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  1. I read about a sant who saw "Khalsa Raj" in a dream. I dont think he mentioned any country such as "Khalistan". We still had Punjab and the rest of India. There are like 900 plus million sikhs i think and in order to get into punjab, you must know at least Japji sahib off by heart.
  2. I guess im lazy then. Oh well, dunno how to un-lazy myself.
  3. No, i wasnt saying that god/guru hasnt got the power to do that. I meant something else. I dunno how to explain what i mean though
  4. That is true, but it'll take lifetimes for a great sinners sins to be washed away and fogiven.
  5. Same here man, its messed up! I feel hopeless when these stupid thoughts dont go away.
  6. Cool, thanks for the advice 👍
  7. Yeah, The keski would probably have less width than the main turban that goes on top. So checking the width of both first will tell you the difference between the two. That'll avoid the problem of mixing them up.
  8. So basically, tie a small loose one?
  9. Ok, but i want to wear one that no one can take off my head. If some guy tries to slap it off, it wont work.
  10. I saw a video a while back of some nihang singh saying that we are suppose to wear dumallas because "guru sahib blessed us with it" and we should be "ashamed of ourselves" for wearing the triangle ones. Is that true?
  11. I want to tie one like Jagraj Singh from Basics Of Sikhi maybe
  12. Yeah 👍