taksalis too. I can see you are blinded by jathabandi and cant wait to call others missionaries and this and that because your jathabandi is so miserable and empty. Waheguru May maharaj get rid of such jathebandis. We dont need killers.
  21. Gurbani on meat

    Clearly we have taken amrit from diff places then! I wonder what the 4th bujjer kurahat is according to your type of amrit. Inevitably eating an insect is a bhul. Its an accident. It can be forgiven. Theres a diff in eating a cucumber and chopping off a dogs head and eating it.
  22. I'm Scared Of Dying! What Do I Do?

    Taha bekunth jeh keertan tera.... whereever we do kirtan that is heaven. Raaj na chaho mukat na chaho.... i dont need power nor mukti. 84 lakh joons are birtiya of the mind. We people get these characteristics by animalistic actions. The only hell and heaven is what we experience presently. There is no dharamraja. Maharaj uses dharamraj as an example because it would help ppl understand. Like chittar gupt, are chittar gupt bigger than maharaj? Why would maharaj need dharamraj and chittar gupt when maharaj is sarab biapak and all knowing. Again and again gurbani uses examples. I can see disagreement here already.
  23. Dhadrianwale exposed

    Hanji. Most panthic people that i know of, have always opposed darshan singh to the hilt. I wouldnt say 'accept' because that makes it sound like darshan singh is my friend lol i would say 'aware'.
  24. Dhadrianwale exposed

    Darshan singh has been ex communicated. That is a fair punishment is it not. My argument was in reg to innocent killings. The main uproar is that dhumma forgave sirsa yet took an innicent life. We havent forgiven darshan singh, sirsa or dhumma and nor will we. Taksal killed a panthic parcharak when there are bad ppl on the loose. Dhumma never opposed sirsa yet adamant to kill dhadrianwale. Interesting. These things makes sangat question taksals real motive. Dhumma never opposed sirsa this much! We can continue to disown the pakhandis and panth gaddaars we dont have to kill to prevent them from preaching their stuff. We can prevent in simpler ways.
  25. Whose side you even on? He turned against the singhs. They aint extremists. They did what he deserved. As to khalistan, realistically i feel it wouldnt work. Not in todays circumstances anyway. Look at the panth, who actually thinks we are capable of having civil conversations and talk with daleel and be understanding when it comes to panthic matters? I dont feel we are ready. As a panth. I cannot see it happening. Khalistan wont bring unity. Khoon ka badla, jkvlondon isnt wrong. Are we not all somewhat emotionally driven? Yes i agree we cant force people, but singhs didnt exactly force. You had to adhere to the rules. Thats all. How will everyone willingly reform? People will follow rules set by good panthic leadership. If we give people a choice, most likely they will still want to continue with alcohol etc. They are not willingly going to say 'lets ban alcohol'. Again, i just dont see it working. Solution is we need parchar. We all become khalse first.