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  1. Jobless

    I can fully understand were you coming from.Whats important is your health and mental state. Do whatever it takes to get yourself in a good happy place dont pressure yourself into work if your unhappy at work it will make it worst . Get all the help you need. In time everything will workout fine as you have Waheguru on your side. When it comes to job/careers etc I think there is an added pressure on our community and Most Asians especially in the West as we are judged by the job we have . For example you can be a doctor/IT consultant and you will be considered a great person regardless of who you are as person , If yo have a low end job your not valued much despite being a good person which is just wrong. In my case I graduated with a 2:1 honours degree in computing back in 2011. Since Graduation I have been unable to get IT or any office job. I current work at Waitrose (been there for 8 years now) I earn about £8.20 an hour which is not alot when compared to my cousins and friends etc who have also graduated and our on 32-45k a year. My cousin/aunties/uncles absolutely love bragging about this and try to make me feel small. Honestly I have not time for them. I maybe on low wage and my job may not be great but I work hard and do my job to a great standard. As for the future I am still searching and would like job that has decent pay where I can buy my own house and get married etc. I have had plenty of Interviews last one was for an IT Helpdesk job where over 100 applied and only 20 were interviews I was one of 20 that were interviews but did not get the job. The IT job market is very competitive . I have even applied at banks for customer service roles. I have done voluntary Work IT back in 2013. I did my placement year as part of my degree in 2009 which went terribly wrong as 5 months into my placement the company had finical difficulty adn had to let me go however I volunteered to work for free to gain full credits towards my degree and to gain experience. The company did not give me enough work and most of the time i spent doing nothing for 7 months. I did like it it all and it really put me off the IT/computing. So its been a struggle and at times which me have low self esteem . Since July 2017 I was dealing with anxiety and depression (caused by many other reasons and not just work) I felt low and , tearful at times but now I feel alot better. Hopefully things will get better. I have faith in Waheguru which has got me thought the bad times. Most Important thing i have learnt which we should all apply is that dont compare yourself to others which can be easily done with social media etc we are all on on our pathway to life. focus on your own journey and do what it take be happy .
  2. Post Your Favorite Kirtan

  3. Moving to a Sikh neighbourhood

    that might be the case in the old days but todays Sikh/Punjabi want the finest things in life and there gardens are no exceptions, they are well maintained. I think the next step for us Punjabi's would be to invest /buy into the UK farmland. farming/ agriculture is in our blood.
  4. Moving to a Sikh neighbourhood

    I would say the hardcore fontline Sikhs are immigrants and old uncles with the few youths . Most of the UK lack that traditional shere Punjab vibes. Some can barely speech Punjabi lol
  5. Hindunised Sikhs

    I have also met a few Sikhs in India and even in the UK who follow elements of Hinduism and vist Mandirs when you ask them why they reply back by saying god is one which is fair enough but that contradicts itself as they many gods in Hinduism which have different meanings. There is no harm in learning and incorporating the good elements of Hinduism but its when you incorporate such things as fasting , the cast system and all these other rituals which go against Sikhism. karva chauth is a prime example . its a sexist ritual and does not promote gender equality which Sikhism does yet some Sikhs even in the UK follow this ritual to the T . Its primary a north Indian Hindu thing and even Hindu's from the Gujarati community laugh at this ritual.
  6. Moving to a Sikh neighbourhood

    Come to Wolverhampton, we have large Sikh/Punjabi population in this city. we have about 7-8 Gudwara's. The majority of Sikhs live in upperclass area's and are well educated holding good jobs. The Muslim population is below average with an even small Hindu population . I am actually surprised there more Hindu's in the UK then Sikh(according to the latest. census) I guess they live in area's like Wembley Leicester etc.
  7. Sikhs in Dubai and the UAE

    There is really good Gudwara in Jabar Ali . The Sikh population is low in Dubai but there are Sikhs there.
  8. Here's why sikhs should stop marrying hindus altogether !!

    I would say hold more Parchaar's for no Sikhs in different languages so they can understand the true meaning of Sikhism . This way you will attract non Punjabi;s aswell to Sikhism.
  9. Here's why sikhs should stop marrying hindus altogether !!

    yeah could be the fact that my Aunty was devoted Siki but my uncle followed her ways in Sikhi and embraced it . People on here think that Sikhi could die off if they marry a Hindu/ sehajdhari sikh , person but it can also flourish. Where I do think its wrong to marry is if the Hindu is pure devotee Hindu and does not accept Sikhi. like I said before I am only Bharmin by name. even then I dont accept it as I am against the caste system. I dont think any of my family members have had the holy ceremony(as in Baptism ) that Bharmin's have. Also a Bhramin are not meant to leave India. all NRI's who claim to be Bhramins are not actual not.
  10. Here's why sikhs should stop marrying hindus altogether !!

    I can understand your concern due to you experience and the rapid rise of RSS/Shiv Sena whom do not represent all Hindu's I see them nothing more then government sponsored terrorist organisation. Sadly the city in you live in Mumbai is full of RSS/Shiv sena supports who believe in Hindu supremacy. you are right every religion has its right to define themselves and other faiths cannot define your religion and belief system for you.
  11. Here's why sikhs should stop marrying hindus altogether !!

    It was about 20 years ago. I do agree that Both Bharmin and Jatts think they are superior then then rest and would marry within there own cast to keep hold of there linkage which is wrong as feel the cast system has no place in today society. The biggest flaw in Hinduism is the cast system. why should person cast dictate from birth till death what value they hold in society .Were all born as mortal Human's are action in are waking life define who we are and not the cast. system If your born a Bahrmins that does not your autonomically make you self righteous,powerful and closer to god then say someone who is of a lower cast which sadly many still Brahmins think they do. I have know some Bhramin's who will not eat a a lower cast person house. its totally wrong. There are certain temples in India were lower cast cant enter which is BS as we know god does not discriminate. in The UK i feel its not as bad but some Brahmins in the UK can come across as arrogant and would be totally against inter-cast marriage. I hate these kind of Brahmins. The Punjabi Hindu's I have across irrespective of there cast have more respect towards Sikhism and feel more comfortable attending there local Gudawara. I dont think there is thing as Sikh Brahmin ?
  12. The youth of today

    That was one the worst tracks around at that time. btw those guys in the Video are Pakistani Punjabi.
  13. Here's why sikhs should stop marrying hindus altogether !!

    So your basing all Hindu and Hindu- Sikh marriages about this this incident and your personal experience living in Mumbai which is the home of RSS/Hindvita (or whatever they are called ). Let me turn this around into a positive view against your negative view based on my experience. My uncle who is from Hindu background (Hindu Bharmin) married a Sikh women (arrange marriage) a few years later my Uncle become Amritdhari Sikh, His son and daughter are both Amritdhari Sikh,and proudly wear a dastar. There a few Hindu-Sikh marriages in my family which are going well One could say that if person visit a Gudwara and bows down to the Sri guru Granth Shaib they are Sikh no matter what there surname or religious background is. I dot not consider myself a non Sikh even thou by name I am Hindu Bharmin but my beliefs and culture is more inline with Sikhs. Even thou I am not fully religious I know more about Sikhism then the average Sikh. Do i think its right for me to marry a Sikhg Girl ? yes because of knowledge of Sikhi and my beliefs towards Sikhisim (like i said before i do not consider myself a non Sikh.) I would want my kids to follow and learn more about Sikhism and Punjabi culture. I would more likely have more trouble marrying a strict Hindu as they disagree with my religious views etc, Now they are Sikhs who are just Sikhs by Name. The smoke weed, get intoxicated know nothing about Sikhi. they are like "yo blood I am Sikh yo look at my blinked out Khanda neckless Jatt for for life you get me fam " these kind of Sikhs are more problem and danger to Sikhi and could ruin sikh families. However where I do agree your point against marrying a Hindu if the Hindu family has no knowledge of Sikhi, never been to Gudwara, unwilling to bow down to Sri Guru Granth Shaib and would want to convert there wife/Husband to Hinduism. Name means nothing its whats in the heart that counts . Just look at Bhai Mati Das for an example.
  14. How to get Youth in to sikhi

    Things like Football camps maybe even a national Gudawara football league with Gudawara's across the country competing against each other would be great idea. From there you could set up self-defence classes (the art of Gatka) Punjabi reading and writing sessions. lots can be done. Also I feel its a good idea to send our kids to Sikh schools such as the Khalsa academy where the kids will learn about Sikhism form young age and hold the values and respect which we hold in our culture . The Khalsa academy welcomes all and teaches all the academic curriculum other comprehensive schools teach so its a win win situation. Start them off at young age i say. http://www.khalsaacademiestrust.com/
  15. Christianity in UK

    In general the UK Christian population is becoming atheist, Islam is having more of Impact followed by Sikhism.In my city we have strong Sikh population followed by muslims and Christianity. The hindu population is not low by any means but there is only one Hindu temple which is run more like business then place of worship. The opening hours are very limited, 10am till 12pm and 5 PM till 8PM. The temple has access to sky spots and the pundit would rather watch cricket then do his job lol. Most Hindu's in my city opt to to the Gudwara's instead. Fair play to them.
  16. Is Punjab for Sikhs?

    India is indeed a secular nation but is not true secular nation as it should be this is mainly thanks to BJP/Congress and RSS. Like i said before hate the government not the nation. BJP/RSS want to archive Hindu rasta(i think thats what its called) which would be Hindu nation with different national flag to the current India flag to resemble the non Secular Hindu nation. Now would that work , hell no because Hindu's across India would not function as one as they many different types of Hindu's wth different beliefs not to mention the cast system which come into play big time in Hindu rasta. You would then end up with each cast wanting more rights and in the end more nations would be created within Hindu Rasta like Bharminstan, Rajputsthan etc. Nepal is Hindu nation yet the dont like India. Trinidad and Tabgo has huge Hindu population and those Hindu's hate the Indian government. Hindu's are far from a united faith like Sikhs are . There is too much division and divide. As for Sikhs in India I agree that Sikhs have had raw deal in India and have been mistreated which is a shame as Sikhs have contributed alot to India pre and post independence. The whole of India belongs to Sikhs and not just Punjab. India belongs to the people of India. I would like to see India as true secular nation which welcomes all faiths and nationalities of different backgrounds . Many African students get beaten up in India including Punjab which tells you the mindset of the people of India which needs to change if India is to to become a modern developed nation. Look at how the the UK /Canada /USA. function. Its welcoming to all and look at contribution non whites have made the economy especially Punjab's. If the UK govt and the majority of its people had the mindset of UK is for whites only then the UK economy would not be as strong as it is today. With diversity there is power. Sikhism is about equality for all this is why the Sikh Empire was soo successful. it was Sikh nation but every faith belonged to the nation and pulled together as one. . Sikhs were a minority in the Sikh Empire aswell. So your question is Punjab for Sikhs . To answer your question no. its not only Sikhs , its not only for Hindu's, Not only for Brown skin people. Its for the People of Punjab irrespective of Faith and Skin colour.
  17. Sikhs Wearing Hindu Threads

    your talking about mauli?yes Its Hindu traditional thread for blessing but these days is seen fashion item and people exchange Mauli on friendship day. I have even seen white folks with Mauli. I dont think its case of following Hindu's As for Celebrating other religions festive again I dont see the harm in that. I celebrate Christmas (not in the traditional sense) but i family dinner, xmas tree etc. That does not make me a Christian. its just an chance to celebrate and be happy (which the world needs more of ) Now if you are forced to celebrate like @jkvlondon family members were that not a different matter and totally wrong.
  18. Delhi Girls:Take On Sardar

    These girls have got most of there opinion and views from Bollywood which sadly constantly makes funs of Sardar's . instead of making fun of 12 clock joke they should do research and find out the true meaning of 12 clock which was strategic move to attack Nadir Shah's invasion of India.They can do this online but they chose to life in ignorance. As for stereotyping again Bollywood/Indian media has it wrong, Sardar's/Sikhs are not all about Bhangra, shouting balle balle and mostly uneducated , in todays world they are very successful business people, well educated and very charitable, Dehli Gudrawara's feed about 700,00 homeless people per day. in Todays world people should be openminded and doe research and not just judge a faith or there people based once sconce outlet.
  19. Iftar in Sikh Gurdwara, Dubai

    Went to this Gudawara back in May during my trip to Dubai. It was a Friday and it was packed with the sagat loved it. here are some pictures I had taken
  20. Lessons to be learnt from the Khalistan Movement

    I disagree mate , its educational for non Sikh to understand the issues at the heat of Sikhs from a Sikh prospective and it allows Non sikhs to share there views and ask questions.
  21. Sikh eating beef

    I know many Hindu's in the UK that eat beef. The are down Mcdonalds ordering big mac's etc LOL I dont eat beef as I dont like it. (my parents clearly forbid me thou lol) I only really eat chicken. I dont think it actually written rule in Hinduism that you cannot eat beef. I think meat is forbidden but then again Lord Ram would hunt and eat Deer etc(not sure on that tho)
  22. Sandeep Kaur Samra radicalised by terrorists

    This is all the more reason to help young vulnerable sikh's who feel lost. This girl was clearly lost wanted her faith to guide her but her parents ignored her , if he had found a place this this online etc she could have been given the guidance she needed and would have had stronger bound with her faith. When people are vulnerable and lost like this then its most easiest time for people to radicalize them.
  23. Lessons to be learnt from the Khalistan Movement

    I think the Khalistan Movement is a grey area, The basic demand of the Sikh majority was for Punjabi to be the official language of Punjab and rightfully so. But the Indian govt denied the Punjabi public this basic right. My fellow Punjabi Hindu's (I am Punjabi Hindu but I fellow Sikhism more closely and I am Punjabi 1st I shall explain my situation in detail later on ) supported the Indian govt and stated that there language is Hindi which quite frankly is <banned word filter activated> . If they had supported Punjabi language movement this would never have been Sikh vs Hindu issue it would have been a Punjabi vs Indian govt issue and I am sure this would have put more pressure on the Indian govt to make Punjabi the official state language of Punjab instead of spitting Punjab into 3 states. All this dispute lead to the Indian govt shutting off Punjab and not meeting the basic demands of the Sikh's whom did not even ask for a separate state and wished to remain in India at the time . Indira Gandhi who was power hungry who not willing to negotiate with Janrnail Singh Bhindranwale who took arms at the Harmandir Shaib. Again at this stage negations could have happened but instead Indira decided to send The army in and attack the holy place when it was the day of Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji,The temple was packed and as result of the attack many, many innocent people lost there lives. If Indira wanted to killed and capture the militants they could have given enough warning and not attacked the temple on such a holy day to ensure no innocent lives were not lost., The timing and manner of the attack makes it an attack on the Sikh Faith, It was a terrorist attack ordered by Indira Gandhi . There were people who offered to arrest Janrnail Singh Bhindranwale who should have been given a fair trail. THERE WAS NO NEED TO ATTACK THE HARMANDIR SHAIB and was worst is the British had part to play in this . This is where the Khalistan movement gained full momentum . Indira Gandhi had to pay for her action one way or the other. you cannot commit a sin and get away with it. I only wish the Indian public could have seen this instead of thinking Indira was saint. the whole 1984 riots were barbaric and it was not only just a sad day for India but humanity as whole. Yes Hindu's were killed in Punjab aswell but the crimes committed by then Indian govt were far greater. Back to present day I can fully understand the angry so Sikhs and the fact the people like Jagish Tyler have not been brought to justice I fully support Sikhs on this matter. As for Khalistan I am still secular pro and I would want full justice to be done for Sikhs and Punjab given the support its needs. I would like a new Indian govt who is pro secular and not a Hindu/RSS party but if that cannot happen and Indian system cannot change then Khalistan should happen.
  24. A sad loss to the whole community. Jagraj was very passionate about Sikhism and his youtube videos are very insightful. His contribution will not be forgotten. RIP