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  1. Great! We need the everyone to realise the truth. I Cant belive people would believe that the chaar sahibzade were hindu gods reincarnated.
  2. .

    Yo they had the highest iq in human history
  3. staying away from bad company

    I've en almost all of Bhai Satpal Singhs videos on the Nanak Naam YouTube channel. His explanation and wisdom is next level!! He literally changed my life.
  4. Well... i aint no hindu. I was asking people how i should quit cuz i didnt know how to and my friend said that i should if i cant handle it.
  5. Keep going. Call me all the names you want.
  6. What anti sikh joke posts? Its fine, i dont care about your opinion anyway. If you dont like me, then you dont like me. It is what it is.
  7. How am i a troll? Im just asking for advice. Whats so bad about that, huh? See, its peole like you that put me off.
  8. How do i take one? Do i have to ask someone to do it orrr? Do i have to pay money for it? If i do, then how much is it?
  9. Its been weeks and i cant find any strength do paath any more. I've literally been in bed all day on my phone watching movies etc and not doing anything spirutual. I became so lazy. I even did ardas so many times to give me strength to stay on the path of sikhi and not fall off. I dont know what happened. All of a sudden i lost all motivation. At school i never ate anything because I wanted to find some sort of motivation to make me do my paath again. I use to find a way to force my self to do it. Pain etc, but not even that worked. Obviously you need love and stuff and some kind of connection with Gurbani to be able to do this. Maybe its cuz of my past life or something. Thats why im not blessed to be able to do these kind of things. I know so much about the spiritual side of sikhi, but find it so hard to do it and apply it to my life anymore. I use to do satnam waheguru jaap and mool mantar everwhere i went. Walking to school, at break, when ever i had free time etc. I did japji sahib all the time in my mind when i was at school because of my panic attacks etc. I know im a bad person and have a HUGE EGO (haumai). I dont know how to lose my lazyness. What do I do?? I never had any sikh friends in my life so i got no one to give advice or anything. I've never met any practicing sikh my age in my life who can relate and none of my family or anything practice it even though they are amritdhari and they know nothing about sikhi, they can't even name all the gurus. I dont know what to do. Should i just leave spirituality and sikhi? No one else around me is doing it and when i talk about these kind of things around other people, i get laughed at and they say "what the hell are you talking about, stop speaking this nonesense".
  10. UfOs and Aliens!!

    Crazy stuff man! What the hell is this world coming to?!?
  11. UfOs and Aliens!!

    Yeah. I cant believe people even compare any of these deities to the Gurus. Only the gurus are at the top, everyone else and all other living beings pale in comparison. They arnt even a fraction of what the gurus are. They are LITERALLY ants compared The TRUE Ultimate Master Of Divinity, Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, emperor of emperors in this world and the next. Guru Sahib is infinate times more powerful than all dieties combined!
  12. UfOs and Aliens!!

    Basically yeah, aliens exist.